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Morning links: Reaction to Hawks 6-3 loss

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 24, 2011 at 9:05 am with 39 Comments »
October 24, 2011 9:05 am
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Good morning. I’m on my way back to Seattle. We’ll hold our Monday Morning QB live chat at 1 p.m., so stop by and join in the conversation.

Meanwhile, check out what is being said about the Seattle Seahawks 6-3 loss to Cleveland on Sunday.

My game story deals with Seattle’s struggles offensively, including quarterback Charlie Whitehurst’s poor performance, perhaps answering questions about Seattle’s starting quarterback situation.

Injuries and poor officiating had an impact on the way the game turned out for the Seahawks.

Defensive end Red Bryant had a big day, blocking two field goals. But he also had a personal foul penalty late in the game that cost Seattle one more chance to score late in the game. Bryant took responsibility for his actions.

John McGrath of The News Tribune debates which is more hopeless, Nick Holt’s Washington defense or Darrell Bevell’s Seattle offense.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer gives us the Browns’ perspective on the incident between Bryant and Cleveland tight end Alex Smith.

Steve Kelly of the Seattle Times writes that Whitehurst is not the answer for Seattle at quarterback, and Tarvaris Jackson isn’t the quarterback of the future either.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times reviews the game here.

Clare Farnsworth of provides some details from the game here.

ESPN’s Mike Sando provides some thoughts on Seattle’s loss.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated nominates Bryant as special teams player of the week in his Monday Morning QB weekly column.

Morning links
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  1. seahawk44 says:

    I’m still happy the team didn’t give up too much for Carson Palmer, Kevin Kolb, or Donovan McNabb.

  2. MadSweeney42 says:

    Excellent point 44, although I believe giving up anything at all would’ve been too much. I gotta say, I am warming to the idea of grabbing FA FLynn (though I haven’t decided what he’s worth money-wise) and using the mid to high draft pick on something else. However, I think Carroll has it in the back of his head to go for Barkley. I have nothing to back this theory up, especially in light of the fact that he seems to have zero favoritism towards his SC boys.

  3. Steve Kelly of the Seattle Times writes that Whitehurst is not the answer for Seattle at quarterback, and Tarvaris Jackson isn’t the quarterback of the future either.”

    Captain Obvious Kelly. The schtick is getting old. There has never been any argument about whether Jackson is the quarterback of the future. He is paid backup money to be the backup of the future. If he becomes a backup next year, he will likely be the most talented backup quarterback in the entire NFL, and capable of coming off the bench to win a few games. That’s a very valuable commodity.

    Jackson is no disappointment. He drove the length of the field four times in the first half against the NYG. He has demonstrated ability in the range of Mark Sanchez, Jay Cutler, or Matt Cassel, and clearly superior to Kevin Kolb – and note that every one of those other guys is paid $10M/year.

    Jackson will beat the Bengals next week.

  4. “Jackson is no disappointment. He drove the length of the field four times in the first half against the NYG. ”

    Yeah, I agree, his play in the last couple games was better than mediocre. He likely would have made the difference yesterday.

    If he plays at the level of the past 2 games for the balance of the year, I wouldn’t doubt that he starts next year, and keeps the seat warm for whoever we draft as our next QB.

  5. I am becoming more and more in favor of going after Flynn myself. That is contingent on the fact that JS is a believer in him. JS must have a lot more information about Flynn than any of us do so, I will differ to his expertise here. JS has shown me so far that he will make the right decision the vast majority of the time, along with PC. This is also assuming that he can be had for 10 mil or less a season. I cannot really imagine anyone paying more than that, especially after the Kolb signing this year. The TJ signing looks pretty damn good right about now. Has played better than Kolb, McNabb, and Palmer and he didn’t cost us any draft picks. Only 8 mil over 2 years as well so we are hardly tied to him.

