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Carroll on win: “We have a long ways to go”

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September 25, 2011 6:37 pm

They’ll take it.

That was basically the attitude of Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and the rest of his players in the locker room after the team’s 13-10 over the Arizona Cardinals.

The Seahawks understand they can play better, but they like winning while going through that growth process better than losing. It certainly make it easier to go back to work on Monday.

“I’m very happy to get a win,” Carroll said. “We have a long ways to go and a lot of work to do, but we got a little bit better today. We did some good things and made enough plays.”

The Seahawks finally got things going offensively in the second half. And they went to no huddle in the third quarter to speed up the tempo – and it worked.

“I like the no huddle,” said receiver Sidney Rice, who finished with eight catches for 109 yards in his Seahawks’ debut. “The more we do it, the more I like it. I feel like we have the extra edge, we can get up on the ball fast, our tempo just rises and I’m looking forward to dong that throughout the rest of the season. It doesn’t give the defense time to get set.”

Seattle had the team’s best drive of the day, marching 72 yards on 14 plays, with quarterback Tarvaris Jackson scrambling in from 11 yards out for the game-clinching score with 6 minutes left in the first quarter.

Jackson’s score was Seattle’s first rushing touchdown of the season.

“We had a double-move route to Sidney (Rice) or Mike (Williams),” Jackson said. “I chose Sidney’s side, and it wasn’t open. So I came back to Mike, and he was open but I kind of felt late, so I didn’t want to throw it all the way across the field late. So I just tried to run, and make something happen. Marshawn (Lynch) got a good block for me, and I just tried to get into the end zone.

Added Carroll: “I thought Tarvaris played really tough today,” Carroll said. “I thought he had a fantastic drive for us, to get the touchdown in on that run where he gave it up at the goal line. That’s who he is. He’s a very tough competitor. And I was glad to see that.”

Jackson finished 18 for 31 for 171 yards and an interception on another Hail Mary pass late in the first half. He was sacked four times and finished with a 60 passer rating.

He heard the boos from the crowd and calls for Charlie Whitehurst, but said they had no affect on his play during the game.

“It doesn’t bother me anymore,” he said. “You want to play for your fans, but I’m playing for the guys in this locker room. I knew that it was going to be a hard situation, being that Matt (Hasselbeck) was here for a long time and did some great things here.

“I have a lot of people to win over. I’ll probably never win them over. My whole thing her eis to come here and be the best I can be and try to get the team some wins and be a leader. If they keep booing and we keep winning, then I don’t care.”

Defense leads them: While the offense typically struggled to put points on the board, Seattle’s defense continues to play at a high level.

The Seahawks came into the game as one of two teams in the league that had not forced a turnover, but they finished with two interceptions on the day and three sacks, forcing Kolb into some bad decisions.

Leroy Hill led the Seahawks with 11 tackles, a sack and a forced fumble. And defensive end Chris Clemons finished with a combined seven tackles on the day, a sack, a tackle for loss and a deflected pass.

Defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove said he and his teammates got an extra boost from the CenturyLink Field crowd.

“It always great playing at home,” Hargrove said. “Especially on third downs because the crowd is standing up getting loud. They’re behind you. And they’ve got to go silent count. So it’s always an advantage.”

McCoy to the rescue: Carroll called the play of the game.

With 12:38 left in the game and the Seahawks up 13-10, quarterback Tarvaris Jackson mishandled a high snap from center Max Unger. But Seattle tight end Anthony McCoy hustled back for the ball and made a heady play, recovering the fumble at Seattle’s 28-yard line. Seahawks punter Jon Ryan boomed a 64-yard punt to flip field position.

“It’s something we practice every week – the cradle drill, and it just transferred out to the game today. It wasn’t nothing new to me, I jus reacted,” McCoy said about the play.

Said Carroll: “That was a fantastic play right there. If that doesn’t happen, then everything is different. That’s something we do every week. He’s been doing it for years, making fumble recoveries like that. That was a huge play for us, and you don’t realize it.”

