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Morning links: Reactions to Hawks 23-20 loss

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 28, 2011 at 7:49 am with 61 Comments »
August 28, 2011 7:49 am
Seattle Seahawks tight end Anthony McCoy hurdles Denver defensive back Cassius Vaughn. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

My story today delves into on the Seahawks continued struggles moving the ball on offense, including this quote from Robert Gallery: “Obviously an idiot can see it’s not good enough. That’s life in the big leagues. I can say we have a young group, but that doesn’t really matter at this point. Guys have to be ready to play, and we’ve got to put a good product on the field.”

And where’s Sidney Rice been these past, two games? We ask him here.

Clare Farnsworth of says head coach Pete Carroll was blunt in his assessment of his team’s offensive line protection: “They ran right through us,” said Carroll.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times talks with rookie offensive tackle James Carpenter, who owns up to his mistakes against the Broncos.

ESPN’s Mike Sando offers his thoughts on the game here.

Christian Caple of does the same thing here.

Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times writes about linebacker Aaron Curry’s changed ways off the field: “I’m a Jesus freak!” Curry proudly proclaims.

Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post reports that ex-Seahawk Kevin Vickerson jawed with Robert Gallery after his chop block on teammate Brodrick Bunkley, and said the hit was “uncalled for.”

Mike Chambers of the Denver Post writes that Tim Tebow’s experience in Denver is mimicking Tarvaris Jackson’s experience in Minnesota.

Morning links
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  1. Gonna be a long season…..

  2. nonstopjoe says:

    This group of guys will be doormats of the NFL. The offensive line is lacking which pretty much tells it all.

  3. chuck_easton says:

    It will be bad but there are teams that are much worse. I don’t even see us in the bottom 5.

  4. Ewalters7354 says:

    I believe we will start playing our best football towards the middle/ end of season.These guys have yet get the experience needed to execute this scheme the way it needs to be.Once they get a little continuity under their belt we will see just how god this team can be.

    Also,Tjack has the tendency to step right into sacks Its not all on the oline.He has to have better timing and awareness as a QB.The QB’s job is to get his line in the best position to succeed.

  5. Agreed…T-jack does step right into a lot of sacks.

  6. confucious says:

    This line has 17 games to gell, that should be plenty of time. My only concern is if we have enough backup qb’s on the roster to get through the season.

  7. EyeAmBaldman says:

    The ball does not come out of Jackson’s hand quick enough. He seems to have very little pocket awareness. CW looks more decisive. No one has 4 seconds to throw unless you’re Kyle Orton who had several seconds to throw on more than one occasion thanks to the Hawks lack of a pass rush.

    BTW, still not sold on Curry. He is terrible in coverage. ugh.

  8. Ewalters7354 says:

    I believe Malcom Smith is better at the position than Curry.The guy is lighting fast and can tackle and also rush the passer.Its a shame 2 high picks(Curry and Tate) are being outplayed by the our last pick and an undrafted free agent.Its a shame.

    Also,Gus Bradley aggravates the hell out of me with the rushing 3 and dropping 8 bull.That has yet to work for us.Makes no sense at all.That’s why Orton and every other QB has time to throw.

  9. For me….
    … the game was embarrassing… Make what excuses you want, but that was a horrible display of professional football….
    …. 39 yds in a half??? C’mon!!!!! Butt ugly….
    Someone made the correct decision not to televise it nationally…. ugh!!!

  10. Ewalters7354 says:

    If you look at the good QBs in this league.They get the ball out of thier hands quickly and don’t take crazy sacks.Look at the Cowboys.Romo has one of the worst lines in the league and they can still manage to get more than 39 yards in a half.Chicago also.The QB can make his line look even worse than what they really are.Hopefully Pete Carroll can see that.

  11. Dude, come Sept. 25th, it’s goin’ be CHARLIE, CHARLIE, now that’s goin’ be ugly.

  12. I think Ben Obomanu said it perfectly ” Last year with Matt you knew who the leader was. With Tarvaris you have to say” your doing great, it’s ok, good job. and all that.
    Tarvaris has the skill but I question his ability to read defences. until I see something different from our quarterback i’ll continue to believe letting matt go was huge. The entire offence is run by the quarterback. That position instills the confidence. The Hawks need a leader. Pete Carroll can’t be the face of the franchise as he is now. Which I ‘m sick of. And Warren Moon go away already.

