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Morning links: Bengals no longer bunglers

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 27, 2011 at 6:09 am with 28 Comments »
October 27, 2011 9:12 am
Cincinnati Bengals rookie quarterback Andy Dalton. (AP Photo/Al Behrman)

Dave Boling of The News Tribune gives us the rundown on the Cincinnati Bengals, who at 4-2 are playing pretty good football right now.

The Bengals are led by rookie quarterback Andy Dalton, a player the Seahawks strongly considered taking with the team’s No 25 overall pick in this year’s draft, and receiver A.J. Green, who leads all rookies with 29 catches and four touchdowns.

Boling: Credit coach Marvin Lewis for changing the stripes on these Bengals. Lewis is a rare coach who has stayed employed by the same club for nine years despite having only two seasons above .500.

At the end of last year’s 4-12 campaign, Lewis’ return was in doubt, with uncertainty reported on both sides. But Lewis came out of his meetings with president Mike Brown, and after his own assessment of all the things that went wrong, announced: “I will fix us.”

Apparently he has, but the fix required widespread change.

“I told the football team before I ended the season last year that if I were standing before them to start the new year, there would be a new look to this football team,” Lewis said via conference call Wednesday. “We’ve made those changes and we’ve moved forward and we feel good about it.”

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll remains coy about Tarvaris Jackson’s status for Sunday.

Houston running back Arian Foster reveals in NFL Network Rich Eisen’s podcast that the Seattle Seahawks actually contacted him in the 2009 draft and considered selecting him with one of their two, seventh-round picks. However, Foster was disappointed that he had not been taken earlier and had a poor attitude over the phone, so Seattle selected defensive end Nick Reed and tight end Cameron Morrah with their two picks instead.

Foster then signed with Houston as an undrafted free agent, and of course turned things around and won the rushing title last year. The Texans run the zone blocking scheme and Foster would have been a perfect fit in Seattle’s offense. Go figure.

Clare Farnsworth of writes that Richard Sherman gets the nod at cornerback with Walter Thurmond done for the year.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times writes that two of the top rookie receivers in the league, Seattle’s Doug Baldwin and Cincinnati’s A.J. Green, have taken two, complete different paths to stardom.

Brock Huard of ESPN 710 Seattle breaks down Seattle’s failed scoring chance on second and goal from the 2-yard line against Cleveland.

ESPN’s Mike Sando takes a look at blitz statistics for NFC West teams.

Adam Schein of Fox Sports believes Pete Carroll has done a terrible job of rebuilding the Seahawks.

Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Inquirer writes that with Cedric Benson serving a one-game suspension because he violated the league’s personal conduct policy, Bernard Scott will get his first start of the season.

Brian Burke of Advanced NFL Stats gives Seattle a 48 percent win probability against the Bengals.

Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post takes a closer look at the possibilities of the use of the “Moneyball” personnel approach being used in baseball and how it applies to the NFL.

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  1. Unbelievable story about Arian Foster! I can’t believe we almost had that guy. We’d be rocking right now no matter who the QB was behind center. I’d gladly take a little (not much mind you) less ‘Beast’ for a little more versatility. DAMNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Once again, many thanks to Tim Ruskell. Way to devalue talent in favor of rah-rah B.S.

    Eric, Two questions: 1- Do we know the nature of Lynch’s back issues? Muscular or disk oriented? Upper / lower? 2- Can we please not link the ill-informed, sensational and incoherent babbling of Adam Schein? His schtick is as transparent as it gets and half-bright hacks such as he do not warrant support from legitimate news organizations and genuine sports journalists, IMO. Thank-you and carry on…

  3. “Brian Burke of Advanced NFL Stats gives Seattle a 48 percent win probability against Seattle.”

    I’d say that the chances of them beating themselves are much higher than that!

    Regarding Arian Foster, I wonder who on the Seahawks spoke to him during the draft. Was it Ruskell?

    Ruskell: “Hey Arian, we’re thinking of taking you with one of our seventh round picks. How do you feel about that?”

    Foster: “Whatever, man. I should have gone much higher. Seventh round sucks.”

    Then Ruskell calls Nick Reed.

    Ruskell: “Hey Nick, we’re thinking of taking you with one of our seventh round picks. How do you feel about that?”

    Reed: “Are you kidding? That would be awesome! Thank you so much, Mr. Ruskell. I’ve always dreamed of being drafted! Mom, mom! Guess what? The Seahawks are thinking of drafting me! My prayers have been answered.”

