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Carroll on 6-3 setback to Browns: “It’s a very difficult loss.”

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October 23, 2011 6:29 pm

It was a quiet and pretty much empty locker room that we walked into after Seattle’s 6-3 loss to Cleveland, with a few players still left milling around that had not hustled out to catch the bus to the airport

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll obviously felt his team let one get away.

“We just couldn’t get enough done to get a win,” Carroll said. “We left the margin too close. We thought we could do more than this, particularly on offense. But it was just one of those games where it was so close, anything could have made a difference. And it did. It changed it. … It’s a very difficult loss in that regard. The guys took it hard, real hard.”

The Seahawks now sit at 2-4, three games behind idle San Francisco. And likely if they make a late run and don’t get into the playoffs, the Seahawks will look at this game as one that perhaps sealed their fate.

Adding to that feeling is that fact that Seattle suffered some tough injuries. Cornerback Walter Thurmond suffered the most significant one. He has a cracked fibula and is done for the year. Safety Kam Chancellor suffered a bruised knee, and Marshawn Lynch had back spasms that acted up during pre-game workouts and his back locked up.

“He’s had an ongoing something or other with his back since he arrived with us,” Carroll said about Lynch “But today is just came up right before game time, and he just couldn’t get loose, couldn’t get going. So we tried to work him the whole game, and keep him going.

“Early in the third quarter he was about ready to take a shot at going after it, but he had sat too long.”

The most glaring reason for Seattle’s loss was the play of the offense. They totaled only 137 yards. Cleveland had a 42:56 to 17:04 advantage in time of possession, and ran 84 plays to Seattle’s 50

Charlie Whitehurst’s first start of the season couldn’t have gone any worse. He finished 12 of 30 for 97 yards and an interception. He also lost a fumble on a sack. Whitehurst was sacked three times, and finished with a 35.0 passer rating. His performance likely brought to a close any question of a quarterback controversy in Seattle.

Whitehurst said he felt prepared heading into the game, and that Cleveland didn’t do anything significantly different that Seattle hadn’t already seen on tape.

“I’m extremely disappointed, for sure,” Whitehurst said. “Like I said before, I know we were in it really until the end – until it was over. So at the end is when the disappointment kind of hits you that we lost a football game that was absolutely there to take.”

Carroll had this to say when asked if he was disappointed with Whitehurst’s performance: ““I don’t know if I’d be disappointed. He went out and did the best he could. We need to see what happened a little bit more clearly about where we were open, did we have opportunities to throw the ball. Was the pressure more of a factor than we thought – all of that stuff.”

Officials play a role: I thought several calls by the officials were questionable today. But the two that were blatant in my opinion were the phantom block in the back by Kennard Cox that erased an 81-yard punt return by Leon Washington, and the unnecessary roughness call on Chancellor’s sack of Colt McCoy, which gave Cleveland a new set of downs.

The Seahawks ended up getting past the personal foul call when Red Bryant blocked Phil Dawson’s 48-yard field goal attempt in the second quarter, one of two blocked field goals by Bryant on the day.

But the penalty on the punt return erased seven points because Whitehurst threw an interception to Cleveland cornerback Sheldon Brown on an under throw to Sidney Rice.

“I haven’t seen the TV copy yet,” Washington said. “I’d be interested to see it, so I can see what actually happened on the play. But with an opportunity like that, you’ve got to take advantage of it, especially in a close game like this.”

“When a game is this close, a call can make a difference,” Carroll said about the calls. “And whether they did or not, we’ll see the film and take a look. I have my information now. The punt return, that’s a touchdown play way after the fact here it comes. And they saw something.

“Whether it’s legit or not, I don’t know. But in this game, those calls were magnified. And they played a big role in the football game. I kind of hope they were right, to tell you the truth. I hope they were right, and they made the right choices on those things because it’s pretty hard to live with otherwise.”

T-jack almost ready: Seattle starting quarterback Tarvaris Jackson threw the ball pretty well during warm-ups before the game, but ultimately Carroll decided against putting his quarterback in on Sunday after not practicing most of the week. Carroll said there’s a good chance that Jackson’s played next week against Cincinnati at home.

“He threw the ball very well under the circumstances, but he’s not 100 percent,” Carroll said. “And he was going to have to say, ‘I can go. I can do it. I don’t feel it.’ And really give us a real positive on it. It’s really up to him right now because he’s the one that’s feeling it. But we thought if he doesn’t go today, that he’ll have a chance to go next week. And if he did go, we didn’t know what would happen.”

