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Carroll says Curry still part of team

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 26, 2011 at 5:16 pm with 41 Comments »
September 26, 2011 5:16 pm

There’s been some speculation that the Seattle Seahawks are potentially interested in trading the team’s first-round draft pick from 2009, linebacker Aaron Curry.

According to this report, five teams have contacted the Seahawks about possibly making a deal, including Philadelphia, Arizona, the N.Y. Giants, Carolina and Kansas City.

However, this report is unsubstantiated by other news outlets and has not been confirmed by the Seahawks.

Earlier during training camp the Seahawks restructured Curry’s contract, making it easier to part ways with the underperforming linebacker at season’s end if they choose.

Curry agreed to cut his rookie deal from six to four years. In return for giving up $5 million in guaranteed salary Curry’s due to make in 2012, he can become a free agent at the end of that season – two years earlier at the age of 27.

The No. 4 overall draft pick in the 2009 draft was demoted to second team last week, with rookie K.J. Wright getting the nod.

Carroll said that Wright did a solid job in place of Curry, and that he doesn’t anticipate that situation changing this week.

“We’ll go to Wednesday and see how that goes, and see what that all means,” Carroll said. “But he (Wright) did play well enough to play again. He did a good job.”

Asked if he anticipates a role for Curry still in Seattle, Carroll had this to say:

“Yeah, sure he’s on our team. We’re counting on him playing and contributing. He was involved in a number of different situations yesterday. We’ll see how it goes. I’m not sure what’s going to happen this week. I don’t have to know right now.”

Carroll said receive Sidney Rice came through the first game fine after sitting out the first two games with a damaged shoulder.

“He was really encouraged that he could make it through, and he felt all right and he was an active part of it,” Carroll said. “And he came out feeling good.”

Carroll also said that quarterback Tarvaris Jackson had no residual affects from his leg getting rolled up on in the fourth quarter after the fumbled shotgun snap that Anthony McCoy recovered in Seattle territory.

Matt McCoy (concussion) is okay to play, and Kam Chancellor suffered a thigh bruise. That is the extent of Seattle’s injury situation from the game on Sunday.

Carroll addressed the fact that his team allowed four sacks in the first half, saying that Jackson had to do a better job of getting rid of the ball when receivers are covered down field.

That said, Carroll overall has been pleased with the fact that Jackson has not turned the ball over a lot in those situations.

“The calls that we had, they had nice calls on and guys got covered up and there was nowhere to go with the football,” Carroll said. “So that’s just a matter of making the right decisions once that occurs. Some of it is to escape, and Tarvaris has instincts for that, and he has good feet and he can get out, which he did.

“And there’s a couple times where he’s going to have to throw the ball away, so that we can avoid the sacks. But he’s doing a nice job, and again he’s protecting the ball so well. We’re learning and we’re growing, and he’s trying to not give them the football at every turn. And some of that is to not force the football in there, and he shouldn’t have. Those decisions were fine.”

Carroll also was impressed with the play of rookie offensive tackle James Carpenter, saying he played well for a second straight game.

“He’s improving, but he has more to go,” Carroll said about Carpenter. “And halfway through the season he should be a pretty accomplished right tackle for us. It’s going to take him a little while, but we’re certainly seeing good things.

“And you see positive plays where he gets great movement. And when he blows guys out and makes big blocks, so you know he has a high end then.”

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  1. freedom_X says:

    Seems like the last place Curry might project well to is 3-4 inside linebacker. A team looking to fill that position might be pretty interested.

    If any team offers anything for him, Seattle should take it. They’ve already written him off. Even a 6th round pick is better than nothing.

    I’d like to see film analysis to see if Wright had a positive effect overall on the defense, even though he registered 0 stats. By staying at home, playing his assignment properly, he could have helped the defense by just taking away a hole that a freelancing or overeager Curry left. That alone won’t get Wright to the Pro Bowl, but if it helps I’d take it.

  2. No Curry trade to Arizona, please…I don’t want him lighting up the field against us twice a year if he ever does get it together.

