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Carroll: “We grew more today”

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 2, 2011 at 6:25 pm with 63 Comments »
October 2, 2011 6:25 pm

Even in defeat, a 30-28 loss to Atlanta, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was somewhat upbeat, and believes his team made progress today

“Last week was terrific to get the win, but we gained more today,” Carroll said. “And I think we grew more today. And we understand what we can do better. And I thought that it was just something that needed to be noted. But we’ll see what happens. We’ll see where we go from here.”

One of the reasons was the performance of Seattle’s offense. After scoring 30 points all season, the Seahawks rang up 28 points today on a pretty good offense.

And quarterback Tarvaris Jackson finally played like Seahawks’ brass thought he could, finishing 25 of 38 for 319 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions.

“I thought Tarvaris showed us what we’ve been counting on, what we’ve been seeing and what we felt,” Carroll said about Jackson’s performance. “Tremendous play, tremendous throws, sense, poise, toughness again and the ability to execute when it’s really hard.

“He got us in position to win the football game – and it was a long ways away from that position – but he got us close enough to win the football game.”

Yes, let’s talk about that. Down 30-28 at the end of the game, Carroll said that he considered going for the first down when Atlanta called a time out to ice Seattle kicker Steven Hauschka on his 61-yard field goal attempt that feel short and was wide left.

Seattle had 4th and 8 from Atlanta’s 43-yard line with 13 seconds left after Jackson failed to complete a pass to tight end Zach Miller on third down.

Sidney Rice’s false start penalty on 2nd and 10 from Atlanta’s 45-yard line also hurt Seattle in that situation, pushing them back five yards.

Ultimately, Carroll said he wanted to give his team a chance to win, and felt like if the Seahawks went for it on fourth down and didn’t make it, even though they had one timeout left, that they would not have had take a shot at winning the game.

“I wanted to give us a chance to win it,” Carroll said. “If we get the ball knocked down or something doesn’t happen and we come up short on fourth down, then we don’t get a shot to win the game. So in that instance it was 60 and we’re going to take a shot to make a historic kick.”

To put Hauschka’s 61-yard attempt in perspective, only nine players in NFL history have made field goals from 60 yards or longer, with the latest Oakland’s Sebastian Janikowski, who tied the record with a 63-yarder in his team’s 23-20 win at Denver on Sept. 12.

Hauschka was kicking into the wind toward the open end of CenturyLink Field. And although he had been striking the ball well, with three touchbacks on the day, Hauschka’s longest field goal is 54 yards when he was with Baltimore in 2008.
Also hampering Seattle on the drive was the fact they had burned two timeouts earlier in the second half.

Tight end Zach Miller said the team had confidence that Hauschka could make the kick because he had made some from similar distances in practice.

“We felt like he could make that kick and he’s done it before,” Miller said. “There was no reason not to kick it, 4th and 8 with so little time left. That’s a touch conversion play, too, so obviously if he would have hit it we’d all be celebrating right now.”

That said, Miller would have like for the offense to execute better in that situation to make the kick easier.

“Yeah, definitely,” Miller said. “We had some chances. The clock was winding down on us. We only had the one timeout starting the drive. We ended up finishing with it, so a few more yards here or there you get close enough to where he has a better shot at it.

“So I think everyone, when we started that drive, felt like there was no doubt we were going to win that game either on a field goal, or even a touchdown. I felt like we just ran out of time, and didn’t make enough plays there in that last drive.”

No sacks for O-line: Jackson finished with his first 300-yard game as a Seahawk, completing passes to nine different receivers, as the Seahawks finally were able to spread the ball around in the passing game.

Jackson said the reason for his success passing the ball was simple – no sacks.

“I feel fresh, like I just came to the stadium,” Jackson said. “I rarely hit the ground, so I just want to take my hat off to those guys today. They did a great job protecting. It just shows the hard work that they put in, the extra time they put in and the extra work they put in has paid off.”

A lot had been made of Jackson not going through his progressions and working one side of the field. Well, Jackson said that having the extra time to work through his progressions and allow guys to get open down the field.

“Those guys did a great job and allowed me to get through my progressions,” Jackson said. “And not having to rush through them. So whenever you have time like that, a defense can’t cover for that long. It’s hard, somebody’s going to wiggle open.

