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Smith on Falcons: “We’re not playing very consistent football right now”

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 28, 2011 at 9:41 am with 19 Comments »
September 28, 2011 9:42 am
Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is pressured by Tampa Bay defensive tackle Brian Price last week. (AP file photo)

Atlanta head coach Mike Smith was blunt in his assessment of where his team sits heading into Sunday’s contest with Seattle, with the Falcons at a surprising 1-2.

“We’re not playing very consistent football right now,” Smith said. “And I would say it’s probably most noticeable on our offense, but really as a football team we have not played consistent football in the first three weeks – offensively, defensively and special teams.

“I’ll give you an example. All of last year we had seven penalties on special teams, and through three games we’ve got seven penalties. And we’re doing some very uncharacteristic things across the board.”

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The Falcons have allowed Matt Ryan to be sacked 13 times, and hit 21 times this season. Only Seattle and Chicago have given up more sacks, at 14 apiece. Ryan was only sacked 23 times total all of last season.

Atlanta has a -2 turnover ratio and has turned the ball over eight times in three games.

Atlanta has 23 penalties so far this season. They only had 58 penalties the entire season last year. And defensively the Falcons are allowing 112 rushing yards a contest.

Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan said the pass protection issue is not just on the offensive line, but the entire team.

“We’re going to work to find our best guys at every position, and we do that every week, Ryan said. “I think our guys are doing a good job of working hard and preparing as best we can. And whoever is out there on Sunday I’m sure will do a great job for us.”

And Smith agreed.

“Oftentimes there’s more to than a simple answer of when you’re not protecting the passer it’s the offensive line’s fault,” Smith said. “To you really know the protections schemes and how things are supposed to align, everybody is responsible in terms of protection of our quarterback. It could be the wide receivers in terms of if they are not breaking off routes. It could be the backs. And it could be the quarterback.

“So when we say we’re not protecting the quarterback, we’re not singling out our offensive line.”

Smith gave us a quick scouting report of what he expects to see from the Seahawks on Sunday.

“On the offensive side of the ball it doesn’t have the same tinge at all in terms of the personnel,” Smith said. “Of course they got a new quarterback, a new wide receiver. The offensive line has been reworked. There’s only one player that we faced last year.

“And you’re seeing I think a very athletic quarterback that’s starting to get comfortable in the new scheme. I think he really felt comfortable in last week’s game against the Cardinals having Sidney Rice in there. Sidney is an outstanding receiver. There’s some familiarity. They both were on the same team prior to coming to Seattle.

“And it’s very young, athletic offensive line. And Marshawn Lynch is a guy you don’t want to let get going in the run game, because he is a powerful, strong running back.”

And how do they look defensively?

“They’ve got some very talented player up front,” Smith said. “I think that’s the strength of their group. Chris Clemons is an outstanding pass rusher. You’ve always got to be aware of where he is aligned. And I think they do a good job with their rotation, with Raheem Brock. They’re playing Red Bryant on first and second down. And they’ve added Tony Hargrove, who plays inside and outside, and you’ve got two big defensive tackles in big Alan Branch and Brandon Mebane.

“And then the two guys you have to be aware of in their secondary is Marcus Trufant and (Earl) Thomas. Both of those guys I think can make game-changing plays. Earl’s got great speed for a safety, probably one of the fastest safeties in the league. And Coach Carroll I think does a great job with his defense schematically each and every week in terms of how they’re going to try and attack you.”

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  1. JazBadAzz says:

    Looking at those stats from the falcons make me feel hopeful! If the Seahawks offense get off to a good start maybe we can sneak another win out.
    Our defense will truly find out where they stand because ATL got really good athletes at every skill position.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Not to correct Smith’ but both Lynch and BMW were both on the field last year vs Atl. I presume when he says only 1 play from last year he means amongst the starters. Because if you dig beneath the surface there are several of the same players (Forsett, Obo, Washington, Tate).

  3. Sacks, penalties, 12th man….. we might get lucky this Sunday. We were able to get some yards on the ground last week, so maybe we’ll have some momentum going into this game, especially with the yards they’ve been giving up on the ground. Also, our D really impressed me last week. If we can get Kam and Thomas to make a career up here, that shit is going to be special. Leroy was also playin’ like a champ. Hopefull ST and the O will step it up. We might get a win here folks.

  4. Just reflecting on the game last week, but how we ended has got me pumped. Maybe because I was there and when Tru got that fake ass PI called, I was like, “Fuuuuuuuuuuuu*k, that’s game.” In the past, it would seem the Hawks would just fold, never step up to the challenge against adversity. I was like damn, man the Hawks are always getting F’ed with the calls, like everyone else around me, and thought great, but then Kam made the play and it was like I got rejouvenated along with every one else, almost like turning over a new leaf. Obviously, we got a long, long way to go, and the QB situation is a joke, but it’s nice to see us pull one out in the end like that.