  3. If KC were so interested they could have just taken him instead of the bust they took one pick earlier than Curry.

  4. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “Carroll says Curry still part of team”

    Not for long LOL! Man I would be ecstatic if we traded Curry to the stupid Cardinals. He’s like the Brian Russell of linebackers, and would make their defense even worse.

  5. bigsmooth says:

    Curry seems like he’d be a good fit as an OLB in a 3-4. Don’t think, just get after the passer a la Jerome Harrison. I know he hasn’t shown much rushing the passer here but maybe in a true 3-4 he’d find a niche.

  6. If there are 5 teams interested maybe we can be lucky and get a 3rd or a 4th for him. That would be great. Or how about a 5th and a solid ST/ back up linebacker in return – just thinking out loud!!!!

    On a different note. Anyone see how T. Williams is really playing well tonight at LT for the ‘Skins? He sure struggled last year but sure that seems to be a thing of the past.

  7. Soggybuc says:

    I’ll be pissed if they dump him for something as low as a 4th. lets see if he can perform well on ST and if the demotion motivates him to play well when he does see time.

  8. Soggybuc says:

    If some team comes an makes an offer in the Tim Numbskull range then hell yes move him. but we put to much money in him to let him go for peanuts. while he has not played up to expectations he hasn’t been a bust anywhere near the levels of a Vernon gholston, kentwan Balmer or our beloved Lo-Jack.

  9. Why did Unger blow that shotgun snap so bad – has anybody asked him?

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Curry is all but done here in Seattle. And if he can be any good to another team it will mean a huge change in attitude. Not unlike BMW!
    Get what we can this year before we cut him next year for Pete’s sake!

  11. Soggybuc says:

    I won’t disagree with you on that Georgia but I think he is gifted enough to be played as a 50 dollar chip and not thrown away as a 10 dollar one.
    We will still have his rights this off season so I dont see any urgency to dump him with out good value in return.

  12. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Guys, be honest and stop deluding yourselves. Curry would make a TERRIBLE 3-4 OLB! Yes, he is obviously stupid and can’t handle thinking hard enough to grasp pro schemes, but let’s not forget that he has no pass rushing prowess either! His idea of pass rushing is trying to overpower tackles that have 50+ pounds on him.

    We know how this will end. Curry will be traded for no higher than a 6th round pick. He will struggle with his new team, who will wonder how Ruskell was ever stupid enough to draft him in the top 5. He will then be cut by next offseason and be out of the league like Gholston and Maybin.

  13. gdcheck99 says:

    I’m not a Gallery fan. How about trading him for left guard.

  14. gdcheck99 says:

    And resigning IDAHO grad Vobora

  15. Trade him to Green Bay for Flynn! Ted Thompson isn’t dumb though.

  16. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Thompson already made his linebacking mistake with AJ Hawk (who is still 10x the player Curry is), so he won’t trade a promising young QB like Flynn for a proven bust.

  17. Anyone who thinks we should not trade Curry to Arz has not been watching games. Curry to Arz. is win,win,win,win > first we dont have to play with Curry, second we get draft pick for Curry,third divison rival has less draft pick, forth and most important we get to play against Curry. please trade curry to arz. Take less value to make arizona trade. wigout

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    ACIB- Stop blaming Ruskell for drafting Curry! Most of us who follow this sport can recall that Ruskell overall had the best draft grades by the so-called experts the year they drafted him.
    Where were you then? And why weren’t you raising the red flags?

    I agree Soggybuc that Curry is gifted, however he doesn’t seem to have the heart or whatever it takes to take advantage of his God gifted abilities! So all we can do is hope to get something in return. And if there are really five teams that want him then(IMO)It’s time to deal.

  19. Alright I’m putting myself out there…

    This is so far blown out of proportion. You guys are on Aaron Curry like he was Kelly Jennings. Regardless if this is the new thing on this blog is to rip curry he actually has been a solid linebacker so far this year. No he’s not performing as a number 4 overall pick……

    So what Pete didn’t draft him. Your expectations for Curry far outweigh reality. He’s a 3rd year pro and is playing like a 3rd year pro. KJ wright has awesome intangibles sure but at this point Aaron curry is the better linebacker and I will tell you to write this down…

    Aaron Curry will regain the starting role sometime this season on a performance basis.