Some tidbits

* The Seahawks effort on third down told the story today. Seattle finished 2 of 12 (17 percent) on third down offensively, and allowed Cleveland’s offense to convert 12 of 24 (50 percent) on third down.

* The Seahawks allowed Cleveland to rush for 141 yards. Montario Hardesty finished with 95 yards on 33 carries. Colt McCoy had 31 yards on eight carries.

* The Seahawks again showed their youth with unforced errors, finishing with eight accepted penalties for 68 yards.

* David Hawthorne led Seattle with 11 combined tackles. He also had a sack and two tackles for a loss, an interception and a pass deflection.

* The Seahawks finished with five sacks on the day. Chris Clemons led the Seahawks with two, and now has six sacks on the year.

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  1. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Carroll says “we left the margin too close”.

    This after The Browns lead in 1st downs-20-9,
    Total plays- 84-50,
    Total yards-298-137,
    And time of possession-42:56-17:04.

    Imo- Carroll wasn’t even close at all!

  2. “Imo- Carroll wasn’t even close at all! ”

    On the other hand, we lost be 3, and had a TD called back on a questionable call.

    Winnable game. Would’ve set up nice momentum coming back home against Cincy.

  3. To have any hopes of making the playoffs, the Seahawks needed a win against the Browns. Now they’ll have to upset the Cowboys or Ravens to keep those hopes alive. But we all know this team isn’t going anywhere this year, even if they miraculously sneak into the playoffs. What we want to see is improvement. The defense has definitely shown that. The offense is lacking at a few positions, most notably QB. At least we are pretty certain that CW is not the answer. Like a few others here, I’d love to see Portis get a shot. But only if TJ can’t play or the season is lost.

  4. GeorgiaHawk…I’m confused, are you upset with PC? If so, why? This game is ALL ON CHARLIE. Despite not having Lynch, he missed Sid Rice several times streaking down the sideline wide open. You could visibly see how frustrated he was, repeatedly.

    Our defense was awesome today. It’s too bad that they didn’t get more a of breather by having a sustainable offense.

    The phantom call on Leon’s return didn’t help either, but I saw absolutely nothing that would endear me to Charlie. I’m hoping they move Portis up the depth chart personally.

    All you Charlie Starter Suckers, get real. You had a perfect opportunity to make your case, and watched him fall flat costing us the small chance of keeping up with the Niners.

    This loss really hurts. Cleveland was not a good team. Very disappointing.

  5. The TOP is devastating. Hats off to the defense for doing as well as they did under the circumstances, even against the lowly browns.

  6. I wanted Charlie to have a shot, but I guess this should show us that the coaches know a lot more than we do.

  7. Curtis Painter has the ugliest hair ever.

  8. GriffinNW says:

    We got some bad boys on D. The run D is unreal. Props to all those guys back there.
    Seahawks FO- Let’s give Big Red an extension right now. Dude was everywhere in run stopping, few QB pressures if I’m not mistaken, and TWO blocked kicks.

    And before anyone wants to jump on Red for that flag at the end… though not smart on his part, we were dead anyway. EVERYONE knows Charlie wasn’t going to lead this team in any kind of drive or anything that resembles an offensive drive. Whitehurst had essentially 2 weeks to prepare for this game, and he blew it. I don’t care if it was just one game, he has no business starting another football game, at least not in Seattle. He should be happy with the $$$ that he somehow acquired, and get the hell out of Seattle. Good luck getting a clipboard job on some other team you fake.

    Thurmond, really bummed on the IR injury. I have(and still am) been so excited to see this young DB group grow as this season continued, and it’s really unfortunate he will have to wait until next year.

    Please make it for next week T-Jack. We need mediocre(at least) QB play.

  9. thursday says:

    “he missed Sid Rice several times streaking down the sideline wide open.”

    This. I kinda wanted to punch things. He never looked like he knew what he was doing, even moreso than T-Jack in his first few. I somehow figured the rest of the team would somehow manage to win, even with this loser, but I was wrong. I just hope that they will start Portis the next time Jackson is unavailable.

    Though, arguably, we had a few legit shots that were ruined by bad calls. So I think the officiating definitely played a part in this loss.

  10. “And before anyone wants to jump on Red for that flag at the end… though not smart on his part, we were dead anyway. EVERYONE knows Charlie wasn’t going to lead this team in any kind of drive or anything that resembles an offensive drive.”

    Completely right.

