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Whitehurst says he’s ready

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 20, 2011 at 6:53 pm with 26 Comments »
October 20, 2011 6:53 pm

For a second straight day Seattle Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson was a limited participant in practice, again making some light throws during individual work and doing handoffs in inside running drills.

And reserve Charlie Whitehurst once again took the majority of reps with the starters during practice, so it’s looking more and more like Whitehurst will be the guy on Sunday.

And the Clemson product says he’s ready for his first start of the season.

“I think we’ve had a pretty good week,” Whitehurst said. “We’ll see what happens with who’s under center but I’m confident that if my number’s called, I can perform.”

Whitehurst said he’s prepared all week as if he will be the starter on Sunday.

“That’s the way I’m approaching it,” he said. “I’m ready to play and if it’s not me on Sunday, then I’ll be ready to play on the second snap. Like I said, we’ve had a good week of practice. We’ve got Friday to wrap things up and we go to Cleveland.”

Center Max Unger (foot) and tight end Zach Miller (head/neck) missed practice again, and are looking like they could miss Sunday’s game. Lemuel Jeanpierre would start in place of Unger at center, and Anthony McCoy would get the nod for Miller if both players can’t go.

Running back Marshawn Lynch (ankle), receiver Mike Williams (concussion), linebacker Malcolm Smith (hamstring) and offensive guard Robert Gallery (groin) were all full participants in practice for a second straight day.

Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley said his unit has been focused on making sure that Cleveland quarterback Colt McCoy does not hurt them with his ability to create plays outside the pocket.

“It’s a thing that we’ve been stressing to our guys,” Bradley said. “He makes a lot of plays on the run, a lot of plays. He’s very active, scrambling, getting out of pressure. We were looking at third downs and he got out of about four sacks just out of about 15 or 16 plays that we looked at real closely. So it’s a point of emphasis for us.”

Several players did not practice for Cleveland today, including linebacker Scott Fujita (head), cornerback Joe Haden (knee), offensive lineman Artis Hicks (back), running back Peyton Hillis (hamstring), defensive back Ray Ventrone (hamstring) and defensive back Buster Skrine (hip).

Center Alex Mack (illness) and offensive tackle Tony Pashos (ankle) were limited. And linebacker Titus Brown (ankle), receiver Josh Cribbs (knee) and tight end Evan Moore (ankle) were full participants.

Notes from practice
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  1. Unger being out is definitely a worry here. How capable has Lemuel Jeanpierre looked as the backup center?

  2. Not sure JZombie.

    Charlie seems to have complete confidence in his abilities… he talks like a veteran who has more experience than he really does, presents himself well, I feel pretty good with him coming in if Tarvaris can’t go. Hopefully we find a gem in a lump of dirt.

  3. I’m not a Charlie W. defender or a T-Jack defender either. I think they are about equal as far as they can at least manage a game and will hopefully not give it away when it’s close. We’ll see…but I have to say the more I see Charlie interviewed his belief in himself and his calm and cool demeanor has me pulling for the guy. Some athletes these days have the entitlement, me first narcissism and can rarely back it up. I like Clipboard Jesus (best nickname ever, btw) and am pulling for him. However, I am cheering on whoever may be behind center for the ‘Hawks. I just want to see good football games and as many wins possible. all this suck for luck, win for flynn, next year, next year stuff is ridiculous. I think last year was kinda fun to watch the new coaches and team and that playoff game may go down as one of the greatest Hawks games I’ve ever seen. Also, I may be way late to the party but my wife just recently purcahsed the NFL RedZone from Comcast for me. Good Lord where has it been all my life? amazing way to watch football. And she doesn’t mind me watching it for 8 straight hours. ha! :)

  4. Id like to see whitehurst get his shot, but I also wouldn’t hate it if tarvaris brought home a lombardi…

  5. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Lemeul Jeanpierre looked pretty bad at RG when John Moffitt missed some snaps in the Giants game. On that 3rd down play where Charlie made that great 3rd down pass quickly to Sidney Rice, he was getting absolutely destroyed and was nearly driven into Charlie.

  6. MadSweeney42 says:

    What’s going on with the PUP players? Do they have to cut some guys to get them on the roster now? What’s going to happen at WR with Butler coming back? That seems to be the most interesting personnel issue they’re facing right now.

  7. StartCharlie says:

    It’s Charlie’s Time! He’s been patient. He deserves the shot! I am not impressed with TJax. Tarvaris does his initial checkdowns and then fixates on his last reciever or takes a sack. BobbyK was right. Either Charlie works out or we do some drafting in the spring…

  8. SandpointHawk says:

    A player who begins the regular season on the PUP list must sit out his team’s first six games. After that point, a team has three weeks to start having the player practice; once the player begins practicing, the team has another three weeks to put the player on the active roster. If the player is not activated by that time, or if he does not begin practicing within that three week window, he must remain on the PUP list for the remainder of the season.

