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Confirmed: Trufant takes a pay cut

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 28, 2011 at 6:56 pm with 32 Comments »
August 28, 2011 9:12 pm

According to a report from Mike Florio of, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Marcus Trufant has taken a hefty pay cut in his base salary for the 2011 season.

I’ve separately confirmed this earlier report.

Florio reports that according to a source, Trufant’s base salary for 2011 dropped from $5.9 million to $3 million via a new contract signed on August 20.

However, according to the report, Trufant can earn that money back by reaching some challenging incentives, which pay up to $2.65 million based on Trufant earning a spot on the Pro Bowl team and making a specific number of interceptions.

The other $250,000 can be earned by meeting a specific playing-time threshold.

Trufant, 30, earned his only trip to the Pro Bowl in 2007, a year before signing his current six-year, $50.2 million deal.

The rest of Trufant’s contract, which includes a base salary of $7.2 million in 2012 and $8.8 million in 2013, with a $100,000 workout bonus each year, remains unchanged, reports Florio.

This report comes on the heels of the recent revelation of linebacker Aaron Curry restructuring his contract. It’s interesting because I was told by a league source shortly after the Seahawks asked Lofa Tatupu to take a pay cut that Trufant’s contract status would remain unchanged. I guess in theory that’s true.

Here’s what Trufant had to say when I talked to him about Tatupu’s standing with the team after he decided to ask for his release instead of taking a pay cut.

“You just know that’s part of the game,” Trufant said. “And eventually something like that is going to happen. But you’ve just got to be ready for it mentally, and be able to be strong and move on.”

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  1. Wasn’t there a post that mentioned that Tru was the longest tenured player on the team and he said something like “Shush?” Liked what I saw from Tru yesterday and hope he can stay healthy this season.

  2. montanahawk says:

    Can anyone give me the scoop on Colin Cole. I’m sure its been covered here, but I haven’t heard anything about him.

  3. nighthawk2 says:

    I’m wondering if anyone selected any Seahawks for their fantasy teams.

  4. I actually picked up rice, miller (and gonzalez), and jeff reed.

    I took a gamble on miller. Hoping he becomes trade bait.

  5. I wonder if they’re trying to free up cap space for a blockbusting trade.

    Maybe they wanna bring Tatupu back at this point.

    Also, as of now, there’s nobody on the team making more than Rice (o) and curry (d)

  6. chuck_easton says:

    Tatupu is not coming back. Even if he agreed to the pay cut the team asked him to take

    Cole is on PUP and is likely to remain there after final cuts.

    What blockbuster trade could be out there?

  7. Carroll better be forced to take a pay cut.. and soon. This team is atrocious

  8. Are they getting ready to bring another QB on board? Or maybe sign another OL? The next week is going to be interesting.

    This FO is always looking to make changes, and if I were one of the bubble players who made the final 53, I wouldn’t feel too secure until Week 8 or so.

  9. Soggybuc says:

    Smart moves again from the FO, I love Tru but 5.9 was way too much 3 mill puts him in the range of what he should be getting.

    Nighthawk i was going to snag LW for a flex spot but figured i could get him as a FA later. my strat is going to be to grab Miller and LW game 8 or later as thats when they will finally start scoring points. Reed would the only Hawk worth drafting and playing before week 8

  10. chuck_easton says:

    Why would Carroll take a pay cut. Wes done exactly what he was hired to do. He turned the team from one of the oldest in the NFL to one of the youngest in two years. He has more talent than the team had in 2009. Now we just have to suffer through the growing pains. Anybody who thinks Carroll was hired to win last year or this year is fooling themselves. This team is being built to winin 2013 or maybe 2012 and Pete will be here to see the results.

  11. FO again?? .. jackson is garbage and should be watching from the couch!
    LT is so slow my grandma could put a spin on the Carpenter and drive nails.

    Expecting 100% from a player dissed is not realistic.
    Curry was never worth 50cents but Tru is a cut above when healthy

  12. They had him over a barrel. He would get picked up but then have to learn a new system. I am still a little surprised that he went for it.

    I am not sure we are actually better than 2009. I will give them 4-6 weeks to see some improvement – if not I will be very angry with PC and JS

  13. Excile, congrats man. You definitely take the cake for the most clueless Seahawks fan out there. Keep it up with the RETARDED posts.

