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Morning links: Did Whitehurst earn shot to start?

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 22, 2011 at 8:33 am with 37 Comments »
August 22, 2011 8:33 am
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Charlie Whitehurst. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Jim Moore of ESPN 710 Seattle continues to wave the pom-poms for Charlie Whitehurst, saying after Saturday’s performance that the backup quarterback deserves a shot to play with the starters at Denver.


“If you ask me, I’m guessing that Whitehurst will still be more effective than Jackson when he goes against first-stringers. I say that because Whitehurst appears to have more confidence this year. His body language looks different to me. He also puts some serious zip on the ball. And he might not be as mobile as Jackson, but he’s agile enough to escape the rush too.

“I’m just saying, let’s see what would happen when you reverse the halves – it’s time for Whitehurst to play the first two quarters and Jackson to play the last two. Wouldn’t that give coach Pete Carroll a better idea of what he has with these two QBs?”

Seattle defensive end Raheem Brock gets punk’d by Pete Carroll in this video below.

Rob Rang of provides a rundown on what to expect from the supplemental draft today. The one player Seattle might be interested in is North Carolina defensive end Michael McAdoo.

More Rang: He offers his thoughts on rookie offensive linemen John Moffitt and James Carpenter.

Dave Boling of The News Tribune offers his thoughts on the Seahawks midway through exhibition play.

Clare Farnsworth of profiles safety Josh Pinkard, including his head-up strip of Minnesota receiver Emmanuel Arceneaux for a touchback in Saturday’s game.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times offers three things he learned from Saturday’s game against the Vikings.

According to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, former Rams linebacker David Vobora is working out for the Seahawks today.

According to this report by Pro Football Weekly, the Seahawks are increasingly concerned about tight end John Carlson’s labrum injury.

Liz Mathews of ESPN 710 Seattle talks with Jeff Reed about earning the starting kicker job.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated says in his Monday Morning QB column that for better or worse, the Seahawks will have a quarterback competition on their hands soon.

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  1. Well,I am not a T-Jack fan, but things will be better for next game because they will not face as good of a D-Line in Denver. He should get one LAST chance. If he can’t deliver in that game, then nobody can say he wasn’t given opportunity.

  2. Ewalters7354 says:

    Charlie is a more pure pocket passer than Tjack.He has better ball placement and about as much arm strenght also.I also like the fact that he is playing with confidence and swagger.
    I really have a feeling he has the potential to be our Romo.

  3. chuck_easton says:

    The last two pictures on this blog site say everything I need to see to make up my mind.

    Two threads ago a picture of TJack throwing off his back foot with his weight leaning back away from the rush.

    This picture. Charlie throwing off his front foot with momentum going into the throw.

    Nuff said. No matter how strong your arm is (and Jackson has a cannon) you can’t be consistant and accurate if your mechanics are that messed up.

  4. Ewalters7354 says:

    I have a feeling John Carlson’s situation is bigger than injury.We have some good young tight ends on this team and I feel John may be the odd man guy out when it’s all said and done.He is a good player and I like him but I think he and Miller are the same type players with the exception that Miller is better.

  5. yellaman says:

    Let’s start CW the next game and see if he has the same success that he had in the first 2 preseason games. I think he will stuggle just like TJ b/c of the poor O-Line play. but I’m open to competition

  6. yellaman says:

    Carlson looks to be on his way out of Seattle. Miller, McCoy, Burd all looked good so far this preaseason maybe Holmgren would be willing to trade for Carlson get a 4/5 th round draft pick?

  7. Let Whitehurst play behind the same oline that Tjack has been playing behind and lets see what happens. How many times did guys come flying in untouched, only to have Jackson spin out of trouble. Charlie isn’t quick enough to avoid those. Its hard to have good mechanics when you are running from the defense.

  8. rodman: that would be a great argument, and likely a good reason, except when he had a top RB and a great OL, he still showed the same struggles.

  9. ballgame says:

    The problem I see with starting Charlie this week is that we are playing Denver who’s D-Line isn’t great. So you aren’t going to get an apples to apples situtuation that we would all like to see. I actually think you will learn more about who the starter should be by starting Jackson. If he plays well with protection now you know and if he still struggles with protection and Charlie agains plays well maybe you make the change going into the last preseason game.

    By the way I thought Jackson played OK given the protection issues. He lead the Hawks to a first and goal at 2 and if Tate catches that pass the drive is still going from inside the Vikings 40.