  13. Soggybuc says:

    Ewalters is correct, it’s going to be a rough first half of a season.

    This is a baptism by fire and we are just going to have to grit our teeth and take it because there really is no alternative.

    But it’s OK really because in a couple of years when Marshawn is shredding the Falcons D and Barkley is standing in the pocket for 8 seconds while waiting for Baldwin to extend his route and come open in the back of the end zone for the TD that clinches the NFC championship this will all have been worth it.

    Besides it COULD be worse! we could be Bengals fans!

  14. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I watched this one online last night, and am enduring the smack talk from my few Bronco fan friends, so the salt is officially in the wounds so to speak.

    I really doubt T-Jax could play worse under the circumstances because the O-line is playing so poorly, but like others have mentioned, I’m happy for Hass that he’s no longer here. T-Jax has one redeeming quality in his mobility (and perhaps his youth).

    I also agree that over time, this O-line is going to be great. And I’m excited about their future development.

    It is going to be a long year, folks; so many ‘Hawks fans are hoping to draft the future of the franchise at QB next April and if the preseason is any indication of what is to come, those hopes may just get fulfilled. I despise the “lose to win” argument of tanking a season on purpose; at this rate, that point will be moot, as we are not looking like a contender. BUT, it is preseason and a truncated one at that.

    Who knows what will happen after a few games of regular season competition. Perhaps this young roster can learn and grow…

  15. SeahawkFan12 says:

    And on the bright side, the 9er’s are terrible.

  16. freedom_X says:

    Malcolm Smith missed another tackle. 3rd quarter, if he makes the tackle, it’s a loss. Instead, it was a 7 yard gain. Not to crucify him for missing one tackle, but I noticed several missed tackles in the Viking game (have to go back to note the times.) But Smith is seeing and reacting to the plays, and is in position, which is huge plus. A bit more strength and he’d be fine.

    Curry still seems to have poor tackling form, and that’s something he can completely control. He doesn’t wrap up well. Still looks like he’s trying to knock guys down with power instead of wrapping up.

    So far, the “unstoppable” huge receivers for Seattle aren’t doing much to get open. They don’t seem to be able to separate from the defenders. It takes quickness to be able to do that. If they don’t keep Baldwin and/or Tate doesn’t blossom, I think Seattle is going to have a pretty stale passing attack, regardless of who is QB. Seattle has to have that extra dimension of a quick WR who can run sharp routes and get open to supplement the big, not-so-nimble guys.

    Seattle fans are spoiled by Walter Jones, even Okung, who were instant hits as rookies even without training camp. It can’t be surprising if a rookie takes a while to learn the ropes, especially with 0 offseason work. Sorry, Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson did not slip to the low 1st round and 3rd round of the 2011 draft.

  17. This offensive line, as it stands now, is brutal. That’s the way it goes when you have no off-season stuff for your two rookies who will man an entire side of your offensive line. I’ve never expected Carpenter to be anything close to as good as Walt, nor have I ever had expectations that Moffitt will be anything close to a Hutch clone. But I do expect them to be a good, solid side of a line for quite awhile.

    I’ll agree that Carpenter looks pretty pathetic at the moment and I’m not happy about all of the reports that he didn’t come to camp in as good of shape as he should have (to make an excuse for him – I think it’s harder for big guys and rookies who usually don’t truly know how hard it’s going to be?). However, it’s not time to throw him under the bus. He’s going to get his feet wet in ’11 and next season, with a year under his belt, he’ll be motivated by the fact that Cable and Co. will be kicking his ass in off-season workouts to come to camp in shape and he’ll have a year of technique under his belt, too. The same goes for Moffitt.

    On a negative note about Carpenter though, he really has looked bad on too many plays. I thought we’d see more of him flashing 1st round ability with his potential here and there even if the performace wasn’t great yet. However, at this point in time, if you read the above paragraph, it’s too early to get too worried and I’m excited to see Moffpender in November and especially to start training camp in ’12.

    Too many people thought our line was going to magically kick ass right off the bat and that’s not the way it works. Just because they looked good on paper doesn’t mean they were going to come in and be great from the get-go.

