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Morning links: Wishing Jackson a speedy recovery

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 25, 2011 at 6:38 am with 46 Comments »
October 25, 2011 6:40 am
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson watches practice last week. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Dave Boling of The News Tribune writes that Charlie Whitehurst demonstrated why he is a backup with his performance against Cleveland on Sunday, and that Seattle Seahawks fans should be wishing Tarvaris Jackson a speedy recovery.

Boling: All those Seahawks fans fomenting a quarterback controversy in recent weeks likely spent much of Sunday afternoon united in a common sentiment: Get well soon, Tarvaris.


Starting quarterback Tarvaris Jackson sat out Sunday’s game at Cleveland, resting a strained pectoral muscle and watching his job security solidify merely by not being a part of an embarrassing offensive performance that led to a 6-3 Seattle defeat.

In Jackson’s place, Charlie Whitehurst offered convincing evidence that he is destined to be exactly what he has been … an NFL backup.”

I talked with KJR’s Dick Fain about the Seahawks in this audio link. The conversation begins about 15 minutes in.

Mike Pereira of Fox Sports, former VP of officiating of the league, defends the indensible – blown call on Leon Washington’s 81-yard punt return. Pereira points out in real time and with officials negotiating sight lines through bodies, the play appears to be a block in the back. Fair enough. But officials are supposed to call what they clearly see, not what they think they see.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times writes that Whitehurst proved in his performance against Cleveland that he is a backup, not the salvation of Seattle’s quarterback situation.

Clare Farnsworth of takes a closer look at what went well and what Seattle needs to work on for next week.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports gives Seattle a D for their effort against Cleveland.

ESPN’s Mike Sando takes a look at how early San Francisco can clinch the NFC West. The answer is as early as Week 11.

But maybe there’s hope. At 2-4 the Seahawks are only a 1 ½ games out of the wild card in the NFC. Check out the league playoff picture here.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel created a Suck for Luck tracker, keeping track of the teams in the hunt for the No. 1 overall pick and a chance to get Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.

Brian Billick of Fox Sports takes a look at the six quarterbacks that started for the first time this season in Week 7. Billick says that Whitehurst did not play well, but didn’t get any help from the rest of the offense as well.

Morning links
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  1. While I was sitting in the stands during the Giants game, the Giants fans had a pretty dynamic analysis of Jackson during the game. It was a mirror image of these boards the past few months –

    At the beginning – “Tavaris Jackson is the worst QB in the NFL. This will be an easy blowout.”
    At the end of the 1st Qtr – “I can’t believe we are getting destroyed by the worst QB in the NFL. Maybe he’s not that bad.”
    Early 4th quarter, after Jackson exited the game and Whitehurst entered – “Whew, good thing Jackson is out now and Whitehurst is in.”

  2. Can Charlie even be a solid backup in this league? Is he as good as Seneca Wallace or Jon Kitna? I have my doubts, but perhaps I’m overreacting after one poor performance.

  3. StartCharlie says:

    I can’t wait for the outrage that’s coming my way after this one…

    The Charlie v TJax debate isn’t resolved in my mind. Maybe I can phrase it this way: is TJax a legitimate starting QB? Tarvaris is….OK. Had some decent plays, had some bad ones. We’ve had a chance to see him in five starts. And this is a guy with something like 20 regular season starts under Bevel’s system.

    Is Charlie a legitimate starting QB? Charlie is…still an unknown. At 2-4, we’ve got nothing to lose by spending some time to find out. Before everybody starts throwing eggs at that statement, hear me out.

    Charlie still needs to start. Sunday was miserable. I’m not blind. But I’m also not throwing in the towel for one (admittedly: awful) game. The prevailing blog logic says that Charlie is never going to be anything but a back-up based on a game where Lynch was scratched at kickoff, the O-line played like they were on roller skates, and the game plan he practiced for two weeks likely went out the window at 12:55 pm Eastern. It’s not a legitimate audition.

    There have been some glimpses of goodness. The only 100 passer rating this season is owned by Charlie. And for the inevitable reply that “Baldwin was wide open” on that TD. Yep, he sure was. For the last 20 yards of an 80 yard 4th quarter drive. If one game is a verdict either way on a QB, Joe Flacco needs to get benched based on the box score of last night’s game:

    In the end, Charlie might be exactly what everyone is saying. But he might turn out alright. Let’s evaluate him in a few games where the rest of the offense actually pulls their weight. A playoff season is over for all intents and purposes. Most likely outcome is the one we’ve known all along: next year’s QB is still in college or playing as a free agent. But like I said earlier, nothing to lose at this point.

