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We got no stinkin’ controversy

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Oct. 11, 2011 at 6:42 am with 32 Comments »
October 11, 2011 6:42 am

The Seahawks quarterback situation will be a hot-button topic, but I tend to agree with coach Pete Carroll on this one: Let’s see how Tarvaris Jackson recovers from his strained pec before getting too lathered up about hypothetical contingencies. Jackson had been on his best streak as a Seahawk, leading them to 35 points combined in the second half of the Atlanta game and the first half of the Giants game.

While Carroll said he scolded Jackson for not getting down and avoiding contact on the play in which he was injured, I think that’s conveniently misplacing the blame. This was a very simple example of why NFL quarterbacks are not asked to run read-option plays. Get that one off the ready-sheet.

Charlie Whitehurst’s play had to be comforting, though, as he was capable of coming in and preserving a win in difficult conditions. I’m a little dubious about the implication that they’d fine with Josh Portis at quarterback if the first two were sidelined. Portis is extremely talented and has some intriguing potential. They could have practice-squaded him but kept him on the 53-man roster because I’m sure they didn’t want to expose him to waivers in the process. He’s fast, nifty, and has a whip-saw arm. But having to play him at this point would be unfairly tossing him in beyond his depth.

So, as we scan the wire this morning, much of the discussion was about Jackson and Whitehurst.

I thought a point coming out of the game, and Carroll’s press conference Monday, carried more long-term significance, though. And that was the attitude with which the Seahawks played. This team had lost nine straight in the Eastern Time Zone. The Giants were 10-point favorites. My story in the TNT looks at the way the young Seahawks ignored all the grim history and just went out and played aggressively and physically, and took the game to the Giants. With all the penalties, the turnovers, the injury to Jackson and the Giants comeback — to hold on for the win was extremely significant as a trend-breaker.

Clare Farnsworth brings up an interesting point in his Monday update on, as he reminds that it took Brandon Browner only five games as a Seahawk to get into the record book with his 94-yard interception return for a touchdown.

Farnsworth also looks at Carroll’s position on the quarterback situation.

Mike Sando of takes a look at the Hawks’ quarterback issues.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times also contributes to the QB debate.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Dave, once again we’re in agreement: No way Carroll is truly comfortable with Portis backing CW, should Jackson be out for any length. Carroll’s not the type to disparage one of his QBs through the press but that’s not the same thing as sincerity, necessarily.

  2. ZombieLatics says:

    I don’t think anyone really takes anything that slickster says at face value, especially someone that covers him on a regular basis.

    I wonder which re-tread wonder-scrub they’ll sign to cover for TJack (Or is it still TJoke on here? I forget, do we love him all of a sudden? Is he a “good guy” now? Someone that we picture as part of our family? Someone we’d let date our daughter, pet our dog? [Saps])?

    Gerrard won’t come here because he want’s a commitment. Wonder if they find a way to get someone like Orton now that the ultimate good guy was named a starter? I doubt both of those ideas, probably find someone that will leave us scratching our heads…any McKnown’s laying around the scrap heap?

  3. ryanryan says:

    please just don’t let it be lienart…

  4. Wow Zombie.

    How is comPete a “slickster”??? Because he plays it close to the vest like every smart coach has since the media has covered the NFL????? Would you rather he say that Charlie and Portis are two pieces of garbage that he would never want running his team? Not that I believe he thinks that. I don’t think he believes Portis can run this team yet but what would be gained from SAYING that?

    Who here ever said that TJ wasn’t a “good guy”? I think he got a lot of unfair criticism on here and in the stands IMO but, I don’t remember any of it being personally based. You talk about them signing “re-tread wonder-scrubs” in one breath and then in the next advocate them signing Gerrard. Really? LOL! Is that the same “re-tread wonder-scrub” you speak of? The guy that couldn’t beat out Josh McCown for the starting job in Jacksonville? Orton? He’s going to be benched for a guy that can’t hit the side of a barn from more than 15 yards. Both sound like retreads to me. Neither is better than what we have. Gerrard is definitely worse IMO. You have a right to your opinion like everyone else but, sorry, your whole post seemed incoherent to me.

  5. Palerydr says:

    @ZombieLatics Nice round of criticism excellent observations. So what are your proposed solutions considering the available talent? What’s that you don’t have any really? cuz looking at your expert commentary you seem to have all the answers. I’d really like to hear just 1.

    In my eyes this team is playing better each week. Yes they make too many mistakes(penalties) and that has to be fixed. Overall I like the progress. I still don’t see more than 6 wins with this schedule but we weren’t supposed to win this 1.