Defense bounces back: Atlanta jumped out to a 24-7 lead on the legs of running back Michael Turner, converting 6 of 8 third downs in the first half and only punting once.

But after allowing Turner to rush for 51 yards and two touchdowns in the first half, they held him 19 yards the rest of the way.

“We went back to our bread and butter,” Seattle defensive end Red Bryant said. “We went to Oakland – that’s our bread and butter defense where we clamp down and we stop the run. And Michael Turner, he’s a great back. But he’s not the first back we’ve been able to control.

“So what he did in the first half, we tip our hat to him. But we knew coming out after the half that they wanted to commit to the run, and we were going to make it harder than hell to run the ball.”

Injury update: It appears that linebacker Matt McCoy’s injury could be serious, although Carroll did not provide details on his injury. Linebacker Malcolm Smith and defensive end Anthony Hargrove have hamstring injuries, and receiver Mike Williams suffered a concussion on the crack block on Marshawn Lynch’s 11-yard run. Linebacker Aaron Curry suffered an hip injury during the first quarter but returned to the game and continued to play.

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  1. BobbyAyala says:

    An entertaining fail.

    At least the Chiefs won.

    The Luck Train is still on schedule.

  2. pabuwal says:

    This team actually isn’t that far from putting it together but I have no idea what they can do at the CB and RB positions. Hopefully, Baldwin starts over Williams in the near future.

  3. I am not a fan of all the Browner pass interferences.

  4. I’d say a sack artist that can get consistent heat on the opposing QB is more of a pressing need than CB or RB.

    Baldwin is money! I’m a believer!

  5. Our OL is FINALLY coming around, too!!!

  6. pabuwal says:

    Some of these developments are pretty exciting aren’t they Bobby?

    But watching Browner give up all these third down conversions through penalty or reception is very discouraging. Surely Thurmond has to be better than this.

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Baldwin is Largent reincarnated! He helps make up for the 1st round busts!

  8. HawksKD says:

    Wow what a debacle – the choice of attempting a 61 yard field goal for the win was abso-_ucking-lutely absurd. Excile had it right in the las thread but let me back it up.

    The average NFL kicker is gonna make a 48-53 yard field goal with a high percentage of conversion. Every yard more drops the conversion percentage down dramatically… A 61 yarder? Give me a _ucking break. There are 5 out 32 kickers in this league that i would trust to make that. Certainly not Hauschka who was unemployed 2 weeks into the season.

    Every kicker knows their limits. Every kicker has a pretty damn good idea whether or not they can make that kick…. The amount that Hauschka missed by was a long shot. Even he had an inkling of a chance to make that it would have been a lot closer.

    You have an offense who is having their best production of the year. ATL was on it’s heels. You make a first down and the field goal goes from 61 yards to 53. Right in that window. They had the numbers to support achieving 8 yards. It was much more doable than asking a kicker to kick WAY outside his range. We are at home our offense is hot and your qb is not gonna play much better than today… your offense to win the game because it will be one of VERY FEW times that we see our passing game going so well.

    I believe carrol is an excellent coach and made a really ba decision this game….

  9. mike98541 says:

    Pete must go

  10. pabuwal says:

    Before you say the passing game won’t have this production in the future, keep in mind that Jackson has only been out played by the other quarterback in just 1 game this year. And that includes 3 very highly paid quarterbacks.

  11. HawksKD says:

    HEY HEY HEY how did the return of Michael Robinson help our run game?


    No blame on Robinson considering the 40 some odd plays we ran maybe 2 were out of the I-Formation..

    Look im not completely down it was a great game there are some things i just dont understand… what is our offensive identity I just don’t get it at all. They say were an apple but we look like an orange…somebody help me see what were trying to do.

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    HawksKD- I agree 100%! Even a 53 yarder was asking too much to kick in Seattle of all places!

  13. HawksKD says:

    Interesting pabuwal never saw that but all the more reason….

    We had ATL on it’s heels. Jackson was hot. Prove that you believe in him. 8 yards wins us the game.

