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Final: Broncos 23, Seahawks 20

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 27, 2011 at 9:17 pm with 39 Comments »
August 27, 2011 9:17 pm
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson is sacked by Denver's Elvis Dumervil and Wesley Woodyard. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

The Denver Broncos handled Seattle 23-20 tonight at Sports Authority stadium.

Broncos backup kicker Steven Hauschka kicked a 51-yard field goal as time expired to win it for Denver.

Check out the sad totals here.

Seattle managed just 53 yards and two first downs against Denver’s first-unit defense.

The Seahawks rushed for just 18 yards with Denver’s first-unit offense on the field.

Quarterback Tarvaris Jackson finished 13 of 22 for 93 yards. He was sacked five times, as Seattle offensive tackles Tyler Polumbus and James Carpenter had no answer for Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil repeatedly coming off the edge.

And receiver Sidney Rice has yet to show us much. He has just four catches for 22 yards in exhibition play.

Doug Baldwin’s 105-yard kick return for a score was the highlight for Seattle.

So here’s a couple questions to chew on as I head downstairs to the locker room.

1. How much blame do you put on the offensive line, and how much on Tarvaris Jackson for Seattle’s struggles on offense?

2. Did Doug Baldwin seal a spot on the final roster by his play tonight?

3. What are your thoughts on how the first-team defense played tonight?

4. How much should the first-unit offense play in the final regular season game against Oakland next week?

As always, let us know what you think in the comments section.

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  1. We got to get someone to replace Carpenter unless we are willing to chalk this season up as a learning eperience for him. He gets beat off the edge time and time again. Maybe a package deal of Tate and Carlson for a legitimate right tackle? Doubtful I’m sure, but we gotta do something. Maybe slise Polumbus over there when Okung is healthy. Somehow I suspect that Carpenter just isn’t ready to play the right side after so long on the left.

  2. The first unit really should play the entire game next week. We know that wont happen so hopefully at least the first half.

  3. Follow up to answer the questions…

    1. 99% of the O-line protection problems are from Carpenter’s assignment but T-jack’s reads were still VERY slow, even on the TD drive. I think it’s a 50/50 thing.

    2. Baldwin should not only earn a spot, he should be starting in the slot. Did anyone else notice Tate played sparingly…very sparingly, and even with the thirds? Time to say goodbye.

    3. First team D did very well considering the time they spent on the field. No complaints.

    4. First unit offense should play into the 2nd quarter imo. More if it goes really bad.

  4. Ewalters7354 says:

    James Carpenter needs work but it’s not just the oline.Tjack is terrible.How long is Pete gonna stick with him.Golden Tate is showing to be a bad pick.Smh

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Let me answer this way; after December, let me know who has an “answer” for Dumervil and Miller. Let alone a line this young in mid August.

    Jackson sucks. No getting around it. He’s not a rookie. He capable of avoiding a rush yet failed to do so. The sacks are far too easy to blame on the line.

    Baldwin is the anti-Tate.

    The o-line should play the entire first half next week. Get tough. Learn under fire. Take your lumps. They’ll be far better for it in ’12 and beyond. Anyone who thinks this is all about the ’11 season hasn’t been paying attention (IMO).

  6. Package Tate, Curry and a TE for a good draft pick. That makes room to keep more of the young guys.

  7. 1. It’s hard to tell for certain, as we KNOW the O line is AWFUL. So far I’m not impressed with TJ or Bevell either.

    Though as I posted on the chat, as much as it makes me sick watching this offense, we have somewhere between 9-10 starters right now who are new to either the team or the starting lineup (Lynch is the is it 9 or 10 in my equation) & a new O coordinator; as such the lockout may have hurt us more than most teams. I believe the only current offensive starters who started most of last year are Robinson & Williams.

    Re TJ: I was a Hasselbeck supporter & was disappointed with this move. Thing is though, there is one area TJ is superior to Matt: mobility. Matt would already be out for the season with this JOKE of a line.

