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OC Bevell says expect more no huddle

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 28, 2011 at 4:19 pm with 23 Comments »
September 28, 2011 4:19 pm

Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said he liked what he saw from his offense during the second half of last week’s game against Arizona, particularly when the Seattle went no-huddle for most of the first drive of the second half, the only drive where the Seahawks scored a touchdown.

“I think there’s a chance to see more of it,” Bevell said. “But it’s something we’ll determine by game plan, by game, by the opponent and seeing if it’s something that will help us.

“Then there’s also times that you may just jump into it because you’re not doing much, and you want to change the tempo. There’s a lot of different scenarios when you go to it.”

And what are the advantages?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell talks with Seattle head coach Pete Carroll during practice on Wednesday.

“For one, I think it simplifies things for you guys,” Bevell said. “I think they understand the small package that we have. They can play fast. They can get uptempo. But it can go the other way on you, too. You can run three plays in 40 seconds, and now you put your defense back out there. So you need to be successful with it as well.”

Bevell also talked about spreading the ball around more, with Sidney Rice catching eight of Tarvaris Jackson’s 18 completions last week

“There was an effort at the beginning of the game to get Sidney some touches, just to get him involved,” he said. “You feel like he’s a big-play guy and has that chance. So early there was that, and then I think the familiarity with those two, there was a couple times there when he just started to go to him.

“And it’s a work in progress with everyone else, it really is. He’s (Tarvaris Jackson) been around Sidney for a long time, so Sidney benefits a little bit. But he’s been with the rest of the guys since he’s been here, so they’re still building relationships and learning some things. But there’s opportunities to go other places as well.”

Bevell said he’s seen progress in Seattle’s offense.

“From zero t 13, I saw that,” joked Bevell, referring to the fact that Seattle had a goose egg against Pittsburgh, but scored 13 against Arizona a week later. “That jumps right out at me. But I do. Each and every week I see improvements. I see things we’re doing better. We ran the ball better in that game. We threw and caught it better. We protected. I think there were for sacks early, and then in the second half we didn’t have any. So each time we go out there, we’re improving and getting better.”

League commissioner Roger Goodell was in town for a business meeting and stopped by the team’s facilities today on his way to Sea-Tac airport to watch the first part of practice, talking for a few minutes with head coach Pete Carroll.

I believe it’s the first time Goodell has been back in town since climbing Mt. Rainier with ex-Seahawks head coach Jim Mora two year ago.

And with offensive line coach Tom Cable in the hospital recovering from back surgery, Seahawks employee Ben Malcolmson skyped practice so Cable could watch a live feed of his offensive linemen going through drills.

Here’s the injury report for today.

For Seattle, Robert Gallery (groin) remains out.

S Cam Chancellor (quad), CB Byron Maxwell (ankle) and LB Matt McCoy (shoulder/head) did not participate in practice.

OT Jarriel King (ankle) and FB Michael Robinson (ankle) were full participants in practice.

For Atlanta, LB Stephen Nicholas (calf), DT Jonathan Babineaux (knee), CB Kelvin Hayden (hamstring), WR Roddy White (thigh) and RB Jason Snelling (concussion) did not practice.

OT Sam Baker (ankle), LB Curtis Lofton (foot) and DE Cliff Matthews (not injury related) were limited participants in practice.

Notes from practice
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  1. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    I’d rather see more Whitehurst than more no-huddle.

  2. rynehawk says:

    “Then there’s also times that you may just jump into it because you’re not doing much, and you want to change the tempo.”

    So, pretty much 100% no huddle next week?

  3. I’d throw to Rice all the time too.

  4. I agree on the throwing to Rice…. I can’t help but believe, at this point, familiarity is a minor item…. I think Rice creates separation…. Guessing this next game, a serious attempt to keep him out of our playlist will likely be made by the defense…. We may not have a choice but to go elsewhere….

  5. Rice is a stud. Jackson can’t handle lower end WRs like Mike Williams but sure likes to throw to Doug Baldwin. I imagine that Baldwin, like Rice, must create enough separation for Jackson to feel good about throwing the ball there.

  6. You mean get wide open on the right side of the field?

  7. If SEA should pick #6 in ’12, who might be there as a QB prospect, assuming it went #1 KC, #2 STL, #3 IND, #4 MIA, & #5 DEN?