    As bad as the line has played, as has been mentioned by several people, not all of the sacks are on the the front five. T-Jack is who I thought he was and I disagree with the people who think that even a guy like Brady would do the same behind this line. That’s a bunch of crap. These are comments coming from people I can guarantee have never watched Tom Brady in person (it really is different in person than on t.v.). He has pocket presence. He can simply step aside and avoid a rush with his limited athletic ability in some cases whereas T-Jack and his far superior athletic ability cannot. I’m not saying a guy like Brady would put up as great of numbers regardless of his line, we all know better that you’re partially only as good as your surrounding talent too, but a guy with a lack of instincts for the position, like T-Jack, will make a bad line look even worse. And right now, lord knows we have a bad line.

  18. Ewalters7354 says:

    Freedom,I agree to a certain extent.I don’t believe the recievers aren’t doing anything.Its the play calling and the QBs job tobget them the ball.Tjack likes to check the ball down too much.So I beg to differ on that.

  19. Jeron Johnson or Mark Legree?

    OK, Bevell didn’t game plan and winning a preseason game has zero weightage compared to evaluating the talent and skills on our team. PC, Bevell and Cable put their new players in positions where they can see how well they do against some good (and some really good) competition and learn what’s probably gonna happen in regular season field emergencies, like where our players get exposed blocking on islands. Against really good players they get beat, against 2nd team or just OK players their OL can handle it, even now. Now they know that against the really good players our OL guys are gonna need some help. Carpenter isn’t Big Walt, and neither is Okung – though he’s closer when healthy.

    PC and Bevell are learning their prospects limits, and they’re predictably narrow right now. When we play a team with super-pass-rushing DEs and 3-4 OLBs we’ll need at least a TE of FB to stay in to help block against each. When TJax droped back into an empty backfield with four or five wides he just wasn’t able to find an open receiver and get the ball to him before he either got sacked or had to throw the ball away.

    The ten best plays of SEA’s offense were a coupla runs where the QB was under center and the rest were TJax and CW in shotgun. TJax had one (shotgun) pass to LW in the 1st half that went for 11 yards. TJax’s other completion to LW went for 8 yds. Those weren’t air yards. TJax also had 1st half completions to A.McCoy (8 yds), S.Rice (6 yds), BMW (6 yds), T.Clayton (5 yds) and Obo (0 yds). That was outta 16 pass attempts. Rushing the ball still has big problems. SEA averaged 1.6 yds/carry out of 8 run attempts in the 1st half. SEA managed 7 drives in the 1st half; 5 were 3 and punt, one was 6 and punt, and one drive went 7 plays and a long FG.

    When we get into regular season, SEA’s just gonna havta get good enough at run-blkg to grind out games = 3 yds and a cloud of rubber pellets. Got to. SEA’s first game @SF is gonna face a defense that’s better than DEN’s at stopping the run. SF stuffed HOU’s run game yesterday. SEA got 39 total net yards of offense in the 1st half yesterday, SF got 50. These have to be two really bad teams (SF & SEA?)

  20. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Good for Curry on finding religion. Maybe his solace will help him on the field, though if the preseason is any indication, it hasn’t really.

  21. “3 yds and a cloud of rubber pellets”


  22. Ewalters7354 says:

    ACIB,you make much more sense when you talk about actual football and not Curry.That stuff has gotten old bro.Let it go.

  23. On the other hand I really like TE A.McCoy. At least one of SEA’s TEs isn’t gonna make the team. Some other team is gonna end up with a really good TE after the cutdowns.

  24. I remember coaching baseball and having a kid sacrifice bunt with one out and nobody on base.

    Pretty stupid, huh?

    Well, it was a scrimmage and he and another kid were neck and neck for a certain position. He wasn’t as good of a bunter by all indications and I wanted to see what this kid could do in a game setting with respect to the sacrifice bunt (each had their own strengths/weaknesses).

    I’m going to refrain from throwing an offensive coordinator under a bus in the preseason because I remember doing non-conventional things in practices (or scrimmages) to see how they would go (the bunt thing is one example).

    However, I was excited about Bevell being named OC b/c I thought it fit Matt’s strengths best.

    And when Jackson was signed, I was like “WTF!?”

