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Final: Hawks 13, Cardinals 10 – instant reactions

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 25, 2011 at 4:13 pm with 46 Comments »
September 25, 2011 4:19 pm
Arizona Cardinals' Chester Taylor gets tackle by Seattle Seahawks' David Hawthorne (57), Clinton McDonald (69) and Red Bryant (79) in the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 25, 2011, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

It wasn’t pretty, but the Seattle Seahawks earned their first win of the year, and even more important, an NFC West victory, with a 13-10 win over Arizona at CenturyLink Field.

Check out the stats here.

The Seahawks finally ran some resemblance of an NFL offense today. But it was the play of the defense that sealed this victory, keeping the Cardinals off the scored board in the second half. Seattle’s defense held Arizona’s in check throughout most of the game.

On offense, receiver Sidney Rice made his presence felt, going over 100 receiving yards, and was Tarvaris Jackson’s favorite target.

So, tell us your instant reactions to these questions?

1. Seattle allowed four sacks today — all in the first half. How much of that performance has to do with Robert Gallery’s absence? Does the O-line worry you?

2. What did you think of K.J. Wright starting in place of Aaron Curry? Should Wright stick? And what role, if any, should Curry have with the team?

3. Do you still want to see Charlie Whitehurst start the next game? Or has Jackson earned it

4. With what you’ve seen through the first three weeks, is the team going in the right direction?

5. How much do you love Kam Chancellor right now?

6. What are the best and worst things you saw on Sunday?

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  1. LEROY HILL was AMAZING today!!!!!!

  2. SandpointHawk says:

    Oh yeah…..a win says it all….

  3. Win for (Matt) Flynn since we can’t “Suck (enough) for Luck.” I ain’t gonna lie, it does feel damn good to win though.

    This isn’t the first time Jay Feely has sucked in Seattle. Anyone remember ’05?

  4. Win for Flynn!!!

  5. bird_spit says:

    Did mike Williams have a catch?

  6. Southendzone says:

    I remember ’05 like it was yesterday. Consider it one of the best years of my life thanks to the SEAHAWKS, and I remember Feely’s misses in that game for sure.

    GREAT job holding on Hawks.

    Also, Kam deserves a TON of credit. He is on the top of my list for next jersey buy.

  7. Hill was great, Clemons was fantastic, Raheem played great at the end too – same as at the end of last year, we were able to get pressure rushing just 4 guys on many plays, and that’s all credit to the D-lineman.

    And give some credit where it’s due – after being lit up in the 1st half, even Browner played solid in the 2nd. The defense is heading in the right direction, we can all see it. And for those bashing PC (in a rebuilding year), at least give some credit to that side of the ball.

    And Rice with 8 for 109, and Lynch with 19 carries for 73, that’s not bad at all.

    I’m happy to get the win – don’t worry, we’ll still draft high, let’s just enjoy these when we get them.

  8. 1. Does the O-line worry you?

    VERY MUCH SO. Okung seems to have gone backwards! Gallery can’t be counted on. Carpenter looks lost. Moffit seems to be servicable so far

    2. What did you think of K.J. Wright starting in place of Aaron Curry? Should Wright stick? And what role, if any, should Curry have with the team?

    Don’t care who “starts” – its overrated – I want the guys in the game who game in situations where they can excel – don’t care who it is

    3. Do you still want to see Charlie Whitehurst start the next game? Or has
    Jackson earned it

    Don’t think either has “earned” it. but they made the decision and I believe they need to follow through for at least 5 weeks – why 5 I don’t know just a gut feeling – also if he is doing what they want (not running) then thats on the coaches not the player

    4. With what you’ve seen through the first three weeks, is the team going in the right direction?

    Not sure yet – in some areas yes in others I haven’t seen enough progress

    5. How much do you love Kam Chancellor right now?

    Pretty high right with Leroy Hill!!!

    6. What are the best and worst things you saw on Sunday?

    – Leroy and Kam – all over the field making plays.
    Jon Ryan – even with the crap punt

    Worst –
    Tjack – when he moves in the pocket moves towards pressure not away
    OL – very inconsistant getting holes created
    Lynch – can’t always see or hit the hole


  9. 1. Four sacks is a lot for a typical NFL team, but I’d say it’s not awful for a team that has an O-Line who’s combined age is younger than some trees. Maybe they’re meshing, maybe not. I do know Darnell Dockett is a talented player, and that says something about the O-Line and Tom Cable.

