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Hauschka in, Reed out among Hawks roster moves

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 4, 2011 at 5:26 pm with 43 Comments »
September 4, 2011 5:26 pm
New Seahawks kicker Steven Hauschka makes a 51-yard, game-winning field goal with no time left against Seattle at Denver to clinch that game, 23-20. (AP Photo/Barry Gutierrez)

Sorry, folks. Been out of the loop most of the day for personal reasons, but I’ll get you up to speed real quick on another busy day for the Seattle Seahawks in terms of roster moves.

The Seattle Seahawks announced several roster moves this afternoon. Perhaps the most noticeable is they claimed Denver Broncos reserve kicker Steve Hauschka. In order to make room for him, Seattle waived former Pittsburgh and San Francisco kicker Jeff Reed.

Reed seem to have a roster spot sewed up after Seattle released Brandon Coutu a few weeks ago, but as personnel people always say, you’re not just competing against the 80 people on your own roster, but the entire rosters of the 31 other teams as well.

In this case, we got a first-hand look at Hauschka, who made a 51-yard, game winning field goal with no time left against the Seahawks at Denver two weeks ago to clinch that game, 23-20.

This addition looks like a move to get younger at the position more than anything. A 10-year veteran, Reed is 32, while Hauschka, entering his fourth season out of North Carolina State, is 26.

Along with the 51-yard field goal, Hauschka made all four extra points during exhibition play, and three of his five kickoffs went for touchbacks. However, he did kickoff on Doug Baldwin’s 105-yard return for a touchdown.

The Seahawks also waived linebacker David Vobora and defensive tackles Junior Siavii, and this year’s seventh-round draft pick, Pep Levingston.

Seattle replaced those three on the roster with offensive tackle Jarriel King of South Carolina (waived by Giants), and defensive tackles Landon Cohen out of Ohio (waived by the Patriots) and LSU’s Al Woods (waived by the Bucs.

The Seahawks also signed DE Maurice Fountain, DE Jameson Konz, WR Ricardo Lockette, G Brent Osborne, S Josh Pinkard and WR Owen Spencer to the practice squad, so they can add two more players. Teams can have up to eight players on the practice squad.

Levingston could be a practice squad addition for Seattle if he clears waivers.

In all, Seattle made 14 more moves today after completing 27 transactions on Saturday. And they’re likely not done.

Cuts and waivers
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  1. who cares about how young their kicker is… that’s a joke.

    vobs getting cut isn’t a shocker to me.

  2. Al Woods looks interesting. 6’4, 314#, drafted in 4th round by Saints, spent time on PS with Pittsburgh and Tampa. Projected in the 2010 draft as a 3rd round prospect. A big inside bull-rushing DT. He sounds like the replacement for Siavii.

  3. Jariel King 6’5″ 317# OT/OG undrafted out of S Carolina

    Rob Rang’s scouting report:

    King’s versatility, athleticism and upside could merit late-round consideration by NFL teams. However, an array of technical flaws combined with a handful of red flags off the field might leave him off draft boards completely. Scouts could project King as an offensive guard at the next level because of his inconsistent footwork and tendency to get beat off the edge as a tackle.

    Positives: Ideal body type to play offensive tackle at the next level — long, solid frame, broad shoulders, long arms. Raw athlete with upside and significant room to develop as an offensive lineman after being converted from a junior college defensive end. When able to get off the line quickly and extend his arms, King shows “shutdown” type flashes in pass protection. Showed some versatility at South Carolina, starting two games at left guard in 2009. Possesses the athleticism to be an effective blocker in the run game with the ability to get downfield ahead of the run and engage defenders at the second level.

    Negatives: An alarming list of off-the-field struggles and run-ins with the law including a trespassing conviction, a theft charge, and an assault and battery charge stemming from an altercation with a former girlfriend. Inconsistent timing of first step off the line often leaves him beat to the edge by opposing defensive ends, resulting in poor footwork and inability to establish proper position. Has a tendency to over-anticipate and “reach” for the defender off the line rather than slide-stepping into a solid stance,

  4. Landon Cohen 6’3, 300#, 7th rounder in 2008, bounced from Detroit to Jacksonville, played in a few games for the Patriots last season, and started one in December.

  5. LeRoy Selmon just died of a stroke. He was only 56. First player drafted in 1976. RIP. Who remembers those infamous 0-14 Tampa Bucs? Soggy?

  6. Skavage says:

    Thanks Stevos, appreciate you posting the Rang info. Sounds like this guy has the same problems that Carpenter has vs. edge rushers. I wonder what makes Pete and the FO so high on him?

  7. Re: Jariel King. This doesn’t look like the kind of player the Seahawks would expect to contribute anything this year. King looks like strictly a developmental prospect for the future, and a big body for the backup DEs to practice against.

  8. Re: Al Woods – I forgot to mention our new D line coach Todd Walsh coached Woods for 9 games last season. Looks like he is bringing him to Seattle to replace Junior Siavii, who reportedly came in over weight this year.