    D was tough all day – Cleveland kept running and running, but never much more the 3 ypc. McCoy made a few real key plays with his feet. That got them their field goal position. But they couldn’t get anything going all day, even with all that time of possession.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    A disinterested and inept offense today, is what I saw. And if Carroll isn’t disappointed with Whitehurst, I’d be amazed. If that’s “the best he could do”, then he ought not take another snap ever again. If Jackson cannot go, then it’s Portis time, IMO. A truly pathetic effort today.

  12. I’m not sure I remember what happened with Red at the end, but 2 players butting helmets and shoving like that after a play is very common.

  13. As we all know, Carroll’s a pretty glass half-full kind of guy – you can read into his unenthused comments about Charlie, what he thinks of him.

    Seems to me, that Tarvaris may be the guy who sticks around until the guy we bring in next year is ready to play; and Charlie may find himself out. Very disappointed with him today – i thought he really showed something in a couple of those pre-season games, shows what I know . ..

  14. Dukeshire says:

    He is and ins’t one to call out players, which is good. However, this young team needs a wake up call in a bad way. Every fan should be insulted by what we saw today.

  15. Okay, I don’t want to beat up on all the “Charlie-Charlie-Charlie” people. You know who your are.

    But I had to sit in our stadium and hear you all chanting “Charlie-Charlie-Charlie” after Tarvaris missed ONE pass to open the Falcons game. One. Shame on you all.

    For all the people who kept insisting that Charlie is better than Tarvaris, our coaches already told you that Tarvaris is better, but you insisted you know more than the coaches know.

    For all of you who are still insisting that Tarvaris is no better, and that both our quarterbacks suck, please compare the career stats of these two players before you make more statements about quarterbacks.

    Charlie Whitehurst – today
    completion pct 40.0, avg per pass 3.2, 0 TD, 1 INT

    Charlie Whitehurst – this year
    completion pct 46.9, avg per pass 5.0, 1 TD, 1 INT

    Tarvaris Jackson – this year
    completion pct 63.1, avg per pass 6.4, 6 TD, 5 INT

    Charlie Whitehurst – 6-year career
    completion pct 54.1, avg per pass 5.1, 3 TD, 4 INT

    Tarvaris Jackson – 6 year career
    completion pct 59.6, avg per pass 6.6, 30 TD, 27 INT

    Its true that Charlie was dealt a difficult hand today, as injuries to Miller, Lynch, and Unger damaged the offense. But Jackson dealt with all that and more through his first three games this year.

    Bottom line on Tarvaris Jackson is that he is an underrated QB who was just beginning to get his first shot in three years. And he was making the most of it.

    Bottom line on Charlie Whitehurst is that he has been overrated, overpaid, and coddled for 6 years, perhaps because he is the son of a former NFL QB, and was trained from boyhood to play QB. But Charlie has never earned his money in the NFL.

    Charlie Whitehurst is a bust. And is possibly the one glaring personnel mistake we have seen John Schneider make.

    Please don’t chant “Charlie-Charlie-Charlie” in our stadium again. You’ve been making fools of yourselves. And you’re also failing to support a QB who deserves our support. Tarvaris Jackson has been playing his heart out for this wobbly team. He deserves some respect for a change.

  16. Great post, Stevos. I have to admit that I thought (before the season) that CW had more upside than TJ. And I wondered why Pete was insisting on starting TJ. But the more TJ played, the better he got. I can’t understand why fans are still equating him with CW, saying things like “Both our QBs suck.” TJ did not suck in the last couple of games and while he won’t turn into Tom Brady suddenly, he could develop into a very effective quarterback. I was very impressed with some of the throws he made against the Falcons. I’m rooting for him to succeed and for the Seahawks to draft a pass-rushing DE or LB in the first round next year.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Agreed Canfan: Well said Stevos.

  18. I will keep saying what many of us so called charlie supporters have been saying all along.

    1. Neither QB is long term solution

    2. PC totally went back on his “always compete Mantra” when he named Tjack starter before he was ever Officially signed. (agreed to terms but not signed)

    Until I see TJack do any of the following CONSISTANTLY I will believe that I am still looking for the QB of the future. (but like Hass – I believe Tjack is a servicable guy)

    1. When he feels pressure actually move AWAY from the pressure. even in the NYG games when it was not a run option play if there is pressure he tends to run towards the pressure.

    2. he is getting better but he is still one sided looks to the right far more than to the left.

    3. Only trusts Rice to throw him the ball with tight pressure. getting better with Baldwin but will not throw Williams the ball if he is tightly covered.