    Yes Charlie put up good numbers in that drive and it was nice to see the Hawks actually move down the field, but he still showed some of the same things he always does. His checkdowns were slightly behind the RB’s and if he throws the bubble route out in front of the WR near the goal line we score instead it was behind him and it resulted in a 3 yard gain.

    I’m not saying I don’t like Charlie, in fact I would have like to see him start last year. I just didn’t see anything on Saturday that would make me think Jackson deserves to be the number 2 guy.

  10. williambryan says:

    I don’t buy that CW has had more time to throw. He has been hit plenty. He just is making quick decisions with the ball whereas Tjack is quick to run and abandon the pocket no matter the circumstance (slight overexageration but not much). If TJ knows this offense so well he should be able to hit his first read quickly and if he is pressured he should be able to get to his hot read quickly and/or hit his checkdowns quickly, but that hasn’t really happened. I really think the only way to settle this is to start CW for the first half and have Tjack play the entire second half of the next game. Otherwise it will be a big unknown until the games start counting. I’m still not writing off Tjack but he has been dissapointing so far. And maybe PC and JS really want to get into the top 10 picks??? (I don’t really think that…yet)

  11. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Until CW gets a shot with the 1’s, this is all conjecture. He deserves a shot, we the fans deserve to see what CW can do, and the rest of the team needs to solidify who the leader of the team is…for the time being. Take the emotion of who sucks worse out of the equation and giving Charlie the start makes a whole lot of sense.

  12. I said last week that Whitehurst would have to outperform Jackson to create a QB controversy – its clear that he has done that.

    Despite this, if you read what Carrol has been saying, I think the Seahawks will leave Jackson as the starter all the way through preseason and into the first few games of the regular season.

    For Whitehurst to get his chance, he is going to have to continue to outperform jackson through the preseason AND have Jackson struggle or be ineffective in his first few regular season starts. Very interesting.

    I also think it will be very interesting to see what happens with Tate over the next couple of weeks. How does the Tate story unfold in 2011? Right now, I would say both Rice, Williams, Obomanu, Durham and Baldwin are ahead of Tate. Butler is probably headed for PUP or IR.

  13. devisscher says:

    I’d like to know how much Jackson gets blitzed and how much Whitehurst get blitzed and how much an averge QB gets blitzed.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Jackson gets blitzed twice as much as the average QB, just because it’s clear he can’t handle it and panics the moment he recognizes the blitz.

  14. Apparently we have just signed Rams cast-off Dave Vobora. We normally carry six LBs. This would look like Curry, Hawthorne, Hill, Wright, Smith and Vorba.

    Mike Morgan probably gets cut, maybe signed to practice squad.

  15. No matter what happens, at least we aren’t the Raiders, lol.

  16. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    We should cut Aaron Curry. That would make an interesting story, Mr. Irrelevant replacing a 4th overall bust through determination and hard work…

  17. The minute Carroll starts listening to the fans he’s doomed. That’s the quickest way for things to unravel. Which fans should he listen to? What day should he listen to them? I like Charlie, but he doesn’t “deserve” jack (no hidden reference.) He’s making $4 million a year and he’d better damn well play his heart out whenever he gets the chance. With our O-line, it’s quite possible he’ll get his chance through injury at some point anyway. I know part of the purpose of this blog is to let the fans vent, but the fans are fickle. Just a month ago Charlie was “Clipboard Jesus;” now he’s the Messiah. I say, let TJack play, let the offense try to gel, and see how this thing plays out. With our schedule it’s likely that Charlie will get his chance to start sometime in the first six games through injury.

  18. freedom_X says:

    I think there’s more to be said. It’s easier to plant and throw off your front foot if there’s no pass rush. A player is much more likely throw off their back foot if they have a pass rusher bearing down on them. Hard to step forward into a throw if a defender is a couple steps away coming hard from the same direction.

    Stil, I definitely would have preferred an open competition, more like the Huskies. Make Jackson the default starter, and it’s his job to lose, but Whitehurst has a chance to win the job if he clearly outperforms Jackson. As I say, due to the disparity in pass protection and line play, it’s hard to say that Whitehurst is clearly outperforming Jackson, especially if Whitehurst is still just a middling practice player.

  19. I’ve heard it said before that if you have a QB controversy that it really means you don’t have one QB.

  20. Thanks ballgame. That’s what I was trying to say. Our O line will be more successful with another week of practice and weaker competition. This should be better for TJack, or CW is the QB. Then nobody can say TJack didn’t get fair chance.

  21. nidhighe says:

    If our O-line is still playing this way going into the Week 2 matchup against the Steelers’ D, we’ll have a new starting QB for Week 3.