    I’m pretty sure they are shopping Curry as we type I wonder if they will package him with a pick or try a straight swap for another player.

    No way Portis is ready for the NFL I would imagine he has taken extremely limited reps in practice which is not gonna prepare you for the actual speed of a game.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    natedog- Agree that TJ has gotten some unfair criticism here, and a few times early on I had a few things to post that I take back about Jackson.
    Is he going to be a top qb? Probably not, but it is still possible.(IMO).
    All we have to do is look over at the 49ers and Alex Smith! Wasn’t he a huge bust?
    He’s looking good right now!
    This young line that he plays behind needs to mature some more before Jackson can be held to accountable.

  7. chuck_easton says:

    Current cliff notes on TJ to keep everyone up to date as to the collective feeling around here:

    1. Good guy off the field.
    2. Average QB – not great but not as bad as some thought.
    3. Not the QB of the future but apparently better than the alternative according to the coaching staff.
    4. Will be the starter unless injuries are worse than team is admitting to.


  8. BobbyK, where are you?

    You’ve been pretty vocal about your disdain for TJ the QB, based on your knowledge of how he played in Minnesota.

    Is he winning you over?

  9. The funny thing is, at the start of the season I was hoping that an injury to TJ would give CW a chance (not a serious injury, just one that lets CW show his stuff). But now, after seeing a few flashes of brilliance from TJ (especially the connections with Rice), I want to see him play more. He deserves to play more.

  10. “Poise Hourglass Shaped Pads — Better fit with better protection”. Huh? Maxipad ads on a football blog, really?! Apparently, TNT will stop at nothing to earn a buck.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    With all the crying that goes on around here sometimes, it doesn’t seem that inappropreate actually.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    or *inappropriate*…

  13. Soggybuc says:

    LOL, best line ive seen i while. good job Duke.

    While TJ will threaten no one for a pro bowl slot he has show some nice things and dare I say seems to have grown as a player from what he showed in Minny. funny how that works sometimes. Lo-Jack looked every bit the first round pick last night for the lions.

    While having an “elite QB” is nice it is not the magic bullet people think. for all his talent how many rings has Peyton won? or how about Marino? it’s a team sport and if you dont have a complete team around your guy he wont win no matter how hall of fame talented he is.
    Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer are great examples of average QB’s who just have to not make dumb mistakes and a few nice plays here and there to hit paydirt when the team is a complete unit from top to bottom. i’m starting to believe that thats something TJ is capable of doing.
    Hell even Rex Grossman led a team to the superbowl while Culer can barely lead his team to a first down. doubt I’ll get much argument on which of those 2 is the more “elite” QB.

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This reminds me of the hit that Largent put on Harden.

  15. Carroll’s not the type to disparage one of his QBs through the press

    Sorry Duke he basically (IMO) did that this week in talking about Whitehurst. saying that he did basically nothing in the game.(searching for the link I will post it if I find it)

    Yes he made mistakes but he was better on Sunday than Tjack was at SF.

    Not that I thought he was great but he has had zero opportunity to compete for the starting job.
    Very few Reps and came in and have very similar stats as Tjack in this game.

  16. chuck – your post is 100% spot on.

    Audible – He’s not the pile of junk that I thought he would be. However, he’s not 10 times better than John Elway that Stevos would have you believe. But I’ll eat crow on being wrong on him b/c he looks the part of a functional NFL player. He’s not going to be a Pro Bowler, but he’s not the joke many of us thought either. Good for him b/c, as I’ve said many times, I have never heard one bad word about him as a person. But I still want a legit franchise player at the position and I don’t think that will ever be him (or anyone on our roster at that position).

    All I want is what’s best for this team in the long run and when I see a player who happens to be the best player in the draft that also plays the most important position in sports… I want him at all costs! I doubt the Colts would like to go back to 1997 and win an extra game or two so they could have settled for Leaf or someone else. I see Luck as being that unbelievably special. I also hate being negative and I know I’ve done my fair share of it but it was also done with sincere intentions of wanting, IMO, what’s best for the next 15 years of this organization and it sucks knowing that we aren’t going to get an Aaron Rodgers clone. I know there’s “no way of knowing” and we’ve all been wrong on players before though.

  17. Soggybuc says:

    Interesting Question, Say we are able to get Barkley, Foles or a Jones in the draft. would you be comfortable sitting him in 2012 and letting TJ or CW run the team while they get some learning time?

  18. Dukeshire says:

    xcman – I believe the quote you’re referring to is this:

    “I don’t think Charlie did anything phenomenal today,” Carroll said. “I thought he did what he does. He’s a good football player. And he knows our system and he handled himself well. He did a beautiful job of getting rid of the football and not taking sacks when he could avoid it. And he made a couple great throws.”