  9. beavercleaver says:

    They cut Cole, Junior Siavii, Pep Levingston and lose Wilkerson to IR. Uhh… can someone tell me what the defensive tackle rotation is going to be? For DT we have Mebane, Branch and… who again? While you’re at it tell me who Quinton McDonald is. I have not seen his name mentioned before here or in the preseason games. Has he played?

  10. HawkfaninMT says:

    Cable likes his guards big and mauling. Wonder if this OT is a candidate to play some OG?

    Would like to see Everett Brown and Parirsh Cox given a look.

  11. You gonna ride another of my coattail post.. we’ll see roster movement CHUCK_EEEE

    Look at the roster. The best other than Okung, Trufant perhaps thomas have not come from the draft. Sad but true. hill is still one with my limited backing and hold out hope for #81

  12. beavercleaver says:

    Also, no LeGree to the PS? Did someone else pick him up or did we just not add him? Seems surprising.

  13. “An alarming list of off-the-field struggles and run-ins with the law including a trespassing conviction, a theft charge, and an assault and battery charge stemming from an altercation with a former girlfriend.”

    In other words, King should fit right in with Lynch and Portis.

  14. chuck_easton says:

    Excile you got me one this one. I really didn’t expect so much movement.

    Hey everybody has a few posts they look back on and wish they never hit send.

    Good call on your part. I’m not too proud to admit I sniffed.

  15. chuck_easton says:

    Whiffed not sniffed.

    Oh, and excile, calling me chuckee isn’t an insult to me. I’m Chuck Jr so my family has called me chuckee my whole life. Just thought if you wanted to insult me try harder my friend.

  16. actually I apreciate your posts … but ruffle my feathers being corrected when I know, right… hope u understand?
    we would all like to see the better seahawk.. but afraid Carroll is looking to draft high

  17. GriffinNW says:

    Wanting to get younger at the Kicker position is really funny to me. Did Reed just not get it done or something?

  18. chuck_easton says:


    I appreciate your posts as well but I’ll always challenge you when I think your wrong. Just like I fully expect to be challenged when I say something way out there. Healthy debate is what I love about the people here. We don’t always agree but we enjoy the point/counterpoint.

    This time you were definitely right and I couldn’t have been more wrong.

  19. IBGoofy says:

    From what we saw, Reed had probs getting the kickoff’s into the endzone…

  20. Radem44 says:

    Hmm…ESPN.COM didn’t have a photo of King. You’d think they could least come with a mugshot from somewhere.

  21. beavercleaver: “Uhh.. can someone tell me what the defensive tackle rotation is going to be?”

    I know what you mean, brother. Without further roster changes, I think we’re looking at this:
    1st/2nd downs: Bryant – Mebane – Branch – Clemons
    3rd downs: Brock – variouscombinations – Clemons
    Al Woods should be backing up Mebane at NT
    McDonald backing Branch at 3-tech
    Branch backing Bryant at LDE
    Brock and Davis backing Clemons at Leo

  22. Skavage says:

    I just hope the changes this year don’t hurt Mebane’s production pressuring the QB. We need some pressure from spots other than the edge.

  23. chuck_e – for the most part I’m up here to keep up. If i were able to write the debate would be thrilling but tried that and become frustrated with the keyboard.

  24. Funny how we all get excited about putting guys on the practice squad. Here are some practice squad guys from previous years:

    2005: RB Marquis Weeks, WR Kendrick Starling, TE Calen Powell, G Doug Nienhuis, C Thatcher Szalay, DE Quinn Dorsey, LB Cornelius Wortham, CB B.J. Tucker

    Comment: Weeks was the Thomas Clayton of that preseason. Or was it the next?

    2006: FB David Kirtman, LB Lance Laury, WR Ben Obomanu, DE Robert Pollard, CB Gerard Ross, C Pat Ross, TE Leonard Stephens, RB Marquis Weeks

    Comment: BO — we actually allowed other teams to grab him.

    2007: WR Logan Payne, WR Jordan Kent, TE Joe Newton, FB David Kirtman,
    OG Steve Vallos, LB Cameron Jensen, DE Nu’u Tafisi, CB Kevin Hobbs.

    Comment: Vallos did play a few games. Jordan Kent made the All-Po (All-Potential) team.

    2008: S – Jamar Adams, DT – Kevin Brown, WR – Michael Bumpus, CB – Marquis Floyd, T – Samuel Gutekunst, G – Pat Murray, TE – Joe Newton, T – Kyle Williams

    Comment: The great Justin Forsett did spend time on the PS that year too. Bumpus has also played in the CFL and Arena League.

    2009: S Jamar Adams, WR Mike Hass, CB Roy Lewis (claimed off waivers from Pittsburgh), RB Devin Moore, WR Logan Payne, C/G Blake Schlueter (claimed off waivers from Denver), LB Thomas Williams (claimed off waivers from Jacksonville), T Kyle Williams.

