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Michael Robinson says Seahawks believe

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 9, 2011 at 4:19 pm with 42 Comments »
October 9, 2011 4:19 pm

Not many outside the 53 players and the coaching staff thought the Seattle Seahawks could win this one, but they come back to the West Coast 2-3 after an impressive, 36-25 victory over New York Giants.

Seattle fullback Michael Robinson said this young team is starting to believe that it can win each week.

“I think it does a lot for our belief,” Robinson said. “A lot of teams have talent. And we feel like on paper we can play with the best of them. It was all about swag and confidence. And a team has to see itself make plays to understand that. A young team, a young offensive line, you have to see yourself makes plays. And I think each week our confidence is growing, and the coaches do a great job of managing everything.”

The Seahawks won a game in the Eastern time zone in a 10 a.m. Pacific time game for only the second time in 12 tries since 2007. Again, Robinson said that’s another milestone that will only give his team confidence as they move forward.

“Definitely, and not just from an outside perspective,” Robinson said. “We’re worried about us,” Robinson said. “It’s our perspective. And it shows us that we can do it. So I think the skies the limit for this team. We’ve just got to keep working, and know that this wasn’t the Super Bowl. We still have games to go. But it’s definitely nice to come out with a win and build on some stuff.”

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll said that even though his team was tied at 14-all and likely should have been up at least two touchdowns, players did not get down on themselves. They kept playing.

“That was part of it – get rid of the penalties, take care of the football and we’re not changing a thing,” Carroll said. “And that’s basically what happened. And the guys believed it.

“We weren’t going to be discouraged by what had happened. We were just going to get out there and keep playing football. And we thought we could win.”

But the Seahawks did suffer a rash of injuries. The most significant is quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, who suffered a strained pectoral on the Seattle’s second drive of the second half running a quarterback option play.

Tight end Zach Miller suffered a concussion in the first half. Linebacker Leroy Hill, who led Seattle in tackle with eight, left the game with a hamstring injury and Jameson Konz (sprained knee).

“We’re thinking he’s got a strained peck, and we don’t know what that means,” Carroll said. “So we’ve got to do the MRI stuff and all of that. Fortunately it’s bye time. And we can take advantage of a whole extra week to get him back.”

Charlie Whitehurst was solid filling in for Jackson, finishing 11 of19 for 149 yards, including the 27-yard touchdown pass to Doug Baldwin to put Seattle ahead for good.

“I don’t think Charlie did anything phenomenal today,” Carroll said. “I thought he did what he does. He’s a good football player. And he knows our system and he handled himself well. He did a beautiful job of getting rid of the football and not taking sacks when he could avoid it. And he made a couple great throws.”

But the play of the day was Brandon Browner’s 94-yard interception return for a touchdown to seal the victory. With New York trailing 29-25 and sitting at 1st and 10 at Seattle’s 10-yard line, Eli Manning tried to hit receiver Victor Cruz on an slant route, but Walter Thurmond drilled Cruz and he bobbled the ball.

Kam Chancellor had the first chance at it, but bobbled it, and Browner cradled it in and sprinted the other way for his first career touchdown as a pro.

Browner’ touchdown is the longest interception return in team history, surpassing Sammy Green’s 91-yarder in 1979.

“The ball got tipped and it was almost like slow motion,” Browner said. “It happened to land in my hands and the rest is history.”

The other big play came midway through the second half with both teams struggling to move the ball.

Seattle defensive end Anthony Hargrove came free on a New York running play from the Giants’ own five yard line, meeting running back D.J. Ware in the end zone and tackling him for a safety, giving Seattle a 16-14 lead.

“Gus (Seattle defensive coordinator Gus Bradley) made a great call,” Hargrove said. “I beat the guard inside and saw the ball carrier and got vertical and went to go get him.”


* The penalty bug continues to hurt Seattle. The Seahawks had 10 for 70 yards, including eight penalties in the first half

* Marshawn Lynch’s 98 yards rushing was the most he’s had as a Seahawk during the regular season. Lynch rushed for 131 yards against New Orleans in the NFC Wildcard game last year, the only time he’s rushed for 100 yards in his career with Seattle.

* Eli Manning threw for 420 yards but threw interceptions, as Seattle got consistent pressure on the New York quarterback with just four rushers most of the day. The Seahawks finished with three sacks on the day.

* Rookie Doug Baldwin again led Seattle receivers with eight catches for 136 yards.

* Kicker Steven Hauschka continues to prove his worth, making kicks from 51 and 43 yards, along with finishing with four touchbacks.

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  1. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    No tidbit about Aaron Curry being an instant liability the moment he stepped on the field? 2 blown coverages for first down receptions, a whiffed tackle in the flat, and a dropped giftwrapped INT, all in a handful of snaps. BUST!

  2. abqhwkfn says:

    How serious are these injuries? Did Moffit return to the game? did okung hurt that same nagging ankle? nice job by the line today. Id hate to see them have to shuffle fuys around again.

  3. SandpointHawk says:

    Hate to bring this up but Christ on a Crutch….SF49ers 48 – TB Bucs 3….

