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Second helping of Curry

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Oct. 12, 2011 at 4:06 pm with 44 Comments »
October 12, 2011 4:06 pm

Okay, word is that the Seahawks are not expecting to have comments or statements on the Aaron Curry situation today. The understanding here is that the terms of a trade with Oakland are agreed upon, but must be approved by the league. It is possible things could come together and be made official tonight.

Speculation is that the Seahawks will receive a low pick in the next draft and a condition pick the following draft depending on Curry’s performance.

Neither coach Pete Carroll nor GM John Schneider took questions Wednesday as the deal was not official. It was obvious that Curry was not at practice Wednesday morning, and when the open-locker-room session began, it was clear that his locker had been emptied.

To receive two low picks for the fourth player chosen in the 2009 draft represents a stunning devaluation. And that’s not mentioning the $34 million he was guaranteed. Curry was scheduled to make roughly $10 million in base salary and bonuses this season. Oakland’s critical shortage of linebackers due to injuries made the Raiders a possible trading partner even for a player whose production had not matched his expense.

Curry was considered one of the safest picks of 2009. But three linebackers taken after Curry in the first round of that draft (Brian Orakpo, Brian Cushing and Clay Matthews) already have Pro Bowl honors on their resumes.

He was the highest draft pick in the tenure of former team president Tim Ruskell. Of the four first-round picks in the Ruskell regime, all have been cut, traded or allowed to leave unsigned, including Chris Spencer, Kelly Jennings, Lawrence Jackson and now Curry. The first pick of the ’07 draft, meanwhile, was traded to New England for receiver Deion Branch, who was traded back to the Pats last season after disappointing production in Seattle.

Although Curry was gone and the staff had no comment, some players addressed his career, and all mentioned the pressures and high expectations he faced as the fourth player drafted that season.

“I knew him outside of work, and he was a good man,” Red Bryant said. “I think he had a lot of pressures he had to endure … there’s a lot of expectation on a fourth pick. I can’t speak to how he feels, but just being one of his teammates, I don’t feel like he was probably as ready as he could have been. He was getting $34 million guaranteed, and you’re the first linebacker taken in a class of Clay Matthews, Brian Orakpo and Brian Cushing. I just hope him well in his new opportunity.”

Veteran linebacker Leroy Hill, one of just nine Seahawk players who predates the arrival of Carroll and Schneider in 2010, said Curry came in and said his good-byes to his teammates.

“He said how much he had learned from us and how much he is going to miss us and everything,” Hill said. “I think now he won’t have all those high expectations that he had here, so he can just relax and play ball. I wish him luck and I think everything will work out for him.”

Hill, a third-round pick in 2005, said he could not imagine the pressures Curry faced.

“I think there were extra expectations for him,” he said. “The first year (for him) was kind of slow and the second year was a little slower than everybody wanted and that weight just started bearing on him.”

The criticisms of Curry included his lack of instinctual play. In his first season, he was expected to be an edge pass rusher, but rarely came up with big plays. When he was asked to drop back into coverage, he appeared to lose track of receivers or drop potential interceptions.

After Curry struggled in the second game this season against Pittsburgh, the staff gave Wright a chance to start in his place. Afterward, Curry said he was at peace with the demotion because of his strong faith, and that he would stay focused on improving as a player.

“He was one of the first guys who took me under his wing,” Wright said of Curry. “He just told me what to expect when I came into the NFL — how to be a pro — he just taught me a whole lot.”

Wright said that Curry told him that he would embrace the fresh start and show the team “who he is and just show them what kind of person he is.” Curry thanked coach Ken Norton and his fellow linebackers, Wright said. “So, he’s just starting over. I think it’s going to work out good for him. He seems focused.”

The Seahawks have a bye this Sunday, and after Wednesday’s practice, the players dispersed to enjoy four days off.

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  1. GeorgiaHawk says:

    What happens if the league doesn’t approve of this trade?

  2. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “He seems focused”

    Story of his embarassing career. All this talk about how he is impoving or leaning, but when it came to buckle up the chin straps and play, Curry was always the worst player on defense.


  3. So do you think he was a bust then? j/k

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    ACIB- who is your next target?

  5. yellaman says:

    The ruskell era as GM is finally over!!!

  6. boucherm says:

    ACIB-gloat over this for a couple days and then go away

  7. seatowntp says:

    ACIB – Please go be a fan of another team.

  8. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    No YOU go be a fan of another team – apparently I’m the last one left with the balls to openly talk about how garbage some of our players (mostly from the Ruskell era) are/were.

  9. “He was one of the first guys who took me under his wing,” Wright said of Curry. “He just told me what to expect when I came into the NFL — how to be a pro — he just taught me a whole lot.”

    Aaron Curry showed him how to be a pro? Oh no.

    Now that AC is gone, I wish we could get Tatupu back.

  10. Second helping of Curry? No thanks! Can we change the title of this post to “Taking Curry off the menu”?

  11. chuck_easton says:

    I’m having so much fun reading the other blogs with Oakland fans gloating about what a steal they got.