    Bring the venom!

  4. Charlie Whitehurst has looked the same every preseason since he came in the NFL and for the majority of the regular season game time he has seen. Awful.

    And this preseason was a bit of a mirage. He threw very quick 3 yard passes to his first read. And because the hatred for Jackson among Seahawks nation was so great, everyone seized upon Whitehurst’s mastery of the 3 yard pass as the reason he should be the QB whereas Jackson had been practicing with the team for only 1 week and it showed. Anything Whitehurst throws over 10-15 yards is a disaster.

    With Whitehurst, what you see is what you get. Jackson actually has upside from here and has been getting better every week.

  5. ejkimber says:

    I have to say BS on the block in the back. I watched in real time, looked at my son and said some dumb A$$ official is going to throw a flag. Obvious that there was no real contact. Heck of an acting job.

  6. HawkyHann says:

    At what point do we focus our attention to OC Darrell Bevell? 1st and goal vs. Cleveland and here is what he calls:

    1st down- Forsett gets body slammed for no gain
    2nd down- Deep out to Mike Robinson(yup, our fullback)
    3rd down- Deep out to Morrah(first game back from pup list)

    Really? We spent a lot of money on big WRs. Your telling me that we can’t throw 1 jump ball to Sidney or BMW?

    WTF is the obsession with Mike Robinson. Remember 1st and goal vs. the Giants. 3 fullback runs in a row, only to have him fumble on the third attempt.

    Stop running or throwing the damn football to this guy in the redzone. Your not going to “sneak” one in. No Marshawn, throw it. Try a bootleg, something less predictable.

    Charlie had a horrific game. That being said, McCoy is garbage, Obomanu is suspect, and are love for the crossing routes is even more predictable than Mike Rob inside the 5 yard line. Bevell got out coached and had no backup once Marshawn got scratched.

    Does Forsett deserve to be on this team? Pretty much the same player as Leon, but not as good. He gets body slammed a lot, and is not fast and a little turd.

    Stop drafting players from Oregon. Unger is hurt more than he plays. They’re smaller and faster, and injury prone. Feel bad for Walter, but when you draft players coming off big knee surgeries out of college, how surprised can you be that this happened again. Lets go Sherman or Maxwell.

  7. After this season, Charlie will be out of the league, dude has had what, six years to prepare for Sundays game. This is the last year of his contract and it was his time to prove he was either a) a capable starter, or b) a servicable back-up. This was a live action audition for his career. When everything is on the line, like your NFL career, you have to shine. Look what happened when Flynn went in against the Pats, or the couple of games Kolb started for the Eagles, you have to take advantage of those opportunities and pave your way, get some cred. Unfortunately Charlie choose option c) which was to prove he can not stand up to the pressure of being an NFL QB. He was ginen a golden opportunty to prove to the league that he belongs and all he did was show how inaccurate he is and that Pete Carrol was right in not giving him a chance and handing the reigns over to T. Jax (no more T. Joke) from the get go. Sad, sad performance, and baring injuries, will most definately be his last.

  8. Duh huh, CBBusto can get it done. I’ll give you the fact that he will usually not be as bad as he was on Sunday but, he doesn’t have a huge upside. He is a MEDIOCRE backup at best. TJ had a 96.3 QB rating vs Atl and it would’ve been over 100 if Miller hadn’t dropped a touchdown pass for an INT. You are just delusional. CBB is gone after the season and TJ will be the backup next year or a place holder for our QOF on our roster next year. CBB had his chance a number of times and has just blown it. He might be decent someday but, that’s not what he was brought here for. Nice 3rd stringer. That’s it.

  9. I agree with that 1st and goal BS from the two, you got Rice who is crazy athletic and Williams who has a big body to shield defenders, why not line them up on the same side and have Sydney run a fade and Mike a slant, bam touchdown. To bad it’s not that easy, but yeah, that was some f’ed up play callin at the goalline. J-Force is not pushin’ no pile.

  10. Palerydr says:

    To say the play was supposed to go to the players you are calling out well you just don’t know if that’s what was supposed to happen. CW read that those guys were open and threw them the ball. I would love to see the film from the endzone that the players see and look to figure out if there was a better option available. IE a jump ball to Rice or Williams. In no way am I defending CW here I just want to know what options were open to him and what the tape shows.