  14. williambryan says:

    I’m really OK with this game today. I thought the success on offense was more about the playcalling and less about the line. They finally opened up the passing game which has been way overdue. The best players on offense are the WR’s, so they need to get them the ball and they did that today. Hopefully this game will give Tjack confidence going to BMW from now on. I still think Whitehurst would lead the team to more success but, oh well. I feel like if Kam Chancellor was playing that would have made a big difference to the teams success. Bigby doesn’t look like he has a lot of confidence in my opinion.

    Ultimately this is the kind of game I really hope to see more of this year. Competitive and close but the loss helps to keep the team in the top of the draft lol

  15. I enjoyed watching our young O line today. They are growing and improving faster than anyone could expect. Tarvaris is improving too. All he needs is a running game and he will start to be dangerous. Lack of good run blocking really crippled our offense today.

    But no team was going to stop Atlanta’s passing attack today, regardless.

    I’ll bet that Minnesota’s front office is really pissed they let Tarvaris walk away so they could sign McNabb. Our offense is better than theirs right now.

    I think Andrew Luck will be in Miami or Kansas City next year.

  16. HawksKD says:

    BTW I have no idea how the play looked on TV but marshawns TD run happened for one reason.
    Mike Williams absolutely OBLITERATED the left edge. I have never seen a WR block like that. It was viscous, it was violent and I really hope Mike is ok. When I saw it happen I actually was praying for the ATL player until someone told
    me it was Mike.

  17. HawksKD says:

    That was injured

  18. freedom_X says:

    The O-line played far better. That’s the growth sign. The D-line regressed. They were tough against the run in the 2nd half, but didn’t get a drop of pass pressure despite the huge home-field advantage.

    If you want to know what killed Seattle, it was the inability to garner any type of pass rush. That’s what allowed Atlanta to indulge in those mind-numbing drives, even with Turner averaging less than 3 yards a carry.

    As always with a losing team – plug a leak here, spring a leak somewhere else. But I thought the pass rush was a weakness already for this year, so if the O-line has really improved, then it’s a net gain. But not being able to get 1 sack and only 4 QB hits at home against a shaky Atlanta line is not a good sign.

  19. PixelDummy says:

    I still believe in PC…but a 61 yard FG? I think it’s safe to say the priority for this year is growth and positioning for Luck over wins. Baldwin holding on to the ball while concussed by a helmet to helmet?!! Dougie Fresh is a legit starting NFL receiver any day of the week.

  20. Okay in the middle of the 3rd quarter, Carpenter was absolutely soaked!!! (from sweat) there was like 4 inches that were not totally covered. at one point in time he went to tuck his jersey back in and squeezed the sweat out of it before he tucked it back in. No wonder he is loosing sooo much weight!!

    Moffitt was getting schooled early in the game by 94 but he went down – and got booed – and wasn’t quite the same the rest of the game. and he rotated out a lot more as well.

  21. “As always with a losing team – plug a leak here, spring a leak somewhere else. But I thought the pass rush was a weakness already for this year, so if the O-line has really improved, then it’s a net gain. But not being able to get 1 sack and only 4 QB hits at home against a shaky Atlanta line is not a good sign.”

    They did totally tighten up in the 2nd half though – held a good offensive team to two pretty long FG’s. We don’t make that comeback w/out help from the D too. So, a temporary regressing.

    O-line was the story today for me. Glad to Tarvaris make some plays too – I think he’s held up well under the boos/criticisms, seems like a solid dude to me. Still don’t think he’ll QB beyond his 2-yr deal, but that’s ok.

  22. natedog says:

    I completely agree williambryan, about competitive losing anyways. We don’t need another year of destroying our draft position as a mediocre at best team with no real shot at a SB. We need high picks to add to a young, developing team so that we can be a real contender in the future. Don’t get why some people on here are clammering for Hasselbeck just because he has played well in a few games, even though I don’t think his numbers were all that great today considering he had a 50 completion % and 2 of his TD’s were because of HORRIBLE defense by the Browns. Regardless, he would probably be on the IR if he were here and he mostly likely wouldn’t be putting up numbers anywhere close to what he is if he were here and not injured. If he was capable of playing that well on a BAD team he would’ve done it the last THREE years where his QB rating was 70. Even if he was playing that well here, by the time the rest of the team is really reading to compete with him he would be 37 or 38 years old. What’s the point of that????????