  4. Palerydr says:

    So here is something to ponder. Say the Colts do draft Luck next year and decide to make Peyton Manning available for my guess would be 2 first round picks. Would we be crazy to make that deal for a proven QB that will be 36 at the start of next season? Would Tarvaris Jackson benefit from playing behind Manning? Or would that move completely destroy whatever confidence he might have built up to that point?

    Andrew Schein is one of those types of journalists IMO who hear a rumor and amplify it with out doing their due diligence. He shouts from his corner “look at me” with little thought to doing any real journalism. He seems to be all about the attention without being responsible for what he writes.

  5. Peyton Manning for two first-rounders? No way! Maybe one first-rounder, if he passes a physical. But the Colts would not trade Manning. They’ll make Luck sit on the bench for a couple of years and learn from the master. It will be like Aaron Rodgers behind Favre or Steve Young behind Montana. It helps that the rookie contracts are very manageable nowadays. Perhaps in 2014, Manning will be available.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    If Seattle is still in need of a QB by 2014… words fail to express the disappointment I’d feel.

  7. Words fail to express the frustration I’d feel seeing Luck learn from Manning for two years.

  8. I would like to second the motion that Adam Schein is a MORON. Unfortunately he is not unlike a lot of national media types. They are forced or choose to comment on teams that they really have no knowledge of. They have no clue what the long term plans are of the team. Either do a modicum of research or just write about something else. He is basically right about the CBJ move but, he fails to mention that it is the only move that you could define as an outright failure so far in 2 years of the JS-PC regime. Way to be fair in your reporting. And equating the CBJ and TJ moves is just retarded. We didn’t trade anything for TJ, are paying him 4 mil to start and have a 81 QB rating, and he will probably either be a backup or grooming a new QB next year. Just stupid.

    I would also like some more info on Lynch’s back but, I am fairly sure we won’t get it. Hopefully it is a muscle issue. Even if it is, there is a good chance that there is some underlying structural issue, not necessarily anything major, that is putting extra pressure on his back muscles. I would say that it is most likely a lower back problem without knowing for sure because, the majority of injuries to the spinal column occur in either the cervical, i.e. neck, or lumbar, i.e. lower back, regions. This is because the thoracic and sacral regions are reinforced by either the ribs or the pelvis. If it is a disk issue then it is probably between either the L4 and L5 vertebra or the L5 and S1 vertebra. This is where the majority of lower back disk issues occur. Even if it is a disk issue there is a wide range of potential disk problems ranging from the serious to the relatively minor. Considering that this is the first we have heard about it in over a year, I would assume it is towards the minor end of the scale. It is still worrying and is something that he will undoubtedly have to be careful with and aware of for the rest of his career.

  9. Duke, you asked me a couple of days ago about whether Thurmond’s ligaments or bone fracture would take longer to heal. Sorry, I have been busy the last couple of days and have been MIA. Generally, a broken bone will heal faster than a torn ligament, depending on the degree of the tear. A completely torn ACL or the like will take much longer than a broken bone to completely heal, or as close to completely as it will get. Ligaments don’t have a very good blood supply feeding them, which accounts for their relatively slow healing as compared to other tissues. Bones are highly vascular so they heal much faster. So the ligament damage may be what will hold him back longer. Just don’t really know. He should be able to participate in off-season activities and be a full go in camp next year anyways.

  10. I think we’re likely going to have to use one of our top picks or sign a CB in free agency with some uncertainty about Thurmond and a lot of uncertainty regarding Trufant.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Nate – Great posts and thanks. I was relatively certain that broken bones heal much quicker than ligaments, although unsure why exactly. I’m still interested in clarification on why the surgery on Thurmond’s foot was necessary: broken bone (plate, screws, etc…) or ligaments.

  12. SandpointHawk says:


    It was stated as “lower back spasms locked up” in several news outlets. I did notice most editors shortened that to ‘back injury’…Not much info but a little. As for the history Carroll refers to, I haven’t found anything.

    “The other major injury happened during pregame warmups when lower back spasms locked up running back Marshawn Lynch.

    Carroll said the back issue is one the Seahawks were aware of soon after Lynch arrived last year in a trade with Buffalo and has been kept under control. He’s not sure what caused Lynch to suffer spasms to the point where he couldn’t play.”

  13. Palerydr says:

    I agree that IF the Colts are bad enough to draft Luck then he would have no greater teacher than Manning. I am curious though to know if Manning would want the heir apparent looking over his shoulder for a year or 2. I know it worked out for Rogers although I remember Rogers coming in to back up Favre and promptly broke his leg. I just think we will be in a good position as a team in 2 years to make a serious run at the Super Bowl. It would be nice to see Manning get his second ring and our first, but I know I’m really just dreaming.

