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Hawks-Browns stats

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 18, 2011 at 12:19 pm with 31 Comments »
October 18, 2011 1:36 pm
2011 Stats Seahawks Browns
Record 2-3 2-3
Total Yards Gained 1,440 1,552
Total Offense (NFLRank) 288.0 (30) 310.4 (24)
Rush Offense 83.0 (29) 81.6 (30)
Pass Offense 205.0 (26) 228.8 (18)
Points Per Game 18.8 (26) 18.2 (27)
Total Yards Allowed 1,830 1,609
Total Defense 386.0 (18) 321.8 (7)
Rush Defense 97.8 (7) 129.8 (27)
Pass Defense 268.2 (23) 192.0 (4)
Points Allowed/Game 24.4 (21) 23.4 (15)
Possession Avg. 25:23 29:42
Sacked/Yds. Lost 20/136 9/55
Sacks Made/Yds. Lost 8/59 13/66
Interceptions By 5 3
Penalties/Yds. 41/287 32/280
Punts/Avg. 33/46.9 28/40.2
Turnover Differential -2 (T19) +1(T16)

Statistics, Stats, etc.
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  1. yellaman says:

    Bases on the rankings the hawks need to be able to run the ball and need to defend the pass. But I give them a chance to win if they win the turnover battle. Both offenses could struggle to score so turnover battle will be key. close game

  2. seahawk44 says:

    Eagles have announced that Assante Samuel is available for trade.

    With Trufant on IR….could something be in the works?

  3. Dukeshire says:

    I’m surprised by these stats. Seattle averages more yard rushing per game than Cle? And Cle gives up much more rushing yards than I expected. Interesting.

    And for god’s sake let’s cut down on the penalties. 8 a game is inexcusable.

  4. chuck_easton says:


    The short answer is no.

    The long answer is Assante Samuel is only listed at 5′ 10″ and 185 lbs. He isn’t good in press but is more suited to a zone coverage scheme. He isn’t physical and couldn’t tackle my dead grandmother.

    He doesn’t fit the PC/Schneider CB prototype.

    We already have 4 CB’s that are younger, more physical, and taller (Browner 6-4, Sherman 6-3, Maxwell 6-1, Thurmond 5-11).

  5. And hopefully Roy Lewis. Only listed at 5-10 190 but, plays bigger IMO

  6. Didn’t the trade deadline end at 1 pst?

  7. chuck_easton says:

    Yes, trade deadline has come and gone.

    Trades may have happened that just haven’t been reported yet, but in this day of Social Media things are leaked well before they become official.

    I would think it’s safe to assume that if you haven’t heard any rumours of trades involving the Seahawks then there are likely not going to be any.

    But, I’ve been wrong before and I’ll be wrong again…

  8. Raiders traded for Carson Palmer. They gave us next year’s first round pick and a second round pick from the year after that. The second-rounder becomes another first if the Raiders go to the playoffs between now and then.

    Two first rounders?!? I thought Al Davis was dead.

  9. SandpointHawk says:

    Mr_Fish….”They gave us next year’s first round pick and a second round pick from the year after that” think you meant…”they gave up” but I just got a bit of a woody anyway……

  10. grizindabox24 says:

    Bradford is moving to LB, not playing RB.

  11. yellaman says:


    When will we find out the status of Butler & Morrah. I’m curious as to how these guys make the roster. I would like Morrah to get some time (compete) with McCoy b/c McCoy was bad in NY 2 weekends ago. Also, Butler doesn’tseem to have a place on this team with Baldwin (a must play) Tate & Durham on the team.

  12. nidhighe says:

    Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers would be worth that kind of price, but Carson Palmer? I once said Al Davis would have to die before the Raiders would start making good decisions again. Guess I was wrong.

  13. freedom_X says:

    I take it Robert Gallery isn’t close to being ready? I thought that the weeks off + the bye would be enough for him to rehab his injury.

  14. Yeah, that was a typo.
    I wish it wasn’t.

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Unfortunately Dukeshire the high amount of penalties that the Seahawks are having is a result of the youth of the team.IMO.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    What is the main things that the Seahawks have to do this week to beat the Browns? And can a win this week help propel us to a possible playoff position?

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The Carson Palmer trade will be an interesting story as the NFL moves forward this year! USC has put out more drafted qbs than any other program,however all of them have not turned out very well in the NFL except for Carson Palmer, and he even has some issues. With that being said,can Carson Palmer pull a Jim Plunkett and help bring the Raiders back?

  18. “USC has put out more drafted qbs than any other program,however all of them have not turned out very well in the NFL except for Carson Palmer, and he even has some issues.”

    Well, at least Sean Salisbury (USC QB in the early 1980s) had something in common with Brett Favre: he was good at sexting.

    And Rodney Peete married a hot actress (Holly Robinson.

  19. GeorgiaHawk… if you want a playoff spot, pray to god for a meltdown in san francisco… To be honest, the 49ers have all but clinched the NFC west, especially with a 3 game lead over the 2nd place seahawks.

  20. although i don’t see SF as being able to win @SEA.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    LOL- Canfan!

    RADEoN- Even if the 49ers win the NFC west we can win our games with the NFC east. Now I know that the Lions are the darlings of the NFC this year,However I believe that they will fizzle out soon.

    I think if we can win our next two games, we will be in the hunt!

  22. They’re not going to get a wildcard berth. I understand the enthusiasm and excitement, and I’m praying and hoping along with you. You’re hoping for a pony on christmas morning, knowing deep inside you’re going to get a sweater.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    I’m really surprised how dismissive people here are regarding the 9ers. They’re a good and sound team. And they way they run the ball and play defense, they can win on the road, as their victories in Philly and Detroit speak to.

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire- I agree with your assesment with the 49ers, and I hope that we have taken a step forward ourselves with the Giants win!Time will tell.

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    RADEoN- It has pretty much always been about hope for the Seahawks for me! Kind of like the Saints fans for all those years! I just want to get that first superbowl win even though we all know that we really have one!

  26. Looks like Golden Tate is trying to get in the news again.

    “I dunno B Marshall after watching ya run outta bounds on a would be td and drop a td , I would have to investigate you for point shaving.”!/ShowtimeTate/status/126381301711376384

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Just shut up GT and show us something that can even come close to what Baldwin has to offer us!

  28. Duke, you know its hard for most of us say anything good about the 49ers.

    But the 49ers and Seahawks have a lot in common. A front-seven on D that is mature and can carry the team, an offense that is young and improving, and both teams are led by average QBs who need to emphasize ball control and balance to succeed.

    49ers are a couple years ahead of us, development-wise, but we’re building faster. We still need a better QB and some more maturity to challenge them for the division, but we’ll get there. The Pete Carroll – John Harbaugh rivalry has only just begun! Its going to become a good one to watch for at least the next few years.

  29. SandpointHawk says:

    Tater needs to shut up…

  30. SandpointHawk says:

    Fieldgulls reports that the Seahawks are working out Ricky Elmore this week…

  31. NisquallyHawk says:

    I am a little surprise some are crowning the 49ers NFC West Champ, when there is so much football to be played! Sorry, 49ers are going to have to earn it, and yeah there working on it, but I will be damn if I am going to give it to them so early into the season. There just going to have to play the entire season out and then will we see who is whom. Til then, like it, or not we are still the NFC West Defending Champs!

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