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Final: Hawks 24, Chargers 17

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 11, 2011 at 8:13 pm with 51 Comments »
August 11, 2011 11:52 pm
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson (AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

Well, the Seattle Seahawks clanked and sputtered for most of the contest, but rallied late for a 24-17 win over San Diego in both teams preseason opener.

The game marked the debut of quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, and without starting receivers Sidney Rice and Mike Williams, along with third receiver Ben Obomanu, Jackson predictably struggled.

He finished 3 of 5 for 15 yards, with a 64.6 passer ratting in a quarter of play. Jackson was sacked twice. His only saving grace is he didn’t turn the ball over.

But although his performance wasn’t pretty, Jackson remained poised in the pocket, and showed some much-needed mobility to get away from the pass rush, playing behind a young offensive line.

The Seahawks’ defense let the Chargers march 89 yards and score on the opening drive of the game, so that obviously was not good.

But we did see an improvement in Seattle’s running game, with the Seahawks finishing with 133 yards on the ground.

In his return to San Diego, Charlie Whitehurst was efficient, finishing 14 of 20 for 115 yards and no interceptions.

And third-team quarterback Josh Portis rallied Seattle for a game-tying touchdown, a 6-yard toss to tight end Anthony McCoy.

Jameson Konz, who switched from tight end to defensive end last week, got his first sack and looked pretty solid as a gunner on punts.

And cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner had solid games.

Tight end Dominique Byrd had a nice game, finishing with two catches for 52 yards, including a long of 26 yards.

Others that left you impressed or disappointed? Let us know in the comments section.

And check out the game stats here.

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  1. A comment & a question:

    If Okung remains injured, we need a left tackle. Polumbus (sic?) looked awful.

    Why didn’t Forsett play? Is he injured? Did Carlson play? If not, is he injured?

  2. I like Doug Baldwin as a slot receiver. I hope he keeps it up and makes the roster. Love the height and aggression of CBs Sherman and Browner (bye bye Kelly J). Our new O line did not embarrass themselves, and all – except Okung – had some good moments.

    And who wouldn’t like the new QB, Portis? He looked good. (of course, maybe there’s a reason the 3rd qb always shines in preseason, like he always plays against the guys who can’t cover)

  3. raymaines says:

    I kind of hate to admit it but I found myself cheering for Josh Portis. I understand this is the first game of the pre season, but so far so good. Way to go Josh. Actually, T-Jack looked OK too, and CW didn’t do anything to be embarrassed about.

    The run defense looked decent and there was some pretty good corner back play. No stupid penalties. Hey, I’m happy.

  4. I was impressed with CW in the 2nd half – he was throwing darts, and hanging in against the rush. I know it was against second stringers, but good throws are good throws. Portis looked way out of his league at first, then settled down nicely. Good to have a long-term QB prospect.

    I thought Clayton had some nice runs. Good sized RB.

    And I’ll definitely take a win, even in pre-season, never hurts.

  5. Portis is definitely making the team as a developmental QB.

  6. edstang45 says:

    couldn’t tell much from this game, other than Portis looked good. Hard to pick on Jackson with receivers out, and ol so new…Gotta know about Okungs ankle before I panic……hope we don’t have an Oden here!!!

  7. Soggybuc says:

    I thought Charlie looked decent. both Browner and Sherman looked good. Baldwin underwhelmed despite the hype.
    I was impressed with Portis. yea of course it was pre-season garbage time but he out played their tier 3 guys and showed him self as a gamer.

  8. ChrisHolmes says:

    Are you guys kidding me? Tavaris looked terrible. My God, what a waste of a roster spot. Indecisive, no pocket presence whatsoever, too long of a delivery and just all around terrible QB play.

    I sure hope Whitehurst gets a chance to start sometime this year. At least he looks like he can actually play a bit.

    I’m gonna get me an Andrew Luck Seahawks Jersey made up…

  9. sherminator says:

    59 – 29 = 30
    isn’t 30 greater than 29?
    Sorry, Eric. I don’t really mean to be a jerk, but I just can’t help it.

  10. Gotta give Charlie credit, he did well…. not too much more he could do, except at least twice he should have thrown the ball away….

    Pab’s got it, Portis made the team tonight….