  8. we’re improving and getting better.” Bevell

    Really. I thought it might be because going in everyone knew the AZ defense sucked. Rookie Cam Newton lit em up with washed out 5’9″ WR Steve Smith 8/178 2 TD.

    No Bevell this is BS. You will be destroyed this week. Please leave. The whole lotta ya. blow smoke up else where.

  9. klm008 – if that scenario played out come draft day. We would either trade all our picks for one of the top 3 QB’s – That STL pick would be golddust!!!!! Or trade down and pick a lower end QB – no way we would stick at 6 if the top 3 QB’s were gone.

    There’s a possibility a CB or DE may rise up the draft boards for the 6th pick. Or maybe a WR if Mike Williams continues to struggle.

    We just couldn’t invest in a OG or HB at the 6th pick.

  10. more no huddle? i expect to see more no-touchdowns with tarjack at the helm.

  11. oscar_contender says:

    If they move the ball the way they did on that drive to open the half, I am ALL IN for more no huddle. As hard as everyone is on Jackson, he did make a play for the go ahead TD with style no less. I am also buying his reaction to play for the team and not the fans, since it is obvious to focus on a group that voted you team captain and not the mob that chants for Charlie or attempts to boo you to the bench.

    Jackson vs. Bobby K
    Curry vs. ACIB

    Who should I hate on?
    McQuistan did give up a couple sacks for Calias Campbell last week…
    and he seems Irish…hmmm hahaha

    Newsflash: WE WON, lets focus on what is going well instead of our buzzkills. Like buying ET or Chancellor jerseys and watching our talented, young O line gel. And being the 12th MAN, the BEST crowd in the world with proof via seismic activity. Like I said before,

    “Curry is only 25 and shows flashes of play making that can change the game. Give Norton Jr. a couple years with him, see if he improves, great re sign with Curry for the Dynamic Duo. Love how young our O line is and our D is also very young. This year is going to be long and if you are faithful, might surprise you. Don’t give up in this division, we haven’t even had a home game yet, and the 12th man usually wins half the games. Remember the Rams vs. Seahawks with the Golden Boy vs. Clipboard Jesus? Our D was amazing, they “play” better at home, watch our D give us a shot at the playoffs, then it’s a home game with the 12th man for Beastquake 2.0… or we put everyone on IR and draft Luck, all or nothing with something in return. Win or win the lottery? This next game is going to be season changing…Our D will win the game and we will be talking playoffs or 0-3 and in the lead for Andrew Luck. ”

    Well it looks like I was right about a lot of things…so far

    PS ACIB note the key word is “flashes” (see dropped pick 6 in Pittsburgh that would have made the score 7-7 and changed the game) in regard to Curry before your verbal attack thank you and Go Hawks :)

  12. I am thinking division title if they win this Sunday.

  13. The mob that chants for Charlie is the 12th man, which is the best crowd in world, the same ones booing T. Joke to the bench. Interesting.

  14. oscar – I told all of you he was worthless right away and have known this for over 3 years now. What part of that don’t you understand? He’s worthless and now most people have finally figured it out too.

    From zero points at Pittsburgh to 13 points at home against Arizona. Wow. Maybe by week 10 we can score 20 points in a game (assuming Leon can return a kick for a TD).

  15. Dukeshire says:

    No huddle is fine so long as you’re continuing to move the chains. Otherwise, simply changing the tempo without TOP only manages to get your defense back on the field more quickly. A very bad thing. In addition, I’m all for an up-tempo offense, but the no huddle feels a bit like a gimmick. I hope they use it sparingly and only out of necessity. There is no substitute for solid, basic fundamentals. Something that is still out of their grasp, yet getting closer.

  16. I’d be all over that ‘gimmick’ if we could move the ball like the Patriots and score 45 points a week.

    But I do see your point.

    By the way, who else loved the Bills taking down the Pats? Anyone actually get that right on pick-um?

  17. With T-Jax, I honestly doubt we will put 30 points past anyone this season! As BobbyK says, lets hope Wash can put it together on ST to boost our points totals!

