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Morning links: No chemistry between Williams, Jackson

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 27, 2011 at 6:28 am with 39 Comments »
September 27, 2011 6:38 am
Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Mike Williams (17) warms up before an NFL divisional playoff football game against the Chicago Bears Sunday, Jan. 16, 2011, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

My story today focuses on the lack of touches for Seahawks receiver Mike Williams. He finished without a catch against Arizona last week, and only has five catches for 43 yards on the season, tied for fifth on the team.

However, Seattle head coach Pete Carroll and quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, are aware that they need to get Williams going this week.

“Obviously, we want to get the ball to Mike a little more,” Jackson said after the game. “We didn’t connect today (Sunday). We didn’t have a lot of plays and defenses – he probably was open a couple times, if I go back and watch the film, I’ll probably see him open a couple of times on the pictures.

“We just have to do a better job of making sure I look for that (and) we get some plays where we get him the ball.”

Perhaps one saving grace for Williams is he got off to a slow start last season. Through the first three games of the 2010 season, Williams had just seven catches for 106 yards. But he totaled 25 catches for 242 yards in his next three games on his way to finishing with 65 receptions for 751 yards and two touchdowns.

Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe writes that Aaron Curry’s situation in Seattle is a lesson in linebacker evaluation, saying that teams need to have a plan in place for how they intend to use a high draft pick, and not just draft a player based on talent alone.

Clare Farnsworth of writes that Carroll is looking for a more balanced approach on offense, and that last week’s game provided a blueprint for how the team wants to play on that side of the ball.

More Farnsworth: He takes a look at what worked and what didn’t work on Sunday for Seattle.

Christian Caple of writes that Carroll believes fans need to give Tarvaris Jackson a chance.

John Boyle of the Everett Herald writes that quarterback Brandon Browner rebounded from a poor performance two weeks ago at Pittsburgh with a solid effort against Arizona.

Scott Johnson of the Everett Herald continues his look back at former Seahawks’ greatest moments with a profile on quarterback Warren Moon.

Derek Stephens of The Blue Bird Herd says the Seahawks one on Sunday because of toughness and attitude.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports gives the Seahawks a B for their performance against Arizona.

D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes that the Falcons are considering making changes up front because Matt Ryan has been sacked 13 times and hit 21 times in the first three games.

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  1. confucious says:

    It’s probably a lot easier to accurately throw to someone that you are familiar with when you are running for your life.

  2. It’s not about “chemistry”, it’s about the fact Jackson can apparently only throw to his right. The one pass BMW was targeted on was when he was split right.
    T-Sack does not even look to his left, ever. Our “offense” only uses half the field. I noticed it at the game and then watched replay and it’s true. No wonder he never sees anyone open and holds the ball – he’s only looking in one direction.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    I’m actually less worried about Jackson and Williams getting on the same page as I am the development of a consistent run game. There were some signs last week, but they really do need to start moving the chains on the ground.

  4. pittsburgfanbret says:

    I would call him a Joke!
    But,at least a Joke is funny!

  5. This statement for TJ makes no sense……

    “We just have to do a better job of making sure I look for that (and) we get some plays where we get him the ball.”

    Sorry tj, the team can’t help you decide how/when/where to look and make decisions on the field…

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Mike Williams? Ok fine, give him some more love, but I really want to see Baldwin!

  7. It would be nice if Rice, BMW, Baldwin, Tate and Miller all have 1,000 yards receiving this season, but it’s not going to happen unless Brady is at QB. With T-Jax, Rice will get the 800, BMW will be at 400 (at best), Baldwin at 500, Miller and Tate at 300 each. Every WR will look mediocre except Rice.

    Can’t wait for CW or Portis to get the call. However, T-Jax’s passing to Rice does give me a glimmer of hope that he might start hitting the other guys.

  8. chrisj122 says:

    Look at the picture above, “NFL Divisional Playoff Football Game”.
    Remember it, I hope you enjoyed it and the last decade of playoff appearances(not to mention a S.B appearance) because you may not witness it for sometime.
    Sometimes when you expect your team to be good and you expect your team to win you take for granted the regular season wins and division titles and playoff games. Although the Hawks haven’t won a S.B. there is still alot of experiences over the last decade that were great. I truley hope most of you did not take that for granted because it maybe a while before you witness another Hawks win this consistently again.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    5000 passing yards? Lol, yes, it’s fair to say that’s not happening.

