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Kam Chancellor doubtful for Sunday

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September 30, 2011 2:11 pm

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll said second-year safety Kam Chancellor is doubtful for Sunday, after watching practice for a third straight day on Friday.

Veteran Atari Bigby will get the start in place of Chancellor, who’s been nursing a deep thigh bruise all week.

“We’re looking for a speedy recovery here at the very finish,” Carroll said. “And it’s not an injury that he can’t come back from, it’s just he has to have to have enough flexibility to run, and right now he doesn’t have it.”

But Carroll said Bigby is ready.

“He’s had a good week of prep,” Carroll said. “And he’ll be all over the field with all the special teams duties he as well. We’ll count on him to play just like Kam would have played.”

After having back surgery on Monday, offensive line coach Tom Cable showed his toughness by appearing at practice today, with a back brace sitting on a cart. Carroll said that Cable expects to attend the game and be in the coaches box on Sunday.

“This is a miraculous recovery for this guy,” Carroll said. “He had major, major back surgery just a couple days ago. We’ve been skyping him in all week long. There were some hilarious moments where we sat him on the stage and all you could see was his big mug up there talking to the team. … He got home yesterday, and he should never be out here right now, but he just did.”

Fullback Michael Robinson fully participated in practice this week, after missing two games with an ankle issue, and is expected to both start and play on special teams. Although Carroll said he’d like to have both Robinson and backup fullback Eddie Williams active on Sunday.

“It great to have him back,” Carroll said about Robinson. “Eddie Williams did a very nice job for us filling in, and we’ll see how the roster sets up and how many guys we can have. If we can have both of those guys available, it would be nice.”

And for for the first time this year the Seahawks will have the same starting five offensive linemen in consecutive weeks.

Speaking of the offensive line, offensive guard Robert Gallery is of course out for the second straight week with a groin injury, but Carroll said he’s ahead of schedule in terms of his recovery, and could do some things next week.

Gallery was supposed to miss four to six weeks, but that could be closer to four according to Carroll.

“Robert’s not very far off,” Carroll said. “He’s going to get back quickly. He has a great recovery going right now, so he’s probably a couple weeks away maybe at most.”

Here’s the injury report

For Seattle, Chancellor (quad) and cornerback Byron Maxwell (ankle) did not practice and are doubtful for Sunday.

Offensive tackle Jarriel King (ankle), Robinson (ankle) and LB Matt McCoy (shoulder/head) fully participated in practice and are probable.

For Atlanta, defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux (knee), defensive end Cliff Matthews (knee), linebacker Stephen Nicholas (calf) and running back Jason Snelling (concussion) did not practice.

Receiver Roddy White (thigh) was a limited participant on Friday and is questionable, which would be a big blow for the Falcons if he cannot play.

Offensive tackle Sam Baker (ankle), linebacker Curtis Lofton (foot) and cornerback Kelvin Hayden (hamstring) fully participated in practice and are probable.

Notes from practice
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  1. ryanryan says:

    hey, kam may be hurt and unable play because of his thigh bruise – but at least he looks really cool in his uniform without those ugly thigh pads.

  2. Ewalters7354 says:

    I’m glad we signed Atari Bigby.Now we have a proven vet that can carry the load until Kam gets back.

  3. Can Browner and Tru swap sides of the field? Last season Tru handled R.White pretty well, but if he’s on him this game, then Browner is on Julio Jones, and that doesn’t sound good at all.

  4. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Kam Chancellor is hurt while Aaron Curry is healthy. There is no justice.

  5. ACIB, just shut it. Go ONE post without mentioning AC!

  6. AaronCurryIsBUST says:
  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sandpoint- I don’t think most Titans fans knew what they were getting with Hasselbeck. And I don’t think Carroll Knew what he was losing!
    Give him some pass protection and suddenly he is top ten qb!
    Top ten qbs don’t grow on trees!

  8. Dump Robinson dump Williams..

    PLEASE get us a THUMPER who understands the run game. Someone who is naturally built to take on linebackers and occasionally a stunting linemen. We do not need a multi-faceted fullback who can catch, we have three tailbacks that can do that. Do away with the H-Back PETE.

