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Steelers 24, Seahawks 0: Yes, it was as bad as feared

Post by Darrin Beene / The News Tribune on Sep. 18, 2011 at 1:01 pm with 46 Comments »
September 18, 2011 1:01 pm

Going into this game at Pittsburgh, Seahawks fans had reason to worry.

The Steelers were wounded after a first-week beating by Baltimore. The game was away from the West Coast, which usually means bad things for the Seahawks. And the Seahawks didn’t show great in their opener.

Oh yeah – the Steelers are defending AFC champions.

And really, it all turned out as badly as you imagined with the Steelers winning, 24-0:

1. The Seahawks start slowly – Sure, they put up a good defensive stand to keep Pittsburgh out of the end zone, but all that did was delay the inevitable Steelers touchdown, which gave Pittsburgh a 7-0 lead. That would grow to 17-0 by the half and the Seahawks – just like the first week – found themselves down by more than two TDs.

2. Offense? Uh, what’s that? – The Seahawks couldn’t get anything going in that first half. QB Tarvaris Jackson had little time, but when he did, he seemed content to dump it off (20 of 29 passes, but just 159 yards). The running game produced little, if anything. The final numbers look bad – 164 total yards, just 31 rushing – and was actually even worse. Marshawn Lynch finished with 11 yards on six carries while Jackson led the team with 12 yards on three carries.

3. Special teams, not so special – They weren’t as bad as they were against the 49ers, but they weren’t anything special, either. Seattle gave up a 41 yard punt return, which hurt. And Leon Washington didn’t make much happen either (one punt return for zero yards, 2 kickoff returns for an average of 19 yards).


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  1. Ewalters7354 says:


  2. freedom_X says:

    The offense won’t get any better until the run-blocking comes around. I’ve been hearing about how much better this line is blocking for the run, but I haven’t see it at all.

    Sure, if these guys become accomplished pass-blockers it will upgrade the offense. That’s going to take a while. But if they can just do a decent job blocking for the run, it will take pressure off the passing game.

    By concept, this offense is designed to run first, and the QB is a “caretaker/manager” type. If there’s no run game at all, then the offense can do no more than dump off and check down. Jeremy Bates is gone. Forcing the downfield stuff went with him (and Hasselbeck.)

    BTW this same should be a big shot against the myth of the “big corner.” For years I’ve been hearing how Seattle’s coverage problems would be solved if we just had big corners. “Why don’t we just get some 6’2″ CB’s?”

    Well, maybe the small corners got beaten 8 or 10 times year on jump balls, but the big CB’s just got worked over down after down in this game. Of course, just as was the case in the past, it’s not just about the CB play.

    The huge cushion the CB’s gave was totally unsuited for the style of play of a guy like Browner. I can only assume Seattle was trying to play bend but don’t break, and hoped they could hold the game close. Also, Seattle was aggressively committing the safeties to the run, and that left the CBs in a lot of 1-1 (tragically, one of the few times there was safety help, Chancellor and Trufant collided and scratched a potential INT.)

    Had the offense done anything, the strategy wouldn’t have looked so bad. But if the jam at the line missed, that’s six for the Steelers. So I would guess, if Seattle had played press aggressively all game, Seattle would have lost by 38 or 42 points instead.

  3. nighthawk2 says:

    This actually wasn’t as bad as I feared, because I thought it would be something like 38-0. If the offense and special teams could play as well as the defense we’d have had a shot in this game. But the offense completely blows and the special teams suck. Well, 2 down, 14 to go until we get Andrew Luck, unless the Chiefs beat us out for the 1st overall because be beat Arizona next week (don’t count on it).

    I remember when we had a good football team. Before Tim Ruskell, before Jim Mora, before Pete Carroll and Darrel Bevel.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Aside from nighthawk’s last paragraph, I agree. It could have and really, should been much worse. Had the offense been at all capable, the score would have been even closer. Jackson is worse than advertised, IMO.