  10. This is kinda off topic, but you know why the Hawks are going to struggle at home this year? Because they keep playin’ that god damn Verb song or whatever it’s called from Cruel Intensions everytime there’s a break in play. That is the most ridiculous song to play during a football game, I mean WTF. I’m not sure what they are playin’ at other stadiums, but this is a joke. It’s like the most pussiest song ever, so why not play it at the Seahawks Stadium. I mean, I just get done screamin’ my longs out, the Hawks get a crucial stop, I’m all juiced for the next play and then I start to hear that stupid ass violin and I’m like WTF, really, this is what is suppose to amp the crowd up even more, wow. No wonder everyone thinks we’re soft. Anyways, sorry. We won so I guess it’s all good. Go Hawks.

  11. Is it me or should they start doing some QB options. It seemed like there were a handful of times where T. Joke could run for the first, but he didn’t. I hate that we there is an opening, but a QB doesn’t take it, especially a QB like T. Joke where he is so mobile. Also, man does he just stare to where he’s goin to throw and just hold it, it’s ridiculous. It’s like his brain freezes up and he’s stuck with one thought.

  12. SeaThemHawks says:

    Wow seems like your getting a little lazy..

  13. chrisj122 says:

    Sorry for the doom and gloom post but I just don’t expect this team to be good for quite some time. A good QB can make an offense look better than they really are and hide some holes. Now we are in a situation were every gaping hole is exposed on offense.

    TruBlue: You are correct about T-Crap’s brain freezes, if he were to have a thought bubble above his head before and after each snap it would say “throw ball to Sidney Rice”.

  14. yakimahawk says:

    “Pro Football Weekly reported that there’s a growing disconnect between Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider. Carroll vehemently denied a rift, but you have to think somewhere Bobby Grier is chuckling.” I know it’s off of the subject but has/does anyone know anything about this?

  15. Palerydr says:

    I noticed that Jackson stares down his receivers in the preseason and mentioned it then. Jackson and Rice may know the Offense but that doesn’t mean the other 9 guys do. As much as Pete supports Jackson I wonder if he has pics of Pete naked with farm animals. It’s time for CW to at least show what he can do can’t be any worse.

    Gallery is a really poor player who can’t even stay on the field can we please just cut him now.

    Palerydr dream sequence : We trade Gallery to random team for 3rd round conditional pick. Conditions are if he plays in any game we get a #2. Course good luck with that :)

  16. HawkyHann says:

    I had the best seats of my life on Sunday game(not trying to boast) just saying I watched T. Jackson very closely. He is incredibly slow at making decisions. He seems only mentally capable of reading his first option. He had plenty of time in the pocket for most of the game. He predetermines where he is going to throw the ball before the ball is snapped. Even on his touchdown run, he could have easily looked right to Sidney, saw he was covered, then quickly come back to BMW on the left. They were running the same exact route. The only reason he ran was because the 66,000 fans were screaming for him to “RUN” after he opted not to throw the ball.

    I would fire him today. Not even demote him. Just straight fire him. Seems drastic but this guy has been in the same exact system for over 5 years and looks like a rookie QB. Why is he on our team? I believe Charlie would come flying out of the gates, given the opportunity. I do not get this one bit. He is even more mobile than Tarvaris, makes quick decisions, and has a solid arm.

    His first pass should have been a pick six. Bounced right off the defender. Just like the one he threw to Polamalu the week before. One of these will go the other way soon. He lacks everything a QB should have, ooh besides toughness. What an embarrasment.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    yakimahawk – That was a report that was perpetuated by an agent of a player who was brought in that Carroll had little interest in. From there, he told PFW Carroll and Schneider aren’t on the same page, riff, whatever. Carroll has denied this vehemently. This would appear to be a trumped rumor by an agent who was disappointed his player was unwanted. Total non-story.

  18. chuck_easton says:

    It may not be a comfort to those who want to ‘win now’ but this team is being built for 2013 and beyond.

    PC was hired to do a full rebuild and he will get his 4 full years. That means if the team isn’t successful in 2013 PC could be gone. The team can go 1-15 this year and he still has the controls. The team can show promise in 2012 but still be below .500 and PC will still be in charge. 2013 is the make or break year.

  19. yakimahawk says:

    Thanks Duke!