    Pabuwal, I agree about the CB but, I don’t see RB as a major need for us. I think it has a lot more to do with the blocking than the RB’s. It wouldn’t matter if we had Jim Brown if he had no blocking. The o-line has improved a lot already but, they still have a long way to go, especially in the running game.

    KD, you must’ve not watched the game. They showed where Haushka made a 65 yarder in pregame. So it was NOT DEFINITELY OUT OF HIS RANGE. Unlikely yes, but so is making it on fourth and 8. Carroll made what he thought was the best choice out of 2 bad ones. I can see it either way but, you guys that are calling him an idiot for making the call he did are just Monday Morning QB’s prone to hyperbole. If you’re going to criticize something, criticize Sidney for his false start or Carroll for the fact that we had only 1 timeout because of the fact that we had to burn 2 because the defense was not prepared.

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Curry made a good hit on Turner! Well he also took out our own man on special teams!
    One step forward- one step back!

  24. natedog says:

    Mike, why post “Pete must go”? Either give some logical reasons or why bother???????

  25. HawksKD says:

    Actually Nate dog I was sitting in the north endzone and got to see exactly how bad the kick was shanked.

    Hauschka did not have the strength OR the accuracy. If he had ANY business whatsoever making that kick you would have either seen it: wide right, wide left, or down the middle but short. Oh did he make the 65 yarder in pregame???? That’s impressive was there a 6 foot wall 7 yards in front of him to break the low angle? Pretty sure taking a low practice angle adds about 10 yards..

    I watched the game…thanks

  26. Week 1, SEA @ SF, at about 4 minutes left SEA got a TD and was 1/4 of the way back to winning, then by a little over 3 minutes left the game was lost.
    Week 2, SEA @ PIT, SEA was never in any position to win the game, but the game was pretty much lost with 23 minutes left.
    Week 3, AZ @ SEA, AZ held the advantage thru the middle third of the game and then again in the middle of the 4th quarter, and SEA won at the very end.
    Week 4, ATL @ SEA, the game wasn’t lost until the last few seconds. Impressive game by SEA, who nobody had winning this game. Best game yet.

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    HawksKD- natedog is just a sniper that can’t hold a intellectual football debate! He just comes on here drunk after the game to stir things up!
    It makes me laugh that he actually thinks that pregame kicking is like game kicking.
    And the scary thing is that maybe Carroll does too?

  28. He, the kicker, was CLEARLY nervous as he lined up and to me – in the 300 level, looked like he stuttered on the way to the ball. He knew he had to keep it low and totally mis-hit the ball. I believe it was out of range for him but not because of the out come of that one play, but because it was 61 yards.

    Had Rice not false started we could have had a first down with a chance to go one play and improve the position with one time out left.

    Also, after the review we took over 10 seconds to hike the ball. 10 seconds. What the heck. make your read hike the ball get an extra play in.!!!!

  29. nidhighe says:

    “Pete must go”

    Mora fan?

  30. natedog says:

    KD, you may have watched the game but, you obviously didn’t see the broadcast you moron. He made the 65 yarder in pregame with at least 5 yards to spare. Yes, I know that a GAME kick is different. What nugget of wisdom are you going to impart next? That we need oxygen to live. My point wasn’t that he has a GOOD chance of making it. But that’s very different from your assertion that HE HAD NO BUSINESS ATTEMPTING IT! QB’s make horrible throws that make them look like they have NO BUSINESS on the field sometimes. Then the next play they throw a dart. You can’t say that he had NO CHANCE because he hit it badly ONCE. If you think you can then you truly are a bigger MORON than I thought. We had a LOW PERCENTAGE chance of making a 4th and 8. So neither choice had a very good chance of working.

    Georgia, I have tried to have an INTELLIGENT debate with you before. Especially when you were crying like a baby who had his candy taken away when they didn’t resign Hasselbeck. You neither then or since have refuted any of my demolitions of your garbage logic. Just get off the computer and go back to wrapping your lips around Hasselbeck’s pole!