    I see the signing of Flynn as having 2 major advantages. First, we don’t have to use our 1st rounder on a QB and have it to fill another need. Secondly, he is going to be much more familiar and have more experience with the type of offense we are running than any college QB. I don’t really see him as becoming a top 5 QB, like a Barkley or Jones potentially could, but I think he has the ability to be in the bottom of the top ten quarterbacks in the league, like a Hasselbeck in his prime. I think you pretty much have to have a QB that is top ten or close to, with how the rules currently are, to have a good chance to win a super bowl. That said, if the Hawks take a nose dive the rest of the season and we are positioned to draft Barkley then I think we have to pull the trigger. I personally think he is going to be special. I am not as enamored with Jones. I am not really in favor of trading up either. With the new rookie salary scale, I just think you will have to give up a lot more than you did in the past.

  6. You guys have me interested in taking a look at Matt Flynn, I’ll need to watch some tape.

    I’m curious… why do you think Flynn is superior to Kevin Kolb or Matt Cassell? Like Kolb and Cassel, he’s played well as a backup while being surrounded by super-bowl caliber talent. But is he starter material? Will Flynn be the next average backup quarterback to get paid $10M/year?

    In preseason, Flynn passed for 55%. His last game, he was 2-of-10 passing. And that was against a preseason defense.

    I think we have an above-average starter in Tavaris Jackson, and that once we find a great starter, Tarvaris will be a great backup capable of saving games when a starter is injured. But I’m getting leary of shopping for a quarterback off other team’s rosters.

  7. PixelDummy says:

    Yesterday’s performance by Charlie Bratwurst and the Hawks’ offense was truly pathetic, but was far from being the worst ever. For those of us old enough to remember (I was an exuberant 9 yr old Hawks fan) in 1979, Zorn and the Hawks played the LA Rams in the Kingdome and had…yes this is correct, -7 yards of offense to end the game. I think they had got the yardage total up to around 25 yards at one point, and then Zorn kept getting sacked for losses. I remember the embarrassment I felt after that game, and that’s why games like yesterday only make it sweeter for Hawk fans who stay true, when we finally celebrate that trophy in the future!

  8. “I think we have an above-average starter in Tavaris Jackson”

    If you have a great defense, you can win a Super Bowl with an above-average starter. The Seahawks could have a great defense in a couple of years. One pass-rushing LB and one good CB might be all that it takes. Just picture the confetti falling on Tarvaris’ head. :-)

  9. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    that was a very bad game i rember my dad brother cussing at the tv.
    i was 10.

  10. CW’s problem has and will ALWAYS be the same thing! He isn’t ACCURATE! It doesn’t matter if you can sling the ball 70 yards if you can’t hit the side of a barn with it. Granted he had 5 passes dropped. Give him those and he was an AMAZING 17-30, with a decent amount of them being short throws. Even the one long pass he completed to Rice was inaccurate and cost us a TD and the game. He used to be better at hitting his check downs it seems. He held the ball WAY too long yesterday. His decision making seemed worse than I had ever seen it before. He threw repeatedly into double and TRIPLE F&#^KING coverage. That said, the thing he has always and always will lack is accuracy. He just can’t play NFL football. Glad he won’t even be around to be our backup next year. Good riddance.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Flynn gets a lot of attention, IMO, because not unlike Whitehurst, he won a big game off the bench for his team toward the end of last season. And he’ll be expensive. I don’t think the Pack are anxious to part ways with him. I like the little I’ve seen of him, but there a several good QBs coming out this year so it’s not an either him or nothing situation.

  12. PixelDummy says:

    @hawkfaninoklahoma –
    Yes it is nice to have old games like that to put things in perspective somewhat. I know you’re in Oklahoma, but I’m going to assume you meant ‘dad AND brother’ not ‘dad/brother’…lol

