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Morning links: WR Baldwin turning heads

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 25, 2011 at 5:45 am with 29 Comments »
August 25, 2011 5:45 am
Seattle Seahawks Doug Baldwin runs against the Minnesota Vikings in the first half of a preseason NFL football game, Saturday, Aug. 20, 2011, in Seattle. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)

Undrafted rookie free agent receiver Doug Baldwin has been one of he surprise players in camp so far, and he’s the focus of my story today.

The Stanford product has excelled in the slot in the first two games, providing a reliable target for Tarvaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst.
Baldwin led Stanford in receptions (56), receiving yards (824) and touchdowns (9) his senior season, earning second-team all-Pacific-10 Conference honors.

“For a guy that’s never been in an NFL camp, he’s taken to it very well and has made plays,” receivers coach Kippy Brown said. “He’s got a long way to go, but it’s not too big for him. He walks around like he belongs, and when he gets out there and gets reps, it looks like he belongs. So that’s a good thing.”

The Associated Press takes a closer look on how the new kickoff rule will affect Seattle’s Leon Washington.

John Boyle of the Everett Herald talks to rookie safety Jeron Johnson about his uphill battle on making the final roster.

ESPN’s Mike Sando takes a look at snap counts in the preseason for quarterbacks in the NFC West.

Clare Farnsworth of takes a closer look at recent free agent pickup defensive lineman Maurice Fountain.

More Farnsworth: Notes from Wednesday’s practice.

Check out this video of Seattle players riding go-karts the other day.

Mike Williams joins Steve Wyche and Bucky Brooks of for their Cover Two podcast. Interview starts about 14 minutes in.

Former Seahawks Ruvell Martin signed with Buffalo.

You ever wonder why receivers and defensive backs don’t where any thigh or knee pads? Chip Scoggins of Minneapolis Star-Tribune delves into that issue.

NFL agent Jack Becta writing for the National Football Post takes a look at what positions are getting high dollar contracts – QB, OT, DE and CB – at the expense of other positions like tight end, linebacker, fullback and kicker.

Former NFL personnel man Ton Softli of ESPN 101 St. Louis takes a closer look at the decision making process for team to get down to the final 53-man roster.

Jim Corbett of USA Today reports that St. Louis quarterback Sam Bradford said he believes the Rams can win the Super Bowl. How about winning the NFC West first?

Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post reports that Broncos head coach John Fox will play his starters into the third quarter.

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  1. I will take Baldwin over Tate today, tomorrow, next week and next year. Baldwin’s a worker who could evolve into a Pro Bowler some day. Tate’s has no game day focus but he is a great Practice Bowl player.

  2. Ewalters7354 says:

    Doug Baldwin has def been a pleasure to read about and also watch play.He is a Bobby Engram type player all day.

    Also,you know Tjack is a bum when I have people in New Orleans asking me why did we sign him over resigning Matt.Hopefully he can do something for the Hawks besides jump passes and overthrows.

  3. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Great piece on Jeron Johnson. Of all the guys fighting for a spot (Pinkard, LeGree, Cox, Maxwell and Johnson), I’ve been most impressed with his overall play. I’d love it if he makes this team.

  4. Just for fun, here’s a little prediction for Saturday….

    I think PC and friends are going to go with max protection somewhere around 30 or 40% of the time for T-jack so they can evaluate him a bit better. I also think we will see CW come in on the 2nd third qtr series, with the FIRST unit O-line, again for a little different evaluation, and because Fox says his starters will play through the thrid qtr.

    Of course we will still see T-jack on opening day and it will be a defensive struggle for 60 minutes.

  5. Ewalters7354 says:

    Jerod Johnson is a good player.Its gonna be tough to choose out of those guys.Legree hasn’t shown me anything but Maxwell has truly been impressive.He lays the wood and is a bump and run corner who can run with 4.4 speed.I like him.Pinkard is a Babs type player so I think he makes the team also.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    And Baldwin has looked far more comfortable (and productive) than Tate returning kicks so far as well.

  7. Wonder if there is any chance they trade Tate and keep Baldwin.

  8. Don’t sleep on the Rams. It’s not their offense, but their defense that’s impressive.

  9. LeePridemore says:

    The roster position, in my opinion, is a decision to select between Mr. Baldwin and Mr. Stanback. It’s a decision that I don’t have to make, thankfully.

  10. Thanks for the story eric. I will not relinquish my spot on mr. Baldwins hype train.

    I would like to reiterate, if Baldwin doesn’t make the team they are doing something wrong.

    He’s an easy pick over stanback and debatably obomanu.

  11. @Duke…. I totally agree. Baldwin gets the ball and moves upfield, then reads the incoming bodies and makes his move. Tate gets the ball, looks upfield, then tries to make a move. By that time he’s lost his initial 5 yards and gains only 5 if he’s lucky. It’s almost as thought Tate is slow of mind. All the physical talent but none of the mental talent needed at this level.

    And no way is Baldwin an easy pick (or otherwise) over Ben Obomanu. Ben’s a quality receiver with a proven track record. Baldwin’s a rookie. Albeit a good rookie and I think has a tremendous upside. So yeah, he’s an easy pick over Stanback (who is just another super athlete trying to convert from college QB to receiver).