    On a side note I play BF3 and some friends of mine have a server here is the IP add check it out we are a fun group to hang out with.

    IP Address:
    Port: 25200

  11. “Nice 3rd stringer.”

    I totally disagree…to me, a nice 3rd stringer is a gifted developmental player without a criminal record.

  12. Palerydr says:

    @audible you’re confused CW has no criminal record

  13. Dukeshire says:

    I think he’s referring to Portis, even if Nate was referencing CW.

  14. StartCharlie says:

    At least Sando agrees with me:

    And he’s taking some heat for it in the fan comments

  15. HawkyHann says:

    Mike Sando is smart. Hasselbeck had 3 years in Holmgren’s system before starting as well. He was 26 years old.

    NFL QBs: Three-start Totals

    QB Record PPG Comp-Att. Pct. Yds. YPA TD INT Sacks NFL Rating
    Montana 0-3 16.7 50-80 62.5 488 6.1 3 3 N/A 76.5
    Whitehurst 1-2 8.7 46-89 51.6 402 4.5 2 3 3 57.4
    Hasselbeck 1-2 8.7 43-86 50.0 407 4.7 0 3 17 48.9
    Elway 2-1 13.7 28-62 45.2 313 5.0 1 3 10 46.0

  16. Palerydr says:

    Yea I know who he’s referring to. Audible likes to cherry pick sentences and make you defend them. I’m just pointing out if you’re gonna do that get the quote right.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    I see. I’ll stay on my side of the street then…

  18. “CBB had his chance a number of times and has just blown it. He might be decent someday but, that’s not what he was brought here for. Nice 3rd stringer. That’s it.”

    I don’t want a player with no future as a starter holding down the 3rd-string QB roster spot. Why? Because we want a guy in there who has the potential to become a franchise QB for us or another team, should we decide to trade him (e.g., Cassel, Kolb, Flynn, etc…).

    That’s my one big gripe with Holmgren…He stuck with Seneca Wallace and his pipe dream of becoming a midget QB.

    How much further ahead would we be right now, if Holmgren and Matt had been grooming our QOF?!

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    CW has already proven to be a serviceable back up! However that is where he should stay (imo.
    T Jack has been more effective each week, however how much of that has to do with implementing the hurry up offense more? What’s going to happen if/when the opossing defenses catch up with that?
    And if T Jack continues to run carelessly with the ball, he will probably continue to get hurt.

    One thing that I have noticed about both of these qbs is that they don’t have that fire in their eyes and/or that confident look that we see in the eyes of better qbs. It appears at times that CW has no passion whatsoever! I swear That I have seen more passion in the characters of the walking dead!

  20. Palerydr says:

    LOL if my previous post came off a bit testy….well it was. I can agree with Audible in his post regarding Holmgren. I also wish that they could have found a QB to turn into at the least a serviceable starter. We all have Opinions the medium of a blog doesn’t allow for the viewing of body language. I would guess that at some point in the future we will be able to make a post using a vid cam and you will no longer be able to hide your physical self from view. I wonder how many of these posters would continue to spit out the venom(including myself) they direct at others?

  21. “How much further ahead would we be right now, if Holmgren and Matt had been grooming our QOF?!”

    Way easier said than done – especially when you are trying to plug holes all the time at other positions to keep yourself in position to win playoff games, as we were doing at the time.

    Kudos to GB for drafting Rodgers when they still had Favre around, but of the good teams right now in the league, how many have QOF’s in place?

  22. Comparing CW’s stats in his first three starts with Montana’s and Elway’s seems ridiculous. Firstly, they were much younger and had not been in as many training camps, preseason games as he has. Secondly, I’m sure they showed flashes of brilliance. Can we really say that we’ve seen any such flashes in CW? Well, he has made a few good throws, but nothing that makes you go, “Wow!” (If there’s a CW highlight on YouTube to marvel about, please tell me.) Even Portis has shown more to be excited about.

    On another note, anyone watching TO’s workout on NFL Network? It’s on now! Too bad he isn’t a CB.

  23. Charlie Whitehurst had a nice career. Had. Six years, millions of dollars, $8M over the past two years. His family is set for life, and he only got his uniform dirty a few times in six years. Must be nice to grow up as the son of an NFL QB. Apparently you can become a millionaire and have lots of fans without ever doing much of anything.

