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Cable on run game: “We’re close”

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 21, 2011 at 4:30 pm with 22 Comments »
September 21, 2011 4:35 pm

“We’re close.”

That’s the feeling of Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, along with offensive line/assistant head coach Tom Cable.

Both emphasized the need for their players to continue to push, as the Seahawks try to improve on one of the worst offense in the league statistically after two games.

“A breakthrough is really just around the corner for us so I expect it sometime soon,” Cable said.

And so how do you get that breakthrough? Does it take one explosive play?

“I think getting a couple in a row,” Cable said. “You know, ‘Boom’ there’s a seven yarder. ‘Boom’, there’s another seven yarder, and it’s like okay, the light comes on.”

Cable said that he’s seeing more guys finishing, with twice the cut blocks on the back side runs last week against Pittsburgh than two weeks ago at San Francisco.

Cable said that Paul McQuistan started in place of Gallery for some games in Oakland when he got injured, and also started some games at right guard and right tackle while with Oakland. He described McQuistan as a utility guy who could move around and fill in a lot of different roles on the offensive line.

“Losing Robert (Gallery) is a big deal,” Cable said. “So rather than shift it around like we did before, we’re kind of settled now on the right side. Both those kids (James Carpenter and John Moffitt) played extremely well, the two rookies. So rather than make two changes, make one and use the most experienced guy.”

Receiver Sidney Rice (shoulder) practiced fully today and without a red jersey, so he had some contact during today’s practice and appeared to get through okay.

“It’s good to have Sidney out there running around,” Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said. “Again, it will be a day-to-day thing with him, and we’ll see how he progresses.

“One player can have an affect on your offense. He brings juice, and he brings some excitement. He brings the deep threat that you’re looking for just to back people off. When he’s in there you always have that threat, so he definitely can help.”

Along with Rice, linebacker Malcolm Smith (hamstring) return to practice and was a full participant.

Offensive tackle Jarriel King (ankle), fullback Michael Robinson (ankle), cornerback Byron Maxwell (ankle) and defensive end Raheem Brock (non-injury related) did not practice.

Notes from practice
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  1. timcapone says:

    yeah, we have heard this before… We are close!!!! The words ring hallow with the results on the field. Unless some fairy comes out and sprinkles fairy dust on the O-line, they are no where near close… and now that Gallery is out not looking close this year…

  2. Did anyone else notice that Pitt was only rushing 3 – 4 and still not giving T-Bone much time? It sure didn’t look like they’re close. Looked more like the Stealers were having a look at their own secondary. I do see improvement on the line from preseason though so that’s something. I was scared for T-Bone in the preseason. Never thought he’d make it out alive. I think we’ll get a more honest look at our line against the Cards. If they think a blitz will benefit them, they won’t hold back. Go Hawks!

  3. Close to what?!

  4. Trying to stay a little positive – – Pitt was a tough, much more experienced defense, playing w/a chip on their shoulder after their big loss the past week.

    Against SF in the 2nd half – seemed like we were able to start running the ball a little better. Maybe things won’t be ugly against the Cards.

  5. The game sunday will tell us all alot.If the line has gotten any better.We should score 28 points.
    Eric Would you ask Rang What QB’s seattle is looking at in the draft?

  6. The Niners were sitting on a big lead when they went into the third quarter against us. It’s common for defenses in that situation to ease up a little. They refocused and did a good job against us in the fourth quarter.

    The Seahawks offense got nowhere against the Steelers, all game long. It’s hard to see how that counts as progress.

    I know the coaches and beat reporters want to stay positive, because they want people to keep going to the games and reading about them in the paper and on the web. But as for me, I’m not buying anymore of their sunshine until I see some results on the field.

    I was already souring on the NFL because of the lockout, this stuff isn’t making my mood any better.

  7. By “stuff” in my last paragraph, I mean BS. Sunshine blown up our skirts. Stuff like that.

    I’m tired of it. Be honest with us, please. We can handle the truth!

  8. Close? Eric, ask your Dr. friend if 60 is old enough to be senile. Carroll is on something… I’m not sure what, though.

  9. At SF, SEA’s Lynch ran for 33 total yards on 13 attempts. 29 of those yards occured after first contact with defenders. Or, in 13 carries, Lynch made 4 positive yards prior to first contact. 4/13 is less than a foot per attempt prior to first contact. That’s what the OL’s run-blocking gave Lynch 2 weeks ago. Lynch’s best gap was to the left of the left TE in that game. The A gap between Unger and Moffitt was the 2nd best gap for Lynch.

    At PIT, Lynch ran for 11 yards on 6 attempts, with 10 of those yards coming after first contact. SEA’s OL’s run-blkg got Lynch 1 positive yard prior to first contact. That’s 1/6th of a yard per attempt. The best gap for both Lynch and Forsett was between Unger and Moffitt in that game.

    Vs CAR in week 1, AZ’s C.Wells ran for 90 yards in 18 attempts, with 66 of those yards coming after first contact. AZ’s OL got Wells 24 positive yards prior to first contact. AZ’s OL got Wells 24/18 = 4 feet per attempt prior to first contact. Well’s best gap was the left A gap.

    At DC, Wells ran for 93 yards in 14 attempts, with 44 yards coming after first contact. AZ’s OL got Wells 49 positive yards prior to first contact. AZ’s OL got Wells 49/14 = 3.5 yards per attempt prior to first contact. Well’s best gap was the left A gap, again.

