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Final: Steelers 24, Hawks 0

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 18, 2011 at 12:50 pm with 16 Comments »
September 18, 2011 12:51 pm
Pittsburgh receiver Emmanuel Sanders tries to elude Seattle's Kam Chancellor. (AP photo/Gene Puskar)

Well, that’s pretty much what we expected. The Seattle Seahawks were basically overmatched facing a motivated Pittsburgh team looking to erase last week’s bad effort against Baltimore.

Check out the stats here.

I thought the defense would play much better than they did today. They really struggled getting off the field on third down. Pittsburgh finished 8 of 13 third downs offensively.

The Seahawks have not scored against the Steelers since 6:45 in the third quarter of Super Bowl XL — nine quarters.

They got blanked 21-0 against the Steelers in Pittsburgh four years ago.

Seattle finished with 164 yards of total offense.

Thoughts? What did we learn, if anything from this one?

Brandon Browner really struggled in coverage

The Seahawks still can’t run the ball.

Thoughts on Tarvaris Jackson’s performance? He 20 of 29 for 159 yards, no TDs and no interceptions. He was sacked five times, and made no big plays in the passing game. Is it time for Charlie Whitehurst, or do you want to see what Jackson does in the next two home games.

Pittsburgh held a 38:44 to 21:16 advantage in time of possession.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Ruminator says:

    He was sacked only five times?! It seemed like 20.

  2. I’m not that down on the Defense – Roethlisberger is a good QB and he’s going to get some yards against anyone. Agree that Browner looked overmatched today, not sure he’s got the technique to start.

    And the offense? Well, until the end, at least the pass protect wasn’t too bad. Jackson looked worse this week than last. If we can’t run the ball, it’s pretty clear he’s not going to win games on his own for us.

    Overall – about as boring as an NFL game can get. So it is for us this year. Wish we could’ve scored on that next to last drive. Shutouts are demoralizing, even against a superior team.

    Onward to next week.

  3. And yeah, to answer one of your questions, I’d like to see Charlie get a shot. I have no faith in TJ throwing the ball downfield – I think Charlie would get more chances to do that.

  4. charlie should have been in at halftime, it was obvious tarvaris jackson isn’t up to the task around the end of the first quarter (end of the first quarter last week if you wanted to be technical), and there’s gotta be a change.

    bringing bevell is was a terrible idea. Bates seemed to have the offense rolling late last year, but oh well, who cares about continuity on a team stuffed with rookies and seems to have more unsigned free agents than drafted players (not literally, but you get my drift).

    Pete needs to understand that he’s recruiting for a pro NFL team, with REAL draft picks, and not reach for a 3rd round prospect with a valuable 1st round pick.

    I’m not sure if Pete is rebuilding correctly, but to put it out there, I’m not as comfortable with him at the helm as I was at this time last year.

  5. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I was expecting a loss today, but not in this horrible fashion. First of all, Brandon Browner got picked on early and often. As big as he is, why wasn’t he bumping receivers at the line of scrimmage? He allowed receivers to have free releases of the line of scrimmage every down. For that matter, our entire secondary played off the receivers allowing them space to make big catches, especially on 3rd downs. The secondary coach should have to run some laps for today’s performance. The onus is on him.

    Tavaris Jackson is horrible. 3 of his sacks came because he held the ball too long. No one can convince me that a better quarterback playing on this team wouldn’t have found an open receiver. Polumalu let the person he was covering go free when he sacked T.J. How many bad balls did T.J. throw? I remember a couple of high passes that resulted in incompletes on third downs that caused us to punt. Everyone knows that T.J. isn’t the Quarterback of the future here. So why is Carrol wasting all this time, and sacrificing games, by letting him play?

    I’m very angry we got blanked. At the end of the first half when we had the ball, why did Carrol seem intent on letting the play clock run out? There was over a minute left and we ran the ball a couple of times. We didn’t even try to score. After today, I hope the front office puts Carrol on notice that his future is not secure in Seattle if he continues to perform like this.

