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Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Oct. 12, 2011 at 8:20 am with 19 Comments »
October 12, 2011 8:20 am

It’s bye-week Wednesday and we can expect a quick practice this morning with players sprinting to the showers (or using Justin Forsett’s “Shower Pill”) so they can disperse for the next four days away from work. These guys come off that field looking like kids on the last day of junior high. I would imagine that most of the 10 players watching from the sidelines will again get rest today.

Here’s my story from the TNT this morning, focusing on coach Tom Cable and quarterback Charlie Whitehurst. Cable was expected to instill some toughness in the offense, particularly the line. If they’re looking for an example, Cable’s resilience after a serious back surgery should supply an example for them. This was just a daily notebook, so I didn’t get any subjective commentary in it, but I’m finding Whitehurst an increasingly intriguing character. As posters have pointed out, the guy is cool. I mean that in a reference to his unruffled demeanor. As that applies to his leadership qualities, the guy has had some disappointment here, but has responded well and appropriately. Teammates see and appreciate that.

I always like to check out Rod Mar’s photos at because there certainly are times they capture a player’s effort better than we can describe it. I particularly like the one of Kris Durham making a catch. The rookie seems to have really good speed and agility for someone his size. Especially if Mike Williams continues to battle health issues, Durham could get more exposure.

Also at, Clare Farnsworth’s story focusing on Cable (yes, he conducted a group interview after practice) also includes a good picture of Cable watching action from a stool during practice. The six-hour flight to New York last weekend had to be tough for Cable, aside from merely getting in and out of the press box. He’s walking around tentatively at practice, but I would worry about somebody accidentally running into him. Although he’s stout enough I don’t think he would go down easily.

When I read the headline on Mike Sando’s blog about possible MVP candidates from the NFC West, I guess I should have expected there to be no Seahawks included. His point was that at this stage of the season, the Niners are the only team getting any notice in the division. Might be a springboard to this discussion: Is there a player on the current Seahawks roster who has a chance of developing into a league MVP?

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  1. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    Thanks for filling in Dave!

    Until we have MVP caliber QB or running back, I don’t think we’ll have a player with a legitimate chance of winning. Sure maybe a receiver or safety will get mentioned by someone, but never become a real threat of winning it.

    I think Charlie can be serviceable for the team. After last week I may be stating the obvious. But I think coach got it right when he said TJack is the man for us, for now. I wonder if Pete honestly thinks TJack is able to be our guys for the foreseeable future. His contract suggests not., but I’m really beginning to wonder.

    This is the second year in a row I’ve been impressed with the job JS and PC have done with late round/roleplayers/comeback players. I think Pete really has proven he has a strong sense of what he’s looking for. Players with unique abilities. But gosh darn it when those unique abilities get injured …

  2. hawkfan777 says:

    I dont think anyone from the NFC West would deserve to be league MVP. To qualify for an MVP you need to mean so much to your team that the team would no longer function close to the same level without you.

    Even though he is not playing I believe Payton Manning was the best example of an MVP because look how the Colts are doing without him. In fact, maybe he should still win it this year because he is still the most valuable player on that team based on their performance without him.

  3. GeorgiaHawk says:

    As long as Aaron Rodgers is around I don’t see much talk of an MVP candidate coming from the NFC west.

  4. sherminator says:

    Chancellor definitely has the ability. He is a hitter, and has shown the knack of being around the ball, causing and getting TO’s. Polamalu and Reed haven’t gotten MVP’s, but they have been candidates, and I definitely think Kam can get to their level. He’s not really close to it yet, but you can see it happening.

    ET has the ability too, but he hasn’t seemed to be making the big plays at the same rate as #31.

  5. okay it’s possible that the hawks could potentially win 10 of the final 11 games
    (maybe not probable but look at the schedule)

    @ Cleveland – Winnable
    Cinci – winnable
    @ Dallas – if we play like we did against the NYG – Winnable
    Baltimore – tough game
    @ STL – Winnable
    Washington – it’s at home so winnable
    Philly – winnable
    STL – winnable
    @Chi – tough game but winnable
    SF – home game so winnable
    @Arizona – winnable

    Now we all know that everyone (including the Hawks) will be playing at a different level in 8 weeks than they are now. Some will get hot and some will get cold. Injuries will play a role in that as well.

    all I am saying is you look at the schedule and, based on how teams are playing now, Baltimore, Washington, Dall, @Chi and SF will be tough games. but we have 4 of those at home!! if they 12th man brings it AND the team continues to play well for 4 quarters each game we should be in most if not all of those games. It is the NFL so they will have to play hard

    just sayin – 10-6 would not be out of reach!