    Carpenter & Moffitt I felt showed rookie status…. talent’s there, just need the experience…
    Browner sure stands out in a good way…. unfortunatly, so did Jennings, but in a bad way…
    Polumbus sure doesn’t look like the backup answer to Okung….

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Some initial thoughts, if I may:

    Portis can spin it. I totally agree with pabs, he’s making this team and on the 53. I can absolutely see why Carroll is so high on him. I genuinely hope his off-field idiocy is behind him because the kid is crazy talented. Very impressed, regardless what level talent the Charges had out there.

    I was also impressed with Thomas Clayton. There’s not much room at RB here, but he had some very nice runs and a terrific blitz pick-up on the Portis TD throw.

    Smith and Wright at Will and Mike were fun to watch. They each looked a little frenetic in pass coverage but I suspect that will subside as they become more comfortable. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Smith ends up starting at Will by the end of the season. They each fly to their gaps against the run. Very excited about their futures.

    I didn’t see Carroll’s “under” front with the Leo at all tonight. I suspect that’s due to the fact it was the 1st game and many key DL players were out. But something to watch moving forward.

    Pep Levingston was very active as was Pierre Allen late.

    Coutu still can’t manage a touchback. Reed will have to completely tank (or get arrested) for Coutu to win that competition.

    Chase Reynolds, while an easy guy to root and pull for, isn’t going to make it. He just too slow. Perhaps a FB in the future…

    Moffitt and Carp, real deals.

    Okung. (sigh)…jesus.

  12. nidhighe says:

    Jackson looked like a QB with a shaky O-line and his top 3 WRs out going against another team’s #1 defense.


  13. I agree with Duke’s thoughts as well. Portis was the only one of the three QBs I saw go to a second option on a play. Hopefully with Jackson it was only because he has been with the team for a week. Whitehurst looked the same as usual – no improvement there.

  14. williambryan says:

    Baldwin reminds me EXACTLY of Bobby Engram! He’s sticking. Jackson had good moves but did not look comfortable in the pocket at all. Whitehurst I thought looked really good. And I am already a believer in Portis. One game, I know, but hopefully for Jackson he gets better, because I think Whitehurst is more than capable of leading this team to W’s.

    Guys that stood out to me for good play: Whitehurst and Portis, Baldwin, Curry, Wilkerson, Chancellor, Jeron Johnson, Browner, Sherman, Clayton, Hoffman,

    Guys who stood out for the wrong reasons: Carlson, the starting Oline in general, Jennings, Reynolds has no business running a football in an nfl game,

    I thought the run defense was strong throughout and once Vincent Jackson and Malcom Floyd left the game the pass defense got much better (Trufant and Jennings also left the game at the same time… Coincidence?… lol )

    Coutu’s leg is week

  15. williambryan says:

    It looked like Whitehurst has picked up the offense just fine to me. I really would prefer an open competition at QB.

  16. Pab’s… just a thought here, seemed like Whitehurst had a lot of running plays called, like Jackson. Both QB’s were a bit caught in our wanting to establish a running game…. When they passed it had some predictability…

    One other thought for today, was that when our receivers got the ball, they sure did catch it….. ‘great hands’ overall, I felt…. and our top three didn’t play…

  17. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Portis was the best QB of the night from the Seahawks. We’re gonna miss Hasselbeck all season if this kind of performance continues with Tavaris. John Ryan looked good, though, lol. Hope Okung can bounce back.

  18. seahawk44 says:

    Okung update please anyone?

  19. I’m curious about Okung also….

  20. any enjoyment i got from the game is really tempered by okung’s injury. so depressing.

  21. ChrisHolmes says:

    @MattandCindy 3 for 5 for 15 yards and two horrible sacks. Yep, “good enough”.

    God, blind optimism is so disappointing…

    For the Okung peple: Clayton is reporting on Twitter that it’s a high ankle sprain. Same as last year.

    2012 draft, here we come. QB, LT, CB….

  22. ChrisHolmes says:

    Good God, and Mallet torched the Jaguars…

    I don’t know what’s more difficult to get over right now: That we let Hasselbeck go, or that we didn’t draft Mallet.

    Oh well, at least we have a lot of good individual players to root for.