  13. I may be guilty of overrating Flynn. I hadn’t really heard much about him until BobbyK mentioned him. He seems to be highly rated amongst some personnel people in the league. I think that GB thinks highly of him. They just won’t be able to keep him. He wants to start. GB isn’t going to franchise him and pay him 17 mil plus to backup Rodgers. Whether or not we go after him I will trust primarily to JS. He was in GB with him and should have more intimate knowledge of him than most people in the league. I have no real way of knowing whether or not he will be a player. If he turned out to be a Cassell I don’t think that is all bad. Cassell had a very good year last year and is improving week by week this year with a decimated team around him. You’re never going to confuse him with a HOF QB but, I think he is good enough to win a super bowl with a good team around him. We don’t have to use a first rounder on a QB if we sign Flynn. Maybe more importantly, it doesn’t look like we will be in position to draft one of the top QB prospects if the season goes as it has. Trading up is not a good option as we will have to give up a lot. Not really what you want to do while still rebuilding a team. I don’t know if I can handle going through next year without picking up our QOF this off-season. Of course, the best case scenario would be for TJ to keep improving and be tearing it up by the end of the season. Then we don’t have to worry about any of these scenarios.

  14. PixelDummy says:

    And speaking of QBs for the future, I really like Ryan Tannehill…I know people will disagree, but beyond A. Luck, Tannehill is the only prospect i’ve seen through NFL caliber passes consistently in tight windows. Jones throws 80% into the flat to a wide open RB and I think he will be a huge bust…Barkely I’m can’t figure out but, he throws alot to wide open targets also…Tannehill has a really fast release and can attack defenses. He is a little raw and I know he played WR for 2yrs at A&M, but he was recruited as a QB. I think he has a huge upside and great intangibles.

    If we could get a monster Center or LG in the first, and steal Tannehill in the second I would be very happy.

  15. PixelDummy says:
  16. Dukeshire says:

    “Even the one long pass he completed to Rice was inaccurate and cost us a TD and the game.”

    This seems myopic, to me. There were several keys on offense that cost them the game. But I’m not sure that one play is the singular reason why they came away with a loss. In fact, there’s enough blame to go around for nearly everyone on offense.

  17. shoehawks says:

    Natedog said: “it doesn’t look like we will be in position to draft one of the top QB prospects if the season goes as it has.”

    If the offensive line and receivers continue to play like they did yesterday, I’d say they have a good chance at one of the top quarterbacks in the draft. Sigh.

  18. LOL PixelDummy. Give our Oklahoma fans a break, even though those bastards stole our Sonics! Just joking.

    Duke, Unlike CBJ, Flynn has actually played very well in a REGULAR season game. Granted it was with GB’s talented offense, although they had no running game at the time. CBJ was serviceable against the Rams last year but, he hardly did more than manage a conservative game plan. CBJ hadn’t even THROWN a regular season pass when we traded for him. Flynn may amount to a pile of garbage just like CBJ. We don’t know. Any QB option we have is a probably a 50/50 proposition at best, sadly. I am not saying that we definitely should sign him. Just that he should be one of our top options, especially if we aren’t drafting in the top 5. I agree that GB isn’t anxious to part ways with him, which is a check in his favor. GB isn’t going to be able to keep him IMO. He wants to start. That isn’t going to happen there. They aren’t going to pay him starter money to be a backup, which I doubt he would take anyways, and they cannot afford to franchise him and pay him 17 mil plus a season to be a backup. He is gone from GB after the season. Matt Flynn in his first NFL start @ New England
    24/37 (64.9%) 251 yards 3 TDs 1 Int 5 Sacks 1 Fumble 100.2 QB Rating. CBJ versus Rams last year, 22-36, 192 yards, 61.1 completion %, 5.33 ypa, 1 td, 0 int, 84.5 qb rating. WAY too early to know what will be available in the draft so this is all premature. Fun to talk about though.

  19. Well, Charlie had his chance, brief as it was…and he totally laid an egg. Bad deal.

    “the best case scenario would be for TJ to keep improving and be tearing it up by the end of the season.”

    We still need draft one of the top QB prospects…and here’s why. A good back up provides insurance in case TJ injures his other man boob. And, in the event he stays healthy, we have a young guy with huge upside waiting in the wings. No way should we pass on a QB next year.

