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Jackson on no-huddle: “Whatever works”

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 29, 2011 at 1:29 pm with 13 Comments »
September 29, 2011 1:29 pm

Quarterback Tarvaris Jackson said Seattle’s offense finally got into a rhythm in the second half last week against Arizona, something he’s hoping will continue this week.

“That drive showed that when we don’t hurt ourselves and when we execute, we can hard to stop and put points on the board,” Jackson said. “I just want to look forward to this weekend and just try and put on a better show.

“We had some good times last game, but we only scored 13 points. So we’re going to make sure we get more points on the board.”

One of the key reasons for Seattle’s success during that time span was the use of the no-huddle offense to keep Arizona’s defense off balance. And if that’s what it takes for Seattle to get into an offensive rhythm, Jackson’s fine with it.

“It’s been good for us, so whatever works, I’m down for it. It’s been plenty effective for us. We’ve been able to move the ball with it. And if we keep doing it, I’m fine with it.”

But even when Seattle goes no-huddle, Jackson believes Seattle can still run the ball effectively. Having the play called in early helps him get a better read on the defense and get his team into the right play, Jackson said.

“When you go no-huddle they’re more into a pass-rush mentality,” Jackson said. “So when you get the running game going, it makes it a lot easier to run during the two-minute or no-huddle.

“Anything to get our running game going, if it’s no-huddle and we have to do it like that, that’s fine with me. … You can get up to the line of scrimmage a little sooner and kind of see what the defense is giving you, and you know, ‘Okay, maybe I need to go the other way.’ So you can probably get into the best situations when you go no huddle.”

Jackson also was asked to comment on fellow teammate Sidney Rice’s basketball prowess. Rice was an all-state basketball player in South Carolina and scholarship offers to play basketball at Syracuse and South Carolina.

“I think y’all got that mixed up,” joked Jackson, when asked about Rice’s basketball skills. “He’s pretty good, though. But when I check him, ask him – his points per game go down a whole lot. I had a couple guys on my past team with the Viks check him, and he can shoot the ball.

“So as soon as he crosses half court, you’ve got to get on him, because he’ll hit it. So the other guys were like, ‘If he hits it, he deserves to hit it.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, he’s been hitting it all game.’ So when I get on him, I just pretty much shadow him the whole time around the court. I don’t let him get the ball.

“I lock him down,” Jackson said, laughing. “I’m like Bruce Bowen to Kobe or something. I put the clamps on him. Ask him about that.”

Unlike Bowen, Jackson said he can score a little bit.

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  1. It’s funny with TJ, I havn’t in any way liked his play on the field, but the dude has been a total contrast from Curry. The two of them have been lightening rods for blame in Seattle, but they are handling their business in very different ways.

    TJ is at least accountable, honest, and humble–I respect that.

  2. Good guy, that’s for sure. Never heard a bad word about him personally in over 5 years of following his career (almost forced to follow this area too, can’t really get away from the Vikings talk). Just can’t play the position he’s at in an acceptable manner.

  3. That’s true, but it is a little easier for him than Curry, too.
    His playing time has gone up, not down.
    And he thad he job handed to him without having to compete for it.
    Not a defense of Curry, but a wholly different situation.

  4. oscar_contender says:

    Saying all the right things and not blaming others like a true leader. Curry could learn a thing from Jackson about being a pro. Cornutt hit it dead on.
    Bobby K did Jackson steal your girlfriend or something haha yeah I know, Jackson sucks right? But what does that say about Whitehurst? Man, do we need a franchise QB in the worst way. Thankfully this years draft class looks promising! Jackson seems like a good fit as a serviceable back up and mentoring/teaching the young QB we get in the draft to learn our system and what it takes to be a pro for next year.

  5. chuck_easton says:

    I would suggest that Curry was handed the job in 2009 and 2010. He was even handed the job in 2011 but he lost it due to his play.

    One thing you can say about TJack is that even with the Favre fiasco in Minny there was never any apparent complaining from TJack.

    Can’t say that for Curry. He was complaining even WHEN he was the starter.

    Too bad someone who comes off as a nice guy just can’t play QB. It would be nice to root for him if there was any indication that he might be able to play the position.

  6. Wouldn’t mind seeing Rice play a little pick-up basketball.

  7. oscar – I have known for over 4 years what people who are paid to run this team have known… Jackson “sucks.” I could tell in his second year that he wasn’t the answer for anyone. That’s why I’m so damn frustrated at this situation. Obviously Whitehurst has to be worse if he can’t crack a chance on this joke of an “offense.” And I’d rather have my girlfriend taken away than have to be tortured by horsecrap QB play from my favorite team.

  8. oscar_contender says:

    BobbyK- hahaha too funny! I do think he is here for a good reason though:
    1.Helped recruit Rice
    2.Knows the system in a shortened year
    3.Is a leader for this young team
    4.Tough enough to take hits while the young O line gels
    5.Doesn’t complain
    6.Protects the ball

    2 year deal is perfect too. Next year he will be a great back up to the rookie.
    The front office didn’t like this years crop of QB’s and felt they would wait til next year, it won’t last BobbyK, Jackson is a place holder, a band aid, everyone knows it.

  9. chuck_easton says:

    Where do you want your girlfriend taken away to? Oh, that wasn’t an invitation? Never mind.

    My wife might have complained anyway.

  10. Rice can play all the B Ball he wants in the OFFSEASON

  11. Yeah pretty sure Basketball isn’t helping his torn labrum heal…..

    Let’s hope this talk of b-ball was directed at playing before the season started.

  12. jaybrank says:

    In addition to being familar with the offense, and familar with the best WR (Rice), the number one thing about TJ is his mobility (which comes in handy when the O-line can’t pass protect). ‘Hawks are leaders in the league in sacks, which is not his fault entirely. I think he can make all the throws if the protection isn’t garbage.

  13. ryanryan says:

    Of course Jackson didn’t complain all the times he was BEAT OUT for the starting qb position…why is anyone impressed? He clearly wasn’t the best at his position and the coaches were forced to make a change, period. Jackson is a solid backup quarterback, nothing more – think Seneca Wallace.

    Does he fit what the Seahawks are doing this year, sure. I get that Pete has to keep blowing smoke about him so he doesn’t lose the team, but anyone who doesn’t see through that facade is a moron. Thankfully, Jackson is a moron so he probably believes what Pete is telling him.

    ZERO pocket presence, pre-snap defensive reads are a joke and he only looks to the right side of the field after the snap.

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