  18. Cornutt, I was so pleased to see the Bills come back and beat the hated Patriots. I cannot stand them or any Boston sports teams. Their fans are the worst and act as if they are entitled to championships. I do not like the fact that the NE Offensive Line can get away with so many holds itis ridiculous and the blatant favoritism of Tom Brady by the NFL and referees is sickening. if he so much as gets tapped it is a 15 yard penalty but Matt Hasselbeck can get smacked in the helmet, get his throat smashed and no flag, Ben Roethlisberger gets hit in the face and a broken nose and no flag but if someone touches Brady’s shoelace you would think they tried to break his leg with how he and the refs react. It reminds me of how Michael Jordan would not even be touched but just because someone was close to him as he made a layup he “got the call” for a foul. That kind of favoritism in sports aggravates me to no end. just because someone is the “best” at their profession they deserve more calls their way and more flags on opponents? That makes no sense and definitely makes the game unfair….. sorry for the rant….thank you…drive thru…

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Cornutt – The Pats offense is sick. Of course they are vulnerable too as they well know after the Bill got them last week.

  20. DFloydd-

    Yeah man, I drink the hate-o-raide too bro. Everyone in Boston is crushed by not winning the wild card slot. Dude, they want to see crushed? Try being a Mariners fan for 25 effing years! Lol. I hate the Pats and the Red Sox. But that hatred for other teams is what makes sports so fun!


    Yeah, do you think the Pats’ hurried offense leads to their defense being tired and outplayed? Or is their defense just bad? I think their defense is just bad.

  21. raymaines says:

    I’ll play KLM’s game (but first I’d like to say I haven’t given up hope that the ‘Hawks steal the division title and pick lower than 6, and I don’t think the first five will fall out this way)

    “If SEA should pick #6 in ’12, who might be there as a QB prospect, assuming it went #1 KC, #2 STL, #3 IND, #4 MIA, & #5 DEN?”

    #1 KC – No guarantee they take a QB [they seem to like Matt Cassel] (Worst Case Scenario, they take Andrew Luck)
    #2 STL – They have their QB of the future
    #3 IND – Yes, they take one (WCS: Matt Barkley)
    #4 MIA – Maybe, maybe not [Chad Henne isn't all bad and they have other holes to fill] (WCS: Landry Jones)
    #5 DEN – They really should, but they won’t. Tim Tebow will set them back 10 years.

    In a best case scenario Seattle could get Andrew Luck at #6, probably the #2 or #3 QB’s (Either Barkley or Jones), at worst it would be #4. That would probably be either Tyler Wilson, Arkansas, or John Brantley, Florida. Both of those guys are big, accurate and play against top flight competition. It’s all good.

  22. oscar_contender says:

    Thanks Bobby K, I get it, you don’t like our starting QB. I just want to see the Hawks win and they did with Jackson. It’s a 2 year deal, not exactly a QB of the franchise type of deal, we all know what Jackson is here for, let’s not freak out. It could be worse, we could have reached for a QB in the draft or overpaid for one out of desperation. Hasselbeck is gone, he wanted a three year deal and got one. Why don’t we move on. Whitehurst is said to be worse on all observations from inside the organization and the media. Should he get a shot? Sure, but let’s not kid ourselves here, we have two back ups.

    TruBlu said:

    “The mob that chants for Charlie is the 12th man, which is the best crowd in world, the same ones booing T. Joke to the bench. Interesting.”

    Nothing wrong with a little booing, but he is a Hawk. How do you boo a QB who dives head first into the end zone for the go ahead TD and is not only the chosen captain, but says all the right things? Well, that’s the beauty of opinion. Haha the SAME 12th man that chanted for Trent Dilfer ;)

    I want to see if Charlie could do something as much as the rest of you, but I choose to trust that the coaches know more than me about who should start. What I do like about Jackson is his quiet demeanor, not blaming the O line for sacks, and giving us a chance to win games. We were close in SF, I bet most of you thought we were coming back in that game, and Pitt on the road? Well, even he admitted that it was embarrassing. It went that way last time we played there don’t forget 21-0 in 07. But, he owned up to it and then won the home opener while hearing boos and chants for Charlie. He knows his role, isn’t trying to do too much, does what he is asked of, and is allowing our young team to grow and find itself while getting sacked a league high 14 times. #8 would have been either hurt or doing his famous chin strap pull off, point at a spot on the field, and yell at a WR on ANOTHER three and out hahaha

    And don’t forget the most important factor is Jackson bringing in Rice! It had to have a HUGE effect as to where Sidney was going to play and the coaches knew that by bringing him in. Go Hawks!

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