  6. I agree with those above that say there is no MVP at this time. To be the MVP you have to have production and lots of it. That means the whole team has to be consistently productive. Green Bay would be a prime example.

    I think to reach MVP-caliber production without the whole team being really good you would have to be a superstar at an impact position that can carry the team, such as Peyton Manning. Seattle doesn’t have a superstar at an impact position for that.

    As I recall, Sando’s MVPs are almost always QBs. So as far as QBs go, no way can we say Jackson or Whitehurst are superstar or even elite caliber IMO. Portis? One would have to have Pete Carroll-sized optimism to see that in the crystal ball. But of course any QB who hasn’t played is a potential franchise-saving superstar in us fan’s minds. : )

    I think at this point there are individuals on the team that for any given game could have an “MVP of the week” level of performance. Maybe Leon through multipurpose yards, rice, or even Earl thomas if he got all wound up and got a couple pick 6’s in the same game. Could be lots of guys really. This high production could be due to talent, a really good scheme by the coaches for that week, or Carroll getting someone really, really motivated.

  7. We may not have a legit MVP candidate right now, but a 10-6 record would qualify Carroll for Coach of the Year!

  8. You can vote for Charlie for the never say never player of the week here

    and Baldwin as the rookie player of the week here

  9. Thanks xcman…voted for both.

  10. League MVP? Hell, Alexander got MVP when he was the 4th most valuable player on the Seahawks alone.

    Most of the time, MVP is a publicity contest – who has the best agent, nothing to do with actual football.

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    xcman, Audible, how dare you talk about the Seahawks possibly going 10-6! Now that would be down right delusional!Lol.
    I sure hope they do. And I don’t believe now that they have to win the NFC west in order to make the playoffs.
    I think some are forgetting that we made the playoffs last year with a team that was,(imo), not as overall good as this one.
    The defense is better, especially with Red back and our receivers are much better.
    The only units I see that are not playing as well this year is the o-line, qb, and special teams recover unit. The o-line I think will get better, and the qb position is getting a boost with the no-huddle.
    Let me put it this way, we have a much greater chance to make the playoffs than to be in position to draft Luck, and in my opinion the Luck talk from the beginning was closer to being delusional talk than anything else!

  12. Little off topic but you guys give Alexander a really bad rep considering what he did for this team.. He was the most productive running back in Seahawks history.. He deserves his due

  13. Re Luck, why do I get the feeling that Indy had a premediated plan to suck for Luck? If a franchise can go from Peyton manning to Luck, you have to think they are tempted. They knew this season was lost. If they wanted to suck for Luck no one really could stop them. Also as I understand it, Peyton’s contract contains two $28 million NON GUARANTEED bonuses. It seems like they set themselves up so if they got Luck they could let go of manning with no additional financial cost. Someone correct me if I’m wrong about the contract please.

  14. MikePDX,

    Call me naive, but I really doubt professional teams would consider purposely throwing a season to improve their chances in the draft.

  15. williambryan says:

    Yeah Bassnw, thats a ridiculous statement. He wasn’t the 4th best player on the team, he was the second best. There have been plenty of good Olines over the years yet no one had the type or run that Alexander had up to that point (obviously we know LT did it a year later). If you can’t see that then I don’t know what to say. I think I’m done worrying about the “fans” that discredit Alexander as It’s obvious these people don’t understand football.

  16. You may be right. It may be that they simply made Peyton’s contract to keep the option open if they got Luck/another top QB, knowing what their record would likely be. That does make more sense. But unfortunately that explanation is not acceptable because it doesn’t tickle my conspiracy-theory bone (j/k)

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Question? If Peyton Manning is ready to come back by mid season or late season and the Colts do not play him would that be considered a strategy by the Colts to get to a better draft position?
    Remember a couple of years back when the Colts wrapped up home field advantage and then chose to sit Manning?
    I don’t think teams are going to tank a whole season to ensure a better draft position however as the season get’s closer to the end I would not bet against some bottom dwelling teams to do just that! In a creative way of course.

  18. @gergiahawk, I agree. We may be assuming NFL top brass have virtues they don’t really have. It’s a competitive business. Look at the recent college football revelations. How many out there are willing to break the rules etc. for premier talent or a competitive edge? More than we would like to know about I would think. If a team thought they could get the next Michael Jordan, I think they may be willing to do things they might otherwise not. Hutchinson is maybe sort of an example. Teams had an “understanding” or “unwritten rule” about poison pills. Minn. broke it to get the talent (at Condon’s/Hutch’s insistence).

  19. seahawk44 says:

    IF…the Seahawks continue to improve at run defense and finish the season #1 in that category AND make the playoffs…..THEN maybe Red Bryant could be considered for MVP.

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