Feely feeling it again: Arizona kicker Jay Feely missed two field goals during the contest that could have gave his team the win, from 51 and 49 yards.

Feely has a history of struggling at CenturyLink Field. While with the New York Giants six year’s ago during Seattle’s Super Bowl run, Feely missed three field goals in a 27-24 overtime win for the Seahawks on Nov. 27, 2005.

“Yeah, they were difficult kicks, but they’re kicks that I expect to make,” Feely said. “I didn’t think that I hit them poorly, but obviously I didn’t get the result I wanted.”

Aaron Curry sees some time:
Heading into Sunday’s contest, linebacker Aaron Curry confirmed that his role had changed with the Seahawks, and that he had been demoted to the second team.

But his replacement, rookie K.J. Wright, didn’t see a whole lot of time on defense either.

That’s because Seattle played a lot of nickel on defense, with Matt McCoy has the middle linebacker, Hill as the strong side, outside linebacker and defensive back Walter Thurmond as the weak-side, outside linebacker.

Carroll said his team played more nickel to match up with Arizona’s three and four-receiver sets.

“They use a lot of extra receivers,” Carroll said. “And maybe because of their running back situation, they spread it around a little bit more, but they do that all the time. We had to prepare with four or five different ways to play nickel today. It was a very complex game plan, but Gus (Defensive coordinator Gus Bradley) pulled it off.”

Curry saw limited time on defense, along with playing special teams.

* Carroll said the only injury or note to report was linebacker Matt McCoy had a concussion. Tarvaris Jackson did suffer a leg injury on the fumbled shotgun snap, and Charlie Whitehurst warmed up to go into the game in the fourth quarter But after getting checked out by Trainers, Jackson was deemed okay to continuing playing.

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  1. I kind of forgot about that McCoy fumble recovery, that was a huge play.

    Eric – all good then with Rice’s shoulder? Seems like it.

  2. thursday says:

    the coaches need to let tavaris run. half the time he looks like he’s trying to do anything BUT, and he’s just not a pocket passer. i keep seein holes for him all the time and he’ll just collapse.

    anyway yeah, not pretty, but it was a win

  3. I agree. With most QBs… you want them to take care of themselves and not get hurt. However, with him, he’s just not a good player behind the line of scrimmage but he CAN (and should) make plays with his legs. It’s like they are preventing him from the only thing he does well and that makes no sense.

  4. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Man, not seeing Curry out there whiff on tackles and give up receptions and cause stupid penalties. Good riddance, I hope he never starts another snap in a Seahawks uniform.

  5. raymaines says:

    After watching U.W. QB Keith Price on Saturday and Matt Hasselbeck on Sunday morning, I’ve come to have zero respect for T-Jack.

    Don’t misunderstand, I know Price is in college and I’m not saying he’s better than Jackson, but playing against his own level of competition he was great. Matt H. would be in traction by now if he were still here, but he shows us how an above average QB can elevate an average team to contender level.

    Please God, let PC & JS pick the right guy next April.

  6. raymaines – I don’t think they are going to draft a QB in April (assuming we don’t get the #1 pick). At least not in the early rounds. I think we’ll win the bidding for Matt Flynn in March and get a defensive lineman with our 1st round pick. I would be okay with this scenario, too.

  7. What a day! I love celebrating a win at home!

    I hear a lot of kudos for Clemons and Kam and Leroy. That’s great, they deserve it. But my perspective is a little different. I watch home games from the south end zone – the opposite perspective you get from the sideline tv cameras, so I see a lot of the play between the tackles, the holes opening and closing up and down the line at the snap.

    From my perspective, there are three reasons Clemons got those sacks and Leroy and Kam made all those open-field plays. Those three reasons are Bryant, Mebane, and Branch.

    Those three owned the Cards O line all day, they suffocated the running game, forcing Kolb into a lot of obvious passing situations that Clem, Leroy, Kam, and ET all took advantage of. Even if Beanie Wells had been healthy, I don’t think he could have saved his team’s running game. Branch must be so proud of stuffing his former team. The D line was Stout, and that set everything else up the way we needed.