  14. Natedog wtf are you talking about?

    And fwiw, I’m starting to sober up from the pete carroll high. I still liked jeremy bates, and think gus bradley sucks.

  15. FairbanksDoug says:

    I suppose some of would have preferred a win as opposed to Carroll putting Carpenter up against Dumervil without so much as a TE next to him to help out. I personally think the way Carroll did it will pay big dividends later on in games that matter. I am thinking Carpenter gained a lot more from Saturday’s game then he would have otherwise. Seems Carrroll Cable has put our new guys on the fast track to learning their jobs.

  16. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Yeah I was never a fan of Bevell, at least Bates could scheme around the weaknesses of a putrid offensive line. And Bradley should have been fired when Carroll sacked Mora’s staff.

  17. For those of you hating on PC and the FO, you want Mora and Ruskell back?

  18. Ewalters7354 says:

    I might get called crazy but I’m gonna just throw this out there.I wouldn’t be surprised if the FO trades Trufant to someone who’s in need of corners(Giants) and move on with the youngsters.They did it to Josh Will last year I’m just saying…

  19. Well the “Turk” should visit the Hawks today.

    My picks are:

    1. CB Hoffman
    2. CB Parker
    3. DB Thenarse
    4. WR Carter
    5. P Gold
    6. DE Schable
    7. DE Allen
    8. OG Osbourne
    9. LB Howey
    10. OT Hurd

  20. He is the guy that informs the player that he has been cut>

  21. ryanryan says:

    tru’s last year as a seahawk…he’ll be playing for a contract and thats exactly how the franchise needs him to play, this incentivizes him and makes all parties aware of the situation. A trade is very unlikely, unless the hawks want a 5th rounder (im guessing thats all they’d get) for him and wish to unload the remaining (much more lucrative) years of his contract.

  22. SandpointHawk says:

    The Turk is the guy who delivers the news that you will no longer be a member of the team.

  23. HawkyHann says:

    Similar to “saveferris” but this is for your boy, Charlie.

  24. Wow, I’m surprised that anyone is bitchin’ about Carroll on this thread…

    They have gone down the list of underperforming players and adjusted their salaries accordingly, thus making it easier to trade them or cut them later:

    Tatupu, Curry, and now Trufant.

    This FO know what they’re doing…just give them sometime for things to fall into place.

  25. I LOVE what PC and JS are up to. C’mon SEA! Trailing at the post, loser gets Luck! SEA has a solid DL, stout against the run and able to get some pressure from time to time, with a good young LB core, a young secondary that’s only getting better with play, a solid STs, and an offense that’s stacked with talent (except at QB) like SEA hasn’t had in a long, long time, but absolutely no tempo, no unity, an OL that hasn’t learned to play together (looks like a new colt learning to stand). All this team needs is a great QB and time playing together. We’re witnessing the birth-pangs of a great team! History!

  26. I thought cuts came Tues?

  27. chuck_easton says:

    Cutdown from 90 to 80 must be completed no later than 1pm PDT Tuesday.

    Many teams have already done their first round of cuts. After the 3rd pre-season game it’s pretty clear to the teams who those cuts are going to be. Why let those 10 or so men come to practice on Monday or Tuesday? If they get wind they might be cut they can easily get an injury and the team is now on the hook to IR them and pay them or to reach an injury settlement.

    If Seatttle has a practice scheduled today the cuts will come BEFORE the team takes the field.

  28. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I wonder what’s going on with all these pay cuts? I hope that the front office is trying to free up the money to bring in a big free agent, instead of just being cheap. I still haven’t given up hope that PC will pull off a miracle and convince the Bengals to trade Carson Palmer. Let’s face it, no way are we in Superbowl contention, or even playoff contention, with T.Jack and Charlie Whitehurst. Moreover, Carson Palmer proved he’s not bluffing about retiring instead of playing for the Bengals another year. Maybe they’d take a second round pick for him; after all, that’s better than nothing.

    In the meantime, I hope they’re trying to use all the money they’re saving to bring in another O-lineman, or two. Carpenter isn’t ready to start, and we need quality insurance at the Left Tackle position in case Okung can’t stay healthy.

  29. would anybody here trade Tru for Palmer?

  30. wabubba67 says:

    No…be bad (but talented) and young this year, take your lumps as a team, learn together, and then be in position to draft a legitimate franchise QB (Luck or Landry). By then the OL will have come together and we’ll actually be able to protect a QB that is worth a damn.

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