  31. I thought I heard the announcer say that the practice kick at that distance was going the other direction, with the wind. Hauschka (sp?) was kicking into the wind. I’m just glad ATL didn’t have a returner back there or he could have maybe run it back for a TD.

    At NYG. Their pass offense is better, our run D is better. When they visited us in week 9 last season they won 41-7. Would be great to even be in this coming game.

  32. toastmaster says:

    Ignoring everything else (Im concerned about) – I’m a bit concerned about the penalties. Both made and not called. Not to play the “what if” game, but there were a couple of personal fouls not called against atl IMO. If they do end up being fined I’ll be *issed. I know its not my money – but Id much rather have the yards. I know we are working on this during real games instead of training camp – but still frustrating. Not sure how I feel about the 61 yd field goal call – but I would have felt better about it 5 yds closer (sidney).

  33. bird_spit says:

    I too am with Williambryan. Great game, and the outcome wasn’t too optimistic. Hawks help their position for the 2013 or 2014 super bowl run by almost winning today. If you could script a game, one which by loosing, you win, it is today’s game.

  34. HawksKD says:

    He did not have a better chance at hitting a 61 yard field goal than we had at going for a 4th and 8…

    I just said I was at the game. Nice assertion that I didn’t watch the broadcast genious..What nugget of information are YOU going to provide next?

    Here’s MY next nugget. Our kicker had about as much business kicking a 61 yarder as much as you have any business being on this blog.

  35. Just compare today’s game to last season’s 34-18 loss. 30-28 and a fight to the end. It seems like an improvement to me.

  36. Danny Kelly makes a good point at Field Gulls: We shouldn’t be comparing the likelihood of making a 61-yard FG with the likelihood of converting a fourth and 8. We should be comparing the likelihood of the 61-yarder with the likelihood of the fourth and 8 conversion AND making a 52-yard FG. Two things needed to happen in the latter scenario. You could argue that the probability is slightly higher of those two things happening, but it’s not significantly higher in my opinion.

  37. GeorgiaHawk says:

    How about big play Babs? Good to see the Romonator doing well.

  38. HawksKD says:

    I apologize – i don’t want to detract from anyones participation on this blog but natedogs billegerant rantings are a little ridiculous..if you are going to call people names at least have some semblance of purpose.

  39. GeorgiaHawk says:

    No need to apologize HawksKD!
    I’m 100% behind you on this one!

  40. natedog says:

    KD, you wanna talk about who should be on this blog? Your statement. “not Haushka who was unemployed 2 weeks into the season”!!!! You’re too STUPID to even get simple facts straight. We picked him up after final cut downs moron, not 2 WEEKS into the season. Maybe check your facts before spewing your verbal diarrhea next time. YOU”RE the one making all these DEFINITE ASSERTIONS that you cannot PROVE or BACKUP with an ounce of data. I have stated that I could make a case for either decision but, YOU”RE THE ONE THAT’S 100 % SURE THAT YOUR CORRECT! With NOTHING to back it up! Why is it that the DUMBEST PEOPLE are always the most certain they’re right??????????????

  41. natedog says:

    Great point Canfan!

    See KD and Georgia, I am more than willing to give someone credit if they make a good point or use logic. Just not going to reinforce mindless, certain beyond any right to be ramblings. Try some logic and facts and see where you get.

  42. natedog says:

    Toastmaster, I think that there will be a fine coming on that hit on Baldwin. I personally don’t agree with it but, I think there will. What bothers me is that if it was the other way around I bet the refs would’ve called it. I think it was a good no call though. It was technically a helmet to helmet hit but, I think that they have to use some discretion. Baldwin started to go down and the Atlanta player that was going for his midsection ended up hitting his helmet. They plays are taking place in a fraction of a second. You cannot expect defenders to react that quickly. I think you should only penalize when they are deliberately going for the helmet

  43. GeorgiaHawk says:

    natedog-Are you certain you’re right when you say-“Why is it that the DUMBEST PEOPLE are always the most certain they’re right?????????????

  44. HawksKD says:

    Here is why I like going for 4th and 8

    Tavaris Jackson was hot this game. Let’s not kid ourselves. As much as we (I included) ride T.Jacks inept play today we (I included) eat crow.