    Stout enough to frustrate Atlanta next week? Maybe and maybe not, but I like that fact that Coaches Bradley and Walsh can watch film this week of their old buddies in Tampa shutting down Atlanta’s attack (16-13, held Atl to 30 yds rushing). We can do it too.

    Obviously Sidney Rice changed the whole game, offensively. But our O line also deserves a lot of credit. Compare how they looked in the first half of the 49ers game to today’s effort, and they’ve grown by leaps and bounds. Carpenter was starting to show why he was first round. This line could be really good by the end of this season.

  8. Stevos – same seats you had when I met you last year?

  9. Same seats, Bobby. Love the south endzone.

    I love these stats too:
    Kolb to Fitzgerald 5 for 64 yds
    Jackson to Rice 9 for 109 yds

    And I agree with you guys who want Tarvaris rolling out and running more. Its what he does best.

  10. The catch Fitz made in the end zone and the one Rice made off of the defenders facemask were both incredibly sick. When was the last time we had a WR who we expected to make a play like that? And the simple pattern he ran in the 2nd half I think only went for about 9 yards was another vintage Rice catch. He’s got arms that are 55 feet long and he simply caught a ball that most human beings can’t get to along the sidelines. I’m not sure if anyone remembers that one b/c it was pretty simple, but he does little things that add into big things for your team. I love him!

  11. I’d rather have Sidney Rice than Steve Hutchinson at this stage in their careers:)

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I love it! No suck for luck talk for a week! It is now time to take this division! I really hope that this young team rallies around Jackson this year. Nothing I would like to see more then a player hated by some fans (who works hard to improve) succeed despite all that’s going against him!
    Kinda like seeing the Giants win the Superbowl over the Pats despite having to overcome so much adversity!

    Go Seahawks! Go Jackson!

  13. BobbyK, what has Matt Flynn ever done? He may be a good QB some day but I don’t see the reason you’re so enamored with him. Just because his name is Matt and he is a backup in GB doesn’t mean he is the next Hasselbeck. I think your view that we should only draft a QB in the 1st round if we can get Luck is wrong. It’s still really early, in fact Luck, Barkley and Jones could all go back to school if they want, but I think that we are crazy if we have the chance to draft Jones or Barkley and don’t pull the trigger. The best scenario I see for us right now, assuming we don’t have the 1st pick or trade for it, is that we are in position to have our choice of either Jones or Barkley and we choose the one that we evaluate as being better. Another possible scenario is that Minnesota has the 1st pick and Christian Ponder can be had for reasonably cheap. I would personally rather that then trading for Flynn, assuming what we have to give up is close to the same for either.

  14. williambryan says:

    BobbyK, What makes you so confident about the team targeting Flynn? I think there is a chance they do that, but I think it all hinges on the draft class. Luck and Barkley have eligibility after this year and if they stay in college I think Flynn becomes a more likely option but if they both declare, I think that will go a long way towards the team drafting QB in round 1 (the draft slot would obviously have a large impact on that decision too).

    It looks like Bevell and Jackson are a perfect match. They both seam afraid to throw the ball downfield. I don’t recall one true deep strike attempt. Would really like to see more roll outs and bootlegs. And for the love of god, throw Mike Williams the ball!

  15. I don’t know that Ponder will be better than Flynn but, he is younger and has more potential, IMO. It’s a crap shoot with either one. Neither has proven anything in a meaningful NFL game.

    BMW may want to reintroduce himself to TJ and remind him that he is 6’5″ 235. He is not a quick burner that is going to get massive separation. Just throw him the damn ball and he will come up with it the majority of the time, like he does with Sidney. Not saying that he should be our 1st option instead of Rice but, 5 catches for 40 something yards in 3 games is ridiculous.

    ACIB, you got your wish. You can shut up about AC now. Or at least go one post without mentioning him. I agree that he is dumb as a post and we should get rid of him, unless he can remake himself as a pass rusher and renegotiates his contract which is unlikely, but your tune has gotten old. He’s nowhere near worth his contract but, he isn’t nearly as horrible as you make him out to be either.