  20. Duke, I wasn’t trying to say that his throw to Rice was the ONLY reason we lost. Of course their is plenty of blame to go around on the offense, and for the officials IMO. CBJ was the MAJOR reason we lost though. He looked clueless and lost out there. He couldn’t hit the side of a barn on a lot of plays. As has been stated here before, you could see the look on Rice’s and Baldwin’s faces after some of his errant throws like WTF is this chump doing. All we needed was for him to make a COUPLE of plays to win this game. He couldn’t do it. Huge flop. We lost by 3 points. If we score 7 on that throw to Rice then we have 7 points. Last time I checked 7 is more than 6. There a ton of things that lead to us losing but, in a close game like that ONE play can make the difference. Like the phantom block in the back that took away another TD. I also understand that the game would have a different complexion if we were ahead 7-6. But I don’t think Cleveland would’ve scored again on our D. Especially if CB Busto could’ve sustained ONE drive and given them a little rest.

  21. Audible, I am not convinced that TJ will do that, just that it would be the best case scenario. I also agree that we would need to get a QB in the off-season regardless. I just don’t think we would have to use a 1st rounder in that scenario. If TJ proved to be the QOF then we could either sign a veteran backup or draft one in the later rounds. We already have a talented project in Portis.

  22. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    pixel, i live in oklahoma not arkansas,lol, i was living at the top
    of Boeing hill by riverview park when that happened.
    natedog, i am with you brother i wont support the basketball team here for nothing.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Nate – I’m not devaluing Flynn necessarily, but rather making a comparison. Flynn doesn’t play that great game against the Pats, few if anyone here would be honking for him. In much the same way that had CW not played well against the Rams, the calls for him over Jackson would likely not be as loud (they’d still be there of course). And I don’t doubt Flynn will get attention from Seattle when FA hits, and that’s good. They ought to explore all options.

  24. I”m not crazy about Josh Portis because he’s a convicted thief. Here’s a guy with amazing talent, an NFL prospect, and he’s friggin’ out stealing credit cards? That’s bad judgement and stupidity…and as Ron White says, “ya can’t fix stupid”.

    I guess you could say I hold the QB position to a higher standard…that’s why I also dislike Rothlesburger and Michael Vick.

  25. PixelDummy says:

    @Oklahoma, I shouldn’t give you a hard time about being in Oklahoma, I live in Pittsburgh now!

    Anyone on here really familiar w/ zone blocking scheme and the type of lineman it necessitates? I think Unger is doing ok and could be a great option at backup, but I wonder if he is too tall/lanky…I wonder if a lower center of gravity guy may be needed at Center for this scheme. Maybe its just a case of the scheme being much more complicated than ‘smash mouth’ and requiring time for all 5 lineman to play as ‘one’ before it works in the run game.

  26. Audible, I hope you’re not taking away from tarvaris’ toughness with that “man boob” blow. I was as agaist bringing him here as anyone, but he’s playing far better than I had anticipated (which really wasn’t much, honestly), and he definitely took that hit like a champ, IMO.

    Also, who is CBJ?

  27. PixelDummy, where at in Pittsburgh? I live in greensburg and work in new stanton/monroeville. There’s at least 2 other seahawks fans in reach!

  28. PixelDummy says:

    @RADEoN, I live in the city (Lawrenceville)…maybe someday we’ll have enough to start a Seahawk bar in Pittsburgh…haha. I think there are about 10 Steeler bars in the Seattle area. Oh I will never forget the night the Hawks lost(?) the Superbowl, I had flown back to the 206 for the game (which was on my birthday), and when the game ended there were tons of Steeler fans driving around my city w/ Steeler flags on their cars…my city! I see enough of the black and gold back in Pittsburgh, but to see it in Seattle was horrific.

  29. ejkimber says:

    RADEoN I think he is referring to ClipBoardJesus….Charlie by other names.