    You can tell that Bevell is quite familiar with Jackson and only trying to do things to put him in the best possible position to succeed (like any good coach would). However, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

    Jackson has done a better job at reading (vanilla training camp) defenses than I thought he’d do prior to the snap. However, once the play begins, there isn’t much there diagnosing the play. It’s obviously not a strength. Of course, this has been known for a long time so it’s not like we’re finding out anything new.

    When we see teams the Saints, Pats, Packers, Falcons, Rapistburger in Pittsburgh, etc. with “real” QBs it really makes you want/need one of those guys if you’re going to be serious about winning. It’s really frustrating when you know you don’t have your guy yet.

    I will agree that a guy who can run like Jackson is needed behind our current line, but at the same time, a guy like Matt would be getting rid of the ball and not taking SOME of those sacks in SOME instances. Still, it’s probably for the best that Matt’s gone (pains me to say it) because he would definitely have been hurt behind this line. He’s not the quickest of guys in the pocket anymore either (understatement). Plus, he would have most likely helped us win a few extra games when he was healthy and that wouldn’t have done anything for us to get the cream of the QB crop in the 2012 draft.

    Think of the positives (W/L wise) — we could start 1-0 because San Francisco looks pretty pathetic, too.

  25. The one ‘saving grace’ of yesterday’s game, with Denver, is that there will be plenty of opportunity to evaluate the defensive candidates, including those ‘on the bubble’ as they were on the field for such an extended time……..
    On the reverse side, those ‘on the bubble’ had little time to display their talents, with the exception of Baldwin…. The borderline offensive group were even further impacted by the poor offensive line play, as each play was like a madhouse scramble…. I guess I’m alone in considering this, but Carp was getting beat so badly, so many times (more in one game than he should get beat in a season), I feel he should have been ‘pulled’ off and on at minimum… If for no other reason than giving his backup some game time, but perhaps providing a backfield with at least a bit of sanity…

  26. Jerry Brewer: “Curry may never justify being the No. 4 pick two years ago. Hyperbole suggested he was the best linebacker prospect of the past decade. He’s not that, but he’s a legitimate NFL starter.”

    Sure, Jerry, but I don’t see anyone on this blog named AaronCurryIsLegitimateStarter

  27. Soggybuc says:

    2013, live it! breath it! believe it!

  28. Soggybuc says:

    “Sure, Jerry, but I don’t see anyone on this blog named AaronCurryIsLegitimateStarter”

    Thats some very stuff!

  29. Soggybuc says:

    *very funny stuff*

  30. AaronCurryIsBUST says:
  31. nidhighe says:

    When we drafted Carpenter, the draft experts were quick to point out that other OTs still on the board were higher rated by them. What if they were right?

    I know Carpenter is a rookie. I know the entire off-season was lost to a labor dispute. But he should still show flashes of promise. I haven’t seen any in the pre-season games so far.


  32. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Yeah looking back, I wanted Gabe Carimi back then and I still do now. I heard he is getting rave reviews at RT in Chicago. Plus re-uniting him with Moffitt would have been awesome. Still way to early to judge Carpenter, though. He’s shown promise at run-blocking and IMO at worse he’ll become a very good starting guard.

  33. I thought Carimi should have been the pick, too. I think a majority of Seahawk fans felt that way. I had the Seahawks pick in the mock draft we did and I was mad when Carimi was gone and I never once considered Carpenter. I do hope we were wrong.

    Isn’t it ironic that we wanted Carimi and that’s who Ruskell traded up to get after we passed on him?

  34. With regards to Carpenter, I keep having to remind myself that he is playing the right tackle position after being the left tackle in college. Might not seem that big a deal to us, but trying to mirror every you’ve done in the past isn;t an easy thing to pick up in three/four weeks. So as much as I am disappointed, I’m also going to step back and try to give him some more time. I hope his Tom Cable and others really work with him on his fundementals, especially his first jab step against edge rushers.

  35. I’m partially convinced Carroll is tanking the team, whether he knows it or not.

  36. Is Locklear still a FA?

  37. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Locklear signed with the Redskins

  38. I didn’t watch much of the Skins game but the little I did see Locklear got beat for a sack.

  39. orbeavhawk says:

    Now I’m GLAD they let “my” #8 go to The Titans……… least he won’t have to finish out his career on his back or running for his life. THIS is a GOOD thing!

