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McCoy placed on IR; Vobora signing official

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 4, 2011 at 2:26 pm with 27 Comments »
October 4, 2011 6:59 pm

The Seattle Seahawks made several moves today in order to replenish the roster heading into Sunday’s contest against the New York Giants.

After Pete Carroll said on Monday that linebacker Matt McCoy would be out indefinitely with a knee sprain, the Seahawks ultimately decided he would not recover in time to help them this year, and placed him on season-ending injured reserve today.

In his place, Seattle brought up linebacker Jameson Konz, the team’s seventh-round draft choice from a year ago, and added him to the active roster.

Konz was initially drafted as a tight end, but switch to defensive end during training camp and ultimately wound up being used as a linebacker. Konz saw plenty of time as gunner on the punt team and also was used on kickoff coverage on special teams, and likely will be used in a similar manner this week.

The Seahawks also released fullback Eddie Williams form the active roster and made the signing of linebacker David Vobora official.

Tight end Fendi Onobun was released from the practice squad with an injury settlement, and the Seahawks added tight end John Nalbone in his place. Seattle still has an extra spot on the practice squad, so they could conceivably bring Williams back on the practice squad if he clears waivers.

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  1. The Giants better watch out for THE KONZ. He’s going to take over the show. Happy Days are here again.

  2. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Poor McCoy. Another victim of the Aaron Curry Catastrophe.

  3. Audible says:


    That’s funny…I thought the same thing when it looked like McCoy’s knee was blown out.

  4. We need to get Cory Schlesinger out of retirement.

  5. MadSweeney42 says:

    Whacko. Wasn’t Red Bryant hurt last year by the Chris Clemons Disaster?

  6. Audible says:

    No, but BobbyK is in pain right now by the current T-Jack disaster.

  7. Darn, they released Fendi Onobun before I got a chance to buy my Fendi Onobun jersey.

  8. ACIB, we all know you secretly wear a Curry jersey under your clothes. ;)

    And don’t sell that #59 jersey just yet. Coach chose to play Curry a lot more than Wright last Sunday, and he made plays.

  9. Curry was better than Wright last week. No doubt about it. But steak is also better than a McDonalds cheeseburger but I’d much rather eat a dollar burger than shell out $40 for a steak if I had to consistently pay for it. I’ll take the cheeseburger next year and use the rest of my lute to try to lure in another Sidney Rice stud free agent with the exta cash.

  10. *Curry isn’t a steak; he just costs the price of one.

  11. Audible says:

    He’s not even beef jerky…more like tofu.

  12. What happens when a player goes on IR? Does he still get paid a little ? does he still get paid his contract?
    I’m all in favor of trading Curry. But all this bitching about him is like hearing my mother – in-Law bitch about me.

  13. bird_spit says:

    Hey, dont put tofu at that level…more like cat piss.

  14. under what scenario would anyone here give aaron curry credit? i thought he played an excellent game last week. he was put on notice, and carroll set him up to either perform, or showcase what he can do for potential suitors. just shut the hell up about him already.

  15. Soggybuc says:

    I believe they usually reach an injury settlement to cover this years loss of game checks for a player but the contract remains in force and picks back up when the player makes the 53 the following year.
    How that impacts a teams cap number i have no idea.

    Konz was playing ST well during pre season so this could be a good move.

  16. freedom_X says:

    That’s cool to hear about Konz (a cult favorite of mine) be activated. I didn’t think that would happen this year. I really hope he showed enough to indicate he can pep up the feeble Seattle pass rush, as well as help on special teams.

    I thought Vobora played well in pre-season and will be a plus on special teams and LB depth as well.

    This could be the last motivational trick Carroll can play to get Curry going. If Curry really wants out, he needs to play better to stir up trade interest. The deadline is only a couple weeks away.

  17. BobbyK said: “Curry was better than Wright last week. No doubt about it. But steak is also better than a McDonalds cheeseburger but I’d much rather eat a dollar burger than shell out $40 for a steak if I had to consistently pay for it. I’ll take the cheeseburger next year and use the rest of my lute to try to lure in another Sidney Rice stud free agent with the extra cash.”

    Yes. Now I think you understand why they let Matt Hasselbeck walk and get paid $21 million elsewhere, since at his age he was just a bridge to the next QB anyway.

  18. No team is going to trade for Aaron Curry if they think he may get cut at the end of the season and be had for far less money as a result.

    I’m sure glad those stupid rookie salaries have been capped. What a waste.

  19. freedom_X says:

    If a team thinks Curry can really help them, a trade means they’ll “control him” (baseball term) for another year beyond this one. For example, if the Bengals wanted Curry for some reason, and Curry had good market value, they’d be best off trading for him since he wouldn’t sign with them otherwise unless they overpaid.

    Now, it’s mostly likely Curry has little market value, so there probably is little demand for him, and teams won’t be overpaying to get him if he’s released later. But if he has a couple flash games like his 1st few games as a rookie, maybe that would fan some interest.

  20. Stevos – he’s performing at that bad of a level where he should be making $12 million over those 3 years instead? High functioning NFL QBs must not be worth much in your world on a per year basis. For the record, he’s probably not going to see the 3rd year of that contract so he really won’t be making $21 million.

  21. Reading the Titans blog, I can’t help but be envious of Titans fans. They have Hass playing lights out and Locker sitting on the bench. We have nada. Well, almost nada.

  22. Soggybuc says:

    He is looking really good behind a decent O-line while teams still game plan to stop Chris Johnson. He would be beat up and beset with nagging injuries if he had stayed in Seattle.
    Matts a really tough guy sure, but the ONE area that TJ has that is superior to Matt is his ability to take a pounding.

    To that guy who wants to punch his genitals if Konz gets a shot at run blocking FB I say why the hell not! If he shows he can bring the wood in the run scheme then play him there. can trying it out make our run game any worse?

  23. Soggybuc says:

    Canfan it’s early still and there is a lot of ball left to play. they dont hand out titles on the first Sunday of October for a reason.

  24. Soggybuc, you’re absolutely right: Hass wouldn’t be putting up the same numbers in Seattle. And if you’re going to make a decision with your head, then PC made the right decision to cut ties with Hass. But if your heart gets involved, then you want to see your favorite player finish his career in a Seahawks uniform, even if he doesn’t put up stellar numbers.

    If the Titans win a Super Bowl with Hass — extremely unlikely to happen, but let’s just say it does — I would be happy for Hass but also pissed that they won the big one with “our guy.”

    Well, at least three great ones, Steve Largent, Cortez Kennedy and Walter Jones, retired as Seahawks.

  25. That’s me soggy buc. I will not rescind the offer. I swear to god if the Seahawks think the ever so versatile Jameson Konz will solve our running problem I will punch myself right in the money maker and pray that one day Seattle will have a run game again.

  26. Soggybuc says:

    LMAO, can you make youtube video of that please?

  27. seahawkfan97 says:

    maybe we could get lofa to play!!!!!

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