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Bradley: Defense has tackling plan for Turner

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 29, 2011 at 4:09 pm with 29 Comments »
September 29, 2011 7:53 pm

Defensive coordinator Gus Bradley praised cornerback Walter Thurmond and linebacker Aaron Curry for their efforts during practice today.

Curry had a couple interceptions working with the scout team defense, and Thurmond made several plays this afternoon, including two interceptions and a couple pass breakups while working with the first unit.

“We’re trying to get them to act like vets off the field and play like rookies, where they’re flying around and having fun,” Bradley said. “They’re just having a lot of fun. There’s a lot of guys … Aaron Curry, he had a couple interceptions today and he was flying around. So it’s good. We keeping talking to them every day about having some good juice, good energy out there, and it showed up today.”

Bradley said that even though Atlanta has scored only one touchdown on the road this year, talent-wise they are still a good offense that can move the ball and execute.

“We know what they’re all about,” he said. “They’re about good, fundamental football. Playing mistake-free. No turnovers. Limiting penalties. Just playing really good football, and that’s what was impressive to us as a team last year when we played against them. And we know they’ll get back to that.”

Bradley said his defensive unit had a tackling plan session on Wednesday to handle Atlanta’s bowling ball of a runner Michael Turner.

Turner has 234 yards a touchdown this season, with a long of 61 yards. He’s averaging 5.6 yards per carry. Turner ran for 82 yards against Seattle last year.

“This guy’s big, he’s strong,” Bradley said. “He’ll get to the outside. He’s broken a couple long runs already this year, and so we’ve addressed that with our guys. He’s a downhill runner, but they’re a big zone blocking team and try to create leverage issues. So it’s not downhill Iso so much, it’s more of a zone scheme where they’re trying to get you confused on some things and create seams that way.”

Here’s the injury report.

For Seattle, offensive guard Robert Gallery (groin) remains out.

Safey Kam Chancellor (quad) and cornerback Byron Maxwell (ankle) did not practice for a second straight week.

Matt McCoy (shoulder/head) returned and fully participated in practice. And offensive tackle Jarriel King (ankle) and fullback Michael Robinson (ankle) fully participated in practice.

For Arizona, Atlanta defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux (knee), linebacker Stephen Nicholas (calf), running back Jason Snelling (concussion), receiver Roddy White (thigh) and defensive end Cliff Matthews (knee) did not participate in practice.
Cornerback Kelvin Hayden (hamstring) was a limited participant in practice. And offensive tackle Sam Baker (ankle) and linebacker Curtis Lofton (foot) fully participated in practice.

Notes from practice
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  1. It seems like Atlanta has tried to become a pass first type of team this year in the limited times I’ve seen them instead of the run first team that made them successful last year (until they were blown out by the Packers in the play-offs… which makes me think that’s why they have tried changing their philosophy). The big Jones draft day trade seems to have been an early indicator.

  2. Matt Ryan isn’t the elite type of QB that can carry a team via the passing game. He needs a fully functioning, high level running game to take off the pressure and play at a high level.

  3. oscar_contender says:

    Eric-Thurmond with the 1st unit, is this an indicator that Browner isn’t starting opposite Trufant? With their O line struggling, I like our veteran pass rush with the 12th man causing havoc again this Sunday. It will be key to slow down Turner and put them in long yardage situations on 3rd down. Go Hawks!

    Wait… Curry made some plays? Oh it was on Jackson. In PRACTICE :)

  4. Oscar_contender: Sorry, should have been more specific. Thurmond was the nickel defensive back. Browner is still the starter at corner.

  5. For Arizona, defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux (knee), linebacker Stephen Nicholas (calf), running back Jason Snelling (concussion), receiver Roddy White (thigh) and defensive end Cliff Matthews (knee) did not participate in practice.

    Arizona @Qwest twice in a row? I’ll take it! :p

  6. Carpenter has lost 20lbs since he reported? Wow. I know he came in out of shape, but that’s crazy. No wonder he looked like a slow footed statue early on.

