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Gallery needs groin surgery, will miss 4-6 weeks

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 19, 2011 at 3:57 pm with 39 Comments »
September 19, 2011 3:59 pm

The injuries continue to pile up for the Seattle Seahawks. Head coach Pete Carroll announced during his Monday press conference that offensive guard Robert Gallery needs groin surgery and will miss four to six weeks.

Gallery missed the opening game of the season at San Francisco with a sprained right knee, but practiced fully last week and made it through the Pittsburgh game.

However, Carroll said the groin injury had been giving Gallery trouble since training camp, and finally got to the point where the 31-year-old lineman needed to get it fixed.

Carroll said he believes the injury is not season ending, and does not expect to place Gallery on the injured reserve list.

Carroll said he plans on keeping James Carpenter at right tackle because he’s playing well there — one of his best games of the six he’s played in so far according to Carroll — so Paul McQuistan will get the nod at left guard.

It’s familiar duty for the six-year pro out of Weber State, who backed up Gallery while with the Raiders.

With McQuistan likely starting against Arizona on Sunday, the Seahawks will start their third different starting offensive line combination in three weeks.

Carroll also said receiver Sidney Rice is expected to practice this week in anticipation of playing on Sunday. He said that Rice’s injury is similar to what Ben Obomanu played with last year.

“We can’t count on him until he can make it through the week,” Carroll said. “So we’ll see how that works out. But he’s determined. And what he’s gone through at this point has been pretty rigorous to demonstrate that he’s okay to at least go to this next level.”

Obomanu separated his shoulder in the NFC Wildcard game against New Orleans, but came back in the second half and played. Obomanu also played a week later against Chicago.

Carroll would not give us a timetable on the return of fullback Michael Robinson, cornerback Byron Maxwell (ankle) or linebacker Malcolm Smith, saying coyly that two of those three could be back.

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  1. We knew he was brittle when we signed him– missed 14 games in the last two seasons…I was skeptical when we first got him….

  2. Obomanu played 1.5 games with this injury and that’s their blueprint for thinking Rice will make it through this season?

    Who thinks Rice and Gallery are with the Seahawks next year? This regime should concentrate on finding players who are great football players instead of players who fit their “scheme” or height requirements.

    The Seattle Seahawks – where old LGs come to end their career.

  3. Ewalters7354 says:

    Sidney Rice is gonna be a Hawk for years to come.He is a elite talent that will make plays when on the field if we ever get a QB.Gallery has really been a disappointement.

  4. jarred767 says:

    Well, so much for our ‘big’ free agent aquisitions this year. Rice hasn’t played t-jack might be wishing he hadn’t played yet and now gallery is out for a couple months with only one start. I doubt we’ll be bad enough to pick first, as I really don’t feel like enduring that bad of a team all year, but I have to admit, it is looking more and more likely all the time. I have no reason to believe we’re gonna all of the sudden turn a drastic corner. Whether we pick first or not, we’re gonna get a top notch qb in this draft next year -at least we’d better.

    And this recurring theme at left guard ever since Hutch left is really starting to get creepy. Why would any left guard older than 27 even entertain coming here…

  5. Hutchinson was at the end of the line last year, so I am certain he will be the next big Seahawks acquisition this upcoming off season.

  6. I want to know when Rice got hurt. Is there even a chance that something like this could escape notice in a physical?

    Disappointing about Gallery too.

  7. Coolalvin says:

    Suck for Luck!

  8. That at least explains why Gallery has been playing poorly.

    The Hawk’s really did not do there homework on Gallery & Rice.

  9. The season from hell continues…

  10. IdahoHawk says:

    A guy/friend I work with bet me a twelve pack Seattle doesn’t win two games all year. I took it. Stupid bet?

  11. Soggybuc says:

    Not if he drinks it with you Idaho.

  12. rynehawk says:


    I got nothin’ else….

  13. nidhighe says:

    Roll on, Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    O.K. I have to admit, the Seahawks just will not be as good as I thought they would be this year! However the good news is that we can still take this divison at 5-11!

  15. IdahoHawk says:

    Soggybuc thats why I only bet beer

  16. bulldog80 says:

    I do want to know about the injuries, but what I’d rather hear about is what, if any, changes he’s going to make, what’s his interpretation of their performance? What are they doing right? etc..

  17. It’s kind of fitting that Gallery, a former Raider, is part of our “Black Hole” at LG.

  18. Idaho – unfortunately, I think they will win 2 games. I wonder if Colts fans are mad they didn’t win enough games in 1997 so they wouldn’t have had the first pick? As much as I’ve never cheered against the ‘Hawks, the more the “Suck for Luck” stuff is appealing. We don’t know what a real franchise QB is in Seattle. I love Matt, don’t get me wrong, but I want a stud of studs and I think Luck is gonna be a guy like that. I think they should IR Gallery and Rice and then I think we’ll have a good shot at him (not that Gallery was actually playing well when healthy). It’s kind of like a one time hit for 15 years of reward. And this year really isn’t even a hit with all of the young players gaining valuable experience (like the linemen who will protect Luck next year).