  16. natedog,

    He’s had one good game at New England and then threw the game away with a late pick. That’s it. But all the talk is that he has “it” to be a solid NFL performer. He’s got a good arm. He’s got good touch (this has been said besides the one game, too). He seems to have the all important intangibles. We get our fair share of Packers coverage here in MN and he’s thought of pretty highly with respect to his all around game. He has also been in an NFL system similar to what he’s going to run in Seattle and he will have had 4 years in the league by the time he plays for us. He’s been the back-up QB on a Super Bowl winner. All of this experience (without the experience) is an added reason I’d love to get him. He seems reasonably “safe” to me. Jones or Barkley do not seem “safe” to me. Is there upside? Yes. Is there a chance they will bust? You bet. Unless I can get a guy I see as almost a “can’t miss” type of guy in Luck I’d rather have Flynn.

    With that being said, what would we rather have… Flynn and a top 5-10 pick in the 1st round so we can get a defensive lineman (or BPA) or would we rather have Jones or Barkley with no chance at getting a defensive lineman in the 1st round? To me, it’s a pretty simple choice.

  17. williambryan says:

    I don’t like Jackson’s comments about the fans. Does he know why they’re booing? It’s because he plays afraid. He shows very little desire to succeed, and what I mean by that is he way too ok with taking sacks, checking down on long conversion chances (3rd &long, etc.), punting, etc. He shows no sense of urgency. Looking at him you would have no idea that the balance of the game hinges upon his play. Maybe I’m asking too much, obviously his is not an elite QB, but some of the traits I mentioned, I believe Whitehurst would bring to the table. If Jackson continues to be the QB, I would like to see a little fire out of him, a little emotion, and lift his teammates up, and pump them up. I haven’t seen any of that so far.

  18. (5) 0-3 teams left: MIN, MIA, KC, STL, IND

  19. natedog – we wouldn’t have to “trade” for Flynn. He’s going to be an unrestricted free agent. I doubt the Packers will franchise him for over $20 million.

  20. williambryan says:

    But BobbyK, with that scenario you are still taking two big chances. Flynn is just as capable of busting as either Luck/Barkley/etc. and high 1st round defensive picks are no sure thing either (Curry, Maybin, Gholston). Either way there is considerable risk involved. Personally I would be OK with Flynn but I would rather have Barkley. And how mobile is Flynn? I know he played well in the NE game but I didn’t see it. Mobility seams to be high on PC’s list of desirables for his QB’s

  21. williambryan – you are right. But I’d rather play the odds and take my chances with Flynn and a high 1st round pick than Barkley and no high 1st round pick. Flynn does have mobility. He’s not Mike Vick or anything, but he’s far from a statue. He’d fit into what Mr. Happy wants to do.

    Here’s his stat line from the Week 14 game AT New England last season:
    24-37, 251 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT
    It’s too small of a sample size to say he’s a can’t miss type of guy but at least it was in an NFL game and against a pretty good team on the road.

  22. BobbyK, I didn’t realize Matt Flynn was going to be a UFA. That definitely makes him more attractive. That depends on the market for him though. The fact is that we are going to be taking a chance any way we go. Chances are that at least one out of Luck, Jones, and Barkley is going to be a bust. Proven, good, relatively young QB’s don’t come available on the open market. Teams just won’t let them go. I can definitely see your argument. At this point, I’m just going to have to trust that JS and comPete will evaluate the best option for us and hope that it works out. It depends on what Flynn will get on the open market, but one advantage of drafting your QB now is the rookie wage scale. If we were in the old system I would be more in favor of going after Flynn. But now we will only have to pay our top 10 QB around 5-6 mil a year so if they bust it is less of a burden to the franchise. If Flynn is as highly regarded as you say, I don’t doubt it as I have heard some good things as well, then he will probably command 10 mil a year on the open market. But then we have our 1st rounder to use on something else. I can see going either way. If we don’t have a chance at either Luck, Jones, or Barkley than I think we definitely should go after Flynn. I just whatever they do turns out to be a good choice. You have to have a QB to win in this league. Even though I don’t hate TJ as much as you, I don’t think he has what it takes to win a SB either.