  14. chuck_easton says:

    The Colts have had over a decade of Manning who is as close to a player/coach you will ever see in modern football. Then Manning magically gets hurt for the season just before Luck comes out.

    Viola! The Colts draft Luck with the first pick in the draft. He gets a season or two to learn from the master.

    Why do the football gods smile on a city like Indianapolis Indiana and choose to smite Seattle? Even when we get a high draft choice it’s either in a bad draft year or we manage to take the one guy that looks like a sure thing and turns out to be a bust (too many names to type here).

    Not complaining, just making an observation.

  15. It’s because the Seahawks are the devil, Chuck.

  16. I would like to see Charlie get one more chance this weekend, so I’m hoping TJ will choose to sit out one more week.

  17. Palerydr says:

    “I would like to see Charlie get one more chance this weekend”


  18. So he has a chance to redeem himself at home with a running game. If he blows it again this week, I’m okay with closing the door on him as a starter.

  19. PixelDummy says:

    @natedogMD, great medical insight…I completely agree about Schein’s clueless assessments. The current Hawk FO has made hundreds of roster moves to turn over the personnel of a bumbling Ruskell regime, and the CBJ trade is really the only glaring miss.

    …just a thought – what if CBJ were to start this week and have a fantastic day, maybe a 120 QB rating…jeez, what kind of chaos would that create in our Hawk blog world.

  20. SandpointHawk says:

    Pixel….120 QB rating?..bad thought, bad, bad, bad thought…..just saying

    Audible…what are you smoking?…pass it over to me….

    Chuck_Easton….that’s what I’ve been saying for seven weeks…if Indy gets Luck it is further proof that God gave the Northwest great beer and then forgot about us…

  21. chuck_easton says:

    On the brighter side I’m flying in with the 14 year old monster this weekend to show him what NFL football is like live.

    Sitting on the Seahawks side of the field in section 137.

    I hope we can talk about a win at the hotel on Sunday night.

    Don’t let me down 12th man! My son’s first experience of a noisy crowd. And yes I’m making sure he’s wearing seahawks colors. If he doesn’t he can walk home to Alberta.

  22. Palerydr says:

    I understand what you’re saying Audible that’s pretty much what I thought before you posted. I think that after last weeks performance CW is gonna have to have a monster game for them to really think about any kind of change. As long as the Hawks are reasonably close it will get loud you’re young stud Chuck, will enjoy his experience I’m thinking.

  23. “the CBJ trade is really the only glaring miss.”

    I’m not sure I’d call the CBJ trade a glaring miss…

    What do you expect at QB from a 3rd-round draft pick? If he were a 1st-rounder, fine. But, every other team in the NFL passed on Whitehurst at least twice before SD pulled the trigger, so to expect him to magically become a franchise QB seems a little unrealistic. Same with TJ.

  24. I’m far from a MD but, thanks for the compliment anyways Pixel. Just trying to share any knowledge I have. I have also had a bulging disk in my lower back before. I was able to get it back to close to 100 % with just physical therapy but, I don’t go out and get pounded on by 300 pound maniacs every weekend either.

    I would like to see TJ back this Sunday as I am going to the game and would like to see a win. Or for them to be at least competitive. The logical part of my brain thinks that we would probably be better off losing games like these this year but, I just can’t help but root for a win. We would have to go 7-3 the rest of the way to finish at 9-7 and have any chance to make the playoffs. I don’t think we would make it at 9-7 actually. Would be awesome if we could somehow go 8-2 and catch the 49ers but, that is pretty far fetched. There’s always hope though. Always more enjoyable when you don’t expect it.

    I think I may have went a little overboard on our boy CBJ after Sunday. I still don’t think he will ever be a good starter in the league but, he really hasn’t a lot of opportunities in game action. It does always take time for a QB to develop. What troubles me more than anything about CBJ is his lack of accuracy. The bad reads and forcing the ball are one thing. He may have just been trying to do too much. But the fact that he seems to be off target with consistency is something that isn’t so easily changed IMO. Another thing about him that is troubling is the consistent reports of him looking bad at practice and what comPete has said about him without saying it. PC is never going to really criticize him in public but, you can tell what he thinks of him by the way he handles him. The CBJ trade was the first big move PC-JS made and, I would think that would give PC all the motivation in the world to play him if he thought he could get it done.

  25. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Tim Ruskell should go die in a fire

  26. nighthawk2 says:

    “Why do the football gods smile on a city like Indianapolis Indiana and choose to smite Seattle?”