  23. bird_spit says:

    If Okung has a serious high ankle sprain in the first series of the pre-season,

    1) I will vomit
    2) call him a bust
    3) Want to see our RT move to his natural LT

    Not multiple choice, but a sequential series of planned events..

  24. Jesus, Okung’s injury was a non-contact injury – i don’t want to admit that he’s fragile, a non-contact ankle injury? dammit:!/dannyoneil

  25. “3) Want to see our RT move to his natural LT”

    Obviously, really really early, but doesn’t Carpenter look less athletic than Okung? He looks a little out of shape to me too. Not saying he can’t do the job, it’s not like Polumbus is tearing it up.

  26. freedom_X says:

    Sorry, Kelly Jennings fans. :) But look at the replay. Seattle either had some kooky coverage scheme running with the safeties, or they blew the coverage.

    Both the CB’s released their men 10 yards downfield to the outside. But both the safeties stayed inside. It was the responsbility of the safeties to cover deep. Watch Trufant on the other side. His man also was open after 10 yards, running to the outside, and no safety went over to help there either. Rivers had his choice of receivers to hit. It was simply an abysmal defensive playcall.

    I was also surprised that I did not see the fabled Ricardo Lockett speed. I thought he had a decent shot at overhauling the SD kickoff TD man around the 30 yd line, but he didn’t gain much ground, then, worse, he backed off. That bothered me a lot more than not catching up. If he had given his all and came up short, that’s still OK, but it looked like he gave up, which supposedly the fastest man in camp shouldn’t be doing.

  27. “It looked like Whitehurst has picked up the offense just fine to me. I really would prefer an open competition at QB.”

    It’s just one game – but I kind of agree. Whitehurst looked good in the 2nd half. You can see why coaches like his arm. Not too down on Jackson, he didn’t have that many opptys, and I can’t say that receivers were running open before the pressure started in on him.

  28. One other second half player that seemed to be around the ball a lot was FA LB Michael Morgan….

    Except for the silly runback by SD, it was fun watch…. SD is a good team, and to at least compete with them at their site reflects good things for us in the future…

  29. freedom_X says:

    Yes, Carpenter is less athletic than Okung, but that doesn’t mean he’s not athletic. That’s why Carpenter was the 25th pick and Okung the 6th pick. But Okung can’t help if he’s off the field. However, I’m not sure Carpenter is “natural” enough to excel at LT instantly like Okung and especially the fabled Walter Jones did.

    Carroll did indeed say in the post game that it was a non-contact injury. Okung felt it pop. We can only hope it’s a minor thing. But you can bet that, even if he gets back, opponents are going to “lean” on that ankle in the pile…

    Another bad aspect of the Okung injury is that it soaks up a precious roster spot. Seattle will probably have to carry an extra tackle or sign someone just for insurance, and to fill in whenever Okung is out. I just hope Seattle isn’t stampeded into a bad trade like the Andrews one last year.

  30. as I suspected. The football version of the seattle baseball Mariners. But I am encouraged. What is up with I sprained my ankle again Okung. It’s going to get better. We are the 2nd youngest team in the NFL.

  31. Last year I thought Okung’s injuries were hopefully just a fluke, but in the back of my mind I couldn’t help but wonder if his ankles just couldn’t hold up and he would continue to have injury problems. Then on the 5th play of the firt pre season game, okung sprains an ankle with a non-contact injury. That quick…has anyone ever seen anything quite like this? I mean, that’s really a bad sign if a player hasn’t even played 10 games, pre or regular season, and has already suffered 3 high ankle sprains!

    I’m an optimistic person, and not gonna be all doom and gloom here. But the reality is that my worst fear is starting to come true. Okung, with all his potential and great ability to play LT, has just gone down again, with the same injury. I can’t help but be really worried.

    Btw, sando is reporting that it’s another high ankle sprain.

  32. If Okung’s high ankle sprain is similar to last year’s, he will be out for 4 to 6 weeks. Perhaps it’s time to sign former Raider Langston Walker to play RT and move Carpenter over to the left side?