    Now I did believe that CW would play much better today and did not

  19. One big thing that we did discover over the last few weeks is we still have zero depth.

    Our OL depth is IMO worse than last year. If we are missing a starter we are pretty much doomed. This is where the constant roster turning is actually hurting us. The guys on the OL must have time to work together and if they constantly get churned there is no time for them to gel. Some of the changes have been curious.

    we still need to have a reliable C, LG, LT and if they can’t stay on the field for 16 games most years then it is time to look for replacements. How many quarters have Unger, Gallery and Okung actually been on the field together this year?

    Also, as for years – the Defense is good, but they give up too many conversions on third down. they are not yet in the elite catagory – i.e. Balt and Pitt in the recent past. If we want to have any chance of consistently winning in the near future the defense must become elite.

  20. BobbyAyala says:

    I admit, I was one of the Charlie supporters. Like others have said, that’s why I’m not coaching… Bad, bad play. No excuse for it, especially coming out of a bye week, and especially, ESPECIALLY, when basically, you’re entire future as an NFL QB is on the line.

    If that’s the type of performance you put out when it’s time to step up and make a name for yourself, without protection breakdowns, it’s just not what I expected, to say the least, and it’s clear now that we got fleeced by San Diego and that Charlie will be a ghost next season.

    That said, no one helped Whitehurst today. Maybe that speaks as to why he’s not the starter — no one was out there backing him up.

    Ben Obomanu, grow up already.

    Kennard Cox, learn how to tackle.

    Anthony McCoy, consider yourself lucky to be employed.

    Crap performance all around.

    I’m embarrassed to be a Seahawks fan today.

  21. Reading Carroll’s comments about Whitehurst, I think that Carroll thinks Whitehurst is awful.

    We just saw one the worst quarterback performances and Carroll said that is the best Whitehurst can do.

  22. BobbyAyala says:

    “Whether it’s legit or not, I don’t know. But in this game, those calls were magnified. And they played a big role in the football game. I kind of hope they were right, to tell you the truth. I hope they were right, and they made the right choices on those things because it’s pretty hard to live with otherwise.”

    Sounds like Pete’s gonna have a rough week after he rolls back the film.

    The referees, literally, stole this game from us.

    We played so bad, there’s no reason to blame them for the loss, but, in factual context, Mike Carey’s crew decided the outcome of the football game.

  23. Bobby, I agree with both your points 100%.

  24. boucherm says:

    The Whitehurst move was wrong in the first place–the day it happened I told my wife Matt would be gone. We gave up the draft points equivalent of a late 2nd round pick for him. That is a very significant value for a team in rebuild mode. I also believe that the tone of PC’s comments on Charlie, not just today, suggest that he realizes this, as well.

    It was fun to watch the D today, and it makes me feel like this team has some good pieces and is moving the right direction. I long for a first round QB and a young pass rusher.

  25. Who had a worse game yesterday?

    Whitehurst, Carpenter, or the refs?

    Personally, the ref thing probably bothered me the least b/c I know this isn’t a team isn’t built to win this year. That doesn’t make it any less horrible though.

    I had been warming up to Carpenter through the early part of the season as his play had seemed to improve from terrible (training camp) to almost acceptable, for a rookie, but yesterday was a major step backwards.

    I have never understood all of the Whitehurst love after two things happened last year. 1. We kept hearing practice reports of how terrible he looked. 2. comPete wouldn’t give him a crack at the starting job when Matt was clearly in a bad funk in the later part of last season.

    It is clear that Jackson is our best QB for this year. There’s no doubt about it. But that’s like saying I’d rather die drowning instead of burning to death by fire. Either option, to me, isn’t appealing. It’s just that I’d prefer not to burn. And I have no interest in starting a QB as dumb as Portis — nobody who was idiotic enough to do what he did last year would ever get a chance to be my QB. CB or DL, sure. But not the face of your franchise.

    The off-season cannot get here fast enough!

  26. @Stevos “Okay, I don’t want to beat up on all the “Charlie-Charlie-Charlie” people.” Followed by 5 paragraphs of you beating up on the “Charlie-Charlie-Charlie” people, LOL.

    What did Ben Obomanu do? I started him in my fantasy league over Jabar Gafney (Welker and Nicks on bye, Britt and Collie ruined for the season, I had a tough row to hoe!) and was less than impressed with his 0 catches for 0 yards.