    If Okung can actually get & stay healthy (I am not counting on it) that would make a difference, & I expected more from both Unger & Galley………..

    2. Yes, & he should be the #3. This likely means that when Butler gets healthy PC is going to need to eat some crow & trade or release Tate. I see the wr’s as:
    1. Rice
    2. BMW
    3. Baldwin
    4. Butler (when healthy)
    5. Oba

    3. Adequate. Bryant & Tru looked good. Having ANYONE at cb rather than Jennings is a big help. I didn’t really notice Mebane, which I found odd.

    4. A ton. WE’VE GOT PROBLEMS, ground control. if the O line & TJ don’t get it together fast, we’re going to get blown out by lowly SF in week 1.

  8. TJ has shown nothing. I’m still more confident in Charlie and hope he gets a chance to play with the first unit next week.

    Baldwin locked up a spot. Tate would be cut, if not for being a second-rounder. Still, his days look numbered.

    If the OL gels and one of these QBs plays better, the Seahawks could manage another 7-9 season. But I’m hoping for better, of course.

  9. @akmac63: that’s a really good idea. Can we throw in Lynch while we’re at it? I’d like to see Thomas Clayton make the team also.

  10. The line is awful, but Jackson needs to learn how to get rid of the ball.

  11. nidhighe says:

    To repeat what I said after the Minnesota game, our starting offensive line is terrible. It will improve as the rookies gain experience and the line comes together as a unit, but until then, we may have the worst o-line in the league (even Okung can’t offset the other four).


  12. Watch Baldwin’s return, he is patient with blocks and ran about 150 yards. Would Clayton work as a fb, seems like he can catch ok.

  13. I’m really “excited” to watch the game on delay tomorrow morning. Sigh.

  14. Ewalters7354 says:

    People blame the line.But its a young line that’s still learning.Tjack on the other hand takes alot of sacks himself.He can’t read a damn defense to save his life.We have to much talent on offense to look so bad smh

  15. RhewChuryll says:

    I’m not looking forward to the obvious growning pains, the Offensive line will have to go through.

    Whats the use of having Whitehurst play, if our line can’t come together as a unit. Also, that article that displaceseahawkfan had on here earlier about Bevell’s experience in Minnesota is giving me the “glass half empty syndrome” for the Hawks.

  16. I’m at 9 minutes third qrt now on ABC here in Vegas. TJ is impressive as are the rest of the Carroll correlation/

  17. That was painful to watch. The hawks looked as bad as any NFL team I have ever watched (on offense). The O line is garbage, T Jack took some bad sacks, and absolutely no one looked good. It is going to be a long year.
    I do hope Baldwin makes the squad. I certainly hope that he makes it over Golden Tate if one of them has to be cut.

  18. I am HIGHLY unimpressed with the team so far. I didn’t think we could be worse than last year but I guess I am wrong.

    Yes I expected growing pains but this is crazy! They have not played hard at times, they have looked lost – INCLUDING people who should know what they are doing. (i.e. returning defenders – and Rice/Jackson – on Offense)

    I am hoping to see SIGNIFICANT improvement in the last 8 games. if not then Carroll and JS have some “splainin’ to do” and hope they keep their jobs!

  19. 1. How much blame do you put on the offensive line, and how much on Tarvaris Jackson for Seattle’s struggles on offense?


    2. Did Doug Baldwin seal a spot on the final roster by his play tonight?

    I sure hope so!!!! I think – Rice, Williams, Obo, Baldwin, then Tate/Durham. I don’t think Butler has much of a chance to come back and play

    3. What are your thoughts on how the first-team defense played tonight?


    4. How much should the first-unit offense play in the final regular season game against Oakland next week?

    I think Carpenter should be running for like 4 hours a day and play every snap including simulating snaps on the sideline to get his butt in shape!

    Any player who is out of shape – OTA’s or not – should pay for some poor souls season tickets for the year. or come to my house and do my yardwork for the year. JERK

  20. Soggybuc says:

    The O line is in a very bad place but if you expected 2 rookies a second year guy and Unger who missed his second year to come out in pro bowl form, well then yea your depression is your own fault.