  33. seahawk44 says:

    I just rewatched the game. Okung gets hurt on the 2nd down play at 1230 in the 1st qtr. One second he’s blocking the next he’s hopping on one foot. If it had to happen at least it happened early in the season. I don’t want to say yet that he is too fragile, but there can be no more of these. Get well Russell, the team needs you.
    Josh Portis looked very impressive to me. Gruden couldn’t say enough. Quick of foot, strong of arm, and most importantly good instinctual field vision. Hopefully in 5 years he is the player that nobody can believe wasn’t even drafted and he’s still a Seahawk.

  34. To those disappointed in Tavaris Jackson tonight, I don’t think he had much of a chance. The offensive line and whole offense was pretty uncoordinated during the first few series Jackson was playing, and it would be hard to blame all that on him. Jackson saved a couple of plays with his legs, but that shows how badly things were breaking down around him.

    The O line and receivers seemed more settled down and in synch once CW was on the field, but it would be hard to give him all the credit.

    This looked like a typical 1st preseason game, in that the rookies playing in the second half had their chance the show. I think we’ll not get an extended look at Tavaris until the first half of preseason game 3. That would be a better time to judge how he’s settling in to lead the offense.

  35. the rookies playing the second half had their chance to steal the show, and they didn’t disappoint.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    We’ll see about the severity but the fact it was a non contact injury is what concerns me. And he didn’t appear to roll it either. At least there is a month before the season starts.

  37. the rookies playing the second half had their chance to steal the show, and they didn’t disappoint

    Not the first time Portis has stolen something. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

    The Seahawks seem to have more luck with undrafted QBs (Zorn, Krieg, Kitna) than with drafted ones (Stouffer, McGwire, Mirer).

  38. jarred767 says:

    the rookies playing the second half had their chance to steal the show, and they didn’t disappoint
    Not the first time Portis has stolen something. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

    Nice, way to take advantage of the perfect opportunity :)

    Once he settled down he was fun to watch. It would be great to see him mature over the next couple years and possibly be something great.

    BTW, I’m a little sick about the whole okung thing. Of all the guys to get injured…

  39. seatowntp says:

    Our Varsity squad may have some difficulties, but the JV team certainly looks positioned to have an impressive season!

  40. nighthawk2 says:

    There are several things that stood out in this game.

    1) Tarvaris Jackson sucks. For all the excuse makers (whaa, he didn’t have his head cheerleader Sydney Rice, whaa he didn’t have Mike Williams, whaa he didn’t have Ben Obomanu–as if that guy has ever made a difference), the other two QB’s didn’t have them either and still outplayed T-Jax/T-Jack/T-Sucks).

    2) Charlie Whitehurst should be the starter. As someone else said, looks like he knows the offense just fine, and he outplayed Favre’s caddy. And he knows how to stay in the pocket and take a hit to get the pass away. And complete it.

    3). Russell Okung was a wasted draft choice. Yet another “high ankle sprain” after being out most of last season with the same thing? And no one even touched him. 2-1/2 minutes into the game. Tim Numbskull’s passing on a left takcle and taking an overrated linebacker 4th overall instead of trading down and getting a tackle is still haunting us. I can only hope he screws up Chicago as bad as he did this team.

    4) The backup o-linemen suck.

    5) Portis looked like what he is, a 3rd string QB getting stats in garbage time against the scrubs. Or was that Jackson I’m thinking of? No, he had no stats.

    6) Special Teams? How the hell do you give up a 103 yeard KO return when they’ve moved the kickoffs back 5 yards in order to prevent those?

    In looking at Jackson’s “performance” tonight, I’d say we’ve taken our first step toward drafting Andrew Luck in April.

  41. I was actually quite unimpressed with the deep safety play. CamBam and Johnson seemed fine in and around the box, but we left alot of wholes deep. Maybe it’s a sign of not having that field general on defense yet – waiting for someone to step up there!

  42. nighthawk – you need to come around more often!

  43. Okay, maybe you don’t want to say it yet, so I’ll say it for you. Okung is too fragile. If indeed its another high ankle sprain, then good riddance. We don’t want him. All the talent in the world won’t help a player who is never on the field.