  7. Soggybuc says:

    where did you read that Bobby? A lot of that might be the result of getting access to team nutritionists that are getting him to lose some of the natural bulk. Now that they have him eating better and working with the strength and conditioning coach he’ll start adding that back as muscle.

  8. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Curry doing good against lesser competition? Sounds just like his college days!

  9. Just out of curiosity, how many people here would like to lose 12 of our next 13 games and draft Luck in April?

    Or how many people would rather go 6-10 and draft an above average defensive end along the likes of Jeff Bryant after having traded for Carson Palmer (with minimal draft picks) or signing a guy like Matt Flynn (and, of course, there are other options… but we have to pretend that Barkely and Jones were already drafted, too).

    I’m not judging or saying one answer is right… I’m just curious as to what “the people” want at this point in time. There are no other options in this scenario.

  10. Let’s make a game out of it. If they can keep it close into the 4th quarter the home team gets the advantage!!!

    Hope so, since I am going!

  11. Curry tweeted that he liked the highlights that showed in the video (link below). He certainly looks like a playmaker. Jason LaCanfora says the Steelers staff was impressed with Curry. Hmmm … a potential trading partner?

  12. I guess there are enough foolish fans out there who think Curry might be good for something afterall…

  13. We’ve seen other Hawks successful after leaving Seattle. Curry too?

    Matt Hasselbeck loves Monday mornings in Tennessee.
    “I don’t feel like I just woke up out of a car accident every Monday,” he said. “That’s been good.
    Hasselbeck is off to the best start of his career, helping the Titans to a 2-1 start and a share of the AFC South Division lead. The three-time Pro Bowler has 932 yards passing, his highest total ever through the first three games. Only Warren Moon has thrown for more yards through three games for this franchise with 989 yards in 1990 and 970 in 1992.
    Passer rating 102.2

  14. BobbyK
    I don’t expect SEA to beat ATL nor go to NYG and win, so guessing 4-1 at the bye. Then SEA faces @McCoy, vDalton, @Romo, vFlacco, @Bradford, vGrossman, vsVick, vBradford, @Cutler, vSmith, and @Kolb. I don’t expect SEA to win any of their away games this season, not even @CLE. McCoy has 5 TDs vs 2 picks and 3 sacks. Peyton Hillis and Monterio Hardesty are running the ball better than SEA, and CLE’s D is one of the best this season (so far). @AZ would also be very difficult. SEA has a pretty good chance of beating CIN, not much chance vs BAL, some chance vs DC, not so much vs PHI, pretty good vs STL, and so-so vs SF. Without trying to lose, SEA could easily end up with a 3-13 record.

  15. Soggybuc says:

    Curry wouldnt be the first player in history to go to a different scheme and succeed. Clemons is a perfect example of a guy who while in Philly was ho-hum at best and is excelling under Bradleys scheme.

    I really don’t think it is a case of Carpenter coming in out of shape but is instead a case of what he was doing work out wise just wasn’t NFL level. sadly more a lockout issue than a work ethic issue. even in normal years with OTA’s and stuff there are rookies who struggle with jumping to the NFL level of play. if it was easy to play in the league we would all be there instead of posting on Blogs!

    This was a unique year in terms of rookies. “congrats on being a first round pick!! now go sit at home pennyless while us rich pricks go argue in 5 star hotels on how to screw you out that big payday”!

  16. Dukeshire says:

    I take the singling out of Curry with a heavy grain of salt. He may have had a nice practice, but I can think of a couple reasons Bradley would mention him: Attitude. Regardless how his play is on the field, can’t have him moping around or otherwise poisoning the locker-room. Throw him a bone in the paper. Also, I’m of the opinion they’re shopping him and you simply can’t have enough good press out there on him right now. In either case, I think was a mostly political move by Bradley just as Carroll saying Curry is handling the demotion like a professional, etc… is.