  6. For me, I’ve seen enough of T Jax. He’s indecisive, holds the ball too long, and would seem to rather take a sack then throw it out of bounds. Give CW a chance at the home opener. Looks to be a long year, I hope I’m wrong

  7. also, i’ve seen more than once where tarvaris threw the ball away or slid with open WR up front.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    The D is not the issue. IMO, anyone who sees it that way likely doesn’t understand football. This offense is inept. We can blame it on any number of things (young o-line, T Jac, Rice injury, etc…) but the fact is they don’t / can’t move the ball. Until that changes, expect more of the same. Learning curve with such a young team? Absolutely. But until the QB play improves (and he had time today despite the sack total) they are handcuffed.

  9. Southendzone says:

    Displaced: Agree with your point on Browner and the DBs in general. With nothing to lose they should be playing tighter coverage not giving those huge cushions at the snap. Who gives a crap if you get burned for a TD, everyone knows the Hawks are gonna lose so at least make a try at some press coverage.

  10. Seaslugs can’t get past midfield until 4th quarter, they couldn’t beat the Sisters of ST. Marys right now. If I were Paul Allen there would be some big changes, fire the offensive coordinator and our rah,rah college coach who got out of USC before the NCAA threw him out for violations. Only reason he had such great record at USC was that he CHEATED for years. No cheating available at this level. Harrelson, 350 yds passing and a big win today. Good choices in management.

  11. devisscher says:

    Didn’t see the game, but TJack has to be a stud, 20-29 for 159 yards and no interceptions. This guy will win us a superbowl before long

  12. rynehawk says:


    Everyone laughed at the bar when I said I was just hoping to score 3 points. Sometimes I hate being right. D looked pretty good, but our offense is just hopeless.

    I can’t stand watching Tavaris Jackson. He’s as bad as he was when I teased my friend (Vikings fan) for years that he was their starter. Maybe it’s karma. If so, my apologies to everyone.

    There seems to be some hope. The line did look a little bit better today. It feels like they may start to put stuff together around the mid-point of the season. D is looking pretty solid, with the exception of coverage. All that said, this team is just awful to watch right now and very not-entertaining.

  13. waynedcoomer says:

    I am as disappointed as I’ve ever been in my many, many years as a Hawks season ticket holder. When TJ came off the field late in 4th quarter and you could read Pete’s lips: “Good job”….he and his Vikings OC need to go. Both are bad and the other Viking treasure is “injured”….

  14. orbeavhawk says:

    Hate to say it, I live in Oregon, but Browner should still be playing in Canada – he cost us a TD and more today and last week cost us a huge runback too. As other point out here – he and other DB’s should have been ROCKING their receivers coming off of the line – and pray our safeties can cover their extra speed if they get away.

    I have been more that willing to SIP Pete’s kool aid concerning TJack – – – until today – I have run out of patience already and hoped to see CW at the helm in the 2nd 1/2 because TJ was so ineffective [looks TERRIBLE - indecisive and makes crappy decisions with the ball - taking lousy sacks instead of throwing the ball away - that is just plain STUPID!] I may be wrong but based on what we saw of CW in preseason – – – I think he could get the ball out faster and make better decisions on where to pass it.

    Also – is out Special Teams coach the same as last year? Maybe they need to “tar and feather” him and run him out of Seattle!

  15. SeahawkFan12 says:

    It is really hard to watch this team. I have watched the ‘Hawks literally from the beginning, and there have been some horrible teams in our past. This year’s team definitely ranks up there with the worst of them…SO FAR.

    That said, this team is young; there is some good talent on all sides of the ball that needs time to develop. Things will get better. HOWEVER, it is hard to think this team will make a turn before the end of the season. I absolutely despise the “Suck for Luck” mentality of some “fans”, but it is hard not to use that idea as a painkiller when you watch a performance like today.

  16. dirtydan54 says:

    This team is a woeful attempt to appear as a professional football team. The only good thing to look forward to is theres only 14 more weeks of this crap.

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