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Morning links: Rookies shine at San Diego

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 13, 2011 at 8:21 am with 23 Comments »
August 13, 2011 8:21 am
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Josh Portis. (AP Photo)

While the Seattle Seahawks did no look good early on, several young players performed well in the team’s come-from-behind win at San Diego.

My story today highlights some of those players, including third-team quarterback Josh Portis and defensive backs Jeron Johnson and Jesse Hoffman.

Also, still no news to report on Russell Okung’s left ankle injury. He reportedly received an MRI on Friday and we should hear something later today after practice this afternoon from Seattle head coach Pete Carroll.

Nancy Gay of Fox Sports takes a closer look at the Seahawks heading into the 2011 season.

John Boyle previews the Seahawks for CBS Sports.

Brock Huard of ESPN 710 Seattle discusses how Seattle’s quarterbacks fared in this video link.

Ben Malcolmson of reports offers this perspective from the sidelines of Thursday’s game.

Clare Farnsworth of profiles rookie safety Jeron Johnson, who made some plays late in the game to help preserve Seattle’s win.

Danny O’Neil of takes a closer look at three things he learned from Thursday’s game.

Dave Boling of The News Tribune joins KJR’s Elise Woodward to discuss the Seahawks’ performance in this audio link.

Morning links
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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Eric, I noticed Curry was the Will in their nickel package early in the game and in their base sets on occasion, does this signal a shift for Curry or is this just a pre-season experiment? In addition, we saw very little of the “under” d-line early. Was that due to Clem being out or have you seen much less of that this camp? Might we see a shift to a more traditional 4 man alignment up front?

    Seattle’s offense got off to a decent start actually, at least running the ball. Picked up two first downs, including a lovely 3rd and 1 behind Moffitt who simply drove the DT completely off the line, on their first possession. What absolutely killed the two first drives was Jackson taking awful sacks each time.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    I just finished re-watching the first 4 defensive series from Seattle and here’s what I saw; 4-3 OVER in every base set with Wilkerson the strong side DE and Brock the weak side DE for the first two series giving way to Konz and P. Allen. Curry was Will and Hill was Sam giving way to McCoy at Will and Smith at Sam. Really, really interesting. (The first “under” front came with 3 min in the half with P. Allen at Leo, dropping into coverage. Screen went to the strong side.)

    If this genuinely is a sign of things to come, Branch playing 3-tech (to the over side) makes a lot more sense. It also frees Mebane up to see more single coverage against the center or guard at NT. Of course, this all may simply be the result of Red and Clem being out. Curry at Will and staying in during nickel packages is a significant shift however. This will absolutely be something to keep an eye on as the pre-season wears on.

    BTW, after re-watching this half, Wilkerson really looked good. Very active.

  3. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Jeron Johnson is a stud. So glad we have him; I just hope he can find a roster spot among some very good and YOUNG safeties!

    That hit Wilkerson had on Rivers was awesome. LOVE to see more of that in the regular season…

  4. devisscher says:

    I just watched the first half of the SD game. I wonder how long Tarvaris Jackson will start for us.

    I hope I’m wrong but my first impression of Jackson is that it’s naive to think he will suddenly develop pocket presence and the ability to read defences and move defenders. He had the chance to learn from Favre for 2 years, he’s been in the league long enough. I doubt he’s anything more than an average backup.

    I hope he proves me wrong though

    Whitehurst looked good I think, but then again it’s still preseason. But I like the quick decisions he makes, just dropback and pass. Also think he has good pocket presence. And he reminds me of Hasselback when he decides to run.
    Just didn’t like the throw to Stanback on the 3rd and 2 at the end of the half. He had a receiver open that was running a drag route. And if he had passed there and the location was good the receiver could have turned upfield for a huge gain.

  5. Hawkville says:

    I am so glad we have talent in the secondary now.I know there will be growing pains,but seeing the upside is great.I really love Kam and Sherman.They’re gonna be studs.

  6. Dukeshire: I saw that as well. We’ve seen a mixture of both at practice. Interesting. I’ll take a closer look at practice today. Also re-watching the game this morning.

