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Monday Morning QB live chat replay

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 19, 2011 at 11:51 am with 19 Comments »
September 19, 2011 1:40 pm

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  1. One argument that I’m getting really sick of from the idiot patrol are those who talk about Jackson looking so much better than Matt first did in Seattle. Lets see, Favre never left the field in Green Bay so Matt had a whopping ZERO starts in this league and the Junkster had 20 starts in the NFL during 4 different seasons of his 5 year career in Minnesota and started a play-off game for them. Plus, the Junkster is older than Matt was, too. By the time Matt had started over 20 games, hadn’t he improved more to the point where the Junkster is now? I’m so sick of the Jackson apologists that I could puke.

  2. After tonite either NYG or STL will joint the roster of teams that have started 0-2 this season. I don’t expect either NYG or STL to draft 1st in ’12, nor be very interested in a QB. If they should happen to draft 1st they might take Luck, but then they’d probably be more interested in trading the 1st pick with another team.

    The current teams at 0-2 are CAR, IND, KC, MIA, MIN, and SEA.

    Of those teams CAR, like either STL or NYG, isn’t likely to draft 1st and would probably be much more interested in trading picks if they somehow did get the #1 pick. CAR hosts MIN in week 8 and plays @ IND in week 12. They’ll win one of those if they don’t beat JAX at home next Sunday. CAR has a good enough offense that even with their below-par defense they’ll win some games.

    IND’s offense is bad without PM and their defense is forced to spend too much time on the field, so it’s doing poorly too. P.Manning might make it back to play this season for IND, which would likely take them outta competition for the #1 draft pick. Even if PM goes on IR, IND has good odds of beating a visiting KC in week 5, or maybe a visiting CAR in week 12. IND would love to have Luck waiting behind Manning in the wings, though, so if they draft #1 don’t expect them to want to trade the pick away.

    KC is not as bad as some are saying. They played two surprising up-and-coming teams in BUF and DET, and have had some key injuries early, but they should still win enough games to keep them out of the #1 draft sweepstakes. Except for hosting MIN next week, then going to IND the following week and hosting MIA in week 9, KC has a pretty tough schedule. Still, of MIN, MIA and IND, they have good odds to pull off at least one of those games.

    MIA’s 2 losses were to NE & HOU. Their defense had been shredded in those games, but their offense is good enough to win some games (@KC week9?) this season and keep them from drafting #1.

    MIN played both SD & TB tough. They’ll likely win at either KC in week 4 or at CAR in week 8.

    The only 0-2 team that SEA will have on it’s remaining schedule is either NYG or STL. I don’t expect to see SEA go into NYG or STL venues and come out with a win. We might have a coupla good games at the clink, and lose out on the Luck draft, but we’ve got as good a chance as any team out there now.

  3. I actually think Tom Brady would suck in this offense too.

  4. BobbyK – you would be pretty unhappy if the Seahawks actually did some winning with Jackson.

    Its time to admit that you HATE Jackson.

  5. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    I’m sort of morbidly excited about the fact we legitimately may be awful enough to draft Andrew Luck.

  6. chrisj122 says:

    It wouldn’t be fair if the Colts have a chance to draft Luck. They have had the luxury of having the best QB in the NFL (arguably) for the past decade plus. P.M. has been one of the best and most durable QB’s in the NFL over the course of his carreer and now he will actually miss some significant time causing the team to have 1 horrible season in what 12 yrs or so. If this gives them the opportunity to draft Luck, that ain’t right.

  7. The team finished 3-7 last year and got blown out in every loss. The 3 wins were against Carolina, Arizona and the Rams.

    Did signing an injury prone WR and OG make people think this team would turn it around so quickly? A “win” would simply be losing a game by under 10 points with Pete Carroll has HC.

  8. “The team finished 3-7 last year and got blown out in every loss. The 3 wins were against Carolina, Arizona and the Rams.”

    Yeah, but the Saints game . . .

    In hindsight, making the playoffs and winning a memorable game like we did, probably isn’t the best thing in terms of setting reasonable expectations. Of course I’m still glad we did it. You never turn down a chance to win a playoff game.

    But it delayed the acknowledgement/realization that we are rebuilding the team from the ground up.

    I’m reasonably happy with the plan, b/c it looks to me like we’ve got the makings of a good defense, and maybe even a decent O-line. We all know the deal at QB.

  9. Eric, I just read the chat transcript.. Thanks for taking the time to answer questions. Why do you think some jokers think it’s soo funny to sign on as andrew luck/matty etc and make bonehead comments? waste your time..

  10. pabs – I hate Jackson as a QB. I don’t hate him personally. But I don’t hate him as bad as you hate Hasselbeck. You know, the guy who went for over 350 yards against the RAVENS this past weekend.

  11. jarred767 says:

    What I would give for a QB of ours to throw for 350 yards against anyone….just dreaming here

  12. I always gave Hasselbeck the respect he deserved by at least calling him by his proper name and not some childish nickname.

    Any NFL QB would be successful with Britt, Johnson and that OL. Hasselbeck couldn’t help but blowing that game the week before against the lowly Jags with that rookie INT on the final play of the game.

    Hasselbeck was always the kind of QB that looked good with elite HoF type talent but looked terrible with average to below average talent.

  13. bulldog80 says:

    If you really think that about Tom Brady you’re not very bright. Brady would be tearing it up here too with the same players.

  14. You’ve got Britt in the Hall of Fame now? Wow.

  15. Why couldn’t Jackson look good with HOF talent around him?

  16. pabs – Tennessee had the 27th ranked offense in the NFL last year with all of that “Hall of Fame talent.” WTF? Your boy, Vince (I’m gonna go kill myself) Young and Kerry Collins were the QBs. I know Collins sucks some but, afterall, any moron should do well with all that Hall of Fame talent though, right?

  17. And, for what it’s worth, I gave you props a few weeks ago with the A. Davis pick. You said he was either going to be a stud or he was going to suck last year. I remember. You said there would be no inbetween. You nailed it, too. He sucks. You saw him in college in your neck of the woods and had an informative opinion that I respected (part of the reason I love this blog). You can’t tell me that you’ve been following Jackson for 5 years (granted, there was nothing to follow 2 years ago with Favre playing all the time). I’ve simply seen too much of him to want him on my team if trying to be competitive is a goal. That’s all. I’d hate me if I were the Seahawks QB b/c I know I’d suck.

  18. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “Any NFL QB would be successful with Britt, Johnson and that OL”

    TJack wouldn’t!

  19. Britt missed a good number of games last year – the Titans were a great team with him and Young last year but nosedived without them.

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