  5. bird_spit says:

    Bobbyk is so right on TJ. He is making rookie type mistakes out there; staring down receivers, not delivering fast, not dumping it out of bounds.
    Charlie needs to star, these guys suck, and I put that on the QB.

  6. I guess it’s Tsuck for luck!

    Just unbelievable…..anyone notice Hass’s 358 yards against the Ravens? Uh, yeah.

    Carroll is going to lose the fan base quickly at this rate.

    Start Charlie…at least he had produced when called on . I’m so F-ing pissed at Carroll right now.

  7. He has no intangibles. Sure, he’s got a strong arm and some mobility, but that’s about it. Those are nice (minus accuracy issues), but you’ve gotta have it upstairs too. He may be an intelligent guy in real life, but he’s got nothing upstairs with respect to playing quarterback. No awareness or natural feel for the game. This is a 6 year veteran playing in the same system. When do people who get paid to evaluate talent for a living (Schneider) figure it out?

    OBTW, Matt Hasselbeck had over 350 yards passing in a WIN over the team that crushed Pittsburgh last weekend.

    For the record, I didn’t see any way we’d lose by less than 30 points so the guys actually exceeded my expectations today. I thought there was a good chance we’d get shutout, but I still thought we’d get a garbage time TD or FG to avoid getting blanked on the scoreboard.

  8. IMO, we’re going to suck until we get an O line.

    The HUGE question: Do they just need time to develop & gel, or did PC make several poor personnel decisions? Or some of both?

    I have read & heard on the radio that a number of “experts” seem to feel that Carpenter especially was a reach.

  9. Assuming Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy get me a real quarterback next off-season via trade or the draft (Luck, please!), I’m still almost 100% on their side.

    They are tearing this down and building it from the ground up and that’s going to cause some of these games where our OL gets owned a bit until they develop and grow up together (as well as some of the young players at other positions). Of course we’re going to struggle in building this thing back up with younger players and that’s to be expected. If we’re not showing improvement in November, then there’s reason to worry.

    If Rice has a Carlson type injury, just get it fixed… it’ll help our cause in getting Luck.

  10. I wonder if the Colts are saying nothing will get fixed until they get an offensive line?

  11. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Tarvaris Jackson is the worst QB I have ever seen.

  12. moo – I think a guy like Moffitt was a good/great pick. It’s not like he has a 10 year vet on both sides of him to hide some of his rookie mistakes. The jury is out on Carpenter. Early returns are they screwed the pooch in passing on the guy everyone thought should have been the pick, but that still doesn’t mean he’s going to be bad. He’s got some growing to do, that’s for sure. And with Carp, it’d probably be easier for him if he had a 10 year vet playing RG along side of him. But in the grand scheme of things, even though it sucks here and now, is that nothing is better for Moffitt and Carpenter than to start and play the next 14 games together side-by-side and take their lumps as they go. One thing I’m worried about moving forward though is Gallery. He’s really looked bad. If he already were a Seahawk coming into the year, you can bet they’d be asking him to take a paycut like they did with some other vets. Looks like our LG position is the place where old and formerly good LGs go to collect one final paycheck and then get old and retire.

  13. ACIAB – You never saw Spergon Wynn, right? That guy could make Jackson look like Tom Brady in comparison (and you know how I feel about the Junkster).

  14. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    I’m honestly tired of the zone blocking scheme. We ran the ball just fine in regular man on man power blocking, even after Hutch left in 06/07 we weren’t nearly as bad running the ball now. Look at the Steelers, playing a bunch of back ups and did just fine running the ball, because they can actually use their size and strength instead of finesse ZBS technique crap.

  15. ljarllrajl says:

    Run blocking is not the issue. They could temporarily fix the offense by going to a spread, but you need an accurate QB that makes quick reads and doesn’t hold the ball.

    Browner is not a starting NFL corner. His technique is terrible and he’s developed really bad habits that we all seen in the preseason.

    Jackson is not a starting NFL QB. Maybe in a play action/vertical offense, but not in a west coast style offense. And there’s no help for him on the horizon by way of playmakers on offense.