  20. justin_yorbum says:

    Some of us wanted to draft a QB and said so at the time.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Still waiting for ACIB to come out of his man cave and explain why he has all the answers when it comes to evaluating players, coaches, GMs, ect… And further explain why he waits until it is obvious to most of us that a player will not be good in the NFL before he starts on his Juvenial rants!
    Let’s see how smart you really are. name all the players that the Seahawks aquired this year through trade, draft or free agent pick up that you think will be busts. Then name the players that will be good! Do it now, so we can have fun seeing how great a talent evaluator you really are!

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    HawksKD- you already put yourself out there with your comments

    “We just shut down the best reciever this league has ever seen .. in his prime.”
    Meaning of course Fitzgerald.

    Have you ever watched the greatest reciever (hands down) of all time Jerry Rice? or for that matter Steve Largent? I could go on and on.

  23. Georgia hawk – Jerry rice was just a phenomonon in being able to play at such a high level for so long. He was as fundamentally sound as any reciever will ever be. No one knows if fitz will come close to playing that long. Larry Fitz is just as fundamentally sound and can do things on the football field that Jerry rice would never have been able to do I dare you to argue that… In fact I’ll stop here so you can go……

  24. And of course I can make an excellent case for steve largent but i would be biased ;)

  25. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Who DIDN’T see a 4-3 linebacker being a waste of a top 5 draft pick? We needed Walter Jones or Matt Hasselbeck’s successor and instead Ruskell crapped it away on a terrible player from Wake Forest because he had nice character. WAKE FOREST! Matthews, Maualuga, Cushing, Lauriniaitis, etc came from giant superprograms like USC and Ohio State. And we pissed away the highest draft pick in a decade on a player who wasn’t even good enough to get recruited by a top college football school. Disgusting.

  26. I would never draft a SAM #4 overall, even if he was the BPA.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Those Carroll quotes regarding Curry’s role on the team are not exactly a ringing endorsement.

    The notion that Curry wasn’t “good enough” to be recruited by a college powerhouse is nonsense. He’s from the state, and his mother especially (a teacher herself) supposedly had a role in directing him to an academic school (I know, the irony…). But what should have raised a red flag is that even at a school like WF, where he ought to have never come off the field, he was only a 2 down ‘backer. The projection that he could be developed into a pass rusher, essentially making him an every down player is one of the great scouting gaffs in Seahawk history.

  28. If the Seahawks don’t start stepping up their game, the owners will start saying that Pete Carroll, too, “is on the team”.

    That is the surest sign his days are numbered.

    PRESS: Are you going to fire Pete Carroll?
    OWNERS: Pete is still the coach of the team.
    PRESS: Will you renew his contract?
    OWNERS: Pete is still the coach of the team.
    PRESS: Are you happy with the team’s performance under his regime?
    OWNER: Pete is still the coach of the team.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    Carroll’s not even close to being on the hotseat. He’s two years away, regardless of results. But yes, the surest sign a coach is in trouble is an owner is the dreaded vote of confidence.

  30. raymaines says:

    Peter The Barbarian says: “Yeah, sure he’s on our team. We’re counting on him playing and contributing. … ”

    Oh that poor boy is so gone.

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    HawksKD- No doubt that Fitz can do things on the field that Rice couldn’t do, however we could argue that Moss did things on the field that Rice or Fitz couldn’t do. Or we could argue further yet and say that Mike Wallace can do things on the field that Rice, Fitz, Moss, or Largent couldn’t do.
    All are great recievers, but ( imo) Rice is the best, long term, short term, clutch term. He made it look so easy! He didn’t have to jump higher, he didn’t have to run faster, and he didn’t have to run over. He didn’t have to waste a move because he always seemed to be in the the best place at the right time. Much like Largent but with better talent around him. I may be crazy for saying this so soon but I see a little bit of this football awareness in Baldwin.