    Back to preparing my SACK to put over my head this year!!! Let’s hear it for Locklear {Hee Hee]! Another LONG year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  40. Can Carpenter be groomed to be Gallery’s replacement?

  41. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    I think Moffitt will eventually be LG, Carpenter at RG, and a new RT (in the scenario that Carpenter does not work out tackle)

  42. It doesn’t matter what QB is playing, with the O-line as it is now it will be a long season.

  43. Hass just won a playoff with a porous oline.

    but yes, Carroll looks like an idiot, idiot, idiot
    moron, dafty duck, SMF

  44. T-Jack does not have the ability to pre-snap read which is made worse by the lack of protection from the O-line. CW is making good reads and has a clue where he might be going with the ball before the snap which is why he is far out playing Jackson. Jackson simply doesn’t have time to think. I predict that by the time we get to the bye week the hawks will be 0-5 and Whitehurst will start the rest of the season…until he gets hurt. If Carol stands by his man (Jackson) he will be gone by seasons end. If we don’t get a solid QB in the draft then the GM will be shown the door soon too and if the O-line doesn’t improve we are toast for years to come. I am hoping they get it together!

  45. I don’t see any scenario where Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy are gone at the end of the season. They are already slated to pay Mora about $4 million for the ’12 season and paying $7 million to comPete not to coach really makes no sense. That’s $11 million in salary for people NOT to coach for ’12. And they have gutted the team and made it younger. This is what you do when you try to rebuild something the right way and it hurts and takes time. You can’t be firing guys every year or every other year if you don’t have the instant success you ultimately want. However, they do need to feel the heat about getting a legit QB. They will go nowhere with Jackson, except the unemployment line and, more importantly to already rich people, they will not be respected in their life profession.

    I want to see how the season progresses and what Carpenter looks like in OTAs before speculating about his career as a guard.

  46. I keep hearing (and mostly agree with) comments about “I don’t care who the QB is…” with our OL, but I don’t care who our OL is if we’re pinning our hopes on Jackson. Give me a left to right scenario of Walt, Hutch, Kevin Mawae, Larry Allen, and Erik Williams in his prime and I still don’t think we could win a Super Bowl unless we ran for so many yards that we never had to throw the ball. I know, I know, our QB of the future isn’t going to be on our roster until after this season so I must be patient. And there aren’t many Pro Bowl QBs we could have gotten in FA or the draft this past season. But being patient is so hard to do!

  47. Also, offense is so much about working together and having experience. Timing is so important for this side of the ball. Here we are with about the youngest group of offensive starters in the NFL and it’s only natural that they are going to have to feel their way around for awhile (especially with the driver) before they are going to get where we already want them to be.

  48. nighthawk2 says:

    The offensive line sucks and my fears about Carpenter’s lack of pass blocking skills when we drafted him are being realized. Why don’t they run the ball more? Because we once again have an idiot for an offensive co-ordinator? Jackson sucks, the more he plays the more he shows it; finally got a TD drive but it was in the 4th quarter and against Denver’s 3rd string. Gallery is a huge disappointment; tell me again why we didn’t seriously pursue Carl Nicks? Oh yeah, because Carroll let his assistants pick our free agent signings. How’s that working out Pete? Defense couldn’t mount a consistent pass rush and couldn’t recover two Tebow fumbles; ST couldn’t recover two muffed punts but at least they scored. Whitehurst gets in with 6 minutes left, and plays with the scrubs. He’s still getting stiffed by a coach who traded a 3rd round pick for him and moved down 20 spots in the 2nd round to boot. Prediction: last place, 4-12 (maybe 2-14 if Jackson starts all 16 games), Okung will be injured again early on, Jackson will have more interceptions than TD’s, and we get to draft Andrew Luck. The question is will Pete Carroll & Co. be here to coach him.

  49. HawkyHann says:

    12th Man, passing on this website,

    I cant stand to watch another jump pass from T. Jackson

  50. Nicks was restricted, but he’ll be “free” this upcoming off-season.

  51. nighthawk2 says:

    Love the website. Bobby, they already have a legit QB on the roster. He wears No. 6.

  52. JoeinKirkland says:

    I wouldn’t have been nearly as concerned if Carpenter was getting consistently beaten on speed rushes around the end. What scares me is the number of times he gets bull rushed and pushed back by a man 50-75 less pounds than him. He should be able to dig in his heels and outmuscle them.