  12. bird_spit says:

    HawksHD, I usually respect what you say with out flinching, but Baldwin or Obo? it would be Obo all day. You can’t compare the toughness of Obo over most of these guys. Obo has been in a system where he has done everything asked of him, and more.

  13. Ewalters7354 says:

    Duke,you are ring with that assessment.

    Audible,I would love if we can trade Tate.He has potential,but potential has nothing to do with making plays.It just mean you have the ability with work to be good.Shift him off!

  14. Baldwin has been outplaying Durham, but because Durham was lucky enough to be drafted in the fourth round, he’s a lock to make the final roster. Teams tend not to cut anyone drafted in the fourth round or higher until they’ve played at least one season (though Seattle did release second-rounder Owen Gill, an instant bust, many moons ago). Fifth round and lower … all bets are off, so Legree had better start making some plays.

  15. chuck_easton says:

    At this poing we are better off if Legree doesn’t start making plays. He won’t likely make the 53 man roster. Better that he not show too much so that we have a chance to move him to the PS.

    There are going to be some difficult cuts to be made in the next week.

    Cutdown from 90 to 80 is Tuesday final cutdown from 80 to 53 is on the 3rd. that last cutdown of 27 players is going to be tough.

  16. yellaman says:

    Is there any way Baldwin stays & Tate goes? I’m curious if PC & JS are kicking themselves for drafting Tate? Tate has hands of stone, can’t run a proper pass route (only knows a fade route) and he can’t get open in the slot. For a 2nd round pick I expected more. maybe he should be moved the RB position since that is what most people think of him IMO

  17. I’m still rooting for Tate to show up one of these days, but Baldwin is the guy who already looks like he belongs in the slot. They should give him #84 in honor of Bobby Engram.

  18. Question for you guys –

    is there any football show on cable worth watching? What’s your favorite?

    I stopped watching espn ages ago because I got tired of the fluffy short stories. NFL netword does a lot of the same. I find most all the good Xs-and-Os stuff online, so I’m not too familar with what is even on the tv cable these days.

    I think my favorite two football shows I saw last year were NFL Matchup with Merril Hoge and Jaworski and sometimes NFL Network coach talk with Brian Billik and Jim Mora was good. Is there any good Xs-and-Os stuff on cable I’m missing?

  19. How could they not be kicking themselves over Tate…He has done nothing so far but allow himself to be outplayed by an undrafted free agent.

  20. Bird spit – thanks! I did say debatable and here is where the debate is. Positionally speaking Baldwin is the better slot receiver. Overall contribution OBO can play any position. Slot, Split, or wide. But he is not a starter in either.

    I love OBO and he deserves and will be on this roster. OBO came back to camp after injury and did not skip a beat. He looked fast, he cut cleanly, and he attacked the ball in the air. He doesn’t do anything SPECIFICALLY outstanding but he performs well in almost every area.

    That being said Baldwin is specifically outstanding at creating separation in the slot role and finding holes in coverage…

  21. Dukeshire says:

    ESPN used to have a show on once a week at different times, usually around midnight or so. Playbook, or something like that. Jaws was on that too. It was straight up Xs and Os. Probably too dry for most people because it only lasted a season and a half.

    Matt Bowen’s Players Page over at NFP has consistently great scheme breakdowns. Part of my must reads every morning. And a couple of his regular commenters are awesome, either coaches themselves or total geeks. Really good.

  22. grizindabox24 says:

    Rice, BMW, Obo, Tate, Durham, Baldwin

  23. chuck_easton says:

    Is that the name of your lawfirm? :)

    If the team keeps 6 WR’s that is what I expect as well. Butler to PUP and possibly IR after 6 games.

    The fun will be which of the 6 are active on gameday? Usually only 4 are active on gameday. I could see a situation where Tate is again inactive as he was for many games last season. If that didn’t send a message nothing would.

  24. williambryan says:

    Eric, I wonder if the team is trying to “hide” Lockette? He was a training camp report star but was only targeted once (maybe twice) in the first preseason game, and I didnt even notice him on the field last game…

  25. williambryan says:

    I also think its funny (and kinda cool) that CW keeps winning Carrol’s camp competitions. Home run derby 2 years and Closest to the pin two years, and it looks like he would have won the race too but Gallery wrecked him. lol

  26. So far he hasn’t one the important competition in camp.

  27. Tate has been to the 2nd round as Butler has been of the 3rd round. A bust. He made a few plays last year, but he’s not physical enough, gets pushed around too often, is a fast player who plays slow, etc. I’m not attacking his courage and respect the heck out of his injury that he suffered to end his year last season, but I think he’s a bad WR. There has been plenty of negativity about the play of Tate as a 2nd round pick, but is Butler getting a free pass for being a bust because of the way he got hurt last year? Granted, in my world, you never truly know if you’ve got a good WR or not until year three (and Butler was only in year 2 last year) so some of this is a little unfair. I’m not going to defend Tate tooth and nail, and much of the criticism is warranted up to this point, but I do believe in him for ’12 and I hope I’m right.

  28. For me, it’s hard to justify cutting a player who has outplayed Tate….Seems like Stanback, Baldwin, and Lockett have done so…I bet we could trade him to a team who is hard-up at WR.

  29. Just about time to Predict the roster!!!! Love that game

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