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Morning links: Hawks’ QB of the future?

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 10, 2011 at 8:30 am with 51 Comments »
August 10, 2011 8:30 am
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Josh Portis. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has praised the play of Josh Portis in training camp. And the coaching staff is looking forward to seeing him play on Thursday.

My story today takes a closer look at the Southern California native’s winding journey to Seattle. Carroll believes the talented 24-year-old could be part of the team’s plans at quarterback moving forward.

“Josh is going to be around here for a while,” Carroll said. “So we need to see how he develops because his talent is there. We’re going to take a great look at him. He’ll play a bunch in the preseason. And he’ll play a lot in the San Diego game. So we’re looking forward to seeing him and getting him out on the field.”

Clare Farnsworth of reviews Monday’s practice.

Christian Caple of profiles receiver Isaiah Stanback as he fights to make the roster in a battle with deep receiver group.

Paul Tenorio of the Washington Post talks with former Seahawks Josh Wilson. He says he’s still motivated by the passing of his father, former NFL fullback Tim Wilson. Josh Wilson’s father died when he was 11 year old.

Jerry Brewer of The Seattle Times provides a snippet of a larger interview with former Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, where he explains his disappointment with not being able to continue on with the foundation established by the Seahawks 7-9 season last year.

If you have an extra $3.5 million burning a hole in your pocket, you could buy Walter Jones’ spread in Alabama. The legendary Seahawks offensive tackle is parting ways with his mansion on a 14-acre spread, which includes a football field on the property.

Seahawks offensive tackle John Moffitt talks with KJR’s Elise Woodward about making the adjustment to the NFL in this audio link.

Brady Henderson of ESPN 710 Seattle talks with defensive end Raheem Brock about his return to Seattle.

Kam Chancellor joins KJR’s Mitch Levy to talk about his new role as a starter in this audio link.

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  1. One thing that really worries me about Portis is all of the off-field stuff as a quarterback. I wouldn’t care if he played any other position, but I have always thought there was a different set of rules and expectations for the face of your franchise. It really seems that comPete and the Duke Boy love strong arms and mobility even if it’s at the expense about things like what’s between the ears, leadership (to a degree) and accuracy (although I have no idea about that with respect to Portis).

  2. Soggybuc says:

    Of all the guys to watch tomorrow Portis is the one i am most eager to see in action. far more than TJ.

  3. raymaines says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if he did turn out to be the QB of our dreams? An undrafted free agent over the guys they traded for, drafted, and signed to fat contracts through free agency. Too funny. Go Josh!!

    Just don’t go to the Mall with anybody else’s credit card.

  4. It’d be awesome! I’d love to have a franchise QB! I hope he’s grown up, I really do, but history says that there are more people who keep on keepin’ on instead of actually going through meaningful change.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    I agree with Bobby; you always want to see guys learn from mistakes and mature into their talent. But you do have to procede with caution too. As Sterling Sharpe said (maybe the only worthwhile thing…) if you can’t trust a guy without money, how are you going to trust him with it? (Not that Portis is on the brink of a Manning-type payday, or anything.)

    Of the guys I’m most looking forward to tomorrow night are the young players in the secondary (Sherman, Maxwell, Legree) and the O-line kids (Moffitt and Carp).

  6. I think watchin TJ for the limited time he’s in is important, followed by the right side of the OL. That’s where most of the question marks are. Also, the corners will be fun, the new one’s that is. We pretty much know what the rest of the feild is going to look like barring injuries. I’m also goin’ to be watching Curry and Hill.

  7. I’m curious to see what’s up with the DL too, man, there’s goin’ to be a lot to be focused on.

  8. Yeah. So much to watch offensively and defensively. I’m going to pay most of my attention on Unger and Moffpender. I may miss it though if Sidney Rice is on the field. I’ll probably just sit there, motionless, with a blank grin on my face with drool coming down the side of my mouth.

  9. Hopefully T Jax can get him the ball the limited time there out there, that would be sick if they hooked up on a big play right out the gate on the first drive or so. It’s crazy to think we actually have some playmakers on the team finally.

  10. Boy, I followed links on that Wikipedia page about Portis and found an article that would qualify him for “America’s Dumbest Criminals.” He used a stolen credit card and signed up for a rewards card at the same time. And this happened just last fall. Suddenly I’m not so excited about Josh Portis.