  7. Soggybuc says:

    I thought Brock had a good observation on CW. (i know Brock and a good observation is an oxymoron) but he is right in that it seemed like Charlie dropped the bag of worry and just relaxed and played football. that seems to be a very important step that most QB’s have to get to at some point. 60,000 people, TV cameras, pressure? screw it! it’s just playing football!

  8. This from the Nancy Gay article linked above
    “And it particularly helps that, since we couldn’t re-sign Hasselbeck, in a new system with this very, very short timeframe we have, there’s nothing better than having a guy like Tarvaris in here who’s going to be calling it and running it, that already knows it.”

    Absurd. Bevell runs a version of the WCO. March I read Hasselbeck had his playbook and would venture Hasselbeck could execute it much better without Bevell. This guy has NO merits to his credentials, what so ever. He is relatively new to the pro game.

    Favre had no problem picking up Bevell’s Viking version of the WCO. He had no problem with a foreign Jet’s offense joining mid training camp. Lead them to a 9-7 record following a 4-12 season. Hass may not have been as talented but he seemed the sharper of the two.

    Excuses! There is nothing credible in the Carroll explanation to get rid of Hasselbeck. Jackson is garbage until proven otherwise. The only upside may have been landing Rice. Recent Hawk WR free agents leave reason for doubt.

  9. Eric,
    In the last year or two, you posted some articles explaining 3-tech, 5-tech, over and under, etc. I admit to not studying them then. I’m divorced now and have nothing but time. Can you either link to them or tell me what category they are under?


  10. Tyness – Wet your appetite on this until Eric answers your quarry.

    USC 4-3 Under Defense Blitz Plays – Pete Carroll

  11. freedom_X says:

    I read the Nancy Gay article the other way. Bevell was saying, *because they couldn’t sign Hasselbeck*, they were happy to get someone in like Tarvaris who already knew it.

    Now, the potential mistruth in Bevell’s statement is that “they couldn’t sign Hasselbeck.” Most accounts say they were no longer interested after the lockout ended. A bit misleading. But Bevell’s saying they needed Tarvaris’ experience now that they didn’t have Hasselbeck.

    Ironically, there are reports that Hasselbeck is having trouble picking up the Titan offense.

  12. “Jackson is garbage until proven otherwise.”

    “He had the chance to learn from Favre for 2 years…”
    (What a hoot!)

    Comments like these are why I don’t like to read comments here any more. I just like to watch games now. Playing “pretend GM” is tedious.

    NFL fans like players who have done well in the past, and don’t like anyone who has been mediocre or has not done well. It’s that simple. Nobody ever imagines that someone could get better under a new coach or new system.

    The Hawks will draft or otherwise obtain a long term franchise QB when the opportunity arises. In the mean time, one of the three QB’s we have now may step up and become that guy. Of course nobody here thinks so, because conventional wisdom rules, and CW says what happened in the past will continue to happen. CW provides nice easy safe simple opinions for us all to spout so we can sound smart.

    Hass was the best player on the team for a long time. We dont need the QB to be the best player anymore, if we can play good D, run the ball and protect the QB.

    Everybody is more into playing “fantasy GM” now than just watching games. I prefer to let the guys the team hired do their jobs, while I root for the players we have.
    Declaring one of our new players to be “garbage” this early? How much fun is that fan going to have this year? Lighten up, for Mudbones sake. The NFL is a business designed to entertain you. It’s not so serious. The season hasn’t even started yet.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Tyness – excile’s link is one of two classics on Carroll’s defensive philosophy. Absolutely worth a read. But to get a real basic and fundamental introduction to defensive alignments (4-3, 3-4, over, under), techniques, gaps, responsibilities, etc… I recommend this;

    Some of it may be a little remedial (you can always skip over those parts) but it’s a nice introduction to more complex schemes. And there is no shortage of those.