  19. SirDaddy says:

    T Jack struggled behind the same o-line that #28 AP ran behind. I like his toughness but confidence is what we need at the QB position in Seattle. We also need a good fullback more than we’d like to admit. Run first team with no fullback? Come on man!

  20. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    ” I wonder if Colts fans are mad they didn’t win enough games in 1997 so they wouldn’t have had the first pick?”

    They weren’t mad because, dear friend, there were no Colts fans prior to Manning. What a terrible franchise.

  21. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Really disappointing news about Gallery. He was the free agent acquisition I was most excited about!

  22. devisscher says:

    Put in Gibson, oh wait

  23. seahawk44 says:

    BobbyK…..I will never be a fan that doesn’t always want by team to give all they have and try to win every game they play. And my slogan is “F*** suck for Luck”
    Even if the Seahawks don’t have one of the top picks in next year’s draft, they could still put together a trade to move up and acquire Luck if they want/need him that much.
    I really believe this team would not be nearly as bad as they’ve shown if not for the lockout, and I still think it will start to come together for 7-9 wins. Optimistic…yes..maybe…but always hopeful.
    Go Seahawks! Destroy the Cards this week so the fans can see some light.

  24. Watching replays, Gallery really didn’t look 100% last Sunday. He wasn’t accomplishing much with his blocks. Getting him out of there should improve the run blocking.

    Lots of gloom and doom around there these days, but I’m expecting the Seahawks to win their home opener next Sunday.

  25. seahawk44: For the record, I respect like heck out of people who want to go into every game this year and WIN. I’m certainly not rooting against us play-by-play (I want/demand to see reason for optimism next year and it must start soon). But in the grand scheme of things, it’s not a bad idea to “Suck for Luck.”

  26. Andrew Luck fans, be careful what you wish for.

    JaMarcus Russell was a can’t miss number one draft choice.
    Vince Young was a can’t miss number one draft choice.
    Alex Smith was a can’t miss number one draft choice.
    David Carr
    Rick Mirer
    Need I go on?

    Everyone assumes football scouts can predict the future, until it turns out they were WRONG.

    Aaron Rodgers was drafted at 25
    Dan Marino was drafted at 27
    Brett Farve was drafted in round 2
    Joe Montana was drafted in round 3
    Tom Brady was drafted in round 6


  27. Ewalters7354 says:

    What really is wild to me is how much of a mess this team is right now.We can’t runcor pass on offense.The QB position is just reckless and we have a head coach that is blaming everything and everyone but Tjack and he knows the guy is trash.He talks about how he was in a crazy situation in Minn but he never once thinks that CW is in the same type of situation.I’m a Pete Carroll fan but somethings he does just irkes the hell out of me.

    I do not think Gus Bradley is a good DC at all.We don’t have a pass rushing front four and yet he still chooses to send only four man pressure.Never blitzes and having Brandon Browner play off man coverage is simply dumb.I’m definitely not a fan of him.

    Also,you wanna run the ball but refuses to sign a true fullback.Instead we get little finesse fullbacks that can’t block worth nothing.Just to name a few.Smh…

  28. Ewalters7354 says:

    Until Pete Carroll actually shows me he is committed to being competitive like he always says I’m gonna be skeptical all season long.Its not fair that fans spend their hard earned money to watch a team that gets blew out every game.Can’t even move the ball smh…that’s a damn shame and it goes to coaching when things like that a present.I’m not saying Charlie Whitehurst is the saviour by any means but you trade a draft pick and pay the guy starter money just to have him on the bench.We all know what Tjack can do but CW has only two starts in his career.Give the guy reps.That way we’ll know what we have at QB.

  29. Stevos – where in the world did you get that “can’t miss” list? I don’t ever remember David Carr being “can’t miss.” I remember him being considered a good prospect who went #1 b/c of the position he played. Was Rick Mirer the consensus #1 overall pick? I remember the 49ers debating Rogers and Smith (hard to have a “consensus” if they didn’t even know who they were going to take a week before the draft). How was Vince Young the consensus #1 overall pick when he didn’t even go in the top two? I don’t remember Russell being considered “can’t miss” either. I remember him being considered the #1 pick, but not a “sure thing” like Luck is. Heck, if this were a normal year, I wouldn’t care about draft position b/c I like winning as often as possible. It’s just that Luck is kind of a freak in being “can’t miss.” He’s not some clown some people say maybe should go #1 b/c of the position he plays… people are saying that he’s the best player in the draft and the best they have seen in a long time.

  30. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “JaMarcus Russell was a can’t miss number one draft choice.
    Vince Young was a can’t miss number one draft choice.
    Alex Smith was a can’t miss number one draft choice.
    David Carr
    Rick Mirer
    Need I go on?”

    Not a single one of those clowns were considers a can’t miss number one choice.