    2. I didn’t see the game :(

    3. Looking at Tarvaris’ stats, it’s somewhat obvious it’s time to try Whitehurst out, as he’s yet to dazzle, and when he puts up mediocre numbers, they’re all from Sidney Rice.

    4. Again, not sure at all. I know Carroll took a massive step back to try and groom for the future. I’m definitely not convinced of Bevell’s calling.

    5. As soon as I saw (SEA) K. Chancellor INTERCEPTION light up on my phone, I got a slight chubby.

    All in all, a well deserved win (could very well be 2-1 if it weren’t for botched special teams plays @SF), but it’s not very telling about the team we have. I look at it like, rookie head coach and rookie QB (Rivera and Newton) scorches the Cards hard, and Tarvaris doesn’t do so well against them, but then again, ARI is used to playing SEA. The defense, is however, stout, to say the least. Great things to build and grow on from this line, and if there can be a sick nasty SOB coming off of the edge, this could be a young powerhouse of a defense for quite a few years.

  10. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Chris Clemons was player of the game, followed by Rice.
    T Jack is nowhere near a starting QB, even after a better performance.
    The O-ling looked much improved today, and the D stood tall like the D can and should.

    If the Vikings don’t start playing better, they will take our franchise QB and eclipse the rage of the poison pill debacle from a few years ago! LOL…

  11. “Chris Clemons was player of the game.”

    totally agree

  12. chuck_easton says:

    We’re not even the worst team in the NFCW this week! Oh my, what will the National talking heads do if they can’t laugh at the Seahawks?

    Oh I know. Seattle didn’t win the game, Arizona lost it.

  13. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    Gotta love Seattle and the NFC West! From one of the worst teams in the league last week to 1 game back in the division today.

  14. Soggybuc says:

    It was ugly but any W is better than the alternative. Saw some glimpses today of what the O could be, was nice to see but it still a ways away.

    Everyone who played even one snap on the defensive side deserves a game ball! it was a hell of an effort from ALL of them!

    Kam just answered any one who questioned picking him in the draft with a resounding FU you doubters. was so huge today. also lets not over look the game Tru had. he is playing some of the best ball of his career.

  15. Defense allowed 320+ again due in no small part to the offense (even though they were better) which probably pushes them out of the top 10 for the moment. Poor buggers – they truly deserve to be ranked higher

  16. Looking forward to the morning links. I’m guessing Pete Frisco’s going to be apologizing for the Cardinals losing. Heaven forbid he give Seattle any credit.

  17. 1. The OL does not worry me. Okung is hurt. Say it again, people… he’s hurt. Eric and the rest of the beat writers have said and know this too. Moffpender are improving. There has been improvement in their play this last month, especially today. I even saw Carpenter do some good things today. I was most worried about him (Carp) over Moffitt b/c I’ve seen Moffitt’s potential and know/knew he was on the right track. When you put two rookies on one side, they are going to struggle together. That’s a fact. Expecting them to be studs from day one was foolishness (especially with no off-season training). As a whole, the OL is in good shape even if LG is a black hole. We still need one good player there.

    2. I didn’t focus on that position. Curry has rubbed me the wrong way with his “me first” type of tweets about only being a LB so I don’t care about him (actually, it would be easy to overlook them more if he were actually a playmaker… which he is not).

    3. We’re stuck in purgatory “hell” for the next 13 games and I don’t think it really matters.

    4. By going young, they are going in the right direction. But we do still suck. We barely beat a bad team at home, in part thanks to their kicker missing two FGs that would have allowed them to win. Still, winning is better than losing and every little positive is important with a team so young.

    5. The Chancellor of Kam is a fine player. Players like him and his age give us hope for 2012 and beyond.

    6. Best – point blank, we don’t win that game if Sidney Rice was inactive. Clemons was a beast, too. Even though the OL still sucks, I saw improvement. That’s huge. Worst – aside from the obvious, I see a coaching staff that sucks when it comes to having disciplined players. This is coaching and there is a reason why some teams (coaches) are continually good and bad in this area. Mr. Happy needs to figure out what the great ones do this off-season and steal their ideas. I’d still like to see a stat that shows where his teams have ranked in the past b/c I’m willing to bet the stats won’t show him to be any good in this area. I know every coach has had players who have made boneheaded plays, but with comPete it seems way too often all the time.