  4. hawkfan777 says:


    You are a sad, sad man.

  5. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    Not many teams have a backup QB who can step in and lead their team to victory. So happy for Charlie today. Great win against an overrated team. Use the bye week to get healthy and I can’t wait to see what we can do against the Browns in 2 weeks!

  6. MadSweeney42 says:

    Save it ACiB. I dunno why you’re allowed to post here anymore. It’s a waste of space, with never anything new to add or contribute. Sad, sad, sad.

  7. MadSweeney42 says:

    I would love to hear some injury news, seems like half the offense and half the LBs went to the locker room early today.

  8. “Not many teams have a backup QB who can step in and lead their team to victory. So happy for Charlie today”

    Yeah, there’s a real value to having a good back-up in this league. In terms of pay, and even what he cost us draftwise, it’s still good to have Charlie on the team.

    Very good timing for us to have a bye week – unusually high number of guys dinged up today.

    among other good things year – so nice to see the re-birth of Leroy Hill from a guy I thought would be off the team, to one of our better defenders.

  9. also – we’re one missed FG (ok, one loong missed FG) from 3-2 . . .

  10. thursday says:

    “Not many outside the 53 players and the coaching staff thought the Seattle Seahawks could win this one”

    i actually did think they could win this one, i guess i was in the minority, lol.

    the jackson injury doesn’t sound too bad? hopefully he can come back after the bye…

  11. BobbyAyala says:

    I called it too. look it up.

  12. To be my usual pessimistic self, it’s starting to look like we’re not going to have much Luck of the Andrew variety.

  13. BobbyAyala says:

    It’s a deep class at QB. Really deep.

  14. I’ll freely admit I was way off, I expected an NY blowout. Pretty amazing. Hope it’s a growing team & not a fluke!

    Injury wise, this is a good time for the bye. Momentum wise, it’s a horrible time.

  15. BobbyA did call it.

    Feels good to go into a bye with a win. Even a little more than winning in an ordinary week.

  16. Plenty of good QB’s are picked outside the top 10 in the first round – seems like every year there’s as many guys who make it from that area, than the top-5 type guys. Esp if it’s considered a deep year. You’re right that I don’t think we’ll get luckk, but we’ll be alright.

  17. bird_spit says:

    The emotion of this game of this long term hawks fan:
    Before the game, if they come out not flat, and play better than last year, it’s a win.
    Half time, wow they are really entertaining, but it’s a young team, and expect the mo to be with NY.
    End of game, holy crap they won, and it was so unexpected.

    Coaches should be commended to bringing the game to the east coast, and stealing the show in New Jersey. I have not felt this good about a win since A Monday night in PHILLY.

  18. madpunter88 says:

    When was the last time the Seahawks won an early-start game on the East Coast against a team with a winning record?

    And when was the last time the Seahawks won a game when they were double-digit underdog?

    There are wins, big wins, and monumental wins. That was a monumental win that helps build toward bigger and better things.

  19. raymaines says:

    I will be totally annoyed forever if the Colts are able to draft Andrew Luck.

  20. LUVXMAS says:

    Monumental & fabulous. I also picked us. WOW A bye to get injured people better and it could be lots of fun. I’m going to the Cincy game & now I’m excited!!

  21. JZombie says:

    Going back and reading that morning link from the New York Daily News, the Ralph Vacchiano blog post, it’s a real laugher now. He sure knew what he was talking about!

  22. JZombie says:

    And as a postscript to that. Eric, Dave, anyone else involved with keeping this blog going, thank you for never coming close to the amount of arrogance displayed in that daily news post. One reason I like coming here.

  23. MadSweeney42 says:

    According to Yahoo, 69% of the people in their survivor pools took NYG.

  24. mocarob says:

    You losers keep talking about losing for Luck. Grow a pair and strive to win..
    Can you believe east coast, multiple turnovers, no BMW, No Tru = win.

    ACIB, change your name to rainman. (wopner at 4)
    You really need to examine your obsession/latent attraction for AC.

  25. bulldog80 says:

    ACIB is right, Curry had a blight on an otherwise excellent defensive performance. It’s a good thing Browner was able to run that game winner back, he had a lot of penalties again today and needed something positive to happen.

    I’m loving to see our Oline start to play well, and it was good to see Cdub in there and win it.

  26. bulldog80 says:

    Thurmond could be our best corner right now.

  27. Hopefully They won’t do the usual disappear for the entire bye week routine. we need time to learn more of the offense. No contact needed – just walk throughs and study – study – study.

    Maybe a little more line work – Don’t want guys to get lazy with time off – like they proved they would in the lock out! I know it’s only a few days but we still need to learn!!

    If we want playoffs we are going to have to get better every week.

    As far as our QB goes:
    Still not sold on Tjack but he doesn’t scare me like he used to – he still “scrambles” into the pressure instead of away from it. Still holds the ball a long time. (getting better) and still wants a wide open guy which isn’t always going to happen in the NFL.