  20. No sense getting mad at anything this year. Whenever you go into a season with the worst starting QB in the NFL, you really can’t expect much. And even if we’re going with the childish “but Alex Smith is worse comments” that’s okay… if you’re arguing if you have the worst or second worst starting QB in the NFL… you know you’re season is going to suck. I want to see Unger and Moffpender get to the point where we’re average to a bit above average by the end of the year b/c we all know darn well they are going to take their game to another level next year with an actual off-season to work and all of this season to build chemistry. Next years QB won’t have to worry about getting killed anymore and we should be in position to make some plays with Rice, Miller, a 3rd year Tate (IMO), a developing Baldwin, etc. I’m looking forward to next year so long as they get a legit QB for all of us fans.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    chuck_easton-Losing is never comfortable to me in any situation. I agree that this is a complete rebuild, however I hope it doesn’t take 4 or so years to do it, like it took Holmgren. At least in this division it shouldn’t. Imo.
    Carroll knows he has 4 or so years to do this, and he also knows that we are in a weak division. Nothing would make him,(and the fans), more happy than to take this division and rebuild at the same time.
    We won it last year at 7-9.
    We can win it this year at 6-10.
    We can win it the following year at 9-7.
    Then win it the 4th year at 12-4.
    That’s about the way I would like to see it go.

  22. chrisj122 says:

    I think things will change in our division over the next couple of years.

    Rams are getting better not by their record now but they are a young team that will improve.

    49ers are a team in transition right now, I think Harghbough will take them to the next level.

    Cardinals, well they are just going to plain suck for quite sometime.

    My point I don’t think in the next few years you will be able to look at the NFC West and just take it for granted and be called the laughing stock of the NFL.

  23. TJax needs to build chemistry with Miller as well as BMW. (And Miller needs to get out into routes more, too).

  24. Maybe TJ has condition like learning disability, or maybe his brain sees only the right-side anything….I question his Football IQ. I know he has heart is tough. Part of the Seahawks offensive woes are attributed to Bevell (weak Game Calling),but alot has to be on TJ head(headcase)… All the game Announcers say TJ cannot function in the pocket,can`t read Defenses, stares at his intended receiver,hold onto the ball too long,is afraid to pass mor15 yds. down-field..if even tv announcers & NFL Experts so this and his Stats show he is one of the worst QB.Why won`t PC change QB`s? The other receivers won`t see any balls thrown their way all season.

  25. chuck_easton says:


    Just to play ‘devil’s advocate’ here. Everyone (including the game announcers) seem to be thinking and saying the same things about Jackson.

    So the logical question would be why doesn’t the team make the change?

    What if the logical answer is because the team has come to the conclusion that the alternative (in this case Whitehurst) is just as bad or possibly even worse than the current situation?

    In other words, don’t make change just for change sake. If the alternate path still leads to the same destination why not just stay on the path you are on?

    Don’t kill the messenger here. Just throwing this out for discussion.

  26. LondonHawk says:

    If you look back over the last 4-5 years the single biggest reason that the Seahawks have failed to produce is the quality and stability of the Offensive Line. The have not had 5 guys play more than 2-3 games together in the past 4 years.

    That makes it extremely hard for anything to work. Until the Seahawks solve that problem not much will change.

  27. SeahawkFan12 says:

    “n other words, don’t make change just for change sake. If the alternate path still leads to the same destination why not just stay on the path you are on?”

    chuck, I have thought the same thing myself. I have wondered this from the beginning, because I cannot see a professional team purposely go in the tank right from the beginning on purpose. Pro athletes play for money, which includes performance-based bonuses, and pride/ego while coaches are coaching for their careers and reputation. This is why the “Suck for Luck” theory is so idiotic.

    I guess I have to believe that the coaching staff has such low expectations and opinions of Whitehurst that they actually see Jackson as the short-term answer. Wow…what a mess!

  28. nidhighe says:

    As I said before, Bevell needs to create and call plays that allow TJack’s strengths to show. He seems to throw better on the move, so stop dropping him back in the pocket play after play. He can scramble for yards/TDs and take opposing safeties with him, so take advantage of that.

  29. bulldog80 says:

    Ah, who does he have chemistry with? Maybe his pharmacist

  30. seahawk44 says:

    LondonHawk……you are correct.

    Winning teams win the battle in the trenches. Opponents need to worry about the running game in order for the passing game to be effective and vice versatile. These things are accomplished with a dominant offensive line that knows their assignments and the player next to them so well that they play without needing to think………in 2005 we saw this in Seattle.