  18. soggy – good point with Tru. He had a great game too.

    And how about our run defense! Well done.

  19. Why is it that after a loss there is more complaining than after a win like this and complimenting?

    I wanted to “Suck for Luck” as much as anyone, but it is nice to see our guys do well, too. In the grand scheme of things, I realize that it’s probably wrong for us to have won (no Luck) but we can’t do anything about it so why not have a positive attitude about it? Afterall, we need to be ready to rock in ’12 when we have added a few pieces, especially at the QB position.

    Nice to see Matt Hasselbeck and his Titans sitting at 2-1 with a couple of weeks in a row of over 300 yards. Anyone else see his 95 yard drive late in the 4th quarter to take the lead with no Kenny Brit (who is supposedly a Hall of Fame player).

  20. Soggybuc says:

    with ya Bobby on the fact that the O line isgrowing. funny weird thing was last week it was the Pass Pro that looked better and this week it was the run blocking.
    Growing pains and I have no doubt that there will come a time late in the season that we will see them put it all together and /Gasp we will look great in both phases.

  21. “Nice to see Matt Hasselbeck and his Titans sitting at 2-1 with a couple of weeks in a row of over 300 yards. Anyone else see his 95 yard drive late in the 4th quarter to take the lead with no Kenny Brit (who is supposedly a Hall of Fame player.”

    Three strong games in a row for him – and this with Chris Johnson basically doing nothing.

    Plenty of us knew he still had something left. It’s a new era though.

  22. I don’t think we’ll fully click on both sides of the ball until we get a real QB. Sidney Rice can help mask a bad QB but it still is what it is and our upside is limited until we get someone next off-season to lead this team.

  23. Soggybuc says:

    And how about Browner? he was quite today but thats a very good sign. seemed as is if he was very solid. that touch to Fitz was not a coverage failure as much as it was “see thats why he is good” catch in blanket double coverage.

    And yea, i’m getting a man crush on Rice. he made the differance on what little O we had today.

  24. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    1.) Brandon Browner was great today. Pressed Larry Fitzgerald all day and made him frustrated, while Earl provided deep cover.

    2.) Curry WHO? Did anybody miss him today? I sure didn’t. Our linebacker play looked dramatically better with that bum out. The couple of plays he was in, he reminded us all why he’s a bust.

  25. Sorry Bobby, that did read as if I was just whining. 320 yards allowed is sort of an average effort ‘on paper’ for what I thought was a very above average job done. I’m delighted they do have a win to show for it

  26. seahawk44 says:

    Bobbyk….I watched Hasselbeck. He looked very good.
    First off..big props to Lynch, Rice, and the entire D on a much needed win.
    There are many T.Jackson. haters amongst the Seahawk fans and I have to say that I was very disturbed to see something today. After his great touchdown run…the camera went to the 12th man …and there was a good percentage of fans that were not cheering but looking like (its about time) or (Damn I cant chant Charlie Charlie now). Look…the guy is the starter for the team we love….let him hear it when he does something good. I rooted for Stan Gelbaugh. It doesn’t matter who is taking the snaps…he is a part of the Seahawks!

  27. Actually Browner did a good job most of the game, they were sending Fitzgerald his way a lot and he did a decent job. Of course we all felt sorry for Heap when Browner knocked out his lights. Hehe. I think that caused the energy of the game to rise a notch actually to the Seahawks benefit.
    I want to win against division opponents here at home but seriously the Seahawks need a very high draft pick desperately so if we lose the other games I can live with that.
    Can you imagine a more vile senario than Indy losing enough games to score the Luck jackpot so that they can have another 10 yrs of being on top.

  28. Personally, I could care less about about a high draft pick. My only exception to that rule is if there were ever a “can’t miss” QB in my eyes who was clearly the #1 player in the draft. Andrew Luck meats all of those requirements and that’s why I have been an anti-win person this year.

    I could care less about the 2nd pick in the draft. I’d rather have the 12th pick in the draft and play well if that’s what I had to choose between. Kind of like last year, I’m so glad we had “The Run” in the play-offs that there’s no way I’d trade that in for 15-20 spots of draft position.