    Tavaris had about a 65% completion percentage I would say 75%-80% were more or less on target for the receiver to make a play. At 320 passing yards that’s almost 13 yards a completion. There were 7 different receivers with at least 3 receptions (that’s a shit load of variant receivers)

    If there is anytime you put the trust in your QB to put you into a position to win…that was it.

    You want your QB to be confident? You want the city to believe in him? Well your chance was there with 13 seconds left in the game…..the battle continues….

  45. hawkdawg says:

    I will bet on converting a 4th and 8 plus a 52 yard (or fewer) field goal over a 61 yard “historic” goal from an inexperienced kicker kicking into the wind whose high is 54…every day of the week, and twice on Sunday. I think Pete lost his head a little there.

    Or he didn’t believe in Tarvaris enough to pull that trigger….

  46. HawksKD says:

    Ok sorry we picked him up at the last minute I was wrong….

    Is that what you have to contribute? Well….at least it’s something…..

  47. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the more Baldwin plays the better this team gets?

  48. bigsmooth says:

    Give it a rest. If TJack would’ve been sacked on the supposed 4th and 8 you’d probably be complaining about that too. They took a shot and missed. So be it. A lot of encouraging signs today, good enough for me. This was basically the best case scenario.

  49. natedog says:

    See KD, I would’ve had no problem with a post like your last one. I just had a problem with your assertion that you were 100 % positive about something that NONE OF US CAN KNOW! Maybe KLM can crunch the data but, I’m guessing that none of us has enough data to make any kind of accurate statement about which is more likely, a 61 yard FG or a converted 4th and 8 and a 53-45 yard FG. Unfortunately for comPete, he has to make the call and live with it. He doesn’t have the benefit of hindsight like we do. Either way, if Haushka shanked the ball like he did on the 61 yarder it wouldn’t have been good from either 53 or 45. Not that he would’ve necessarily hit it that bad from 53 or 45. We will NEVER know. I would’ve had no problem going for it there on 4th and 8. The real problem is that there were many other mistakes before the last play that led to us losing. That’s what happens with young teams. I’m glad it turned out like it did. Sucks this year but will be better for us long term. We don’t need to be drafting in the 20’s again with another mediocre team. Competitive losing is the best thing for us this year.

  50. natedog says:

    Georgia, just goes to show you what a crap shoot the draft can be sometimes. I haven’t completely given up on Golden yet but, Baldwin seems to have everything that Golden lacks in spades. Going to be interesting once Butler is ready to come off the PUP. I personally hope they just IR Butler as I don’t think he’ll be ready to contribute this year and would like to get a longer nlook at some of our other young WR’s

  51. williambryan says:

    I’m with natedogg on this one. “maybe KLM can crunch the numbers…” lol.
    It would have been nice to see them go for it but the team and Carroll obviously believe Hauschka can make that kick. I’m sure he has in practice and as noted, the telecast showed him in pregame kicking one that was easily good from 65. The offense and special teams played as good as we should expect them to. If the defense could of just got one big play (turnover) that could have turned the game around. In fact, I think it will be very hard for the team to win games without a Defensive score (or near score) or special teams score. And again, maybe that’s not the worst thing. We need a Quarterback of the future and the better draft position the team has, the better options they will have.

  52. jaybrank says:

    I was surprised with the FG at the end, but I understand PC’s logic. If you miss on 4th and 8, you have no chance to win the game. If you kick a 61 yd FG with a kicker who can make 65 yd FG in practice, you have a chance to win the game. A small one, but a chance.

    Can’t blame this one one the QB so eat the crow with some salt, TJack haters. He did not give up 30 points. He was not responsible for 5 yards rushing in the 1st half. He did not commit an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that gave up field position and a bonehead false start penalty at the end of the game (Rice). Even the pics hit the receivers in the hands before they bounced off. I’m not saying he’s the QB of the future. The point is the guy can produce if he can get protection.

  53. TJax looked very, very good out there today. Especially loved the long bomb to Rice. Now if we can just get about ten of those plays per game we’d be ready for the SB.

  54. Southendzone says:

    Yep, I’ll keep my TJ bashing quiet for at least a week. After yesterday’s game he deserves a break.