  5. I bet you he is not expecting to see a successful
    I-Formation power run game considering we don’t have a REAL FULLBACK.

    But seriously the talent that the falcons have on their offense is scary. 13 points will not win us this game. If bevell doesn’t get BMW and Miller involved we are going to be looking at a blowout in Qwest(Century link).

    BTW got to meet BMW yesterday and shake his ginormous hand :) … I told him that he needs to tell Tavaris he needs to look his way more often.

    He responded with a dejected “we’ll see, man”

  6. How many points did ATL score last week?

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Last year the game was actually far closer than the final score indicated. Hass’ 2 picks and fumble all resulted in Atlanta points, as I recall. The D played a solid game.

    This game would be a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of a stumbling team.

  8. “He responded with a dejected “we’ll see, man”

    You got balls, I’ll give you that….Feel lucky he didn’t give you a ginormous bitch clap and tell you to back the hell up!

  9. JazBadAzz says:

    “He responded with a dejected “we’ll see, man”

    You got balls, I’ll give you that….Feel lucky he didn’t give you a ginormous bitch clap and tell you to back the hell up!


  10. Dukeshire says:

    It’s not like he insulted the guy. Lol. Why would BMW hit him for that?

    HawksKD – Where’d you run into him?

  11. JazBadAzz says:

    Not technically hit him but just figuratively for being captain obvious!

  12. Yeah, and I”m thinking stats could be a sensitive subject in the Williams’ household right now. Wonder how many incentives are in his contract.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    JazBadAzz – Lol. Oh.

  14. Palerydr says:

    I think at this point we can all agree the defense is going to keep us in games. They are about avg I would say in terms of overall performance which to me is a good thing. As many predicted our Offense is just not good. Jackson is in his 6th year in the league still making plays like a second year guy. I would be happy if the guy would actually look for a secondary receiver instead of locking on his primary then dumping to the back. Miller is staying in having to block just like Carlson last year which takes away that option in the middle of the field just past the line of scrimmage. That could be good for 5-10 yds and keep the chains moving. What I have seen is he(Miller) comes free late a lot after chipping if you’re gonna dump it down why not your TE as well?

  15. BMW should get some looks, Rice will be up against a pro bowl CB on the right side, Brent Grimes. Dunta Robinson is the other CB. Okung will line up against pro bowl DE, John Abraham. This week the tri-fecta (Rice, Jackson, Bevell) has their work cut out for them.

    Chris Spencer has been at RG in Chicago. PFF has him ranked 10 and playing well. Bears RT, Carimi dislocated his right knee cap missing wk3 but may be back. owe. Carpenter ranks highly at RT, 17. However, they rated him poorly against SF playing LG.

  16. Back on my Verve rant, how come they don’t roll out to any local bands, I mean I could of swore this was Seattle, unless the Verve is fron Seattle, that would just suck.

  17. nighthawk2 says:

    “How many points did ATL score last week?”

    13, on the road in hot, humid Tampa. The week before they hung 35 on the Eagles in the Georgia Dome.

    This is the Falcons 3rd road game in 4 weeks, and the way to beat them is to run the ball a lot. Therefore that is exactly what Darrel Bevel won’t do, because he’s an egotistical idiot who thinks he can make T-Joke into Micheal Vick (minus the dog kennels and herpes). He can’t, because Jackson isn’t. He got beat out by Gus Frerotte for crying out loud. So we’ll see lots of pass plays, all to Sydney Rice, and we’ll see lots of incompletions and him getting to know John Abraham real well. Lynch won’t get many carries, Forsett will get none, Clemons will abuse Sam Baker like Trent Cole did and yet Matt Ryan will get the ball to Roddy White or Gonzo, because while Browner and Chancellor are big and good at press coverage, they can’t cover. And if Browner is on the bigger Julio Jones, we’ll see Trufant give his normal 10 yard cushion to Roddy White who’ll run free through the secondary. If Curry is on the field we’ll see him vainly chasing Michael Turner after he catches a flair pass in the flat because Curry is once again biting on a fake or overpursuing and is out of position. Set, match, game.

  18. Duke – I ran into him at a gas station on Maple Valley Highway. I told him that he was one of my favorite Seahawks and that he needs to tell his QB to look his way more often…

    I don’t see why that would be insulting. It’s plainly obvious that BMW isnt even getting a chance to play any ball with the amount of targets he had.

    It wasnt like dejected depression “woe is me”. He laughed shook his head and said we’ll see. I took it as disappointment of the situation he’s in. We all know what mike Williams is capable of. He hasn’t even had the chance to make plays this season..

  19. Dukeshire says:

    That’s cool.

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