    Williambryan, TJ’s teammates elected him captain and from what Eric reports they all like him. I think the fact that he hasn’t taken more chances has a lot to do with comPete’s philosophy. He doesn’t want a QB turning the ball over. I think they should loosen the reigns on him but, if he is doing what his head coach wants then I don’t think you can blame him. At least not 100 percent. I think he is hesitant to run because he wants to prove himself as a pocket passer. I agree that he should use his legs a lot more and don’t like the fact that he seems unwilling to a lot of the time. Especially with our o-line at this stage of development. Maybe that is coming from above partially as well.

  23. I’ve said before as well that I’ve never heard a bad word about Jackson the person. Never. Ever.

    I will admit that I hate him but it’s as our QB. It has nothing to do with him on a personal level. If he were some moron like Ryan Leaf, then I’d hate him as a QB and as a person but it’s not like that with me. I just think he’s a terrible QB and I can’t wait for the day in the coming months when the keys to this franchise have been handed over to Flynn, Barkley, Jones, or whoever.

  24. One good thing you can say about TJ is that he hasn’t really turned the ball over, not in meaningful situations at least. Both of his INT’s were end of the half hail marys and at least 2 of his fumbles were from being blindsided, not his fault IMO. He didn’t seem to hold on to the ball too long on either of the plays he was blindsided. At least he definitely didn’t on the one where McCoy completely whiffed on a block against SF. There’s definitely things to criticize about his play but, this is one good thing I believe and it’s what his coach wants. That said, I would like to see them open it up more a take a little more chances, regardless of if it’s because of TJ, comPete, or a combination.

  25. One good thing about the new rookie salary scale is that we won’t be forced to pay a DE $60 million over 6 years either if we’re picking 4th or 5th in the draft.

    Schneider was in Green Bay when Flynn was drafted so he’ll have a great insight. We’re actually sitting pretty good with Schneider’s connection to Flynn and comPete’s connection to Barkley this upcoming off-season. I’d say that we’ll have more of an insight to these guys than most other teams who need a QB. For what Mr. Happy wants in a QB, I don’t see where Jones has as much mobility as he likes. I watched him against Mizzu last night and I like his arm though.

  26. One thing about Jackson only throwing the two picks total and both being at the end of the 1st half in respective games is that he hit Polamalu in the hands last week (should have been a pick-6) and hit Adrian Wilson (I think) in the hands today and he couldn’t hang on either. So, really, he should be at 2 INTs for the year. It’s just worked out differently but the 2 is where he probably should be at.

  27. I definitely am with you that I cannot wait for us to get our quarterback of the future. I think that TJ is a serviceable QB and a pretty decent backup but, I am with you that he is not what we need to get to a SB. With the way the league is going, I think that you have to have a top ten QB to have a good shot at winning it all, which TJ is not.

  28. I am worried about ALL the potential QB draft picks.

    Luck seems to be the best.

    Barkley has had some great games but also, single handedly given games away – See UW last season

    BUT I do like Luck, Barkley, Jones, and Maybe even Foles better than I liked Gabbert last year so we will see.

    but anyway we will have to wait until April. Right now I want to try and win as much as possible. – when the season is over then decided what to do with what ever draft pick we have.

  29. If we don’t get Luck and end up with the 5th pick in the draft… there are no guarantees that Barley or Jones are going to be available to us. In 1999 three QBs went with the first 3 picks (Tim Couch, McNabb, Akili Smith). It could happen again (or someone could trade up to get one if we haven’t gotten our QB of the future yet). I will be an irate fan if the 1st round of the draft has passed in April and we haven’t signed a QB, traded for one, or drafted one in the 1st round!