  9. StartCharlie, I think you’re confused. CW is the one that FIXATES on one receiver. Oh, and by the way, check downs are what you do AFTER your INITIAL reads. You don’t START with the check downs. The check downs are short throws to a back of TE usually. Maybe you should learn a little about QB play before commenting. And where were you last year calling for Charlie after the NY and Ari games?

  10. BobbyAyala says:

    Dear Bearded Saint, Touchdown Jesus, Oh Heavenly Caller of Signals:

    May ye cleve the Browns with passes eye-popping, and runs injury-free.

    May your touchdowns be to Baldwin, and your first downs to Rice. May your rating be triple digits, and your yardage four bills. May your interceptions be as non-existant as your razor and shaving cream.

    Thank you, Father Pete, for allowing us another Sunday in which to celebrate your children. With your allowance does your only forgotten son now step into the spotlight.

    With Holmgren and Mora gauging the proceedings from on high, and with the holy ghost of T-Jack haunting the sideline, the world will wait with bated breath as the final judgement is laid down.


    Of Quarterback.

    It is upon us.


  11. Nate I think SC was referring to progressions, not checkdowns. But I still tend to disagree witrh his assessment of TJ. TJ doesn’t go through his progressions very well at all. His issue is a lack of ability to view the entire field imo.

  12. confucious says:

    I would argue that there have only been two games on which we could rate T.J. and T.J (the latter being touchdown jesus). Those games would be the Atlanta and New York contests. Prior to those games our offensive line was offensive, and there had been no format for the offense to run effectively. T.Jack looked very much in control in the second half of the Atlanta game and “o.k.” in the giants game (although his passes were not crisp like in Atlanta game). T.Jesus had a bad case of single reciever “lock on”, but was competent in his backup role in the giants game. Now T.Jesus has had a full week to prepare with the first team. I am really looking forward to seeing his performance. I hope they sit T.jack so we can get a full games woth of evaluation. May the best q.b. win!

  13. Nice posts Ayala and confucious. I would agree that there has been little time this year to really evaluate either one of the Qb’s. Although I think you have to give TJ a little credit for at least keeping us competitive in 2 of the first 3 games while the rest of our offense was pretty much garbage. I don’t necessarily have a favorite of the two but, I think that TJ has shown enough so far to retain the starting job if healthy. That’s contingent on CW not having a massive game or games while TJ recovers. I don’t think TJ has cemented his spot enough to hold off CBJ if he throws for 300+ yards, 100+ ratings, and leads us to wins the next couple weeks. Either way, it would be nice for one of them to take the reins so we have a clear picture of what must be done in the off-season. At this point, I think we should make a run at Flynn, if JS is high on him, or draft a Qb. I haven’t seen enough from either CBJ or TJ to be sold on them as a super bowl winning Qb. Hopefully one of them does step it up the rest of the way and grab the reigns so we can allocate our draft and $ resources elsewhere.

  14. confucious says:

    For the record,I don’t think Charlie has what it takes to be a successful starter. I do think he is a good backup. I am not sure about T.Jack. Time will tell.

  15. confucious says:

    Agreed, Natedog.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    I believe the length of both Whitehurst’s and Jackson’s deals indicate that neither is the long range future. To be quite honest, if any real evaluation of QB is to be done this season, they need to get Portis some time. Because it’s pretty clear what they have in CW and TJ. There are no surprises there and no great leaps forward, at least that I see. I would categorize each as serviceable but not a so-called “franchise” type that will get a team over the hump, unless that team is superior in nearly all other areas. I don’t see how they don’t either draft a QB or make a run at Flynn this off-season.

  17. Ok can we get a c- lg – lt who can actually STAY ON THE FIELD!

  18. HawkyHann says:

    Its Charlie Time. Finally. Get ready for a 300+ yard performance, and 3 TDs.

    Thanks a pantload TJoke for practically killing Zach Miller on your lob pass into triple coverage vs. the Giants. You should have to sit because of that. That’s our Pro Bowl TE, who you have yet to find chemistry with.

  19. There’s still a chance that either TJax or TJesus will be a longterm starter. Not a high chance, but at least a 20 percent chance, I’d say, so I haven’t given up all hope in them. I would love to see Charlie take some chances on Sunday and have a 300-yard, 3 TD, 2 INT day. I’d much prefer that to 175 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT. Of course, the latter might get us the win. But the former would allow him to develop into a better QB (and if he throws 5 INT, then it might be time for Portis).

  20. BobbyAyala,

    That was friggin’ hilarious! LOL

  21. LMAO. If Charlie Benchwarmer can’t say “he’s ready”, now that would be a story!

    3 TD career
    3 INT career
    65.5 passer rating
    2.5 games on the field in 6 seasons
    82.5 games watching from the bench
    6 training camps

    If he isn’t “ready”, that would be quite a story.