    I think we should all just cry uncle and buy BobbyK a case of beer because yea T-Jack is not good and never will be. so once again yes he had it right 2 years ago! way to go you prophet you.

    If they cut Baldwin I swear i’ll root for the Raiders and register @

  21. edstang45 says:

    wow that was hard to watch, I was so mad at PC for leaving TJ in after the 1st two series, we needed to see Whitehust with the 1st unit also to have a comparison….The play calling sucked..or maybe the whole scheme sucked was ahrd to see what they were trying to accomplish. did we even try to use a tightend????at one point on third and very long Bevell tried a quick slant got 8 yards, then punted….where was those plays on 1st or even 2nd and long…
    Bevell scares me even more now..on defense we did great stopping them and even knocked em for losses until they had 3rd and long then we dropped everybody and rushed three…I couild complete a pass with all the time they had on those types of third down..why not continue to go with what was working

    I am very frusterated with PC and the OC and DC we looked very very bad probably the worst of all the teams I seen play this week….we should have a real shot at a top 3 pick…holy Crap

  22. James Carpenter should play 3 quarters once again next week and if looks as bad as he did this week, then Polumbus or Giacomini needs to start at RT on opening day. His pass pro is a weakness every team will target.

    Doug Baldwin continues to look as good in preseason games as he looked in camp. He’s the real deal. I’m done waiting for Alligator Arms Tate and I hope Carroll has seen enough of him too.

    Other than that, I didn’t get to see all the plays as I was throwing a party during the game. And that’s about how seriously I think we should take a game like this.

  23. Well, I wish I could have seen the game. Last week, the NFL Network lets the lame ass game before it run into the second quarter. Now, this week, after I had the DVR set once again, they switched the game for the Charger game! I was so pissed and I’m tired of NFL Network deciding for me that the Seahawks aren’t worth watching. Sucky game or not, I want to watch those guys fighting for a roster spot! Hopefully, the second showing scheduled for 4 A.M. tomorrow morning will actually record the Seahawks… I know Hawaii is supposed to be paradise, but this is when I really wish I was still back home!

  24. RhewChuryll says:

    So basically what we are going to be looking at is a season that could make a Hawk fan ask for a psych evaluation, while we are growing in a new Offensive System, new Offensive Line, go back and forth between C Whitehurst and Tarvaris Jackson.

    Gotta look at the bright side then……there is still a football team in Seattle :)

    I didnt get to watch the game, but seems to me our Defense wasn’t to bad???

  25. Choo choo! Do I hear more passengers for the doug baldwin train?! Yessir!

  26. That’s what I’m talking about–I wanted to at least watch that roster battle at DB!!!

  27. I know it’s late back home now, but can anyone give feedback on how Johnson, Pinkard, Browner, Maxwell, Legree, WT3, and Sherman did?

  28. williambryan says:

    The blame goes about 60-40 (oline-TJ) TJ has got to step up in the pocket and make a throw. Yes Carpenter routinely got beat around the edge but a lot of the time TJ had room to step up and he didn’t.

    I thought Baldwin has looked like the second best WR on the team (BMW looks GOOD. He is playing with a purpose you can see in his eyes and although Rice surely will impress at some point, it hasn’t happened yet.) However, I’m not even close to writing off Tate yet and neither are the Hawks. He is talented and the talent will rise eventually.

    I was impressed with the defense. Pinkard clearly is not as good as Chancellor. Red Bryant was beastly. Malcom Smith really looks good. And Browner should start in my opinion. He always seams to be in good position and appears to really give wr’s problems. He and trufant looked really good supporting the run too. If the offense could have done ANYTHING they would have held the broncos point total even lower.

    The line should play the first half next week for sure. I would prefer if BMW, Rice, Bryant, Clemons, and Okung did not play but other than that it doesn’t really matter to me much. I am curious to see how PC handles it though because the starters are looking bad.