    The fact that he hasn’t done this worries me.

  53. hawkapalooza says:

    RADEoN says:
    AUGUST 28, 2011 AT 3:34 PM
    I’m partially convinced Carroll is tanking the team, whether he knows it or not.

    I wonder about that sometimes…

    I also wonder if Cable has told PC “Hey, it’s gonna take half a season for the line to gel…Jesus is better, but save him until the line is ready mid-season.”

    The quote from Obo about the difference between Hass and TJ…I want to hear his answer to how Jesus is in the huddle.

    Bobby– you had 2 nice long posts in this thread. I have enjoyed reading you and Duke for many seasons.

    Go ‘Hawks.

  54. CDN_C_Hawk says:

    This young O-line….can only get better, you just can’t mimick defenses of other teams in practice. They will learn, but it will be hard to watch. Matt though not the greatest QB in the league, brought this team a lot farther through his leadership.
    I can’t see this team having a record of 6-10 this year, more like 4-12. thats a draft pick in the 5-10 range. Watching tape on Landry Jones, impressed me, and reading how when Bradford was on IR…he stepped up..and produced, and showed leadership. That would be who I’m going to watch closely this year in the College ranks The Hawks have youth talent…..they just need leadership in the locker room and ojn the field. TJ and CW just can’t provide that..

  55. Ewalters7354 says:

    To all you guys who are saying Pete Carroll should be fired you guys are a bunch of a**holes.Reality shows that success isn’t instant when you are rebuilding.We have the talent with no experience.With time and few more off seasons this team will be fine.Look at Green Bay,they went through a few seasons of rebuilding before they got to the point they are now.IT TAKES TIME!I don’t ever remember the Hawks having this much talent on a team since I been a fan.I’m talking about talent all around.Even the Superbowl hawks didn’t have this much talent.And even then it took Mile Holmgren a few seasons to get this team where they were.I believe Pete and JS have this team moving in the right direction and I’m a full supporter simply because I understand the process of building a winner.

  56. Ewalters7354 says:

    With the exception of QB.

  57. chuck_easton says:

    QB is the next step in the puzzle. If the team really thought Jackson was the long term answer he would have received a bigger contract than 2 years 4 million per year. Same contract as Charlie.

    Once the Franchise QB of the future is drafted next season the pieces of the puzzle are all in place for a 3 to 5 year run.

    Too many fans look at the fact that we won the division (with a 7-9 record…) last season and expect the team should do it again. 7-9 was pretty much over achieving last season. It’s not the Seahawks fault that the other three teams in the Division were so pathetic that a 7-9 record could finish first.

    I expect a finish this season somewhere between 5-11 and 8-8 and it will still be a step forward. We are still rebuilding but now we get to rebuild with a 1st place schedule. Thanks 49rs, Rams, and Cardinals!

  58. ChrisHolmes says:

    8-8 is far too optimistic Chuck. Hell, I think 5-11 is the ceiling for this team this year.

    We’re picking in the top five of the draft folks. I just hope we suck bad enough to actually pick #1. I want to see Luck as a Seahawk…

  59. RussellHawk says:

    You can not keep blaming the o-line,,,TJ has to get rid of the ball,,,if you don’t have pocket presence you can not be a QB,,and he has none!!!!!!!!!,,,I can’t believe I’m saying this but I love what CW has done ,,,I like his poise and he looks like he has really stepped up his game,,,Now put him in against the first stringers,,,and let’s see what we got,,,or just keep letting Tj get killed so we can bring in Charlie,,,lol

  60. hawkapalooza – I also wonder if Cable has told PC “Hey, it’s gonna take half a season for the line to gel…Jesus is better, but save him until the line is ready mid-season.”

    Interesting theory.

    I’m taking the same mindset I do with the Mariners; I hope they’re entertaining, I hope the coaches get good long looks at the talent and are able to game plan for them, and I hope the long term talent gets good experience for the future. I don’t expect them to be very good initially, but I expect flashes from the playmakers and the linemen. And I hope the next QB is a winner.

    Chuck_Easton – We are still rebuilding but now we get to rebuild with a 1st place schedule. Thanks 49rs, Rams, and Cardinals!

    Lol, well done.

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