    And if he doesn’t shine and look 100% ready this Sunday, 32 NFL teams should have no interest in signing him for 2012.

  22. Charlie should play well this Sunday; I expect him to. That said, I can’t wait until Jackson is healthy again. The Charlie Whitehurst fan club has always seemed like wishful thinking to me.

    There isn’t a player in the NFL who has had a softer ride, been more overpaid, or contributed less to his team over a six-year career.

    But Tavaris Jackson will soon be back on the field as the starter. Why? Because Jackson will not be denied. He will not be kept on the bench. He will not let Charlie outcompete him. Jackson is tougher, a harder worker, and more competitive than Whitehurst – in short, a superior pro athlete.

    Charlie has received a ton of training over his career, and he will put in a good showing for himself, but Jackson will soon outcompete him and drive him back to the bench, where Charile has always been quite comfortable.

  23. williambryan says:

    “Jackson is tougher, a harder worker, and more competitive than Whitehurst – in short, a superior pro athlete.”

    What proof do you have for that? In CW’s limited chances he has proven that he can stand in the pocket and take shots and still deliver strikes (toughness). Jackson hasn’t been able to out compete an old gus frerotte or an old brett favre. He wasn’t even able to out compete Whitehurst because he was named the starter before he even practiced with the team. His first three games (plus the first 2 quarters of the ATL game) were HORRIBLE. He (and Bevell) was holding the offense back, not the WR’s, RB’s or Oline. He should have had three picks in his first half against NY.

    CW did lock on to his first read and then throw away the ball on a handful of plays. But if you dont think he can go through his progressions, then you didn’t see his TD pass to Baldwin. He was looking to Rice on the other side of the field before coming back to the left side to find Baldwin wide open.

    No doubt Jackson has looked “better” lately but he has not looked great.

  24. What proof do I have that Jackson is tougher, a harder worker, and more competitive than Whitehurst?

    I watched them.

    The last time I saw Charlie get hit (preseason) he came off the field wincing and moaning. His coach had to tell him to stop being overly dramatic.

    We’ve seen Jackson get hit at least 40 times this year. He got up quickly without wincing every time but the last one.

    Charlie Whitehust grew up with a pro QB for a father and had pro coaching from the time he was old enough to throw a football. He started at Clemson, coached by Tommy Bowden. He walked into the NFL as prepared as any rookie QB has ever been. After FOUR SEASONS in San Diego, he had not yet earned a single start, and was still third-string behind Billy Volek.

    Tarvaris Jackson played college ball at Alabama State, where he received Alabama-State-level coaching. After being drafted, he proceeded to out-competed 3 pro QBs to start as a rookie. That said, he was still raw, was put in a starting job too early and yanked off too often. He began his career in Seattle behind a pathetic offensive line, being hit frequently, and proved his toughness. Once given adequate protection, his performance against Atlanta and NYG were both excellent. If he had not been injured, the quarterback controversy would have officially ended in NY.

    I’ll be rooting for Charlie to win this Sunday. I just don’t understand all the hype about him. Charlie has been mostly a failure as a pro.

    Everyone likes to talk about Charlie’s win over the Rams last year, but the Rams were pathetic and beat themselves in that game, while Charlie was given a simplified playbook even though he was a 5-year veteran.

    His ‘win’ over NYG happened because the Seahawks defense, special teams, and Tarvaris Jackson had already dominated for 3 quarters. Charlie’s lone TD was on a busted play. Doug Baldwin deserves all the credit for that TD. Baldwin was uncovered; the TD pass Charlie threw could have been thrown by your mom.

    And no one likes to remember Charlie’s other start against NYG last year: 12-for-23, 1 TD, 2 INT, in a 41-7 loss.

    Meanwhile, in Tarvaris’ WORST game this season against Pittsburgh, he was 20-for-29 and 0 INT.

  25. williambryan says:

    Your revisionist history of the hawks last game(!) is amazing. According to you the game was won because of Tjack’s domination of the first three quarters. I guess 14 points is dominating to you… Not to mention the three pics he threw (two were dropped by the defenders). When Whitehurst came into the game the team was behind! His pass to Baldwin put the team ahead! It was not a busted play, watch Brock Huards chalk talk if you don’t believe me. The play was called for Sydney Rice on the right side, CW pumped it to him then came to the left side of the field and threw a strike to a wide open Baldwin, who was wide open, not because of a busted play or the offsides call, but because the guy responsible for covering him bit on a quick screen route intended for Obo (I think) that Baldwin acted like he was blocking for before turning up field and running free for the TD. Your stat line for “Tarvaris’ WORST game” is missing something else, no TD’s. You can not win if you don’t score. And if you remember “Charlie’s other start against NYG” you would remember that one of those INT’s bounced off a WR’s hands and was not CW’s direct fault.

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