  30. Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on October 24, 2011, 1:24 PM EDT

    We would like to send our condolences to everyone that watched Seahawks-Browns on Sunday. has decided to put up a warning on their Game Rewind package alerting viewers that the game contains images that may not be appropriate for new football fans and young children.
    Anyone re-watching the game will see an interesting mix of dominance and futility by the Browns offense. Cleveland possessed the ball for 42:56, which is their highest time of possession in a game since at least 1976. Yet they only scored six points.
    If there was a record for time of possession: points ratio, we’re pretty sure the Browns would set a record for that too.
    “I don’t want to disrespect Cleveland,” said Seahawks receiver Mike Williams after the game via the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. “But we are better.”
    We’re not too sure about that. The numbers for the Seahawks offense were rather grisly. They had 137 total yards for the game, and averaged 2.4 yards-per-pass. That’s the fewest yards the Browns have given up since 1993.
    Cleveland police recovered the Charlie Whitehurst bandwagon Monday morning at the bottom of Lake Erie.

  31. Being down on Portis because he was young and stupid without allowing for the fact that even young and stupid people can grow out of it is unfair. Whether he can play football and be a leader on the field is what counts, as long as off-field issues do not reoccur.

  32. Palerydr says:

    I’m in agreement that we should bring in Flynn if we can sign him. In that scenario we should still draft another QB as I like the idea of having strong backups. We can possibly then trade 1 later for other needs who knows?

  33. SandpointHawk says:

    CBJ= Clip Board Judas at this point….he ain’t saving nothing at this point….

  34. “Cleveland police recovered the Charlie Whitehurst bandwagon Monday morning at the bottom of Lake Erie.”

    LOL! Hope everyone managed to safely jump off the bandwagaon before it sank. I know I did.

    Charlie should be glad that he made millions in the NFL. Guys with more talent have been tossed aside in training camp.

  35. CBJ stands for Clipboard Jesus. Although he may have to be CBB, as in Clipboard Busto, to me from now on. Lord help me not degenerate into ACIB territory. Thanks for the assist ejkimber.

    I’m not going to say we should definitely get Flynn at this point. Like I have said before, I think a lot of leeway should be given to Schneider in this area as he must have more intimate knowledge of him than anyone else in the organization and more than most in the league. If JS is willing to go after him, then I am sold on him being a good option for us. I listed the other benefits to this route earlier. A lot of this is going to depend on where we are drafting, which QB’s choose to declare for the draft, and how they are evaluated prior to the draft. Obviously none of this has been determined yet. I think there could be a few good QB’s possibly available between 10-20, where I think we will be drafting. There is Ryan Tannehill, Kirk Cousins, and possibly Robert Griffin III. I don’t necessarily see any of these players having a better chance of being a good player than Flynn. Bigger upside maybe. I think that whatever QB we start next year is going to have a good offense around them, barring injuries, so the more prepared they are the better chance we have to compete for the playoffs next year.

  36. I just use CBJ because I think it is a funny moniker and it is easy and quick to type. Haven’t thought since the beginning of last year that he had any chance of being our savior! If only he could float away like the guy in his nickname. He definitely didn’t come back to life on Sunday.

  37. The news on Thurmond isn’t good:

    Eric – any idea (or can you ask) about the recovery time? Will he be ready to rock at the start of training camp?

  38. Makes sense that Thurmond has a high ankle sprain as well. Didn’t really make sense that he would definitely be out the rest of the year with a cracked fibula, although he would probably miss too much time not to IR him. The fibula is not a weight bearing bone and bones usually take 6-8 weeks to heal. Probably closer to 6 with someone young and in good shape like Thurmond. Also he will have the best treatment possible. Although it takes 6 weeks to heal, the bone is really not close to as strong as before for a couple more months so maybe they wouldn’t want him playing football with that being the case. Who really knows what the injury really is? They said cracked fibula at first, which would lead you to think it wasn’t fractured all the way through the bone. It says in that article that he has a broken ankle. The fibula is not really part of the ankle. So who knows what the actual injury is. Regardless, he should be fine for next year unless there is something they are not disclosing.

  39. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Glad I went camping this week! I didn’t miss much! Had a hunch I woudn’t.

    So now where do we go from here now that all of the rookies have grown up?

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