    I understand the need to be versatile and i see versatility all over the hawks roster. But you know what? If your versatile at everything your good at nothing. We are not good at running the ball. Our offense is predicated on running the ball. We should fall easily in the top 10 hopefully top 5. No we are not. Screw versatility just this once an please get us something that will remind us just what #38 did for our run game…….

  9. nidhighe says:

    I think Carroll knew what he had in Hass, but he also knew what he had in a rebuilt, and mostly inexperienced, offensive line.

  10. nidhighe says:

    “get us something that will remind us just what #38 did for our run game…….”

    Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson in their primes, and Robbie Tobeck and Chris Gray overachieving late in their careers?

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    From a Titans fan.

    “Matt is a born leader. He is calm, collected and fearless and he has a ton of experience to draw upon. He is also extremely intelligent and has always shown the ability to read defenses very well. Last year against the Saints in the playoffs they tried to confuse him by bringing in the blitz on almost every other play and he burned them with short quick passes that ended up being long pickups. He was able to read the blitzes on most of the plays. He also has a great arm still and is quite accurate. I am very happy to have a quarterback of his caliber finally on our team. GO TITANS!”

    Carroll brings in a New O-line, a top tight end, and a #1 reciever. How do you think hasselbeck would be doing with all that talent upgrade by mid season in the weakest division?

  12. But you can’t deny the importance of a good blocking FB either, even though you’re trying to discredit Mack’s important contributions by giving all of the run blocking credit to those four offensive linemen (and, yes, there were extremely important). But the other positions could block like no tomorrow too (Hannam was great in his role as blocking TE, Jurevicius was arguably the best blocking WR in the NFL that year, and, of course, Mack at FB).

  13. Nidhighe –

    Mack strong Blocked for more 1,000 yard rushers than anyone you just named……..not to discredit Walter jones and hutch but believe it or not there was Seahawk football before 2005

  14. Great post Sandpoint! All the hasselhaters are back into hiding under the rock they crawled from.

    Georgiahawk – I would have loved for matt to complete his career here. That being said it would have been just that…ending his career here and on a bad note. I’m happy hass is off with finally some talent around him and doing well. But if he had gone through what TJack has been through so far.. He might not have made it to the season opener.

    I’ll give that to Tavaris, the kid can take a hit.

  15. Soggybuc says:

    Pete wants a Rathman type of FB untill one is found in the draft Robinson is what he’ll use. if had wanted a Thumper he could have had Owen marecik.

  16. To those who might think that Robinson should be released or traded, don’t forget that he’s a big special teams contributor. That’s something the Seahawks really need right now.

  17. I’d like to see Robinson back next year as our back-up FB and ST performer. He’s a good, solid back-up but he’s not a guy we want starting.

  18. Gussett – you can keep a special team contributor if he provides solid depth at a certain position. I.e Maxwell, bigby, koutivides, kazcavinski, bannister. All these players provided depth for established starters.
    If you mean to tell me that they are keeping Robinson as our primary….make that ONLY fullback (discounting Williams as he was only brought in due to injury) due to his “special teams” play I would tell you to re-evaluate why our run game is embarrassing…’s because you have an excellent, athletic, football player who’s versatile in multiple facets of the game ….. That’s great now find me a god d*mn, hard nosed, brute that’s willing to lead block any yahoo a green path into the endzone……

  19. Thanks Bobby you summed it up much quicker than I.

  20. OK, find another FB and plug him in if it will help the running game. I’m just saying that if Robinson’s presence plugs one of the gaping holes in the Seahawk coverage units, then that should be part of any decision process. If our coverage unit were playing well, my opinion might be different.

  21. I’m happy to read any positive articles about Hass. I hope he keeps it up and makes the Pro Bowl. I’m still sad that he had to leave the Seahawks, but I’d be sadder if he was 32, not 36. At most, he has three or four good years left. But since the Titans have Locker on the bench, he may be a starter there for only two years.

  22. Canfan – didn’t you know that Matt is playing with a bunch of future Hall of Famers in that Titans offense (that ranked #27 in the NFL last year) who make him look good? Just ask pabs. LMFAO

  23. Soggybuc says:

    Robinson is not the problem in the run game, a young o line and the fact that our pass game sucks and teams are lining up 8 to 9 in the box is.
    At some point the coaching staff is going to have to use the pass to open up the run and go counter to the philosophy to enable the philosophy.