    So, if we can’t “Suck for Luck” then I’m going to root hard each week (albeit with realistic expectations so I don’t get so mad on the weeks we suck) for our boys to do well.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    I too thought the D played really well. Clem, Thomas, Kam and Hill had especially strong games, IMO.

    That catch Rice had along the sideline was sick. To answer the questions though;

    1- O-line doesn’t worry me and none of the sacks can be blamed on Gallery’s absence. Jackson was getting popped and taking sacks when Gallery was in so no different today. Moffitt is legit. Had so many nice blocks and seals. He is improving game by game as is Carp. Not worried about the future of this line, at all.

    2- K.J. sticks at Sam until he proves he’s incapable of handling it. He played well today. As for Curry’s role; I’m not sure what he brings to the table that gets another player off the field. His days in a Seahawk uniform are numbered.

    3- I want to see CW but you can’t bench a QB after his first win. Jackson may have won by default in some respects but if he wasn’t benched after games 1 or 2, he’s not sitting now. I still believe if there’s going to be a change it will come after the bye.

    4- Yes.

    5- Kam’s legit but I love Thomas more. They are a wonderful tandem on the back end. But Earl is special player.

    6- Best thing I saw was Rice’s catch. That was absurd. Worst thing? Jackson has zero pocket pressence.

  30. I have to give credit to the posters here who, for the most part, did not believe that Hass was finished. On Field Gulls, however, it seemed like almost everyone thought he was done. I would be so happy to see him make the Pro Bowl and, better yet, win a Super Bowl. I don’t expect the latter, but wouldn’t be surprised to see the former.

  31. raymaines says:

    1. Robert Gallery’s absence? It was pretty much all T-Jack locking onto a receiver and holding the ball way too long.

    2.K.J. Wright starting in place of Aaron Curry? ACIAB is totally right. AC’s place is the visitors locker room.

    3. Charlie Whitehurst start the next game? Jackson has earned nothing, but CW isn’t any better. Different maybe, but not better.

    4. is the team going in the right direction? Yes, but there is a long way to go.

    5. How much do you love Kam Chancellor right now? Lots, but the league is working hard to rule out big hits on receivers. I’ll take the penalties, and the team should pay the fines.

    6. What are the best and worst things you saw? The run defense, and T-Jack

  32. SeaThemHawks says:

    Absolutely love kam chancellor! Love to see him get to the ball and make some big should be noted that earl Thomas had a good game to and would have had a pick if that pass interference by browner hadn’t happened.great to see a win by this team but they have a long long way to go.

  33. Canfan – I would check out fieldgulls and liked the site… but when they went all “Matt is the worst starting QB in the history of the NFL right now” crap, I quit visiting them. They were morons for saying that and are being proven to be morons based on Matt playing well in Tennessee. It’s not like they are a great offensive team either. I think they were ranked 27th in total offense last year and that was with Chris Johnson so he is definitely making his presence felt there. I’m glad for him and if the Seahawks can’t win the Super Bowl (which they won’t this year) I’d give nothing more than for Matt to somehow win one this year. I know the odds are against it, but it gives me another team to watch and root for this season.

  34. freedom_X says:

    1) Maybe a 100% Robert Gallery would help, but who knows if he’ll ever be 100%. Long term the line is going in the right direction, but short term, it’s still a big problem spot. Pass pro has improved from abominable to abysmal. I repeat ad-infinitum – the pass game doesn’t open up until 5 OL + 1 back can consistently block 3 or 4 pass rushers.

    2) I didn’t notice much different, but is it right that KJ Wright had no plays? No tackles, assists, or passes defensed? Maybe he was staying at home the whole time.

    3) Of the QB’s Seattle has, Jackson is the right choice. No one on that roster can do more with what little there is. Whitehurst isn’t going to create anything. There is absolutely no evidence in Whitehurst’s 16 month Seattle career to suggest otherwise,.

    4) Can’t say. Carroll and Schneider, in turning over the roster so heavily, have basically turned Seattle into an expansion franchise. No one can expect a expansion franchise to do anything for a couple years. If they build a proper foundation it will be worth it, but it’s way too soon to tell.