  16. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Even on playaction and all the time in the world he still just checks it down. Sch a terrible player. He should at least force the issue downfield.

  17. LG should be one of the holes they fill next draft.Gallery isn’t playing like he should
    he is holding ,and can’t hold his part of the line.

  18. I put blame on the O-Line, the QB, but especially the play calling. Bevell wants this run-first, conservative passing offense… when’s the last time you saw a team win a super bowl that didn’t have either (or both), the ability to light up the scoreboard, or a triple elite defense?

    I hate to say I told you so, but the things I’ve predicted during the off season and the preseason, but they’re all coming true. This team is horrendous, and I’m doubting PC’s abilities as a coach (he had chances at NE and NY and faltered at both, IMO), but I guess we’ll have to see what’s going on in a few weeks. There’s no legitimate reason why Whitehurst didn’t get a few snaps today, unless of course, PC is intentionally tanking the season to draft a QB high. He sent hasselbeck packing and it obviously wasn’t a great idea. Hass is starting to produce with the tools in front of him, and I’m excited to see him progress through the next few seasons.

  19. klthompson says:

    The Seahawks showed balance in every aspect of the game. Plumb awful!

  20. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Also did anyone else gnash their teeth when that worthless bum Curry dropped that giftwrapped pick-6 by Rapistberger? That’s the reason why the Ravens beat the Stealers down, because their players actually take advantage of those mistakes.

  21. Also, I’d be interested to see an Oline run as:

    Okung, Carpenter, Unger, Moffitt, Gallery

    You have the two rookies both on the right side, and a below average center. That’s quite the power decline from left to right, IMO. If Gallery could be productive at RT, it would give SEA a legit balance across the entire line. This is just one mans opinion, take it for what it’s worth.

  22. lol ACIB I jumped with excitement when I saw him pick it off, then I threw both middle fingers at the TV and yelled FUCK YOU CURRY so loud my next door neighbor in his yard laughed and told me to relax.

  23. “He has no intangibles. Sure, he’s got a strong arm and some mobility, but that’s about it. Those are nice (minus accuracy issues), but you’ve gotta have it upstairs too. He may be an intelligent guy in real life, but he’s got nothing upstairs with respect to playing quarterback. No awareness or natural feel for the game”

    Yeah, no pocket awareness, no awareness of when to get rid of the ball and/or take off with to get a few yards. And he really does hold it a long time. I don’t see a good reason not to give Charlie a shot w/the way he looked in the pre-season.

    At least the defense is playing pretty stout, esp so against the run. Things would be even more depressing if that weren’t the case.

    On another note, I’m happy for Hasselbeck too, glad to see him start to shut up all of those who around here said he could no longer play at this level. That’s a good win against the Ravens.

  24. nighthawk2 says:

    That’s exactly right about the O-line play. Until it improves, it wouldn’t matter if we had Tom Brady back there. They aren’t opening holes to run through (most teams have that problem with Pittsburgh D though) and, as mentioned, the pass blocking isn’t there on most plays. I think the talent is there on the line for the most part, but lack of OTA’s and off season stuff is hurting the o-line in particular, in my view. Two rookies on the right side, who came from primarily power run teams, a second year LT who missed a lot of last year, a 3rd year center that missed all of last year and spent his rookie year at guard. I’m not sold on Gallery, and have to wonder if Unger is better off at guard. And our 3rd OC in 3 years. And when is Sydney Rice ever going to play?

  25. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Unger has looked fine to me. Doing just fine in pass protection, recognizing blitzes and stunts, identifying shifts, being aggressive, etc. He’s not a powerful run blocker but neither was Robbie Tobeck.