  30. Didn’t see the Adrian Wilson missed pick but, you’re right about Polamalu. Good point. You might be right about comPete’s opinion about Jones. I just think that he has a terrific arm. He is definitely a statue though. Weird thing is that we have a very mobile QB now and it’s not being taken advantage of. TJ ran more today and hopefully will more in the future. Not sure who’s fault it was that he didn’t run more in the 1st 2 games, TJ or Pete. My guess is that TJ was reluctant to because he wants to be a pocket passer, like AC wants to be an all-around LB. Hopefully Pete will impress upon him that he needs to take advantage of his legs

  31. Maybe it wasn’t Wilson. Anyone else remember the play (or have the game on dvr) where the ball hit a Cardinals defensive player in the hands but he couldn’t catch it?

  32. williambryan says:

    Natedog, I agre that Carroll is instructing Jackson not to turn the ball over but if your not turning the ball over at a cost of not moving the ball at all (not much of an exageration) that is a losing style of play. Having zero turnovers is all well and good but we need points to win. And he is going to have to do something to generate more production than what they’re gettign right now.

    I watched Flynn’s highlights (vs NE) on youtube just now and he reminded me a lot of Barkley. I have been trying to watch Barkley a lot and I am likeing what I see. Barkley is known to have all the intangibles and is a fiery leader (something I like), I know Flynn is a backup but, BobbyK, would you know how much of a leader he is/will be? Kolb was a leader in Philly and his teammates rallied for him (desean jackson campaigned for him to start over Mcnabb at onne point I believe) and it is clear that he has taken over the team in Arizona already. Would Flynn be the type of guy to do that? I’m pretty sure both Barkley or Luck would be that kind of guy (and thats’s something I value, I don’t know how much that, or my perception of that anyway, matter in the teams thinking…)

  33. I am with you about being pissed off if the QB situation is not addressed this off-season. If it happens then JS and comPete will be on a very short leash with me. They will have to make the playoffs in 2012 to satisfy me if they don’t get a new QB before 2012. I cannot imagine that they won’t. You may be right that Jones, Luck, and Barkley could be gone before our pick but, it is way too early to know. I would think that one would be there if we have the 5th pick. I think that because some bad teams already have there quarterbacks of the future or at least a decent young QB. Carolina has a good shot at being top 5 and they aren’t going to draft a QB. They could trade out to someone that will though. Minnesota is another team. They could trade out as well or even possibly draft a QB and trade Ponder. The Chiefs will almost certainly be drafting top 5 and they have Cassell. He’s not elite IMO but, he showed last year that he can be at least above average with a decent team around him. Jacksonville is another potential top 5 team with their quarterback already. This is why I don’t see them being drafted 1,2,3.

  34. waynedcoomer says:

    I think Jackson is afraid to throw to anyone except Rice unless the receiver is totally wide open. And I think it comes from PC “ball security” preaching. And I also heard that he’s been told they don’t want him scrambling/running the football.

  35. Looked at Flynn’s combine numbers. Looks like he runs the 40 in the low 4.7’s if you average it out with pre-draft workouts. Also scored a 4.34 in the 20-yard shuttle, pretty good, so he is no slug. Scored a 38 on the Wonderlic in his second attempt, which was higher than Matt Ryan’s or Joe Flacco’s from that year. The Wonderlic hasn’t really been shown to predict quarterback success though. There have been great QB’s that scored high and great Qb’s that scored very low. It is a decent sign that he’s not an idiot though

  36. Like you said Bobby, JS should have a lot of information about him.

  37. MadSweeney42 says:

    There is zero chance that the QB situation won’t be addressed by the end of the 1st round. None. Both guys were brought in on 2 year contracts for a reason and neither one of them has given even a glimpse at any time in their careers, anywhere, that they are worthy of building a team around (or of being plugged into a largely rebuilt team lacking a QB). I hadn’t realized, or forgot, that JS drafted Flynn. Depending on how the college kids pan out and our draft spot, I would say there’s 85%+ chance that one of Flynn, Barkley, Luck or Jones will be Pete’s trump card and that choice will be the basis on which his coaching era will be judged and therefore extended or terminated. If for any reason CW or TJ are extended, then there should be a fan revolt. Those two are tolerable ONLY as placemarkers, absorbing hits while a new team tries to find an identity.

    Rice has a pretty sick catch radius. I was impressed.