    CW – was servicable today – pulled a Tjack and locked onto some targets. Scrambled a little early sometimes. Timing was off a litte – all things you would expect out of the Back up guy with few reps.

    I think we can win with these guys as long as our defense gets itself off the field. We have needed offensive rhythm and can’t establish it on our own just yet. (or for the last 3-4 years) we need to defense to hold up until we get there. many times they do not

  28. WiscCory says:

    Haven’t posted in a while, however I agree that Curry played extremely questionable today. A guy with his intensity should be a solid tackler, however he’s far from that. Normally, one could let dropped int’s by a LB slide, however when they hit his hands, c’mon. That’s happened a couple times this season.

    I’m also concerned with the number of penalties on special teams. That’s kinda ridiculous.

    5 weeks in, and the team is looking better. Very promising. Catching SF will be almost impossible, though, unless Seattle can rattle off about 8 wins in a row. Not likely.

  29. MadSweeney42 says:

    Why are so many of you dead set on picking in the 20s at next year’s draft?

  30. I don’t care where we pick – we just have to pick well!

    Pitt, GB, and NE have proved that if you draft well it doesn’t matter where you pick. I firmly believe – play the best you can and at the end of the season come up with a draft strategy.

    If you pick well year after year – you will have guys you can let go for Picks – which is where NE has been killing the rest of the league.

  31. DFloydd says:

    Jackson was playing well but Clipboard Jesus for the win!! All hail Chuck Beardhurst! At least Charlie had a little revenge for the beating he took at the hands of the Giants last year…..if I remember correctly they destroyed the Hawks in Charles’ first NFL beard, er, I mean NFL start last year? anyways, BOOYAW for the East Coast 10am game win. Long time coming and about fuggin time….a young team that gains not just confidence but belief that they can win anywhere can be extremely dangerous as time goes on…..interesting….

  32. TBarnes says:

    Good win. I figured looking at the numbers that we’d be able to run today, but certainly not to the degree we were able to. I was impressed with the OL progress – this was a good DL and they handled the pressure for the most part. Great progress from the first two weeks. Being able to handle the pressure and run block shows where we are headed on the OL. The competitive level of the team this season is a function of the OL – and it is trending up. I am hoping the injury to Moffit is minimal. This young core of players is learning and progressing. This as opposed to what is happening in St Louis and Arizona. This division has been a doormat for several years, but that is past history with the rising quality of young players. The NYG and TB learned as much this weekend. Shame on you Jimmy Johnson for disrespecting Seattle today (you should have watched the film)! Maybe in two weeks the Seahawks, of all people will deserve your respect.

  33. Soggybuc says:

    Losers draft in the top 10! i’ll take the 20’s for a few years and then be really happy when we draft 32’nd.

  34. I know who I believe in now. John Schneider, who drafted, Thomas, Chancellor, Thurmond, Okung, Carpenter, Moffitt, Wright, Sherman, and then found Baldwin and Browner, to start rebuilding this team in record time.

    I also believe in our Head Coach who is coaching this young team up to believe in themselves.

    “Suck for Luck”, my arse. Losing doesn’t lead to anything good; winning leads to more winning.

  35. A lot of great plays in this game, but my favorite was watching James Carpenter destroy the DE to uncork Marshawn Lynch for a 47 yard run. Let’s hope that’s just the first of many more to come.

  36. “Tight end Zach Miller suffered a concussion in the first half.”

    Eric, the team told you this?

    If this is true, the Hawks are going to be in trouble with the league. I saw the play where he got rattled but this is the first I’ve heard about it being referred to as a concussion. If he suffered a concussion that early, it was diagnosed, and they put him back out there for three more quarters that wouldn’t go over well. I’d be really surprised if the Hawks don’t refer to it as a head or neck injury, something vague, to avoid the ramifications.

    How great is Kam Chancellor? And I could watch that Hargrove safety a hundred times and get an adrenaline rush each time. Also, the right side of the line looks amazing. And this is only the beginning for them.

  37. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    carson. miller never came back into the game

  38. I picked the hawks last week by 3 or 7 when most not all were saying we’d be blown out.
    Reality is if the lame fumbles (they were pretty weak, team needs to work on ball security)didnt happen Hawks would have blown this game open early
    Quit listening to the talking heads and the tradition of teams
    The Giants were over rated
    Good time for bye week, get healthy boys don’t overlook the Browns

  39. @AaronCurryIsABust…..dude, you’re a bust…..

  40. AaronCurryIsBUST says:
  41. Now who we gonna get for a franchise QB? Flynn ain’t it.

  42. ACIB, as I have said before, you are TRULY PATHETIC. Good to see that almost everyone else on this blog can see your verbal diarrhea for what it is. You are right about Curry’s play but, you lead off the thread about one of the best Seahawk’s wins in years with a completely negative post. Do you ever notice anything positive about the team? If not, why are you a fan? Because you’re a PATHETIC little man with a need for something to focus all your vile personality on? Look in the mirror LOSER. You obviously want to be AC or more likely WANT TO BE WITH HIM.

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