    The best line was that Curry will be a star for the raiders. His only problem was he was on a bad team with bad coaches and he wasn’t being used correctly.

  12. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Gil Brandt over at seems to thinks that seattle should trade doug baldwin and picks for carson palmer. now am i the only one that thinks this would be the worst thing seattle could do?

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Gil Brandt is old and senile!

  14. I just heard on KISW that there is a trade in the works…Doug Baldwin for Carson Palmer….

    That could mean TJack’s injury is worse than they thought.

    I didn’t catch the source of the story.

  15. MadSweeney42 says:

    HEe’s gone and you’re still an annoying one trick pony that’s too dumb to admit that it was a fine pick by everybody’s account that just didn’t work out. Of all the crap Ruskell drafted, this one isn’t his fault, nor was it some conspiracy by Curry to steal money. No one has pulled punches about Ruskell in here, you’re delusional to think you’re special for your moronic, overbearing posts.

    You are the Aaron Curry of this website.

    He’s gone, NOW GO AWAY.

  16. MadSweeney42 says:


  17. chuck_easton says:

    Gil Brandt started that stupid rumor. Baldwin and a 1st rounder for Palmer?

    I’d come down and personally kick Schneider in the tucus if Seattle made that trade.

  18. I actually think Tarvaris (at least for now), is playing as good as we could expect Carson Palmer to play.

  19. freedom_X says:

    Gil Brandt’s proposed trade ignores the basic principle that the Bengals do not want to trade Palmer. They wil never trade him unless someone gives away the farm.

    Anything remotely resembling a market value trade will never be accepted, because Mike Brown is establishing and maintaining a principle – that no one can force a trade out of Cincinnati.

    I can’t understand why so many pundits can’t figure it out and keep floating this scenario.

  20. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    giving them baldwin is giving them the farm

  21. MadSweeney42 says:


    They do stuff like this because there are 50+ 24-hour news sources, be it TV or internet or radio, that all have to constantly have content. They can just make up whatever they want and it works. How many people went and clicked on their site or his article because of this? That’s why you have to really appreciate the guys that are almost always right because they’ve cultivated relationships with agents and players and coaches. Guys like Glazer and Shefter, even Florio. They don’t have to speculate, they know. Unless one of them posts a rumor, I don’t give it much thought.

  22. AaronCurryIsBust sucks! ACIB sucks big butts! AaronCurryIsBust sucks! ACIB sucks big butts! AaronCurryIsBust sucks! ACIB sucks big butts! AaronCurryIsBust sucks! ACIB sucks big butts! AaronCurryIsBust sucks! ACIB sucks big butts! AaronCurryIsBust sucks! ACIB sucks big butts! AaronCurryIsBust sucks! ACIB sucks big butts! AaronCurryIsBust sucks! ACIB sucks big butts! AaronCurryIsBust sucks! ACIB sucks big butts! AaronCurryIsBust sucks! ACIB sucks big butts!

    repost as you deem appropriate……

  23. Ewalters7354 says:

    I can see if they would say Ben Obo or maybe even Golden Tate.But I can’t see the FO trading DB.That wouldn’t make any sense.He’s a stud!

  24. I know I’m well in the minority on this – but I don’t think getting rid of Curry is some great thing. Unless, and this is a big unless, he was becoming a bad attitude problem in the locker room or a distraction. If that’s the case, then it makes more sense to me.

    Maybe the picks are worth something, but they’re long shots, and Curry provided depth at a position where we’re thin. I recognize his weakness in coverage, but he was part of the reason we’re tough against the run too. And I definitely noticed him more out there than I do Wright.

    Obviously, all the vitriol is b/c of where he was picked, and I get that. And I trust that our staff knows what they’re doing.

  25. ACIB – answer me this.

    Who would you have picked overall number 4?

    This is gonna be good…..

  26. bulldog80 says:

    Thinking about those wasted picks nearly makes me sick. Oh what could have been……………

    Get of ACIB’s back, he’s been right on the whole time

  27. I have agreed with ACIB’s points, not necessarily with the same obsession and vitriol. Maybe he can change his name to AaronCurryWASBUST. Or he can aid Bobby in his cause by becoming TavarisJacksonISJOKE. Anyway, keep cleaning house of overpaid, under performing players and we might have a football team one day. 9 left from before and counting.

  28. Palerydr says:

    Go back and look at that draft there are quite a few busts in that first round. I’ve said it before NO ONE is guaranteed to become an all pro coming out of college. As for ACIB he gets off on the attention if you ignore him he’ll just go away.

  29. rynehawk says:

    There really needs to be an ignore user function around here…

  30. In hind sight, I’d like to see Matthews drafted at #4!

  31. boucherm says:

    Matthews wouldn’t be Matthews in a 4-3.

  32. Curry going to a 3-4 might help him but who knows. He never seemed to be a bad person just not a good football player.

    I hope for his sake he gets better and has a decent career – especially if it will give us another 4th round pick next season.

    the real question is who will play LB for us this year. We are now pretty short in that position.

