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Beneficial bye week

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Oct. 11, 2011 at 2:56 pm with 30 Comments »
October 11, 2011 2:56 pm

It’s clear the Hawks will benefit from getting some time off during the bye week, as a number of key players sat out Tuesday’s practice. The most visible was center Max Unger, who wore a protective boot. While it looked serious, line coach Tom Cable said it was a problem with a foot that swelled up Monday morning. He said he was told to expect that Unger would be available for the Cleveland game after the bye.

Tarvaris Jackson (pec strain), Marshawn Lynch (ankle), Marcus Trufant (back), Mike Williams (concussion) Lemuel Jean-Pierre (shoulder), Robert Gallery (groin), Leroy Hill (hamstring) and Raheem Brock sat out. Since it’s Tuesday and a bye week, the Hawks don’t have to file any official injury reports with the league.

One Seahawk making a remarkable recovery is Cable, who has not missed a game despite a serious back surgery that implanted four rods and a “cage” in his back, as well as doing “a couple bone grafts,” he said. Cable was coaching even while he was still in the hospital, connecting to the players through Skype from his bed. He said that the staff did a great job helping him stay involved in scheming the game plans, but kidded that they had to pay attention to his medication schedule as it might affect his clarity of thought.

Cable said it was an old injury “that all of a sudden got really bad.” His choice, he said, was to lose the use of his left leg or go in and have the surgery. “It obviously worked,” he said. “The incision is a big one, so the only real negative one left is just letting that heal up.”

Cable was delighted that the Hawks’ offense has grown more balanced with a running attack, and also with the maturation of his young offensive line. “I told them going into (the Arizona game), ‘You’re not a bunch of kids anymore, you’re NFL linemen now. So even though we have struggles, you’re ready for this; you have to believe you’re ready for this.’ And I think they started to that week. Now it’s go out and take over a game, start growing the confidence it takes to succeeed … and they’re doing that.”

Charlie Whitehurst shared his thoughts on being thrust into the starter’s role after Jackson’s injury. He said he will just prepare as if he’s the starter regardless of Jackson’s recovery, and if he’s needed, he’ll be ready.

He said that the up-tempo and no-huddle approach has been important in their offensive growth, and in the advancement in the running attack. He said he had not had much chance to practice the no-huddle stuff as a back-up to Jackson last week. However, he added that he sometimes practices such things in his hotel room, lying in bed, calling out plays and formations to simulate various scenarios. “I often wonder if people can hear me through the walls.”

He had a comment that showed that the productive play of rookie free agent receiver Doug Baldwin was hardly a surprise. “I thought the first few days of training camp we kinda had a smirk on our faces … how in the world did we get this guy?”

For my money, Baldwin had the play of the day in one-on-one routes against Walter Thurmond. Thurmond showed impressive quickness sticking with Baldwin through a series of cuts, but when Baldwin reached the end zone, he leaned back, over his shoulder, and made a remarkable falling catch of a ball from Whitehurst.

The Hawks will practice again Wednesday before getting a break until next Monday.

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  1. When does Baldwin take the starting job away from Williams?

  2. Palerydr says:

    I’d argue he is a starter right now as our slot receiver. Pabuwal did you wear your Hawks colors for the game and if so how are NY fans?

    Dave who else looked banged up specifically Okung?

  3. Giants fans are classy, unlike Jets or Eagles fans. I didn’t see anywhere near the amount of Seahawks fans I saw in past years. I’m sure the constant road losses have turned Seahawks fans off from a depressing 3 hours.

  4. “Giants fans are classy, unlike Jets”

    How can two teams from the same city have fans who are so different?

  5. HawkyHann says:

    The momentum is brewing. For a much different opinion than what comes out of VMAC.

  6. The difference in Giants and Jets fans has to do with the length of time each franchise has been in existence and that effect on each season ticket base.

  7. SandpointHawk says:

    Giant fans are old NY (long money as Washington said). To classy to be A-holes.