  14. Excile…. Not trying to be confrontational, But if Hass had held us up in negotiations for even just 2 or 3 days, and THEN gone somewhere else, do you honestly believe we’d be as potentially positive as we are now? Hass had to leave sooner or later…. Would “I” still like him here? Sure! But we’ve moved on, as we HAD to…..

    Eric…. Thx for the update on Okung….. PLS keep us up to date on him….
    T-Jack will look sooooooo much better when O’s back (and our two rookies develop their skills on pass blocking…..) OH! And we have some 1st string rec’rs that get open for him to throw to… The way the line collapsed, Hass when he was in his 20’s would have had mjr probs!!! Good Gracious!

  15. Preseason game 1 SEA Offense: No interceptions, no fumbles, one turnover on downs (looked like a bad spot to me).

  16. Exhibition Game 1 SEA STs: KO coverage unit allowed a KO return for 103 yd TD. Neither Coutu nor Reed were booming KOs, but Reed’s went a few yards further than Coutu’s. Coutu was good on a 28 yd FG (1 for 1). Ryan outpunted Gold.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    klm – I mean this question in all sincerity; what is your point? You often make these statements of fact or post a litany of statistics, without any context. Is that intentional and you’re simply trying to encourage debate? Or do you feel your views / opinions are understood? I’m not trying to be a dick or pick on you, but seriously man, I don’t get it.

  18. Soggybuc says:

    Think windowless room Duke. =) I think Kim is trying to point out the Coutu is losing the battle at this early point.
    of course the REAL competition will come in an un named Bellevue tavern, can Coutu keep up with Reed on the all important Jaeger bomb contest? my money is on Reed!

    Ryan is money. his job is not in jeaperody.(cant spell that to save my life)

  19. Duke-
    Soggy nailed it about STs, but I was also kinda thinking about this offense – about a third of the roster out injured, one week’s practice for FAs, SEA’s re-signed, rookies, and what was it – like 2 weeks practice for the remainder? New coordinator, backup/rookie WRs, playing against a fairly good defense at their place. Nobody threw any ints, nobody fumbled, SEA had 6 penalties (SD had 10), and 57% efficiency on 3rd down. That’s very encouraging to me, and I think we’re starting to see different kind of discipline than before. It’s just pre-season and they’re playing disciplined offense. Anyway, it just kinda struck me.

  20. rbuzby – send an email addy and i’ll write ya a nice ‘lil note
    no need for you to read this blog ever again

  21. “no need for you to read this blog ever again”

    I would amend that to say “no need for me to read any comments by excile ever again.”

    You want my email address so you can send me some nasty note that would get you banned from here if you posted it? I will pass on that, thanks.

    Enjoy the season if you can. Sounds like you just hate everything rather than enjoy it. You think the coach is a liar and are calling players “garbage” after 1 preseason game. That speaks for itself.

    Hass was great but it was time to move on. Let it go.

    If you are this nuts this early, you will need some serious help if this season is as tough for the team as the schedule indicates.

  22. Actually, you sound like someones mother. In the note would be declared content I intended to post asking for your permission.

    You mention Mudbone, so were around when he was released and the team tanked for most of a decade. Yet Krieg went to division rival KC and advanced to the playoffs the following years. Just imagine if they had used those high first round QB picks (1-17 1988, 1-17 ’91, 1-2 ’93) to fortify the team around him.

    Dave Krieg moved around the NFL until the mid / late 90’s. Look up the season he had in Detroit, 101.7 QB rating with a 5-2 record in games started. Guided them to a playoff loss to the mighty Packers in 1994. The great Barry Sanders had 13 carries for -1 yards.

    Seriously, are you one of those that advocated releasing ‘Mudbone”? That would put you in the “DAFT” category. Had the team had Aaron Rodgers, Vick / Kolb, Steve Young waiting in the wings the move would have been warranted. But they did not.

    Moving forward the Hawks are in the same position today. If Carroll didn’t have faith in CW, made evident by picking up and naming TJunk starter, he should have stayed with pro bowl caliber Hasselbeck.

    Your welcome to your ‘Spin”. Would expect nothing less. You should defend the category I’ve placed you.

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