    2010: CB Marcus Brown, RB Chris Henry, C Lemuel Jeanpierre, LB Joe Pawelek, QB Zac Robinson,DB Ross Weaver, WR Patrick Williams and DE James Wyche.

  25. Best Post of the Day:

    “Hey everybody has a few posts they look back on and wish they never hit send.”

    I know the feeling!

  26. damn BobbyK.. wish they had drafted a couple of yer post. Pouncy or Iupati and recent Camiri

  27. Yeah. Each year we cut guys that “we can’t let go of” and then nobody else in the NFL wants. Heck, Legree was about to be enshrined in Canton about an hour after he was picked by the Seahawks.

  28. chuck_easton – I’m not sure why you’re apologizing. So far you’re right about very little roster movement.

    We swapped kickers and swapped our backup NT, plus swapped out some developmental prospects who aren’t going to play anyway. So far, this is a lot less movement than we had at the same time last year.

    And Canfan – nice post about the practice squad history. You’re right, most all those guys are kept to serve as the scout team in practice, not to join the team on the field. Once in a while, one develops into something more.

  29. raymaines says:

    Yes, but…..

    Can you imagine how vocal any one of us would be if we were ever right about one of these PS guys. Or 3rd team QB’s for that matter.

  30. stevo – no one said how much roster movement … just to … look forward to some!!!

  31. Cornutt says:

    “Whiffed not sniffed.”

    That made me laugh.

  32. Hope they made the right decision on Reed, he looked awfully good in preseaon.

  33. okay excile. I’m sure I’ve whiffed or sniffed my share too. lol!

  34. I also think the Reed got cut because of his kickoffs. Any kicker who can’t hit the endzone every time under these new kickoff rules simply doesn’t have enough leg for the NFL.

  35. one week from kickoff i think the game is going to tell alot

  36. So does anyone see a scenario where Cole gets brought back before week 7? I was wondering if they cut him thinking they can get him back before they would have if they put him on the PUP. And probably cheaper too.

    Just thinking out loud

  37. boucherm says:

    beavercleaver–McDonald is the guy we got for Kelly Jennings, that’s why you didn’t see/hear of him in preseason

  38. A week from now … TJ pulls a muscle in warm-ups, Charlie gets the call and leads the Seahawks to a win, throwing three TDs (all batted in the air by defensive backs and caught by Leon Washington). Charlie suddenly leads the league in QB rating, gains confidence and goes on a streak … running naked through the streets of Seattle. Commissioner Goodell suspends him for a game, giving Josh Portis a chance to show his stuff. Portis makes like Kurt Warner in ’99, surprising everyone by leading the Seahawks to the Super Bowl … hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?

  39. freedom_X says:

    I almost thought Reed was underkicking the ball so the coaching staff could evaluate the coverage units. They must like the Denver kicker, I assume they have film of him kicking at sea level.

    Al Woods, from old scouting reports, is a raw prospect without much experience, but who has a lot of physical potential (great strength and a 37 inch vertical leap.) He was fat until he was a senior, lost some weight, and became a starter. A bit surprised at Levingston being cut, but they must feel Woods has more potential.

    He was rated by some as a potential 2nd round pick, went in the 4th, but he’s been a nomad – cut before the season by the Saints, picked up by the Steelers, then plucked off the practice squad by the Bucs.

    Remember 2 years ago when the Bucs got Michael Bennett from Seattle? He was in the running for a starting DE job with Tampa. I wonder if he got it?

  40. Michael Bennett is still with the Bucs. He did well last year as a backup playing under Todd Walsh, but the Bucs drafted Daquan Bowers this year so Bennett is still likely to be a backup. Since he’s a 270-something LDE he still would not likely have a role in Pete Carroll’s D line, where the LDE needs to be bigger. (although I wonder how much this might chance with Walsh here) The only former Buc that Walsh has managed to bring with him to Seattle so far was Al Woods.

  41. Soggybuc says:

    Pretty sad about Leroy Selmon was super star that was beloved by the fans. TB’s Jacob green if you will.
    My first game was game 16 in 77 that was the Bucs first home win over the St Louis Cardinals. everyone forgets that they went 0-14 again that year before winning the final 2 and leaving Detroit the honor of being the first 0-16 team.

  42. Jay Feely (AZ), Josh Brown (SL), and David Akers (SF) are 3 of the top 10 kickers in the league (PFF). Olindo Mare was amongst them in ’08 & ’09 but fell out overall because of his FG misses in ’10, and a dropoff in his KO avg distance. Reed was never as good of a kicker as any of the above, neither in KOs nor FGs. Steven Hauschka went from 33rd in KOs at BAL in ’09 to 16th at DEN in ’10. Hauschka made 1 of 2 FGs in ’08, 9 of 13 FGs in ’09, and 6 of 7 FGs in ’10. Maybe Hauschka is the best K available and will be better than Reed, but he still isn’t ranked among the other NFCW current kickers.

  43. I’m just glad they did this before I drafted my fantasy kicker.

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