    To me it looks as though TJ is playing only to not throw an INT. Yes, it’s hard to imagine the line playing much worse (well, we are now seattle fans of the post Alexander, Jones, Hutch era so…) But he did not provide any spark what so ever. Ben Obomanu had an interesting comment on the telecast. Asked the difference between Hass and TJ he said something along the lines of -‘ Hass had a swagger about him that flowed through the team, giving them confidence. With TJ they are always supporting him and letting him know how good he plays -‘ TJ must be pretty mentally fragile at this point in his career.

  29. williambryan says:

    IMO Byron Maxwell had a really good game. He routinely made plays on special teams and defense. He looked like he could earn a spot on ST alone. Johnson had a bad game compared to his first two. Pinkard didn’t really do anything but confirm how good Chancellor is. I only noticed Sherman on a penalty and punt return (it was ok) WT3 didn’t do anything to stand out one way or the other. Legree had some good hits. And again, to me, Browner should be starting. He looks almost undescribable because the seahawks have never had anything like him. He is tough, quick, and plays the ball, and plays the run. WR’s obviously have difficulty going against him.

    Also, ET and Trufant both looked really good.

  30. 1. How much blame do you put on the offensive line, and how much on Tarvaris Jackson for Seattle’s struggles on offense? 5 sacks, 10 hits, and 15 QB pressures in 30 drop-backs. 4 seconds is the max. time a QB should ever hang onto the football. TJ never had as much as 2 seconds before he had to scramble. There were so many opponents in SEA’s backfield there was no place he could scramble to avoid them. Hasselbeck might have changed Bevel’s playcalls at the LOS to get rid of the ball before DEN’s DEs met at the QB, but TJax did well to get rid of the ball after the pressure got there. The right side of the line appeared to have the most trouble vs Mays and Miller blitzing. Polumbus had lotsa troubles with Dumerville, too. Looks like Carpenter isn’t adapting well to what the DE is doing. Carpenter gets his CG high to move to cut-off defenders trying to get around him. When Carpenter’s CG is high he also gets bull-rushed and pushed back because he loses leverage. When Carpenter moves to cut off a DE trying to run around him he either doesn’t get there and chases the DE into TJax, or he throws his weight too hard to recover quickly and the DE rotates and goes past him on the opposite side. Moffit had some early problems with Vickerson. Cable’s gotta play back lotsa game tape to these fellas – they’ve gotta KNOW what they’re doing wrong and how to fix it. You’ld think that practicing in full pads and at full speed would really help this OL get up to speed, while not practicing would hurt.

    2. Did Doug Baldwin seal a spot on the final roster by his play tonight? Yes.

    3. What are your thoughts on how the first-team defense played tonight? Pretty good vs the run, not there yet vs the pass.

    4. How much should the first-unit offense play in the final regular season game against Oakland next week? Half.

  31. williambryan says:

    klm, I’m surprised in your statement about TJ having only two seconds to pass. I think if you watch the game with a stopwatch, there were enough times that he had 4 seconds to pass. And some of the times where he may have had “2 seconds” he could have bought more time by stepping up in the pocket and delivering the ball and taking the hit regardless (as CW has done a few times this preseason). TJ has not been horrible but he has given no one any reason to believe that he can be a winning QB so far. I liked his highlights on youtube alot and was hopeful to see some of that but I’m starting to worry that Minnesota and all those affiliated with them (BobbyK?) are right about him.

  32. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    I find it silly you guys are giving up on Tate so early. If anything, Butler should be the one to go. For someone with allegedly great hands, he sure frequently drops some easy passes.

  33. kim008
    Hasselbeck might have changed Bevel’s playcalls at the LOS to get rid of the ball before DEN’s DEs met at the QB………….

    Very good point.

  34. chuck_easton says:

    We knew it would be ugly while the O-line learns on the job. Two rookies, two second years ( I count Unger as a second year because he didn’t play at all last season). And Gallery. The will come together but in the meantime it ain’t gonna be pretty to watch.