  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Whitehurst earned his chance to start by helping us win the NFC west last year!

    Jackson was signed to help get Rice signed, with some hope that perhaps he could become a serviceable qb.

    Hard not to keep my eyes off the qb prospects in the 2012 draft.

  23. @Snappa…..Couldn’t agree with you more…..I give that comment 2 “around the world and back” SNAPS….well said…

    and for my 1/2 cent…..i think the ‘hawks will be much better once regular season starts….i guarantee nobody and I mean nobody (except for rookies) is playing at 100% right now. it’s frickin preseason where the veteran starters (*who are pretty much guaranteed a roster spot) are going through the motions just enough to get in shape and learn the play book….they are waiting for the regular season where it counts. ever year I am always amazed at the difference between level of play by the starters from the final preseason game to the first regular season game…’s like night and day…and not that they aren’t going to have their share of problems, mistakes, penalties, turnovers, etc. it’s just seems like when the real deal starts everyone’s play goes up at least 25%….we’ll all be pleasantly surprised by the 4th regular season game. (give ‘em a few games to get settled)

  24. Did Whitehurst earn shot to start?

    What a topic to debate. Whitehurst practice performance was constantly criticized just last year by all talking heads attending. Now CBJ is considered “better than sliced bread with gravy“. No sane man argued “QB competition” with Hasselbeck at the helm (disregard Pabuwal posts). Carroll has turned some of the crowd base into the “12th Puppet”. Vacillating yo yo’s over the Hawk starting QB position.

    Sad Story, when PC loses enough territory he won’t put a gun to his own head.

  25. one more thing…..I will absolutely guarantee there is no way the Seahawks get Luck next year… bad as alot of us want it…..

  26. @Chuck_Easton I can’t agree with you more. You nailed it. T-jack’s mechanics are poor…really poor. If it isn’t off his backfoot, it’s flatfooted, “arming” it to the flat. That is a recipe for a pick-6.

    Now maybe his protection has been bad, but still, his mechanics are hurting bad.

    Typically I disagree with Jim Moore, but this time I am right there. Let CW have some significant time with the first unit and let Tjack have significant time with the two’s. That will give PC and friends something better to use to compare. Especially when T-jack has protection and is still throwing off balance.

  27. chuck_easton says:


    We won’t even be the worst team in the NFCW let alone the entire NFL.

    I don’t see us finishing 30th like Prisco says. Teams I see having a worse record than Seattle this year:


    That’s just off the top of my head

  28. freedom_X says:

    The odds are long against Seattle winning the Andrew Luck sweepstakes outright, but if they preserve enough assets and have a high enough pick, they may be able to trade up for the pick (or picks to get another highly rated QB.)

    There is a decent chance that a team that’s already got their QB of the future might “win” the #1 pick. What if Carolina gets the #1 again?Tennesee flops because Chris Johnson holds out the whole year? Detroit (though they should be better.) Or some team has an unforeseen collapse, like the Giants or Indianapolis (Manning takes a long time to come back from neck surgery.)

    So Seattle has to retain the ammunition for trade-ups. No bleeding away picks for modest upgrades. The ammo can be used to trade up, or get the QB that the Luck-winner needs to get rid of to make room.

  29. I’d like to see Whitehurst play with that first-string O line and see if his new-found confidence and quick delivery can succeed there. Sure, why not.

    And I’d like to see Jackson have the chance to play the second half with the (more experienced) second string O line, and against the opponent’s lame second-string defense that Whitehurst enjoyed. It would be good to see if Jackson could get into a similar rhythm, settle down, and show some poise when he doesn’t have to worry so much about the opponent’s pass rush.

    This won’t happen though. With no OTAs and three weeks until the opener, Carroll is going to optimize every practice snap his chosen starters have together. In the end, it won’t matter how terrible Jackson looks in the preseason if he looks better for it on opening day.

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Luck isn’t the only good prospect to come out in 2012. And he may not turn out to be the best of them. Some forget just how much talent Stanford has around Luck to help make him look like the next Peyton Manning.

    So far Jacksons light bulb seems to be on, however it won’t do much good if it is a 10 watt light bulb! Should be interesting to see this unfold,

  31. williambryan says:

    I rewatched the game and Tjack did ok I guess (didn’t really HURT the team). But he has no pocket presence/awareness. He got flustered even when there was no pressure (when he could have side stepped to buy time or step up). Someone said CW doesn’t “deserve” anything. Maybe. But neither does Tjack necessarily deserve our support for him to “get his shot.” What has he done for us? The right thing would have been to have an open competition. If Tjack knew the offense and was the better QB for the team, that should have played itself out.