  8. That’s fascinating…but if it has to do with the age of the franchise, why are Seahawks fans classy? We are, aren’t we?

  9. Dave Boling says:

    Obo is pretty much Williams’ replacement now, with Rice and Baldwin comprising the three-receiver sets. I have to think the longer Williams is out the more looks Durham will get in practice and games. Baldwin is absolutely golden … and I use that word without a capital letter. The guy made another spectacular catch in practice.

    Okung practiced, but I think that he, too, will obviously benefit from getting off his feet. I think I would worry about Trufant’s back only because I remember the way that back injury nagged at him two years ago. Thurmond is continuing to look good in his place, though. I thought he was sharp on Sunday; he had good coverage even on the TD catch that was made against him, I thought.

    As for the classiness of fans … I think there is definitely a difference in Seattle from most of the places I’ve been. Although I’m convinced there are assorted knuckleheads in every stadium who stand out with their antics and give everybody else a bad name.

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Baldwin is absolutely golden! We have the makings of a very special receiving core!

  11. GeorgiaHawk, I was actually thinking the same thing today. Rice/Williams/Baldwin is as good as any receiver set in the NFL. With Carlson and Miller (assuming JC can get healthy), that’s likely the best overall TE set in the NFL.

    This team may not win a ton of games this year, but seeing the secondary play like it does, seeing the O-Line start to gel, seeing some receivers catch some passes… it’s like a whole new team. This team is a pair of botched special teams plays, and a fieldgoal away from being 4-1.

  12. Not all Giants fans are classy.

    Not all Jets fans are jerks.

    Lots of fans of both teams in Jersey and Manhattan, which are opposites. Lots of Jets fans in Connecticut too. Pretty classy state. Lots of Giants fans in Queens and the Bronx too.


    Charlie Whitehurst could f** your mom if he wanted to. That guy is cool. He’ll be calling out audibles and simulating a hard count when he does it too.

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    RADEoN- I agree with you 100%. This team could be 4-1 And with a few breaks we can make some noise come playoff time!

  14. Palerydr says:

    Thx for the info Pabuwal and Dave. I think that we have good fans as well but a drunk idiot is a drunk idiot no matter what stadium you’re in.

    Not sure if Carlson was healthy that we would have the best TE corp in the league as I feel NE has probably the best set of TE’s in the league right now but that’s my opinion.

    No CW cannot do the nasty with my mom jeez carson really???

  15. pabuwal – what section were you in? i was in 139, wearing the #8 hasselbeck home jersey. :)

  16. I’ll bet Giants fans are more secure and laid back than Jets fans — their team has won a Super Bowl recently.

    I’ve watched several Seahawks games on the East Coast and Philly fans were the worst.

    As for Doug Baldwin, he’s a once-in-a-decade UDFA find. If he went back in the draft today, he’d be a second-rounder at worst.

  17. Just read that NYJ traded Derrick Mason to Houston. Doesn’t say what the compensation is. Not confirmed anywhere I could find yet

  18. Georgia and RADEoN, I like the direction and potential of this team as well but, let’s not drift into the delusional. Couple of plays away from 4-1 and making noise in the playoffs? True but we’re also a couple of plays away from 0-5 and leading the Luck bowl. This team still makes entirely too many mistakes. Not going anywhere until we clean that up. I like Mr. Happy but, I think he needs to enlist Cable to give this team a good kick in the butt. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer but, let’s not get TOO excited about a couple of games. I think we are going to be a pretty good team by the end of the year but, I cannot really see us making the playoffs without the 49ers taking a major dive. I think there are too many good teams in the NFC to get a wildcard this year. The 49ers are 4-1 and we still have a pretty brutal schedule. We have to win our division to make the playoffs. Not impossible but, unlikely IMO.

  19. That’s one thing that seems to permeate sports fans, a predilection to overreact to one of two games. I have seen it countless times on this blog. After a loss, the Seahawks have the worst team in the history of sports. After a win or two, we are winning the SB. Just relax and stay realistic.

