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Hawks sign ex-Ram LB Vobora

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 22, 2011 at 1:23 pm with 47 Comments »
August 22, 2011 1:32 pm
Former St. Louis linebacker David Vobora. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

The Seattle Seahawks signed veteran linebacker David Vobora, which was announced by his agent Marc Lillibridge via twitter and later confirmed by the team.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the fourth year pro started 16 games during his three seasons in St. Louis, including five last season, finishing with 36 combined tackles and two sacks.

Vobora signing with Seattle is a homecoming of sorts – a native of Eugene, Ore., he starred at the University of Idaho.

Vobora, 25, worked out for Seattle this morning. The Seahawks had flirted with signing other veteran linebackers, including Ben Leber, who ended up signing with the Rams two weeks ago.

With Leber signed, the Rams released Vobora, a restricted free agent drafted in the seventh round in 2008 by St. Louis.

At 6-1, 240 pounds, Vobora projects as a weak-side, outside linebacker in Seattle’s 4-3 defensive scheme.

Aaron Fentress of The Oregonian has a nice feature on Vobora, who was Mr. Irrelevant of the 2008 draft class.

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  1. devisscher says:

    Any news about Lofa?

    About Lofa replacing Curry???

  2. Devisscher: No news on Lofa. I’d be surprised if they brought him back.

  3. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I wonder why they are still adding linebackers, especially when we need offensive lineman and cornerbacks? Does his addition bode bad for Curry?

  4. grizindabox24 says:

    Displaced, the Hawks are thin at LB so the signing makes sense. As for OL and CB, I think the Hawks are happy with what they have now. The big thing about those positions is they are very young and inexperienced at both and will have some growing pains.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Wow. What an incredible move by this FO.

  6. AaronCurryIsBUST says:


  7. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Biggest non-QB bust in Seahawks history without a doubt! What a waste of a premium pick!! We could have had Raji, Sanchez, Crabtree, Orakpo, Matthew, Cushing, etc !

  8. He’s simply not worth that kind of money he was scheduled to “earn.”

  9. grizindabox24 says:

    ACiB, are you trying to say that Crabtree has not been a bust so far? If so, your credibility is shot.

  10. “This is ACIAB and I approve this message.” LMAO

    Good one, pdway!!! I’m still laughing.

  11. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Sweet, I like guys like this (even if he played at Idaho!)

  12. Craptree hasn’t been as bad as Curry.

  13. chuck_easton says:


    Now Curry can earn his money. Odds are he won’t but hey even a blind squirell finds the occasional acorn.

    Why do we need to bring in OL and CB’s? We have 12 CB’s on the roster right now and we have two full lines. The kids just need time to gel.

    The only CB I’m worried about is Thurmond. The guy is handed the starting job and he hasn’t seen the field all camp.

  14. raymaines says:

    But then, who has?

    It’s funny that Crabtree and Curry would be linked like this. There isn’t one whole brain between them.

  15. chuck_easton says:


    Again, at the time EVERY expert was saying Curry was the only sure fire, can’t miss prospect in the 2009 draft. There was even talk about him going #1.

    Is he a total BUST? Yep, so far. Did the team reach or make a stupid choice? In hindsight maybe, but at the time it was the best choice.

    And I would not want Crabtree on this team for anything. Those other guys yes, but not Crabtree.

  16. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Crabtree has been productive with steaming piles of poop for QBs. He’s not a superstar but would you rather have him or a literally useless linebacker who is nothing more than another player besides Kelly Jennings for opposing offenses to exploit!

  17. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    At the time it was STILL an unforgivable choice! What kind of loon would waste a top 5 pick on a position like LINEBACKER!!! And WE DIDN’T EVEN NEED ONE!! We could have just kept Julian Peterson for cheaper!!! We should have addressed Walter Jones or Matt’s successor instead of wasting a pick on a LB from freaking wake forest who never rushed the passer

  18. Yeah, it’s the ultimate incentive for Curry to kick butt this year – we will see if he can. nice move by the FO is right – everyone has to earn their spot, and their salary on this team. No exceptions.