  26. thursday says:

    welp….idk about y’all, but i’m sure missing hass right about now. especially since i switched to the titans game after the first half

  27. mike98541 says:

    So I agree with just about every comment here. I think that everything mentioned that is wrong with this team is correct. Starting with the OL and moves on to the QB. The defense I think is fine if they could just get a little help from the offense. Forgive me if Im wrong but didnt Carroll and R bring in Jackson because he supposedly knew the offense we are running? If thats the case then we are seeing the best Jackson at work. I know some of you are going to blame the line protection and sometime with just cause but how many times have we seen him just sit there in the pocket and either dump it off or do absolutely nothing? Carroll has nothing to lose by starting Whitehurst and try to provide at least a spark. Anything at this point would be better then what we have. Tell me if Im wrong but didnt Carroll say that this was NOT a rebuilding year? If thats the case then we are in a lot of trouble. I was not a big fan of spending tons of cash on Rice either since he has always had injury problems and very well may not play a snap this year if he has surgery. By Carroll and company not drafting a QB which was a huge need since we let Hasselbeck get away and not pulling the trigger on Kolb tells me that they knew they were in trouble and were desperate to fill a need and decided to reach to Jackson as a last minute solution. This critical error should put Pete on the hot seat. Call me crazy but Im not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

  28. mike98541 says:

    sorry that was suppose to read “Carroll and company” not Carroll and R in my posting

  29. nighthawk2 says:

    Kitna has thrown a TD pass today too, but I don’t want him back either.

  30. orbeavhawk says:

    THANKS! Pete.


  31. geeterpontiac says:

    My thought is there are many intangibles involved here.

    Quarterbacks and O lines can help each other or make the other look bad, or inept. In other words, the ability for Jackson to release quickly and accurately if necessary, takes pressure off the O line and actually makes them look better, and we might even feel they are doing a better job. In addition, that puts additional pressure on the defense they are facing and opens additional options.

    Conversely, a quarterback who doesn’t feel comfortable or seemingly out of sync with what is going on once the ball is snapped, makes for a long afternoon for everyone. Jackson’s obvious lack of comfort and leadership seem to make the O team a gathering of individuals who recognize they have roles to fill, blocking, running, receiving, passing, etc, who remain individuals trying to play their role, but little else. That is simply not a team.

    I lay most of the blame for this situation on Pete Carroll. There is a heck of difference between being a rah, rah, college coach and a coach at the professional level. Some are able to make the transition, some are not. At the college level, the coach to player relationship is entirely different and you can literally scholarship your way to success if you are aggressive and ruthless enough in your quest to get talent. But, at the professional level, even though some of the same principles apply, the complexities of the game, the finesse required, and the fact that all the players are so very, very good, means the coaching talent has to be top notch too in order to extract that small margin of excellence from the talent you are able to acquire.

    I haven’t seen that from Carroll thus far.

    I was happy to see Hasselbeck play well today. I would like him to have a chance to close out his career (whenever that is) on a positive note.

  32. ChrisHolmes says:

    And you guys got on me in the preseason for saying we’re going 5-11.

    That looks optimistic now, doesn’t it?

    I hate being right about TJ, but he is what he is. Four years in MN showed everyone what he was (not) capable of with better skill position player and a better OL. He’s not NFL material. Period.

    QB is the most important position in the NFL, and we’ve skimped on it. We tried to save money with a coupon.

    Here’s hoping we go 0-16 and guarantee ourselves Andrew Luck.

  33. ljarllrajl says:

    Does anyone remember when Sidney Rice got injured? Was it the Bronco preseason game or during practice?

  34. 0 – 16 doesn’t guarantee Luck. Elway gave the cold shoulder to Indy. Eli Manning did the same to San Diego.
    Hawks luck, Luck meets a Mormon girl and takes off on a 2 years mission :)

  35. MadSweeney42 says:

    I still can’t believe so many people are missing the point on whoever the starting QB this year is. It doesn’t matter, they won’t be starting next year, or if they are they won’t remain the starter. No QB on the roster right now is designed to be the QB when Seattle starts to come out of the rebuild. TJ sucks, CW sucks. So what.