  24. “The Charlie v TJax debate isn’t resolved in my mind. Maybe I can phrase it this way: is TJax a legitimate starting QB? Tarvaris is….OK.”

    Really? I was really starting to enjoy watching Tarvaris play, and can’t wait to see him at 100% again.

    Jackson at NYG:
    15 of 22 (68%) for166 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, in 3 quarters

    His 4 first half drives might have yielded 28 points in one half, if our RBs had not fumbled away two drives at the 13 yard line and 2 yard line.

    Jackson vs ATL:
    25 of 38 (66%) for 319 yds, 3 TD, 2 INT

    Seahawks lost because our D allowed 30 points.

    Charlie Whitehurst doesn’t have a single game in his career that compares with these games by Jackson. Not one. And Matt Hasselbeck has had only a few games since 2007 as good as these. Where’s the love for TJack?

  25. I was on board with the Pete Carrol(and/or his choice of Bevell) signing and now I’m jumping off. He’s an egotistical liar. I think the players and fans are realizing it. He’s constantly trying to trick the league into believing he wants to run the ball and play defense. Seahawks have the least amount of running plays in the NFL. He refuses to establish any kind of offense. It’s like watching a kid play the Madden video game. No rhythm, rhyme or reason to it. I believe he wants nothing more than to be on the cover of every newspaper or website around the country claiming he has a big time passing offense next to Belichek, McCarthy and Payton.

    The Browns wanted to run the ball and even though they couldn’t do it for the most part the kept it up to the tune of 40 + carries at 3 yp. That’s what a running team (although not a very good one with Hardesty) looks like. That’s with Mike Holmgren as GM who wants to throw the damn ball.

    Do what you do until your out of the game then go 3 and out every series trying to throw on every down. …and I don’t want to hear about Lynch being out because when he does play he averages 11.5 carries a game. Not a #1 RB’s amount carries on a team that says they want to run the ball.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    Riot – Well for starters, they have the 7th rated scoring defense and are nearly a top 10 rush defense. As for rushing the ball, you can’t continue to run the ball on 3rd and long. So now you’re down to two plays you can run it. Then there’s the matter of trying not to be predictable. That is, remember Tom Flores? He ran on downs 1-3 for 43 seasons. I can do without that nonsense again. And while they do have a league low in rush attempts, I place that on the shoulders of the leagues youngest offensive line and their inability for most of this not-so-young season now, to establish themselves. I absolutely believe Carroll wants to run the ball, there is no chance they draft Moffitt and Carp if they didn’t. But development and circumstance dictate game specific situations.

    As for Carroll being a liar: I’ve found him to be refreshingly candid (by NFL coaching standards). But that’s simply something we see differently, it would appear.

  27. As for the criticism of Carroll and Bevell —

    Take any team, and remove two starting TEs, the starting RB, and starting C from any offense, and then put in an inexperienced backup QB… and I think you will watch that team’s playbook shrink dramatically and games become unmanageable.

  28. If we see any more performances like last week, i wouldn’t agree that CW is good enough to be a back up. Portis to #2. And we really need to get a QB.

  29. Duke -30 or so passes to 15 or so rushes is a big difference for a team that says they are going to run. In a 3 – 3 game you don’t need to be any more exciting than Tom Flores if that style is what may have worn out the defensive line of the Brown’s for us to break one into field goal. When are they going to train this offensive line to run the ball when they throw it so much? Run + fail = experience. don’t run + fail = new offensive line in 2 to 3 years.

    …and a good salesman that is being “candid” is not to be confused with honesty. We definitely see differently on that.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    Riot – Well, at the risk or parroting Stevo, perhaps when the get their starting center, TE and RB back.

  31. Sweet. Change the name to the Seattle Excuses. Cleveland was missing their RB. Didn’t bother them much. Didn’t look like they had a big stout, loaded on talent O-line but I’ll bet they got a little better after that game. The Seahawks have been playing without a center for 6 years now. Who cares who the center is? He missed all last year too. Is Max Unger so good at center in the 5 games he’s played. I don’t see them run the well ball when he is playing so I’d have to say no. In my opinion.

  32. I love the Defense though. They will continue to get worn out by other team due to being on the field for 40 minutes a game though.