    5) Best play – Jackson TD run. This will grate the peanut gallery because of their hate for him, but Seattle needed that TD and he did a great job to run it in.
    Worst play – Brandon Browner/Earl Thomas failing to make the play to defense the Fitzgerald TD catch (credit Fitzgerald with having the concentration to make the catch, but it should have been deflected at least.)

  35. thursday says:

    saw t-jack run and that needs to happen more. also, our defense is MEAN, lol. it’s been awhile.

  36. I am surprised that Hasselbeck is playing as well as he is but, I did not think he was washed up. That said, it was STILL the right thing to not resign him. Face it people, when this team is ready to compete for super bowls in 2-3 years Matt will be 37-38 years old. Also, he has been sacked 2 times this year. He would already be on the IR if he was behind our line. That makes no sense for us. We need to get a young QB to grow with this coming off-season. We need to look long term and not be myopic.

    I missed the game but, K.J. Wright is listed as having 0 tackles. Is this right? If so, doesn’t seem like much of an improvement. I think we need to give AC one more shot at some situational pass rushing. No thinking, just go get the QB. I know it didn’t work before but, I think it’s our only shot at getting some value out of him. Maybe now that it’s clear to him, or should be, that he has no future here as a LB he will be willing to let go of his “I am an all around linebacker” delusion and focus on rushing. That said, IMO he is dumb as a post so he probably won’t. I didn’t think that AC was playing all that badly this year but he is definitely not worth his contract so we might as well give K.J. the playing time and experience even if he isn’t necessarily better than AC at this point. I just hope AC doesn’t go somewhere else next year and suddenly figure it out. Again, IMO he is dumb as a post so that is unlikely.

  37. Or you could say he’s as dumb as a Ken Hamlin!

  38. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Bobbyk I dislike too, the first and last time I went to that site, the writer’s first page post was him arguing that Chris Clemons was our worst defensive player!

  39. LOL BobbyK. To be fair, I think Hamlin was a little smarter than a post. Before he got clubbed with one at least.

  40. Seahawkgo says:

    Colts played so well to day despite a lost to get first round pick. Rams and Chiefs might be runners to get the high draft picks that we can trade for Luck or Barkley.

  41. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    The Chiefs would definitely draft Luck/Barkley. Cassel has been a disaster recently and Todd Haley is on the hot seat.

  42. surelyyoujest says:

    It looked to me like McCoy actually started at SAM…..although the defensive alignment they opened with might have dictated that. In any case, Wright was invisible. A lot of guys on the D weren’t though, which was great to watch. Kam had his moments, for sure, but Clemons was a constant force. He had an awesome game.

  43. letsworkitout says:

    Still….against AZ, come on. This is the one game in the early schedule they had a chance to win. Next week vs Atlanta (don’t care it is at home) is a loss and at NY is a loss. So Hawks will be, what, 1-4. Cleveland is next, but they have been looking pretty decent this season. It is the NFL and ANYTHING can happen but the probability that the Hawks win north of 5 games is very low.

    No NFCW team has a favorable schedule in the next 4 games. Although SF does get a break playing against Philly with Vick’s hand problem.

    Order of likelihood of winning division:
    ST L

    Way different than I thought going into the season.

  44. yellaman says:

    1. Seattle allowed four sacks today — all in the first half. How much of that performance has to do with Robert Gallery’s absence? Does the O-line worry you?

    The line was ok but Jackson help the line by throwing the ball sooner on a few of those sacks. TJ seemed to be holdeing the ball to long

    2. What did you think of K.J. Wright starting in place of Aaron Curry? Should Wright stick? And what role, if any, should Curry have with the team?

    Didn’t notice many mistakes in KJ wright’s are of play

    3. Do you still want to see Charlie Whitehurst start the next game? Or has Jackson earned it

    TJ should still be the starter

    4. With what you’ve seen through the first three weeks, is the team going in the right direction?

    To early to say. Cardinals didn’t look any good either test will be against the Falcons next week to see where this team is

    5. How much do you love Kam Chancellor right now?

    I was going to get his jersey prior to start of season but went with a safe pick in the #12 fan instead now I think I need to go get a #31 jersey after yesterday

    6. What are the best and worst things you saw on Sunday?

    O-Line still looks shakey and run defense looked suspect at times. Also Browner needs to be more physical if he is going to bump & run at the line.Browner lets WR’s come off the line without even touching them and then he is having to play catch up. I don’t understand his play at the corner

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