  31. i don’t post much, but i saw something i thought warranted a reply – the song is called “bitter sweet symphony”, and though it was written by richard ashcroft and performed by verve, some attorneys got involved and the song is officially credited to mick jagger and keith richards (i.e. it’s okay for puff daddy to steal “every breath you take” and “kashmir”, and even have sting and jimmy page play on it, but it’s not okay for ashcroft to sample an orchestral cover version of a song written over forty years ago).

    the album is called ‘urban hymns’, and is officially verve’s third record behind their first release, ‘verve EP’, and two albums proper, ‘a storm in heaven’ and ‘a northern soul’.

    it is played to introduce the team just before they are about to make their exit from the tunnel, but the music changes to something different while they are making their exit. it has a very uplifting feel, and you want to lift the crowd up at any show! the song is not played during games (tv timeouts and the like), that is typical fare, such as ac/dc, guns n roses, et al… the same is true league-wide because it’s easier to collectively purchase rights to songs to play at stadiums rather than have each franchise negotiate individually.

    i doubt cats like ludwig van, johann, and wolfgang – the rebellious rock stars of their day – would consider the violin a “stupid ass” instrument.

    the statement, “It’s like the most pussiest song ever, so why not play it at the Seahawks Stadium.” denotes that you would have it played as opposed to not having it played. as is usually the case, adding/subtracting one word or one punctuation mark can change the entire meaning of a sentence. i’m sure you meant, “It’s like the most pussiest song ever, so why play it at the Seahawks Stadium?”

    i believe the term “pussiest” refers to pus, which is the gross stuff that comes out when you pop a zit. if you mean to use the term that is disparaging to women that describes being frightened or weak-willed, then i think such a term would best be used to describe pretty much anything by metallica, who have never been anything better than pop-metal.

    verve are one of my favourite bands of all time, part of a time in modern music that everyone seems to have forgotten. having verve associated with the seahawks is pretty cool, in my opinion, and doesn’t make me, the team, or any of its fans “frightened or weak-willed”.

    if you’d like to continue this discussion, i can be reached at

  32. pittsburgfanbret says:

    Try running some type,of option or T-bone.

  33. Dude, actually it is played more then just their intro, I was at the game and they played during roughly 60-70% of dead ball time. They played it so much that even my girlfriend was annoyed by it, and she actually likes the song (yikes). Also, the comment, “so why not play it at the Seahawks Stadium” was sarcastic, contributing to the idea that the Hawks are soft league wide. I’m sorry, that song just doesn’t get me excited, in fact it pisses me off, especially when it gets stuck in my dome. Nothing reminds me more of dudes battling it out then violins and a dude hymmin’ in the background. Yeahyer.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    airbags – I don’t care either way about that song (although they do play it a lot), but that was a very well written responce. If you and TruBlu contine this conversation, please do it here. I’d like to watch that thread develop. lol.

  35. confucious says:

    Duke, I don’t care for the way that you responded to airbags.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    Lol, sorry. I’ll get back to my side of the street.

  37. When you can actually see TJack’s face during the game, he always has the same totally lost deer in headlights expression. Please not all year!

  38. nighthawk2 says:

    Did T-Joke even throw a pass to anyone but Rice in that game? If he didn’t I must have been when I was giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to a whiskey bottle. Maybe it’s the fault of Darrel Bevel, he brought Rice and Jackson here to run his goofy offense. That apparently doesn’t involve giving the ball to Lynch much or especially Forsett. The Falcons are vulnerable to the run, but I’m betting just about all we see are passes called. And they won’t be for Williams, Miller or Baldwin. I don’t buy all this “familiarity” between Jackson and Rice either, Jackson was hardly ever on the field in Minnesota, he was so bad they brought Brett Favre in for two years; in 5 seasons he started 20 games (12 in 2007) and played in 36. Wow. And the only year that Rice did anything was 2009, the one good year that Favre had there.

    I still say Pete’s plan is to tank the season (as Kirk Herbstreit suggested this morning on Mike and Mike In The Morning) and get Andrew Luck. Just hope the win last Sunday doesn’t screw that up.

  39. pittsburgfanbret says:

    there are a few good Qb`s in college.
    Seattle might of already won to many
    I can see luck going to Indy!.

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