    I think it’s a couple of things. First and foremost it’s karma for Bill Gates never getting that b.s. Windows OS to work right. The other is the overriding arrogance of people in Seattle. Nah, scratch the second one. If that were the case, New York City would have the football gods on their back even worse. It’s all because of Gates, who is really the devil.

    Guys like Brock Huard, Tim Hasselbeck and Kordell Stewart amaze me. They can’t do jack diddly squat in the NFL, but once they’re retired they are all analytical geniuses. Stewart was only known for one lucky play in college and getting the same nickname as Guns N Roses guitartist; yet he and “Matthew”s little brother (who’s only known because his brother played in the Super Bowl and his wife was on Survivor and is now a right-wing whack job). But they have a national television format to pontificate on all things football; Stewart is particularly obnoxious with his eternal Seahawk bashing. Is he mad at us too for not drafting him? Huard’s claim to fame is that he was momentarily part of the hit parade of Peyton Manning backups. Wonder if he hates Curtis Painter now?

    Speaking of Manning, yes, it would be insane to trade even a 1st for him. We don’t need any more at-the-end-of-their career quarterbacks. Not even for 3 years. If Luck is unfortunate enough to get drafted by Indy, he either takes over a team with no run game, two aging receivers in Wayne and Clark (yes I’m including tight ends as receivers) and nothing else, and a bad defense that can’t stop the run or beat teams unless they have a big lead and can just pressure the passer. If Manning’s neck injury let’s him play 2 or 3 more years, Luck wastes the early years of his career sitting on the bench because he doesn’t need to “learn”, he’s ready to start right now. For anyone.

    I don’t think Schein is too far off, except that he failed to mention the 3rd round pick in the trade for Whitehurst. Why trade a 3rd round pick, drop 20 spots in the 2nd, and then never, ever give the guy an opportunity to play? Why hire a turkey like Bevell that failed in Minnesota, sign a turkey like T-Joke who couldn’t beat out Gus Frerotte or a 40 year old, beat up Bret Favre (who they begged to get off his tractor and play again so they wouldn’t have to go with Jackson), who didn’t get any offer from Minnesota as a free agent? Just on this failed OC’s urging? Jackson would have done no better under the same circumstances in Cleveland. He failed to mention in citing New Orleans as a team that builds through the draft, that they signed Brees, Sproles and Vilma as free agents. I don’t have a lot of faith in Carroll after this Bevell/Jackson disaster, after wasting a 1st round pick on an offensive tackle who can’t pass block and one last year on a guy with a perpetual ankle sprain.

    So Ruskell passed over Arian Foster for a guy who’s not on the roster anymore and another who shouldn’t be on it now? Hey, In Ruskell We Trust, right Seahawk fans? Bwahahahaha. Ha.

    “IF the season ended today…” the Colts, who’ve played 7 games to the Rams and Dolphins 6 games, would have the top pick, followed by the Dolphins, Rams, Vikings (7 games) and Cardinals. Unless some tie breaker changed it, and we’d be 10th. I’m sticking with my 4-12 or 5-11 prediction before the season (the two Rams games and possibly Arizona at the end of the season as wins, the only other conceivable win would be Redskins here). Right now, I’m guessing we wind up about 5th or 6th, behind Indy, Rams, Phins, Cards and maybe Broncos. That puts us out of the Andrew Luck sweepstakes, but maybe not out of the Landry Jones/Matt Barkley race. If Indy gets the top spot and trades out of it believing that Manning has two or three more years and doesn’t want to hear him bitch about drafting Luck and says “get me weapons”(according to Phil Simms, and at least that guy has a ring) to Miami, then I’d say it goes like this: 1. Phins-Andrew Luck, 2. Rams-Matt Kalil or Justin Blackmon, 3. Colts-Alshon Jeffery or Blackmon, 4. Cardinals-Jonathon Martin OT Stanford, 5. Broncos–Landry Jones or Matt Barkley, 6. Seattle–Landry Jones or Matt Barkley.

    Fact is, Tannehill from Texas A&M and Nick Foles from Arizona are the only senior QBs who could go in the first 2 rounds (I don’t think Kirk Cousins goes before the 3rd and Weeden at Okie State will be a 29 year old rookie). Luck is a redshirt junior in football but a senior in the classroom; Jones, Barkley, Robert Griffin III are all juniors.

  27. Why are you always so positive nighthawk2????????

  28. They never gave CBJ a chance? I think he has played some. More importantly, they have watched him PRACTICE for a year and a half. They have seen nothing but a 2nd stringer at best. You have to be able to hit the side of a barn from more than 5 yards to be a good QB. Weird, I know. There’s a reason PC gets paid millions of dollars to coach and you rant on a blog, nighthawk2.

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