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I agree Williambryan! I saw more poise and quick game flow thinking from Ponder! A rookie!

  33. Thanks for the SNAPs, DFloydd!

  34. HawksRus says:

    Pete Carroll has an all out QB Controversy, Like it or Not!
    The Fans are speaking, the media is asking questions, the players are being very diplomatic to the press and taking their frustrations out in penalties on the playing field.

    It’s only a matter of when, not if, the Loyal Seattle Boo-Birds start to Boo when Tavaris Jackson takes to the field.

    Guess what Seahawk Fans? We got Punked,……… Charlie Whitehurst is really being saved by coach Pete Carroll! But the Joke is over Pete you got us good, now forget the Joke and Start Charlie Whitehurst!

    PC knows that CW can run the First String Offense, he saw it with his own eye’s week 17, last year in what was essentially a play-off game, and a Division Title Game against our own west coast division St. Louis Rams.

    It’s not a bad thing that Charlie Whitehurst sits out while Tarvaris Jackson works-out the offensive kinks. All those Bumps and Bruises add up! And believe me they are getting tattooed all over Tarvaris Jackson! (again the fall guy, here in Seattle, now it looks like a week 4 getting pulled out due to lack of showing anything more than T-Jack has already shown us) The bumps and bruises are probably meant to be? Obviously the coach PC can see that Tarvaris Jackson’s starting QB playing days are behind him now, Why throw Charlie Whitehurst to the lions until the first string can stand on its own.

    The Seahawks play the next pre-season home game in 2 weeks against the Raiders, on National TV, Look to hear chants for “Charlie” “Charlie” “Charlie” and maybe some Boo-Birds

    The Seahawks start the season with 2 Away Games, then home for the Arizona Cardinals, Expect Major Boo-Birds every time that Tavaris Jackson takes the field from this point on, in the Regular Season Games.

  35. HawksRus says:

    Pete Carroll Save Clip Board Jesus!……… Hala-luha!


    1. PC is saving CW for his week 4 debut after the Seahawks fill holes in Offense.

    2. Charlie Whitehurst comes out Firing Bullets to 1st string starters!

    3. Charlie Whitehurst becomes an instant Success in Seattle!

    4. And All is Forgotten, between the Fans, the Players, the Coaches and the Seahawks Front Office, Tavaris Jackson was given more than enough of a fair opportunities to move the Seahawk Offense and failed due to his own lack of merits. Charlie Whitehurst is Named the Starter and continues to start, and Leads Seahawks to another NFC Division Title!

    5. Seahawks trade picks and players away to get good draft pick and select, USC QB Matt Barkley and the Seahawk Fans go wild and cheer on Pete Carroll. Oh what a great day it is, and many thank you’s will go out to coach Pete Carroll.

    6. All of Seattle will realize the best thing that coach Pete Carroll did was, sit out Charlie Whitehurst untill the 4 week of the Regular Season!

    & Lucky # 7. We now have Charlie Whitehurst teaching his strong fundamentals to 1st Seattle Seahawk draft pick QB Matt Barkley from USC

    Gooooooo,………. Peteeeeeeeeeeey,……………Thank you for Saving Clip Board Jesus until week 4!……… Hala-luha! (and then we’ll see angels with trumpets and…………………..

  36. I spent a little time last night and again today looking at schedules and the teams that are likely to be in the hunt for the first pick next year. The way I see it, Cincinatti’s going to have to have some kind of miracle not to have the first pick. Their schedule is burtal after their week 6 bye.

    As much as I hate to say it, the Hawks are likely to be muddled with Carolina, Buffalo, Washington and the Raiders. The 49ers may be in there too. Personally I like our youthful make-up and talent much better than the 49ers, but our youth and our schedule will be our downfall.

    That said, if you seriously look at our roster and next year’s draft, if we get our QB (whoever it might be) they will have a damn good o-line that has paid their first year growing “dues”. So with a QB, a really good corner, a linebacker and another good edge rusher, we could very well be competing for the division next year. Hopefully the players can keep their confidence through this year and maybe play beyond their youth and keep some games close.

    Damn I wish we’d held onto Will Herring….

  37. Testing from the chrome.

    This is how you test btw morons, not the first comment on the latest post. FFS.

    Admins or other TNT employees, if you happen to read this the articles on my android touchpad don’t work, the Mariners ones do, but not the articles. The blog stuff works fine on both. Fix ur code.

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