  32. seahawk44 says:

    Jerry Rice had great hands but also had Montana and Young delivering the ball to him. Still…he is the GOAT.
    Randy Moss was the most spectacular I ever saw followed by Fitzgerald.
    Steve Largent was my favorite and may have been the best route runner ever.

  33. They should tade him for Ted Ginn and solve 2 problems at once.

  34. “But what should have raised a red flag is that even at a school like WF, where he ought to have never come off the field, he was only a 2 down ‘backer.”

    Is that right? I never knew that. If so, you’re absolutely right, no way a #4 overall pick should ever be off the field at any college program. But, I mean, they must have watched lots of game film, and not just looked at his combine specs, right?

    Anyway, water under the bridge now, lost opportunity, but it’s a new regime now, nobody here to blame.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    That is right. And I’m sure they studied every minute of tape on him they could get. And he’s athletically gifted, no question. So it’s reasonable to presume they envisioned him being capable of so much more. In retro-spect, a project of sorts, if we’re talking about becoming an every down LB. But sadly, that improvement never came and in fact, the NFL game has not come easily to him, even when asked to do nothing more than what he did successfully at Wake. Swing and an awful miss…

  36. We’re crazy if we don’t take a fourth for him. I think he’s done here. Might help someone else if they find a complementary role for him. Just not worth his $$$ here. He’s dumb as a post I say!

  37. AC was fairly widely chosen as the SAFEST pick in the draft by many EXPERTS. I can’t really blame Numbskull for that. Just sucks that high of a pick backfired on us. :( :( : (

  38. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah, but the “experts” aren’t front office people. They’re generally failed GMs or other ex-FO personnel or simply sportswriters. The guys pulling the strings and actually making decisions are the ones who need to determine what a good pick is or isn’t. And the fact they whiffed so badly on that one (albeit, a very poor top end draft that year) tells us a lot about their talent assessment.

  39. LondonHawk says:

    If you look at who and what was available to them in the draft and match that up to the Seahawks “needs” at the time. Curry made sense.

    Sanchez was a sophmore QB coming out and the jury is still out on whether or not he is going to make it. The choices at OT were a seriously out of shape Andre Smith, Eugene Monroe or Michael Oher none of whom could change the tires on big Walt’s Escalade or carry his jock strap.

    Had Stafford or Justin Smith fallen to 4 you can bet they would pull the trigger on it.

    I just think that draft class was kind of weak and that the OLB position in particular was bad now Curry and Maybin both are washing out.

    You can afford to miss on top 10 picks with paying consequences. That is what kept the Seahawks Miered (pun intended) in the mud for so long pre Holmgren.

  40. raymaines says:

    1) Matt Stafford,
    9) BJ Raji
    13) Bryan Orakpo,
    26) Clay Matthews, &
    30 Kenny Britt

    EVERYBODY else in 2009 was a bust. I take some satisfaction that John Schneider was in Green Bay when they drafted at #9 and 26. I hope he works that kind of magic here, but so far his QB rating is pretty low.

  41. nighthawk2 says:

    Ah, the last of Tim Numbskull’s 1st round busts about to be gone. About time. I remember we drafted this guy, the talk was he wouldn’t fit as a 3-4 linebacker and that’s why KC passed on him. Kept hoping we’d trade the pick, move down and take an OT, but no such luck. This guy has never lived up to being a 1st round pick, let alone the 4th pick of the draft; the sooner he’s gone the better. Wouldn’t say Jackson is a bust, he hasn’t had an effective NT since he’s been in KC, and that is necessary for that scheme to work. But if he’s traded, what will AaronCurryIsBust change is i.d. to?

    Schneider didn’t sign Tarvaris Jackson raymaines, Pete Carroll did; since he has the final say in personnel matters the onus for that gigantic mistake is on him. That’s what happens when you let your assistants do the free agent shopping (**cough** Robert Gallery–Tom Cable**cough**).

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