  27. confucious says:

    Ben lost the ball in the sun/shade transition. What an unwatchable offensive performance by Whitehurst. I was wrong. C.W. is not even a decent backup. Deplorable!

  28. confucious says:

    judging by body language and post throw facial expressions Rice and Baldwin were not too impressed with Whitey either.

  29. confucious says:

    Such as when Whitey threw to the wrong side of a wide open Rice causing him to run out of bounds.

  30. What’s new, the refs f#ck us again. At least the D and ST did their thang and tore it up. Oh yeah, I guess we don’t have to worry about a QB controvery any more, no more calling for Charlie now?

  31. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I have to admit that I thought Charlie would play better than he did. And while I have never chanted his name in triplicate or EVER assumed he was THE answer, let alone AN answer, I actually thought he’d be an upgrade to Tarvaris.

    Bottom line is, neither Tarvaris nor Charlie are long-term solutions. People moaned at the beginning of the season, got their hopes up after an East Coast victory, and now everyone is puking in their beer again.

    But this was bound to happen.

    Carpenter struggled yesterday, and that sucks, but he’s played pretty well to this point, perhaps surpassing where he might normally be as a rookie. Who knows.

    Tarvaris is a back up, at best. Charlie is a 3rd stringer…at best. I agree with the notion of putting Portis in to see how he does except I don’t want to see his psyche (or his body) get smashed this early in his development.

    And please stop screaming about bad officiating. There is no agenda against the Seahawks. Even though the officiating was horrible, it still comes down to the team out-playing the officiating and not leaving the game close enough for those calls to swing it.

    Yeah, I know…the victims in the crowd will whine to the contrary…bring it on…

  32. Palerydr says:

    I had to wait a day to post so I could clam down and not be a knee jerk reactionary.

    I’ll raise my hand as 1 of the guys looking for CW to get a chance to play. Well it’s obvious to me that he hasn’t started because this is the type of play they see on the practice field daily. He didn’t get much help from his teamates with at least 5 drops. He also didn’t help himself with as poor a performance as I’ve seen from a pro QB. I think it’s safe to say we know what we have now and it’s not good.

    Big props to the Def as I saw them never quit and do everything they could to win this game. TOP was/is a consistent problem for this team this year even with Jackson. I know I mentioned this before IMO the Def being on the field so much is now leading to more inj. Losing Thurmond is gonna hurt their performance for the rest of the season no doubt.

    Once again the refs play a significant role in a Hawks loss. I hope Pete calls them out in public for as poor a performance as CW’s.
    At least we aren’t waking up with a 62-7 loss man that was just awful.

  33. Yeah 62-7 is horrible, but my dawgs got 65 hung them, what a shitty weekend for Seattle fans.

  34. hung on them

  35. “Such as when Whitey threw to the wrong side of a wide open Rice causing him to run out of bounds.”

    I watched highlights on The Score (Canadian sports network) and they said that “Rice inexplicably went out of bounds.” As if he was trying to avoid contact or something.

    As for the officiating, I’m sure that it had an impact on the outcome, but these are the type of games that mediocre teams lose. Good teams stomp on the Browns and a few bad calls don’t affect the outcome. The Packers would have won 27-6.

    Now all we need to do is fine our Aaron Rodgers. How lucky are the Packers — going from Favre to Rodgers (a HOFer and a likely HOFer).

  36. “He also didn’t help himself with as poor a performance as I’ve seen from a pro QB. I think it’s safe to say we know what we have now and it’s not good.”

    That’s the best thing that came out of yesterday’s game. Now let’s find out what we have in TJ and Portis. Not much, probably, but we need to give them a chance.

  37. This is a very disappointing loss, a win here would have put us in position to make a run for the west. It is worth remembering that our backup center was hiking the ball to our backup quarterback who at times was handing the ball to our backup running back. Most teams don’t have a shot in this scenario, but i think we all expected to win.

  38. “It is worth remembering that our backup center was hiking the ball to our backup quarterback who at times was handing the ball to our backup running back.”

    All true – and Zach Miller missing as well.

    Defense really played great to keep us in this one. Would’ve been nice to sneak out a win on Leon’s return. So it goes.

  39. Palerydr says:

    Trublu I agree I’m a Dawg fan as well hard to watch that game. As difficult as it will be for Sark to make the call Nick Holt has got to step it up or go.

    True a back snapped to a back up handing off to a back up. However your def was on the field for 43 mns and allowed 6 points you have GOT TO figure out a way to win a game like that refs not withstanding.