    In the WCO the FB is not intended to be a pure blocker but another weapon.

    Mack Strong is a lot like Big Walt. a special player that the Hawks were lucky to have for all those years. really hard for Robinson to out play the ghost of #38

  24. I absolutely believe that Mack was a special once in a lifetime player.

    I could go all day long about how our offense fits the mold of a traditional WCO and how it doesn’t. They have said outright from day one of the Carroll regime that running the football is top priority.

    Again our Offense only takes scheme from a WCO in that short timing routes, crosses, and screens move coverage horizontally while establishing a running presence up the middle to control possession. Our offense isn’t a run and gun quick strike but a slow chew up the clock and bleed the opposing offense dry. TO DO THIS, you need an effective run game. Both our O-Coordinators had special running backs along with a line that could consistently run single set backs. Adrian Peterson in Minny and Darren McFadden of Oak. We don’t have that here.
    We have an inexperienced line and don’t have a back of similar mix of athletic skill,
    Speed, an size. Our backs are ALL made to run with a lead block. In essence Robinson is not our problem but he attributes to the lack of a power I-formation run game. Yes he’s a versatile back but again when you are versatile with everything younger good at nothing. He has subpar catching ability,he has sub oar blocking ability and he has subpar running ability.

    They need to dedicate themselves to the run or plug a qb that can take advantage of a true westcoast scheme… Which includes a QB capable of throwing the westcoast trademark slant route….Tavaris is completely incapable of that specific route right now..

    It’s one or the other WCO pass, or WCO Run
    Shitnor get off the pot seahawks.

  25. He’s not the problem, but he isn’t part of the solution either. You can’t tell me that a Lorenzo Neal type of guy wouldn’t make this running game better.

    The OL isn’t the only thing that makes a good running game. As much as I love OL play, it is foolish to think they are the only ones responsible for a good/great running game. The FB, TE, AND WR blocking is extremely important, too. Look at the NFL today, teams don’t care if you’re a great RB if you can’t pass block. If you suck, they won’t play you much (in certain situations).

    When Matt was our QB these last few years… defenses knew that we couldn’t run the ball to save our life so they played the pass. And then stupid fools on this site wouldn’t take logical things into consideration (like he’s being set up to fail… especially with the bums we had in our receiving corps and extra DBs covering them since they didn’t have to add that extra guy in the box) so they said he sucked. Now that he’s doing well with mostly crap talent around him (minus a good LT and an elite, but out of shape RB, besides him) people are making excuses of why he’d suck now — being too stupid to realize that he actually would have gotten rid of balls and taken MANY less sacks than the Junsker b/c he has…
    A. Pocket Presence
    B. QB Smarts/Savvy
    But, NO, people are too dumb to realize cetain things in life (or on the football field) and they are willing to almost blindlessly follow players simply b/c they play on their favorite team (and get mad at you for questioning them). People are sick of my saying that Jackson sucks. That’s fine. I understand that. I’ve said it many times (that’s an understatement… but I’m being proven right). But some of those idiots would rather blindlessly follow and support him than actually question the “intelligence” of why the hell we let Matt go if he was our “#1 priority (liars)” this past off-season.

    Wtih Matt Hasselbeck, we win the NFC West (not that that’s saying much). Without him, we have a top-10 and probably top-5 pick. I have no problem picking #1, but I could really care less about picking #5 or #25 or #32. Normally, I wouldn’t care about #1 either, but this year there’s a guy that can change the fortunes of a franchise that I’m interested in.

  26. The only way we’re picking #32 now if via a trade.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Is no one else concerned about the fact Bigby’s tackling is second to only Curry, at this point? I would like to believe he’ll turn the clock back but based on preseason, it’s not a sound bet.

    I’m curious; where was all this love for Strong during his workman-like 13 years in the league? There wasn’t this much love for him here when he retired in October of ’07.

  28. SandpointHawk says:

    I have now found proof that Curry is on the way out. Have a look at the featured jerseys on this page….

  29. Duke, I have mad love for Mack Strong. The thing with Mack is that he goes about his job without fanfare or distraction. This keeps him out of the media and off of chat posts.