  31. Start watching the college games of the top QBs that will be coming out for the ’12 draft. There look to be some good ones to pick from. Luck is best all-around (though it’s true Stanford hasn’t been playing all that tough a schedule). Landry Jones QB for #1 OK will host MO Saturday @5pm. Matt Barkley USC’s QB will play at AZ St this Sat @ 7:15pm. AZ’s Nick Foles will host Oregon @ 6:15 pm Saturday, and Boise St’s Kellen Moore will host Tulsa @ 5pm. We can catch Luck Saturday after this coming one, with Stanford hosting UCLA @ 7:30 pm. Doesn’t always translate from college to the pros, but if you build the best environment possible for him to succeed in (like what PC & JS are doing) and maybe let him get accustomed to the speed from the sidelines,

  32. I’m actually pretty high on Landry Jones. I liked what he did when Bradford got injured and he was a true freshman, stepped in, and did swell.

    Stevos: All the teams who drafted QB’s in the late first and on already had a good system set up, and a good mentor (whether it be coach or player). We have nobody on this team to mentor a QB.

  33. Palerydr says:

    Anyone who thinks that there is such a thing as a “can’t miss prospect” is delusional. Either injuries or the mental strain take there toll and some guys just can’t make the adjustments necessary to succeed in the NFL.

  34. I listed the QBs who were taken #1 in the draft (#2 in Mirer’s case). Those player staken #1 in the draft were all considered can’t-miss choices by the NFL scouting staffs who drafted them. That’s how they got to be #1 on draft boards. Just like Andrew Luck.

    Wake up to reality:
    Chances of the Seahawks drafting Andrew Luck are about 1%
    Forget about him and start living in the real world.

    Here’s the work that Schneider and Carroll have if front of them — The only question that will matter next April: If they can’t draft Luck or Barkley, and they draft around 5, 6, 7, 8 in 2012, then WHO would YOU draft and WHY?

    If you can’t provide a well-informed analysis of the next 4 or 5 QBs, then Schneider and Carroll don’t need your advice. I would bet they already have scouting and analysis in place that is at least 10 QBs deep. Somewhere on that list is Seattle’s QOF.

    Forget about tanking season. Only perennial losers would think like that. Good teams just win, build winning attitudes, build winning habits, find good QBs deep in the draft, and develop them into great QBs.

  35. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Stevos, how do you figure the Sehawks have 1% to draft Luck? They are in teh bottom of the pack right now and showing no signs of improving. Are there other crappy teams out there? You bet. The way I see it, it is a 2 or 3 horse race for the #1 pick right now with Seattle and Miami neck-and-neck in that sh!t show.

    And I really doubt any posters on this blog believe that Scheider and Carroll are looking for their advice on who to draft next season. The two of them have demonstrated pretty good judgement in the drafts they’ve conducted (not to mention FA’s, Gallery and T-Jack not withstanding).

    I completely agree with you on your point about tanking the season intentionally, but I really do not believe either Schneider or Carroll are avoiding the development of winning attitudes and habits. We are two games and several months removed from an over-achieving season in which Seattle:
    1. Won the division
    2. Made the playoffs, and
    3. Beat the defending Super Bowl Champions

    I wouldn’t consider that a losing culture or bad winning habits.

  36. “Wake up to reality:
    Chances of the Seahawks drafting Andrew Luck are about 1%
    Forget about him and start living in the real world.”

    Exactly. Bad as we are, chances are still good that some other team will be worse (Colts, Chiefs, who knows who else at this early point). Stevos is right – we need to be looking at the top 4-5 QB’s in the draft, not putting all our hopes into one guy. What is clear is that a QB is the no-further-analysis-needed absolute top priority for this team.

    Anyone been watching the AZ games so far? I haven’t watched them at all, but Kolb’s numbers look pretty good. If he’s a 10-yr starter, nobody will remember what they gave up to get him.

  37. Some GMs have better luck at picking QBs than others. Whoever picked P.Manning (Polian?) set up the Colts franchise to be a continual winner and seasonal threat to win the SuperBowl every year for the last dozen, or so, years. Now that another P.Manning play-alike (Andrew Luck) is available in the draft, the Colts are having an epic failure of a season, because PM isn’t playing.

    Do the Colts get to pick first? They have very good odds. They still haven’t IR’d PM, and assuming they continue to lose without him, they could wait to bring him in until near the end of the season when they are assured the 1st pick, even if PM wins the last few games for them. If anybody is savvy enough to QB a genius check-with-me offense in PM’s shoes, it’s supposed to be Andrew Luck.

    If SEA got the opportunity to scoop up Luck in the ’12 draft and they didn’t do it, I would be much more upset with JS than if they did pick him and he turned into a ‘bust’. (I see very low probability that Luck busts in the NFL).

  38. wabubba67 says:

    There is no way that Luck, and to an ever so slightly lesser extent Jones, will be considered a bust in the NFL.

    Stevos–It makes me ill to type the names of those two while even just thinking about the strawmen that you put up for the sake of argument. They are in completely different realms!

    Odds are great that we’ll end up with one of them in April 2012. IR Rice and make sure he has enough time to recover for the following season….lots of tight spirals will be coming his way in 2012-13!

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