    As far as fans at different Stadiums go, I think that Hawks fans are pretty tame in their treatment of opposing fans. I don’t know what people here mean by classy but, I think that trash talking between opposing fans is fun and adds to the game. The problem is when it gets to the level of Philly fans. Or between SF Giants and Dodgers fans or 49er and Raider fans where people are actually physically assaulting each other. There is no place for it and any decent fan should report these morons so they can be banned from coming to games.

  20. natedog – agree, trash talking and banter are definitely part of the fan experience.

    I went to 2 of the games at Wembley Stadium in London and both games were so dry of any atmosphere at all. Most (like me) we there as FOOTBALL fans because their team were not playing. Goodells decision to play games in London maybe good for his pocket, but there is no passion in the stands at all!

    I might be the only fan on this blog that want the Hawks to make the journey overseas so I can afford to see them!

  21. Sorry OakleyD, I can’t imagine them sending any West Coast teams to London. too long a flight.

  22. surelyyoujest says:

    I went into this season with the sole objective to watch the games to see who would emerge as the next generation of core players… I assumed winning wouldn’t be a regular item on the menu. Surprisingly there are a number of players who have already stepped up to show they will be mainstays of this team for a while, and lo and behold we actually won a couple of games.

    Baldwin is an absolute treat to watch. Moffitt is really coming along, and I think Carpenter won’t be far behind him. Lots of leadership showing on the defense, but especially big Red. That man exudes attitude when he walks back to the huddle….as if to say “you ain’t running this way son, so don’t even bother”. Despite the abuse TJ has absorbed, I think he can be good. Maybe not great, but solid…..and that’s all we need. Once we can consistently run the ball, things will get much, much easier for him.

  23. ChrisHolmes says:


    “Despite the abuse TJ has absorbed, I think he can be good.”

    Based on what???

    I’m right there with the rest of your comments – right up until you say Jackson can be good.

    The guy has had four years with a better team, O-line, and running back. And he stunk.

    Don’t let a couple completions fool you!

  24. Dukeshire says:

    natedog – The Niners played in London against the Broncos just last season. The NFL couldn’t care less how far they have to send teams to “grow the product”. Thankfully that London experiment is over. Hated watching those games and I’d be furious if I were a season ticket holder of one of the teams that had to play there. (No disrespect to NFL fans overseas.)

  25. confucious says:

    @ C.H., Tjack did not start for four years. He’s been a backup or cutting teeth his whole career. How long was aaron rodgers a backup? Who knew about him until last year? Time will tell with T-Jack. He’s been much better than C.W. to this point.

  26. ejkimber says:

    @ confucious, Tjac started the first 2 years. Then the old man came in. Rogers was a first round pick and anyone who followed the game knew he was grey beards replacement. But Tjac has shown improvement the last couple of weeks, so lets give him a chance.

  27. Palerydr says:

    I’m not a fan of Jackson but just like anything the longer you do something the better you get at doing it. However some people can do “it” better than others as they just have the knack. I’m sure everyone has worked with a person who you assign a task and it seems like in no time it’s accomplished with little to no mistakes. I’m sure everyone has worked with someone you assign the same task who has the same experience and it gets done and it’s ok but it took a bit longer and there’s a few mistakes but still overall the job is done. I see Jackson as the second person he gets the job done, he makes mistakes, he’s just not your “star” player but serviceable until you find someone better to replace him. Personally I like Landry Jones but it’s a long time until next April.

  28. NisquallyHawk says:

    Thanks Dukeshire for the link!
    Interesting, how this season continues to unfold for us.

  29. I forgot about that Duke. I remember the talk being the first year they did it that they would have to use East Coast teams. If I remember right, I think the 49ers had a game on the East Coast the week before and chose to stay there for much of the week before going to London instead of flying back to SF. If I was a season ticket holder I would be pissed too. Not only because you’d get screwed out of a game but, also the fact that that kind of travel schedule would negatively affect your team I believe. The NFL knows that no one is going to get rid of their season tickets because of one missed game and, in most cities there would be a line of people waiting if they did.

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