    We just need to find our next QB (maybe he’s one of the guys already here), and i’m confident that this regime will get us back to the playoffs.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Now it will be easier to trade him!

    And package that trade with Tate, and send them off to the Raiders!

  20. If Aaron Curry were a total bust, wouldn’t they be thinking of cutting him outright or trading him, rather than reducing his contract to four years?

    I think he will play in this league for many years, but never live up to the No. 4 pick expectations. The only “4” that should have been connected to his name is “Round 4.” That’s where he should have been drafted.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    Re-structuring his contract will make it much easier to deal him.

  22. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Who would want him? He is atrocious at covering, piss poor at tackling, useless at rushing the passer, and screams like he won the Super Bowl after routine tackles. Not to mention he’s among the most penalized LBs around. Just an all around terrible player.

  23. A Rams cast-off? I’m rooting for KJ Wright and Malcom Smith to keep improving and knock Vobora off the roster.

  24. While he’s pretty much a bust, there’s always a team out there who will think they can get that vast potential out of him. That’s why we can potentially trade him. Smart teams wouldn’t give up anything for him. However, there’s always “somebody” who will do something stupid (like give TJack $8 million over 2 years). The Raiders might trade a couple of picks for him. lol

  25. ACIB –

    Too bad you weren’t on this board in 2009 to tell us who you would have picked. Everyone knew the draft was horrible coming in and the draft looks as advertised several years later This was one of the worst top 10 drafts in a long time.

    Ruskell did well just to get a second 1st rounder the following year, especially considering all the underclassmen that came out.

  26. Pab – Sanchez was my pick. Tell me again what was wrong with it..

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I was on board with Curry until Dukeshire convinced me otherwise.Lol.

    Now after this last game I am completely on board with ACIB. I just don’t think Curry flat out cares one way or another! He’s got his money, and he’s got his twitter, and that’s about it!
    We don’t need that kind of leadership for this young team!

    I’m keeping the champagne chilled for hopefully a fast solution to this nonsense!

  28. wabubba67 says:

    Looking at the picture of Curry in the article….Does he expect the bird to speak to him? If only he would concentrate that much on the field.

  29. excile – I don’t think I ever told you the first time what was wrong with it. I think Sanchez is the easiest one to argue the Seahawks should have picked instead of Curry and I would also agree he should have been the pick. After that, I would go with Curry.

    Problem was that Ruskell’s draft philosophy was never one to look towards the future, it was more of a reloading to continue to win the NFC West. He thought a healthy Hasselbeck and an immediately ready to play Curry would get the Seahawks back on track. Sanchez was completely opposite to his philosophy.

  30. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Curry has no ‘vast potential’! He was overvalued because of those BS buzzwords “safe” and “won’t bust”. He wasn’t considered some exceptionally talented but raw prospect, he was considered a finished prospect with limited to no upside but would make a solid to good starter from Day 1. He is NOT a freak size/speed combo. 6’1/6’2″ 250. lbs is NOT exceptionally big for an LB in the NFL. Maybe compared to the midgets Ruskell was known for, but that still isn’t unusual size. And his 40 time (what a joke evaluation tool) is absolutely WORTHLESS because he had the stiffest hips and worst change of direction skills I have ever seen in a pro linebacker.

    If Curry came out his junior year he would have barely been a 3rd/4th round pick and with his awful play and penalties he would have been cut and out of the NFL long ago. Leave it to Tim Ruskell to piss away the highest draft pick in well over a decade on an overvalued Overachieving linebacker from a joke school.

  31. I wonder if Bengals owner Brown would trade QB Carson Palmer and RT Andre Smith for Curry?

  32. Any shot that Carroll pulls a Childress and flies down to Cincinnati to speak with Mike Brown and comes back with Carson Palmer as Jackson is about to start the third preseason game?