    Agree with whoever said we need to get a real fullback, dump Williams and move Robinson to a backup FB and special teams role. I have posted it before, but would have liked for the Seahawks to get Vontae Leach or LaRon McClain in 2011 FA.

  30. pabuwal says:

    Duke – it was a sad day on this blog after the Pittsburgh game in 2007 when we learned Mack Strong’s career was over and he had to retire. He was one of the greatest Seahawks of all time. We knew he was near the end, but his career ended so suddenly.

    Personally, I love hearing the Matt Hasselbeck fans here. He has played 3 games this year. He gave away one of the games at the very end (which no one here will discuss). He has played 2 of the worst teams in the NFL and 2 of this 3 games have been home. His future All-Pro WR (who made him look good on a bunch of plays this year) is now gone.

    Can’t wait to hear about his next 3 games when he goes 0-3. He plays at Cleveland, at Pittsburgh and at home against Houston. Those aren’t Denver and Jacksonville. We can get back to talking about how Jackson is the worst QB ever and add imaginary INTs to his total to show how much worse he is than reality.

    By Week 10, they’ll be talking about Jake Locker over there. That offense will go into the tank without Kenny Britt like it did last year. They were 5-2 having blown out the Eagles when Britt got hurt. They finished the year 6-10.

    And to think Kenny Britt, Chris Johnson and that OL are not some of the best in the league is ridiculous. Anyone who thinks that probably thinks Hasselbeck is still a top 15 QB.

  31. HawksKD says:

    Pabuwal – agree it was so tragic the day Macks career ended. So sudden to an ironman who was still legitimately playing at a high level. It was almost unreal. Happy to still see him around the organization.

    I’m a Hasseleck fan yeah…..I’ll take you up in a heartbeat that he’s a top 15 QB. One thing that was argued last year is think of what Matt can do with protection or a true #1 receiver(something he has NEVER had) We’ll he ripped it having both. 2 of the worst teams in the league? HARDLY but nice spin…way to also forget a top tier defense.

    Well pabuwal I’ll take you on. You think that just because Britt is gone and Matt had it “easy” his first three weeks that he’ll tumble into a bottom dwelling QB benched by week ten…sound asinine yet?

    It is. I’ll still stand by my word that Matt wouldn’t have much of a chance here. Give the guy an inkling of talent and some continuity and he will thrive just like any other good QB would.

  32. HawksKD says:

    Btw pabuwal I give you props by standing by your convictions when everyone else ducked out and said “who said matt was terrible? Not me.”

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:

    HawksKD- How would this year be any different from last year for Matt when he lead this team to one of the greatest playoff upsets of all time?
    He would have had more talent to work with this year. Better recievers, more talented O-Line. Sure the O-Line is taking some time to develope, but they are getting better every week.
    Also Matt doesn’t have to deal with that cast on his hand and the Bum bun.

    If Hasselbeck continues to shine for the Titans then this will go down as the worst non signing since Hutch. In my opinion even worse because Hass really wanted to stay and play here, and Hutch I am not so sure.

  34. HawksKD says:

    Georgia – Look don’t doubt that Matt is my favorite seahawk of all time. I wore #8 to the game last week and will continue to do so for the rest of this season.

    Let’s not forget that Matt was obliterated throughout the season. He began to make bad decisions trying to make something…anything happen for our offense, that’s the type of player he is

    The non signing was good for the franchise and also good for Matt. We needed to move on… To continue to rebuild. Matt needed to move on so he wasn’t stuck in a rebuild project… Before matt was denied the years here there was no guarantees rice was coming here. We were and are going into the season with the youngest most inexperienced line with no OTAs. The protection was expected to be WORSE than last season, the reciever talent the same. Sure we would have more offensive firepower than last year with matt.. But how long would that last? Be happy about Matt leaving when he did.. He had the perfect swan song at Qwest. Instrumental in one of the greatest playoff upsets of all time.

  35. pabuwal says:

    Outside of a Super Bowl win, Hasselback went out as a Seahawk the best way possible.

  36. HawksKD says:

    Hate the team miss the player. Pistol has been a playmaker on 3 different teams now. I hope Thurmond turns out to be what we thought he was. A bigger version of Josh Wilson.

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