  33. Dukeshire says:

    Riot – Montario Hardesty was a second round pick that was drafted with the idea he’d be a feature back, so the drop from Hillis to him is not nearly what it was for Seattle, losing Lynch. (This is to say nothing regarding running styles.) And Unger not playing is more significant than you recognize, IMO. It’s not that Unger is an all-pro, it’s that rookie Jeanpierre was making his first start, and that in-and-of-itself weakens the line as a whole, from calling protections to the handful of snaps he botched.

    But look, I’m not here to change your mind, believe what you will. I am however trying to offer a perspective that you are seemingly unwilling to consider. Regardless…

  34. Knowshawn Moren and C.J. Spiller are 1st round picks does that mean they’re good too?

  35. Dukeshire says:

    I’m not sure what that has to do with a Seattle / Cleveland comparison. If the conversation was framed with the idea of losing a starter and then one of them taking over, then perhaps we’d have a conversation.

  36. is Reggie Bush good?

  37. Is Arron Curry good? I’m just saying because they are all 1st rounders whose teams had high expectations just like Hardesty’s team did as a 2nd rounder. So you’re telling me that draft positions + expectations = success. I think we differ there as well.

  38. Dukeshire says:

    Not sure how you define good, but short answer: yes. He’s a nightmare match-up for defenses and DCs. I would not consider him a feature back, however. He’s match-up player, not an every-down back.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, I know what you are doing. It’s a tired argument. The point you are missing is that Hardesty and Hillis are very similar backs. With Lynch out, Seattle’s options of running plays was cut significantly. The draft position was mean to indicate they view him highly, and were able to keep a similar game plan in place without Hillis.

  40. They do not run the ball much when Lynch is playing. It’s not hard to understand I’m not just talking about Cleveland. 19 caries in Arizona was tops. Then it was 15, 12, 8, 6, whatever.

    Not one of those teams drafted those guys I mentioned to be nightmare match ups. They were all supposed to be star players. That’s what I mean by good. You can find a nightmare match up in rounds 3-5. I’ll pass on the 1st round 3rd down back.

  41. SandpointHawk says:

    The center is the second most important person on the offense prior to the snap. Once the play is called in the huddle the center assigns the blocking assignments prior to the snap at the line according to what he sees from the defense. On some teams he can even correct the QB… Once that is done the left tackle becomes the second most important player on the O side. Was Unger missed? You bet he was….

  42. Dukeshire says:

    Riot – Your definition of good is a “star player”. That’s fine, you have a higher standard then. I define a star player as great. Good is adequate or suitable for that particular teams needs, in my view.

    With due respect, this has grown tiresome. I’ve offered very specific reasons why Carroll is not the “liar” you purport him to be, not the fact they haven’t run the ball as they would like. In any case, last word here is yours if you need it.

  43. I don’t mean a star player/ hall of famer. If you pick a guy in the top 10 you want him to start at his position.

  44. Regardless of draft order and success. I wasn’t the one that said Hardesty was 2nd round pick so he’s similar to Hillis. Who is good. The is the same piece of crap on a different plate. I was ok when they were losing looking forward to the draft but then they had to win. Now it’s the same team that can’t run or pass. Everyone’s resigned to the fact that both QB’s are bandaids but they force the pass instead of try to get the line some experience. “Center is the most important” Right every time we get an injury it just happens to be the most important guy to the team. First it was Okung to line, then rice to passing game, then t tavaris, then lynch then unger. Please? This is NFL football. Put the goddamn backup in a stop acting like b$tches.

  45. SandpointHawk says:

    “Center is the most important”….I missed that line somehow, I don’t see where anyone said that at all….

    I guess having the two starters that read the defense prior to the snap and adjust the offense according to what they see, has no effect on the teams play….But why am I even trying with you, I guess I’ll go man up now ….

  46. Dukeshire says:

    Riot- Cannot resist… I did not say that because Hardesty was taken in the second, he was similar to Hillis. At least not in the context you are manipulating it (ie. production). My point was, and as I stated, that because the Browns took him in the second, and that they view him as a potential feature back, (and that he does have a similar style to Hillis) they have certain expectations of him that doesn’t require them to adjust their game plan when Hillis goes down. Seattle on the other hand has very different expectations from Lynch to Washington or Forsett. Very clearly, when Lynch is out they are simply not able to execute the same game-plan. The Browns do not have this issue.

    And do you think perhaps Lynch’s back issues factor into why they aren’t able to run it with him as often as they’d like…? I suspect it’s among several factors.

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