  40. SandpointHawk says:

    Clip Board Judy or maybe Clip Board Judas….the name needs to change…

  41. MadSweeney42 says:

    Stevos, you had me until the TJ is underrated comment. He is who we thought he is, a QB who aspires to be above average. It’ll happen on occasion, but he’s mediocre on his best day.

    xcman, CW and TJ were always meant to be placeholders. Neither was designed to come and stay. Pete and Schneider just decided to build a team around a QB and then get him rather than get a QB and plop him into a team in the early stages of rebuilding.

    Even though the D let 3rd downs kill them, look at the ToP! 3:1 ratio and the D still held them to 6 points. In the past, even against a bad team like Cleveland, that rundown would result in more breakdowns. I think the D is even better than they played yesterday. Kind of wish Wilson was still here. Too lazy to look up who we got from the trade, but an extra vet at CB right now would be nice.

    I still feel good about the team (not for this year, of course). Yeah, we don’t have depth at a lot of spots, but that’s because we’ve been acquiring starters and we’re working on depth. Yeah, we have no QB, that’s coming. Yeah, the FO’s made mistakes like Whitehurst but, unlike the last abortive regime, they’re completely willing to man up and fix something that’s wrong instead of stubbornly refusing to address it. We saw this when they signed TJ, even though they gave up a decent price to get CW the previous year. And Pete’s comments on CW all year long have been borderline disparaging, almost mean at times. Now we know why.

    I had no expectations for this season. Not for the division, not for a winning record. Rebuilding takes time. Last season we had the enthusiasm of new lovers, now we need the tough times to find out who we are and build the foundation. Just watch GB dominate. JS had a big hand in building that and most of their moves have been for the better. This was a huge back step, but not unexpected and it answered some important questions and hopefully will give others a chance to show the FO what they have in their hearts.

  42. Madsweeny: “Stevos, you had me until the TJ is underrated comment. He is who we thought he is, a QB who aspires to be above average. It’ll happen on occasion, but he’s mediocre on his best day.”

    Fair enough, I won’t say you’re wrong about that. We saw TJack for five games behind a very young improving offensive line. But, the fact is he played better in each and every game. In the NYG game, Jackson drove the field FOUR times in the first half. We had 28 points, if not for fumbles by Lynch and Robinson. That’s not mediocre.

    If we set aside Matt’s miracle performance against the Saints in 2010, Tavaris’ performance against the NYG was some of the best QB play we’ve had in Seattle since 2007.

    I agree that Tavaris is the long-term answer either. I don’t know why people keep bringing that up. He’s not the quarterback of the future, therefore he is crap? B. S. Jackson is paid backup money to be our backup of the future, after all.

    That said, I think he is under-rated and under-appreciated, and I can’t see why fans are watching him play his heart out, take hits, win games, and then disrespecting him. It seems that many made up their minds about him three months ago and are ignoring what he’s done for us lately.

    The same people made up their minds about Whitehurst three months ago, and were ignoring his actual level of play. Until yesterday.

  43. I agree that Tavaris is *not* the long-term answer either.

  44. CW’s problem has and will ALWAYS be the same thing! He isn’t ACCURATE! It doesn’t matter if you can sling the ball 70 yards if you can’t hit the side of a barn with it. Granted he had 5 passes dropped. Give him those and he was an AMAZING 17-30, with a decent amount of them being short throws. Even the one long pass he completed to Rice was inaccurate and cost us a TD and the game. He used to be better at hitting his check downs it seems as well. He held the ball WAY too long yesterday. His decision making seemed worse than I had ever seen it before as well. He threw repeatedly into double and TRIPLE F&#^KING coverage. That said, the thing he has always and always will lack is accuracy. He just can’t play NFL football. Glad he won’t even be around to be our backup next year. Good riddance.

  45. Stevo – your intentions are commendable in sticking up for Tavaris. He’s your QB and you’re a loyal man. I respect that.

  46. OlyBones says:

    “It is worth remembering that our backup center was hiking the ball to our backup quarterback” – A far as this comment, doesn’t it matter that Charlie has been doing the bulk of his work this year with the second team, which includes our second string Center? There should be no problems between these two atheletes. They should, in fact, have a better working relationship becasue of this. Don’t take this the wrong way, but what was with Obo? He’s usually got good hands. Are our receivers not behind Charlie? As diplorable as Charlie’s performance was yesterday, our whole offense seemed to take a nose dive. And we definately didn’t get any help from the officials either.

  47. c_hok_phan says:

    Charlie! Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!

    oops. Never Mind.

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