    If and when SEA’s OL ever gets Lynch 3.5 yards per attempt prior to first contact, that’s when SEA’s OL is run-blkg the way we’d like to see.

  10. confucious says:

    Close to feeling like they are close to making a breakthrough…. Or the opposing defense is close to breaking through the line, something like that.

  11. Definition: “Close” adj. /kols/
    A term used by Seahawks coaches to refer to some future state of the team’s rebuilding process, i.e., 2012 or 2013, when the team is expected to be effective at running the football.

  12. Keep losing and they are going to be closer and closer to Andrew Luck.

  13. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Honestl, I really do think zone-blocking scheme is complete crap. We’ve constantly added new linemen, each allegedly better than their predecessor, yet we get the same terrible rushing results. And teams like Pittsburgh shuffle in new linemen all the time in their regular man-to-man blocking scheme and do just fine.

    I really wish we’d scrap this finesse scheme crap and go back to smashmouth running like we did in 2005.

  14. Soggybuc says:

    Interesting that our D is ranked 10th overall 15th in rush D and 12th in pass D while having the 29th ranking in TOP average. Hawks have 34:56 Bucs have 34:58 Cards have 35:38 and Indy with 35:39.
    Browner and the D is not the problem. get enough offense to shave 8 minutes off of that horrible TOP number and they would look even better. that said turnovers would help too.

    While yea sadly we are dead last in total O and run O we are 28th in passing. thats right there are 4 teams with worse passing offenses than ours. who was it calling for the Hawks to sign McNabb?

  15. Raheem Brock FINED by the league for falling into Rothlisberger.

    His Twitter:
    “Fined by the NFL today for being “TRIPPED” by an o’lineman and fallin into the QB’s legs! Smh if I only had super powers to stop mid air”

  16. freedom_X says:

    Yes, there are QB’s that had worse performances than Jackson. Like Luke McCown last week with a 1.8 QB rating. If McCown had just spiked the ball into the ground on each of his pass attempts, he still would have had a 39 passer rating.

    Good statistics on the abysmal run blocking. I’ll ask again – isn’t run blocking supposed to be the “strength” of this team? In this case, I’d take below average as a “strength” compared to the pass blocking.

    I suppose there is probably an element of wishful thinking on Cable’s part – hoping that getting some better stats against a low-ranked AZ run defense will constitute a breakthrough. Well, when you’re dead last, you have nowhere to go but up…

  17. Even if the O does a LITTLE better against Az’s D, I expect Kolb to give our D a lot of trouble. He’s 3 times the QB that TJ & CW are combined.

  18. surelyyoujest says:

    Man, this place is getting to be such a downer. Everyone knew going into this year what it was likely to start out as, yet now that it’s happening almost everyone is moaning about how much we suck. Well, yeah, we do. We knew that going in, didn’t we ? The first half of the year was going to be tough, and it is.

    I think we’ll see improvement during the year, and am looking forward to that. It will be interesting to see who emerges, who flashes. Who are the leaders and stars going to be next year, the year after. Who is going to form the core of the Team for the next 5 years ? Anyway, I’m going to take it for what it is, and reevaluate at the end of the year. No sense in whining about how bad we are when we knew it would take some time to put together.

    “Honestl, I really do think zone-blocking scheme is complete crap.”

    LOL! Yeah, it’s never worked out for anyone, has it. Good grief.

  19. ryanryan says:

    Shouldn’t the ‘light come on’ prior to a couple of 7 yard runs? Isn’t that the point of the zone blocking scheme…being in the right place, blocking the right guy – that happens before the run works, not as it was implied – an accident that you model your success after.

    Good to see Sidney running around out there? Bevel has lost his mind…they’re going to put a kid out there that tore his labrum getting jammed at the line of scrimmage. Hmmm, yeah – AZ will back off of him and give him some room because he’s a deap threat. Wait a minute, no they won’t…they will jam the s**t out him and see if he even WANTS to play through the pain.

    the smoke, our way bloweth

  20. surelyyoujest, you took the words right out of my mouth brother. This blog is now mostly whine/moron central. If the only things you EVER have to post are negative, then just go away. You won’t be missed. I.E. ACIB, Radeon, Mr. Fish. By the way Radeon, it was Bevell and Cable saying that we were close, not comPete. Try actually READING the article dum dum. I don’t know if 60 is too young for senility but, I know that whatever age you are is just right for ILLITERACY!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Oh yeah, and you’re right surelyyoujest. The Broncos of the late 90’s were HORRIBLE at running the ball. LOL. Nice burn on ACIB. He never lets reality get in the way of a good whine.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    Finesse? This scheme is anything but finesse. This isn’t the undersized, leg-whipping units in Denver. This is a massive line that combines pure bull strength with the tandem blocking technique than is associated with zone. It’s the youngest and least experienced line in the league. What did everyone expect to this point? Moreover, a team like Pitts, that can stretch the field vertically, something Seattle has not (or cannot) do at this point, pulls defenders out of the box and opens running lanes. Until Seattle can move the ball through the air at least often enough to keep defenses’ honest, expect to see 8 in the box with defenders ears pinned back shooting the A and B gaps making it very difficult to run the ball for any team.

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