    On another trade front – I don’t get why everyone is trying to put Palmer in Seattle – the only connection or PROOF that is being offered, is that Palmer used to play for Carrol at USC. so did a lot of other players and he hasn’t gone after them.

  33. “Maybe the picks are worth something, but they’re long shots, and Curry provided depth at a position where we’re thin.”

    True, but he was making too much money to be kept for depth. If a first-round bust wants to stay with a team, he needs to take a BIG pay cut, much bigger than what Curry took.

    If he does well with the Raiders, the Seahawks will get a better draft pick, but I honestly would feel better knowing that the Seahawks were right in getting rid of him. This FO has made a lot of good moves, but also a few questionable ones, including trading Josh Wilson.

  34. GriffinNW says:

    Someone please tell me the Doug Baldwin trade talks is just bullshit. That would be a bummer to trade him AND A FIRST ROUND PICK for Palmer. Ugh, that annoys me just thinking about it.

  35. Wish AC the best with his new team. Mr Williams, could Curry start at ILB with the Raiders next season?

  36. SandpointHawk says:

    LeBron to Seattle?….check the jersey Pete had made for his Twitter buddy…

  37. SandpointHawk says:

    Curry was a Quarterbacks best friend…

    He struggled especially in pass coverage, to the point where he was replaced by recent free agent signing David Vobora at times in the fourth quarter of last week’s 35-26 win over the New York Giants. Vobora had just been re-signed by the Seahawks earlier that week.

    Curry allowed eight receptions on eight attempts in his direction for 120 yards, according to STATS LLC. For his career, Curry has allowed 62 catches in 76 attempts for 613 yards and six touchdowns for a 126.6 passer rating.

  38. SandpointHawk says:

    Courtney Taylor, an unfamiliar name to most CFL fans, and a teammate most B.C. Lions have yet to know, probably was the most enthusiastic participant at Wednesday’s practice in Surrey.

  39. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Courtney Taylor, there’s an assclown that brings up horrible memories. Dropped everything in sight and yet he had some obnoxiously brash comments. Remember when Tim “DUMBASS” Ruskell pegged that piece of garbage, along with Jordan “I’m a basketball player” Kent and Logan “I cause the fans much” Payne as the future of our WR crew? No wonder poor Matt had his worst season ever when those three stooges were pressed into service.

    I’m glad Carroll and Schneider recognize WR talent. Doug Baldwin has more ability in his pinkey than Ruskell’s garbage. LMAO, trading a 1st round pick for Deion “0 Pro Bowl or 1000 yard season” Branch.

  40. Seems like the horrible personnel decisions didn’t die with old Al eh?

    nighthawk2, I read that Palmer trade post and, I want some of whatever that writer is smoking. If JS and PC make that trade then they should both be taken to the top of Queen Anne Hill and shot. Yeah, let’s trade a rookie getting paid nothing who is our best young receiver, besides Rice who is still 24, AND a probable 1st rounder, only has to play 50 % the of snaps in his scenario, for an aging, overrated QB with a bum elbow that would likely not produce anything more than TJ or CW. Actually, since Palmer is a statue I think he would do worse or just get injured. I thought that professional writers were supposed to be LESS DELUSIONAL than fans when proposing trades???? Jesus, I didn’t realize at first that it was Gil Brandt who proposed the trade!!!!!!! Dementia must be setting in. He later suggested that Denver trade Orton to Mia for a draft pick and then package that pick with Brandon Lloyd for JIMMY F#$%ING CLAUSEN!!!!!!!!! AHHAHAHHAHAHA

    ACIB, it’s time to just go away now buddy! Everyone here has tired of your parroting of the same verbal diarrhea ad nauseum. You were right about AC. You happy. Most of us have known he was a bust for a year or so. We just don’t have to make EVERY F*&^ING POST about it. By the way, AC wasn’t the HIGHEST pick since Big Walt. Walt went SIXTH! Two picks below AC. Shawn Springs went to us 3rd of the same draft as Walt. So AC would be the highest pick since Springs!! It’s called Google you MORON. Lastly, I am becoming more and more convinced that you are just a TROLL so this will be the last time I FEED you!

  41. Who is replacing Curry’s roster spot?

    I take it KJ Wright is going to get the starting spot in his place, fingers crossed Smith comes back from his injury for passing downs – hopefully he can cover better than curry did!? I must say, I get the feeling Wright will never blossom into a true starting calibe LB. It’s not like he has made an impact yet in any game! Hardly like Tatupu or Hill in their rookie years!?

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lebron James will be replacing Curry’s roster spot.Lol.

  43. Kingpear says:

    Oakley D:

    Wright was no worse than Curry, and actually a little better in coverage. Is he blowin’ it up like Matthews? NO… But for a later round pick he is solid.

    As far as who else we should have drafted… how ’bout BJ Raji?

  44. ryanryan says:

    here’s my take, i’m sure it is not much different than anybody else’s: curry is gone, for nothing in return. lots of wasted time and money on a liability on the field. i understand how the raider fans feel though, i remember feeling something similar when we picked up balmer from the niners…sadly, they will feel nothing when they release curry as we did balmer.

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