  17. ryanryan says:

    I say turn curry loose on special teams and let him use his speed and strength without having to think.

    curry is a brainwashed lost soul…i feel sorry for him.

  18. Duke – exactly.

  19. Were these interceptions for our scout team defense against our first team offense(Tavaris)?

  20. ryanryan says:

    oh – and it would be fantastic if they planned on tackling turner.

  21. @Bobby –
    Play to win everytime. It would be a disservice to genuine fans and season ticket holders who spend a lot of money to see the franchise put the best on the field.

    I understand the thought process of potentially being a contender for the next 10 years and it is absolutely ignorant. The people you see saying “Suck for luck” are the same EXACT people calling for Curry to be outright released and run out of town….the irony here is how often does potential pan out? You call for Currys head because he is not performing like a #4 pick. What are you gonna do when Luck comes in here and is chronically injured? Or has a hard time adjusting? Or says screw going to Seattle I’m gonna stay in school? Are you gonna say good thing we tanked that season on purpose. Sorry but no.

    Win now, do what you can to improve when that time comes. Nothing is given on college prospects nothing is a sure thing…. NOTHING.

    Flynn is a good prospect. The idea that Schneider had already recruited him bodes well… I trust Schneider and his talent evaluations.

  22. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Win now, win always. I definitely agree that tanking a season to get one player is absurd, and I have posted that notion a lot on this blog. But it is really hard NOT to buy into the idea of doing it to get Luck (yes, I’ve called the idea “idiotic”).

    I mean, even if Luck failed at QB in the NFL, he’d probably make a great safety (watch the video):

    I’d really love to have Luck in a Seahawks uniform next April. Love the idea more than Flynn, and please stop bringing up Carson Palmer.

  23. confucious says:

    I think 3 wins is realistic (rams and 49rs @ home). Isn’t Barkley @ USC Carrols recruit? I wonder if Pete has an eye on him? As for Curry, I don’t know what anybody expects him to say or do. I am sure he is quite aware of his performance to this stage in his career. He looks both confused and tentative on the field. However, nobody in his position would ever come out and say as much. Imagine this tweet or presser from Curry ” Yes, I really stunk it up out there today. I don’t understand my assignments. I pretty much have been confused since I made it to this level. I know that there are people out there calling me a bust. I believe that I am a bust. I am delighted to be on the second team because now I won’t have to try as hard.” Hell, I know I wouldn’t at my job. He has never been demoted before. Maybe this demotion, coupled with some extra coaching, may do him some good.

  24. “I guess there are enough foolish fans out there who think Curry might be good for something afterall…”

    Yeah, I’m surprised that so many fans want him on their team. When Hasselbeck was available, the typical comments were: “Hasselsack is washed up. What did this guy ever do in his career?” and, of course, “We want the ball and we’re gonna score … LOL.” (So many idiots on PFT.)

    I also thought Bradley was praising Curry to keep his trade value up. But why would they try to trade him AFTER demoting him. Why not trade him while he’s a starter?

    I’d love this trade: Curry and a fourth round pick for Matt Flynn (as long as he agrees to a longterm contract). I’d rather get a player for Curry than a low draft pick.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Well, you still have to field the best team possible. And I don’t think benching Curry hurst his trade value. His resume is already on tape, so anyone potentially interested will look at that over where he is on the depth chart. At least, IMO.

  26. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Duke, I agree. I could actually see the Patriots taking him since Belichick has a way of turning dudes like Curry around. Could he do it with Curry? Maybe. I don’t think he’s as big a tool as everyone makes him out to be, but I definitely think trading him would be a good move for all involved.

  27. williambryan says:

    To answer your question BobbyK, My perfect scenario would have the team win about 6-7 games (most of them with Whitehurst as the starter ) Then get Barkley in the draft (Even if they have to trade up some). I’m not big on the idea of going Dline in the first round, it just seems that too many of those guys turn out to be busts.

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