    As for QB’s, you can say all you want about the support that T-Jax didn’t have. He had no worse than the others. This only confirms what I have thought all along. The starting spot should be CW’s to lose, not he other way around. Every time I have seen CW in has been positive from my pespective. It hasn’t always been pretty, but it has always showed potential. The biggest problem he had last season was overthrows (not uncommon for a guy in his first few starts to need a little settling down). If we can take Pete at his word that the QB comp is still on once CW learns the offence, I predict we’ll see the Favre Toady on the bench pretty early in the season.

    Oh, and for those of you still looking toward next seasons draft, get it through your heads. WE WILL NOT HAVE LUCK NEXT YEAR! This will be a +.500 season, we’ll probably win the Div, and to me it looks like we have two promising prospects at the lead position, one for now and one for later.

  44. mojjonation says:

    A bust is a guy who was drafted high, paid a ton of money, and just sucks. Rick Mirer, Dan McGwire, Jeremy Stevens, Koren Robinson, Kelly Jennings, and Aaron Curry. These guys are busts. Okung is just Mr. Glass. When he plays, he can play.

    T-Wack looked bad. O-Line was messed up. Top 3 receivers did not play. We ran the ball well. CW went 14-20 but only had 115 yards for a ypa of under 6. That’s numbers that remind me of Kitna. There should have been more of a competition at QB. It’s the first game of a preseason where there was 132 day lockout. CW will probably be the starter before the first month of the season is over. The Pats put up 47 and only gave up 12 without Brady or Haynesworth. It’s preseson and it doesn’t mean anything.

  45. TJack didn’t have many opportunities, nor did the line look organized when he was in. But still, seemed like he made bad choices with the ball at least twice–taking a sack for a loss rather than throwing it out of bounds. I’d hate to see an entire season’s worth of similarly bad choices. But maybe he’ll get more comfortable…?

    I thought CW looked pretty good. His throws were pretty accurate, and he showed much more poise in the pocket than TJ. CW’s body language always annoys me though. Seems like the good leaders don’t do a lot of head shaking, and instead become more focused, when the chips are down.

    Portis looked good too. It’ll be fun to watch him develop.

  46. @nighthawk2 lol!

    I always enjoy your insights, you know your football, but making all those opinions based on a preseason game 1 is really hilarious! These guys had 1 week of training camp! This is SPRING FOOTBALL. This is no time to make judgements on players, unless maybe you’ve been sitting next to Coach Carroll reviewing film after each practice. No player will look similar a month from now, much less the packages and plays, which were not anything close to what will be in place on opening day.

    But it was especially hilarious to hear you find a way to blame Russell Okung’s ankle sprain on Tim Ruskell! LMAO!!

  47. For all the “Okung is too fragile” people:

    Okung started 39 consecutive games at LT to finish his college career without injury. His suffered his first college injury – sprained knee – before his bowl game and he started and won anyway. He suffered a groin pull before the draft combine but he competed and out-performed other LTs anyway. He sprained both ankles as a rookie but still started 10 games and dominated a number of good veteran DEs while playing in pain.

    Russell Okung, as a rookie with two sprained ankles, was still better than most veteran LTs in the NFL. The guy had a couple of ankle sprains. Give him a break and see how his second year works out before suggesting he’s a ‘bust’. That word is used a little too easily around here I think.

  48. “Russell Okung, as a rookie with two sprained ankles, was still better than most veteran LTs in the NFL. The guy had a couple of ankle sprains. Give him a break and see how his second year works out before suggesting he’s a ‘bust’. That word is used a little too easily around here I think.”

    All true. Did someone really say ‘good riddance’ about the guy? Pretty quick trigger for a guy who is arguably the best player on the entire team.

    That said, this injury worries me more than the ones last year, which both took place when guys rolled up on him, which just happens. But let’s see how it plays out this year, it’s only his 2nd year. And as we all know, and all have said, the kid can really play. He also looks to have the best tough-guy attitude of anyone on either line for us. Can’t we just find some enormous ankle brace? I’d give up some mobility to keep him out there on the field.

  49. I said good riddance (conditionally of course), and I said it for a reason. No one is arguing he isn’t a good player (in fact he’s better than good), but I will repeat that it doesn’t matter much if he can’t stay on the field. You may think missing a third of the season isn’t much, but it is. I would love to have a healthy Okung on our line. I’m just saying, I hope thats what we end up with instead of Mr. Glass.

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