    No QB, not even Manning nor Brady could look good behind this line right now. At least get a guy like Jackson killed back there and then bring in a real QB when the line is playing together.

    I’m even happier Hass isn’t here now. With his lack of mobility he’d be in traction already

    Baldwin is a keeper. Rice, BMW, Obo, and Baldwin are the starters. Tate and Durham fight for the fifth (and maybe 6th spot if they keep 6). Butler to PUP and we will see where things stand after 6 games when he could possibly come back.

    Clayton has made this team as the 4th RB.

    Browner has made this team as the 3rd and maybe even the 2nd CB. Think they keep Trufant, Thurmond, Browner, Sherman, and yes Jennings as the 5 CBs


  35. chuck_easton says:

    Sorry darn iPad one wrong finger and it thinks you are done.

    Legree and johnson played their way onto the PS tonight. The four keepers at safety are Thomas, Chancellor, Bigby, and Pinkard

  36. chuck_easton says:

    The D is actually the strength of the team right now. The young LBs look good. ACIB isn’t going to want to read this but Curry had perhaps his best game as a Seahawk last night the D line looked good against the run

    We will need a good D to keep us in games until the O line learns how to play football.

  37. How about a change of pace here? Of the long shots, who do you think will make the team and will any of them be starters? Pick 3 to 5 (or more if you like.)

    1. Baldwin…obviously. This kid has earned a spot of the 53 man and hopefully will take over the first team slot position.

    2. Based on last night I think Maxwell will make it as one of the gunners. He was all over the field. But one question…How is it that he could run off the field and back on to make the tackle on that one punt? I thought that was illegal? He wasn’t pushed out that I saw.

    3. Clayton. Tough inside guy. Could contribute and I think PC and friends wanted to see how he’d do with the first unit in short yardage situations.

    Any others?

  38. chuck_easton says:

    Maxwell only makes it if Sherman doesn’t. Real battle for that 5th CB spot.

    One long shot with Morrah likely to be on PUP to start the year will be at TE. Miller and Carlson are 1and 2. Either McCoy or Byrd make it as the 3rd TE.

    TE is going to be important because they are going to have to give Carpenter plenty of help on the right side.

    I think Clayton comes out of nowhere to make the team as the 4th RB.

  39. EyeAmBaldman says:

    I saw Giacomini and McQuistan get beat like a rented mule in the 2nd quarter so Carpenter can’t be blamed for that sack! Polumbus was beat on the same play in the first half on the Von Miller sack when he pushed Carpenter back like a tackling dummy. The entire line is being pushed back, but I’ll tell you this…not many teams are going to like protecting the QB against Dumervil and Miller. Those guys can get after the QB.

    I was disappointed in the run game against Denver. No push at all.

    You people have to understand there is no game planning in the preseason or scheming at all. Regardless of how crappy Bevell is perceived to be, he’s going to look bad in the preseason because they’re not calling plays based on a plan, but on the situation to get the guys the work they need.

    I expect this season to be a HUGE learning experience. My feeling is Tarvaris is the man BECAUSE he’s more mobile. PC knows the line has a long way to go. If Hasselbeck was here, he’d be hurt already. CW is mobile but not like TJ. Jackson is not a strong QB and I expect to see both him and CW play at some point this year.

    There’s no need to bench Carpenter…good grief he’s only played 3 preseason games. He still doesn’t even look in shape yet!

    Thurmond and Browner both got beat on several occasions. If not for Earl Thomas, we’d likely have been looking at a bigger halftime deficit. Pinkard did nothing to impress me.

    Baldwin needs to make this team. PC needs to do the right thing and keep him. I can see Butler and Morrah put on IR and keeping 4 TE and 6 WR. Rice, Williams, Obomanu, Baldwin, Durham and Tate. There’s no way they give up on Tate yet. He’s too high a draft pick.

    I said when the Hawks signed Jackson that would assure us of a high draft pick. I still feel that way. Maybe 3 or 4 wins this year, but that’s too be expected after all the roster turnover in the last couple years. Be realistic.

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