    I’m OK with the FG at the end. That decision alone isn’t the wrong call. Stuff leading up to it sure, the false start, no yards on 3rd down etc.. but I was 100% behind the decision to kick it there.

    Too bad, it felt like he was going to make that kick and it would have been an epic win.

  55. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think Atlanta thought they had this game in the bag. Good to see our young team didn’t give up!
    That rule change to spot the ball further up on the kickoff seems to have messed with Washingtons timing? Perhaps inserting Baldwin in there to see what he can do with it?
    Anything to get this kid more touches.

  56. akmac63 says:

    Can’t knock the coach for the FG try, there was no time for anything else, in reality. As he said, if it was 3rd down, yes, but on 4th, too many things could just end the game right there. At least a successful FG wins the game, anything less than that likely ends in a loss anyway.

  57. akmac63 says:

    If you are going to blame anyone, Miller’s fumble/interception was a turning point. That should have been a TD with any luck at all.

  58. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I have a hunch why Carroll went for the low percentage kick into the wind on a cool day instead of letting Jackson try to get the first down. And it makes some sense. It’s not going to help Jacksons confidence by putting him in a situation where he is more then likely to not make the play and perhaps get booed at the end of the game. So why not just put all the pressure on the kicker? If he makes it he’s a hero! If he doesn’t then no one would blame him at all. Unless of course Mora was around.Lol.

  59. bird_spit says:

    Even Mora wouldn’t have gone for that kick. It was a zero percent chance outside, into the wind. What I like about that call, is that it put the kicker on notice. You will be called on to do the impossible. Make that kick, and you are carried off of that field on the backs of your teammates.
    PC had the presence to know they did not need to win the game to be successful. I like the direction of this team.

    For the first time all season, I questioned the strength of our DL. Atl OL looked very capable, probably the strongest group those guys faced all season.. Game tape review by our coaching staff will be full of teaching moments. Commitment to the blitz is what turned hawks D around.

  60. Props to Tarvaris. One thing I liked is his response to the first interception on the throw to Mike Williams over the middle (which was thrown a little behind, but he DID make a trust-throw when he was pretty well covered like many of us want to see). He came back later in the game and threw it to him again when he was pretty well covered, this time on the left sideline; BMW made the catch and got a sizable gain.

    Another little step in the right direction.

    Obligatory 61-yard FG opinion: I had no problem with it. It’s a direct shot at the winning points, however remote. I may not have made the same decision, but there’s a lot more going on in the life of an NFL team than I know about, so I’ll leave PC alone on it. Next time he might make a different decision, who knows.

  61. Dukeshire says:

    HawksKD – Consider too, it works the other way. He throws a third incompletion in a row and not only his confidence takes a shot, but he becomes an even larger goat than he had been coming into this game.

    61 is a prayer, obviously. But I agree with Carroll here; considering the circumstances you have to take a shot at the win. It’s not ideal but IMO, it was the right call. 4th and 8… that is a very difficult pick up under any conditions let alone with the game on the line.

  62. HawksKD says:

    Duke – I guess you are right about Tavaris being the goat. A lot of mindless fans would choose to skewer Tavaris and forget the rest of his day if he had not converted. Hell people will still choose to turn their head to his performance. If Petes goal was to throw himself to the fire he succeeded and in that theory his actions are admirable.

    I still say Tavaris was having a career day. If there was anytime to show him that you indeed believe in him..that was it. I would LOVE to see more games like that from Tavaris.

    In hindsight in a conspiracy theorist mindset. If Pete was in fact positionin himself in the draft, there was no better way to lose.

    In any case possible Pete had to know that his kicker didn’t have any chance to make that goal. 61 yards you guys. I don’t know what NFL games your watching (ib someone brings up janikowski) but that kick is about as rare as they get.

  63. RussellHawk says:

    If that kick went in,,,then everyone praise’s Carroll and TJ’s second half game,,(imo),,it was the only chance to win the game,,,So we Kicked and lost, oh well they fought hard to get back in the game,,If we could only play a full game we would be fine,,,and I love the hawks to much to hope for a loss,,but all the suck for luckers should be happy,,IMO

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