    Sometimes I think that winning the division and worse, the playoff game was the worst thing Carroll could do. Lifted everyone’s expectations for year 2 of a TOTAL REBUILD. Just sit back and relax. It sucks, but winning is not a long term goal of this year, it’s building the D further and training the offense, especially the line, so that when the QB (the one we SHOULD judge Carroll for), he’s not coming into a trainwreck. He’ll be the last piece. Look at the Rams or the Lions. Talent around them, then plop in a good drafted QB and they’re almost instantly respectable. Suck it up, quit complaining about TJ or Carroll and just revel in small victories like holding Jerksburgh to 0 pts on a 1st and goal at the 1. It’s gonna be a long season folks, keep your eyes on the long term goals, not the painful steps it takes to get there.

  36. MadSweeney42 says:


    Shneider’s team just won the SB and is 2-0 this year despite being one of the youngest teams in the league. They signed TJ for 2 measly years. He’s obviously not their long term solution at QB. Why hold things like this against him? He’s just a placeholder for the real QBoF. It’s a meaningless hire, someone to take the lumps of a young OL learning to play in the NFL. You’re usually a lot more patient and insightful into the underlying issues but you seem to miss the point of the QB situation.

  37. MadSweeney42 says:

    Bobby, Sorry, I missed you last paragraph above… but the Shneider comment seems out of place with your last paragraph.

  38. MadSweeney42 says:


    I saw a few Ravens drop easy INTs today, even in the few times I was paying attention to their game. Even the announcer said Curry was surprised they threw it his way. He’s been solid this year. He’s far, far from the biggest worry even on the D this season.

  39. Dude… that is just … out there. Cardinals nearly won a SB had it not been for a fluke TD at the end of the first half. Their QB was an old vet that had been given up on several times. From box boy to “Greatest Show ON Turf” – bench warmer to beating out Leinart, a 1 -10 draft pick.

    Already having Aikman and benefiting by tanking a season to get more and higher draft picks, Jimmy Johnson did the wise move. But nothing your claiming Carroll is up to is that brilliant. They traded a 3rd and moved back 20 spots in the 2nd for Whitehurst. Now their not giving him a shot when TJ definitly isn’t performing. Most teams have a backup QB’s better than Jackson.

    And whose to say this line will ever become any better than the one that ended last season. They sure ain’t creating any running lanes. Jackson blames the run game which hurts play action. News flash! Throw the ball deep… open things up. A Pop Warner Cap Gun throwing the line / RB’s under the bus. Fool over throws most open receivers any ways. Sorry, gonna stop hear cause I’m gettin the urge to VENT on garbage

  40. bird_spit says:

    Curry actually looked good again, though over pursued couple of times. Whether you guys see it or not, Curry is a dominant force back there. Just coming into his own, IMO.

  41. mike98541 says:

    Am I the only one that remembers Carroll saying that they are not rebuilding but making the team better and they are doing these moves to “win now”? If this is his way of winning now, we are in serious trouble……

  42. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “bird_spit says:

    Curry actually looked good again, though over pursued couple of times. Whether you guys see it or not, Curry is a dominant force back there. Just coming into his own, IMO.”

    Saying he isn’t the worst LB in the division is one thing, spouting BS like “he’s a dominant force” is another. Besides his unforgivable dropped INT, he failed to wrap up on more tackles, and blew all that underneath coverage where Ben kept checking it down for 1st downs. He’s still bad, a liability, and our worst LB.

  43. mannix49 says:

    Re-thinking my 5-11 prediction……. This was awful to watch….hoping it stays nice weather-wise on Sundays for extended weeks so I can continue golfing and rippin’ lips instead of being subjected to this brutality.

  44. Either 1-15 or at best 2-14.

  45. I think Rice got injured carrying that big bag of cash to the bank.

    Radeon,…that’s hilarious…because I yelled F’You Curry at the exact same time. Scared the shit out of my gf.

  46. silverado110 says:

    I think the only reason gallery look good last year is because he had vets next to him in oak,and they were hoping he could teach the young players to zone block..As for TJ hes not the future and they know this.Thats why they didn’t pay him Big dollors. Rice is killing us we can’t open anything down field BUT again our QB cant stair down our rec. we can hope for luck or who ever but our line needs to get better first.

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