    I thought Browner did better. I don’t want to give him a pass for previous games, but he does need an adjustment period to the NFL. On Fitz’ TD he was out of position to make a play on the ball and should’ve been tall enough to stop it.

    Really, really like Thomas! I think I’ll be saying that for years.

    DL is pretty stout and disruptive. Red Bryant is impressing me like he was last year. Just please don’t get leg whipped by your own guy again (Clemons iirc).

    Clemons, is Polamalu like to me. Fast, reckless but yet not reckless, fast and great anticipation. And he’s fast. He was part of the LoJack trade, right?

    I didn’t think the block on Heap should’ve been a penalty. Glad he was ok, but your head needs to be on a swivel in those situations.

    Speaking of bad calls, I thought it was sloppy on the refs part. No team got a real advantage from it, but they get a poor grade.

    It was nice to see Carpenter pushing some guys around. I didn’t watch the OL as much as I could because of guests, but I definitely saw him driving some fools a few times. I also saw way too many false starts and or offsides…

    I don’t think the “plan” was to Suck for Luck because I really think Pete wants Barkley. I know this season is a rebuild a loss, barring divine intervention, but even still, I cannot stop myself from being excited and happy after a win and good (or at least decent) play. LOOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGGG way to go, but no injuries and no goose egg makes the week a little easier to deal with.

  38. surelyyoujest says:

    BobbyK, it was indeed Wilson who should have had the pick.

    I’m rooting for T-Jack. I really hope he puts together a solid run. I don’t know the likelihood of that happening, but I’m hoping. He seems like a nice guy who’s trying to win for his Team. He works hard. He does all the things you’d ask for in a QB (effort wise). I don’t know if he has the raw skill to succeed at this level, but as I said, I’m hoping he can find a way to get it done. It would be good to see. He’s taking an awful lot of grief, and perhaps that’s the nature of the beast. It’s too bad.

  39. SeahawkFan12 says:

    “Flynn is just as capable of busting as either Luck/Barkley/etc.” totally agree williambryant. Still don’t understand the infatuation with Flynn, but then again, he could be the next great name.

    It’s a bit premature for mock drafts (leave it to Bleacher Report to do stupid reporting, though) but I tend to agree that we won’t have the #1 draft pick. Kansas City is awful, and they need a QB. I think both those guys will be available when we draft if the season carries on he way it has in the first 3 weeks.

    But again, it is a bit early to start serious speculation…

  40. letsworkitout says:

    A long way to go is correct. Next two weeks will be a massacre….

  41. LondonHawk says:

    Good Lord for the first time ever I find myself agreeing with BobbyK on something.

    Flynn is absolutely the right choice sign him and save the draft pick for a playmaker. John Schnieder is part of the team that drafted him in Green Bay so a relationship is there and it should be a possibility.

    As for why Flynn that is easy.

    His mechanics are sound, he played SEC football and was a winner there which is about as close to the NFL as you are going to get in college sorry I may be a UW guy but I recognize that the SEC is that tough.

    It will cost zero draft picks to get him and Flynn is a unpgrade on both Whitehurst and Jackson.

    He has been learning his craft behind Aaron Rodgers and Brett Farve. I can think of a dozen teams that would start him if he was on their roster.

    I don’t think the Seahawks are going to be in the Andrew Luck mix. Flynn will be better next year than either than Matt Berkley or Kellen Moore will and cost less.

    The Seahawks will win just enough games to keep them from haveing the top pick. Heck from what I have seen and what our schedule is like I can see 8-8 or 7-9 winning the NFC West by default again. Which would mean picking in the top 20 of the draft again!

    Better to sign Flynn to compete for the job or even annoint him and use the draft choice on either a great CB, DL, or WR

  42. thursday says:

    i don’t think jackson is playing afraid, i think the coaches have instructed him to avoid running at all costs and so he’s taking sacks and other dumb things. i think this is a losing idea on their part, especially considering that jackson is not a good pocket passer, he should be making things happen on the ground.

  43. LondonHawk – I was just kidding about signing Flynn.

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