  33. Dukeshire says:

    In your dreams Pabs. You’re losing that bet. lol

  34. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Perhaps. This new restructuring makes it easier to trade Curry if a team was stupid enough to want him. Can you believe that prior to today he was the highest paid linebacker in NFL history and the highest paid player on the entire Seahawks roster for god’s sake…!

  35. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If Sanchez was the best we could have had then that draft has to be one of the worst in NFL history!

  36. Pabs – you haven’t been critical of Sanchez?
    Your previous post would seem to exhume the opposite.

    Peach – he has made the playoffs in consecutive years. Winner in college. Suppose your a Cam Newton Heisman advo. HA HA Troy Smith worship. dream teamer #9 on wonderlic VY

  37. Oh and how can I forget, RUSSELL

  38. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – They could have had Clay Matthews. ‘Course, that would have been considered a reach. Some thought he was at #26, as crazy as that sounds.

  39. Duke – I’ve chalked that up to a loss but maybe I will get lucky.

    excile – I haven’t said a whole lot about Sanchez. But I do think his success is a product of his supporting cast so far and have seen a fairly average developmental curve on him so far (not the greatest, not the worst). In most drafts, I don’t think he is worth a number 6 pick . Unfortunately, in that draft it turns out he provided good value for the number 6 pick.

    But given the lack of quality players available, the fact the Seahawks needed a QB, the rarity of the Seahawks picking in the top 10 (or at least at the time) and that most franchise QBs are generally high 1st rounders, I could certainly understand the Sanchez argument if that is the direction ACIB wanted to take.

    I liked the Curry pick AT THE TIME, although 20/20 tells me Sanchez would have been the better pick given he’s a starting quality QB (middle to lower end) and that he was drafted just a few picks afterwards.

    I just don’t get when people say Curry was so obviously a bad pick given the players selected in that entire top 10 were fairly poor as a group, Ruskell tried to trade out and no one wanted to give up on Hasselbeck and admit it was rebuilding time.

  40. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Ruskell didn’t try to trade out, he traded away Pro-Bowler Julian Peterson for pennies earlier in the offseason so he could create a non-existent hole at OLB so he could draft this bust because he’s a nice guy off the field.

  41. Sanchez was my pick. At that moment in time I would have taken him. No questions asked. But. I sure wish they would have retained Ted Thompson and TR would have stayed a disc jockey. Paul Allen took much to much acid in his day and his Budwieser Company companion as well as PUNK ROCK company has revealed itself.

    Allen.. u let Holmgren and Thompson, Walk. Rah rah Nah Carroll”
    I luv Hendrix but get off the LSD (loser syndrome desease).

  42. Julian Peterson was a Pro Bowler in name only at the point he was traded.

  43. Excile,
    In his first 2 seasons Sanchez has had a passer rating of 63 and 75 with a ~54% completion percentage in each of those seasons. Not to mention 20 interceptions his first season and 13 the next… He made the playoffs on a team with a dominant defense. What’s so special? Not saying Curry was a good pick (good ‘ol hindsite) or Sanchez would’ve been a terrible one, but I’m not exactly upset they passed on him.

    Please compare his stats to Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco or even Josh Freeman (given his tremendous improvement in year 2). All have done more with arguably less.

    And how does Troy Smith fall into that group you’ve so graciously provided us with? A 5th round draft pick is a bust? There is a correlation in your list that screams racial undertones. Nice. Also, Vince Young has made mistakes and didn’t test well (ok, he tested horribly), but it’s not like Sanchez’s stats leave him in the dust…

  44. Troy Smith was a name mentioned by another blogger. Me, couldn’t care less about the others mentioned unless their name happens to be Hasselbeck. Carroll best have brought his a game. Cause the prank I’ll play him .. won’t see day light again.

  45. FairbanksDoug says:

    Not sure who was dong the LSD, but by the jist of your writings I am guessing you must of gotten your share.

  46. ejkimber says:

    Anybody that watched the game Saturday should realize that Matt would have been hurt after a couple of series. Why do we continue to beat dead horses on here. Curry is a bust, Matt is in Tenn. Lets move on

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