    I don’t read that as a knock or disparaging. Tempered perhaps. But he’s gone out of his way to support all his players, especially Charlie, when the mics are out, IMO. So to elaborate on Portis, Carroll’s not going to say “the kid’s not ready” or “we’re really thin behind CW” or anything like that. When asked, he’s going to say they have all the confidence in the world in him. That’s what I was referring to.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    We weren’t going to get Luck even if we had lost to the Giants! No way! We have two games against the Rams, one against Arizona, one at home with the 49ers.
    Plus we play the Browns and Bengals.
    We are too good of a team to just fall flat on our face like Miami and the Colts are doing.
    It was a pipe dream from the get go!
    Luck is a great prospect though, and if the Rams get him it will be Bradford going somewhere else and not Luck.(IMO).

  20. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    Soggybuc, that would be the best senario, IMO. The odds of getting another Cam Newton are pretty slim.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    Soggybuc – I would, especially considering Jackson would still be under contract.

  22. “I want him at all costs! I doubt the Colts would like to go back to 1997 and win an extra game or two so they could have settled for Leaf or someone else. I see Luck as being that unbelievably special.”

    I think after the play over the past few games, we need to let this go. Injuries could still set us back, etc., but we are not looking like a 2-14 team, which is probably what it would take to get the #1 spot. So it goes. I’m perfectly fine with our team continuing to win games. I mean, what’s the alternative, right? We’re not going to tank the next 11 games. it’s just not how it works, esp not with this coaching staff.

    We’ll find our next QB – doesn’t always have to be the #1 overall pick for things to work out there.

  23. The adds on the side of the page differ frrom visitor to visitor depending on what kind of cookies you have rattling around in your browser. What that means for Audible I dont really know.

  24. tribfan1 says:

    This team will not sign a backup QB. SMH at some of you.

  25. TJ Houshmanzadeh visits the 49ers – almost forgot how quick housh busted out of the league after hitting pay dirt….

    What I wouldn’t give to see Kam Cancellor lay a pop on housh to silence his unruly little mouth.

  26. Coolalvin says:

    I think this team is around 5 or 6 wins no matter who the QB is. All this effort and discussion over who should start is a moot point since neither will be the starter next year.

  27. SandpointHawk says:

    Whatever the ads are on the side of the page are just click them and let TNT earn some money. Click and then close, that will help them make some money…Haven’t you scene the furlough comments? You want to meet up at Fieldgulls? Remember The Seattle PI? Click on the ads and quit whining…

  28. “Click and then close, that will help them make some money…Haven’t you scene the furlough comments? You want to meet up at Fieldgulls? Remember The Seattle PI? Click on the ads and quit whining…”

    good points . . .

  29. williambryan says:

    I have umbridge with the term “preserving” the win. Whitehurst threw the GO AHEAD TD. That’s not preserving the win. That’s going and getting the win.

  30. BobbyK, I agree that Luck is special but, weren’t you the one advocating Flynn? I may be wrong. By the way all, Luck, Barkley, and Jones could all go back to school. Let’s not count our eggs before they hatch. There is no good reason for Luck to come out this year that he didn’t have last year, unless he wins a championship. He really had more reason to come out last year as he lost his coach, o-line and he could only hurt his draft stock. You can’t go any higher than #1. Even if he does come out, I can’t imagine that we can get him unless we trade for the 1st pick, which is going to take a KING’S RANSOM! We’re too good a team already to win 2-3 games this year. That’s what it’s going to take to get the first pick. I say the Hawks win at least 5 games, unless the team is decimated by injuries. Not saying that it might not be worth it to trade for the 1st pick but, if you’re wrong on him then you are setting your franchise back for years. From history, there has to be AT LEAST a 20 % chance that he will be a bust.

    I was all for being bad enough to get a top tier QB in the draft at the beginning of the year but, that was before this team grew faster than I expected and TJ and CW looked better than I expected. I think we have to give either TJ or CW the rest of the year to make an accurate evaluation on them. If we’re not sold on either going forward, which I am not completely yet, then we are either going to have to trade for a top 5 pick, sign a FA like Flynn, or take a QB at our draft slot, probably somewhere between 10-20. Of those, I think I am most in favor of going after Flynn. That is provided JS is high on him, as he must have a lot of knowledge about him from GB, and the bidding for him doesn’t get to ridiculous levels. That would leave us with our draft still intact to continue building the team and a fairly young QB, 27, that has more NFL and scheme experience than any rookie QB. Anything we do has risks. By the way, anyone still bummed we didn’t trade for Kolb???????????

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