    Love his lawyer’s quote:
    “Josh is a good kid with a great future in front of him. We all make mistakes.”

    Really, when was the last time you broke into a home, stole a credit card and used it at a store?

  11. Man, if he just did that shit last year, I’m going to go out on a limb and say he won’t end up being our future QB. How old is he now, come on, that’s ridiculous.

  12. Signing up for rewards cards with his real name after using a stolen credit card at the age of 23, you can’t out grow that kind of stupid, I’m sorry.

  13. Do you know the details of his arrest? Was it his ex-girlfriend’s card or something? Not that it would exonerate him or excuse the behavior, but it could make a difference and explain why Carroll and Schneider chose to roll the dice with him.

  14. CanFan/TruBlu – lol.

  15. Nevermind…I read the report myself. He’s a thief and a dumbass. That’s all I need to know about him.

  16. When guys get away with stuff, they don’t really learn any lessons. Portis may be a talent, but I won’t be surprised if he’s in trouble with the law again.

    Hopefully he and Marshawn don’t start hanging out together.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Boy, that’s pretty bad. And it was just last September…?

    “…you can’t out grow that kind of stupid, I’m sorry.” lol. Unlikely.

  18. devisscher says:

    I give this 90% chance that in 5 years we will be saying “who?”

  19. I wanna see Mofitt’s play tomorrow.

  20. I’m very anxious to see “ALL” the QB’s play tomorrow… fortunately on national TV, as I will be in FL…..

    Man oh man is there a lot to look forward to, or what? Excellant competition in SD (we were beat last year except for special teams)…. Add the running game, aka, offensive line, defensive backs, new linbacker scenario…. It’ll be a fun kickoff (Yadda, yadda!) for our new season!

    BTW, Bobby…. you being critical about the Portris background surprises me…
    You were so much in favor of woman beater Brandon Marshall coming to Seattle, clearly a super scum bag…. Glad to hear you now appreciate ‘player character’ …..

  21. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I think our QB of The Future is on a collage campus right now. It’d be real cool if he was on campus in Palo Alto, CA…one can dream!

  22. ballgame says:

    the better the player the less I care about character. I know that is wrong, but when it comes to the Hawks as long as player X (Portis) helps get the team in the endzone the less I care that he has a rap sheet.

  23. chuck_easton says:


    I care about a player’s charactor when that player’s charactor leads to him making decisions that could result in a suspension from the league.

    A player can have all the skill in the world but if he can’t get on the field due to off-field indescretions then it is time for that player to stand on someone else’s sideline and collect a paycheck.

  24. Portis isn’t goin’ to be anything special, there’s a big difference in Brandon Marshall and this guy. Hittin’ a women is f..k’d up, but who knows what the circumstance (not sayin’ there is one that makes it okay), Portis is just retarded man.

  25. Yeah, I have trouble with people committing a crime and then chalking it up as an “obstacle” they’ve overcome. We have too much of that way of thinking in our culture already. He’s here. I wish him well. But it’s the straight and narrow from now on or go play for Mississippi State.

  26. Anyways, Marshall is established, this dude isn’t.

  27. Lots of character issues in sports, for some reason….

    Tell ya what, I’ll take a Zach Miller any day….

    Nothing wrong with having a mean streak on the field, but beat up your
    wife twice a month????? Just way, way toooooo much for me….

  28. freedom_X says:

    The couple things in defense of Carroll and the Portis decision are:

    1) Presumably he knows a good deal about Portis’ background because he’s been following him closely for years (remember, that insight is one of the advantages Carroll should have for a couple years, until all those HS recruits flush out of the system.)

    2) Since he’s a lowly free agent, hopefully that will knock any sense of entitlement out of him. I always thought that Cam Newton would have a better chance of becoming a pro superstar if he’d been drafted in the 3rd round instead of #1 overall. It’s hard to believe that Portis can think that he’s on top of the world as a undrafted free agent who may be headed to the practice squad.

    Seattle did have Derrick Fenner who had legal troubles (actually went to prison as I recall) but stayed clean as a pro. And didn’t Chris Warren have some legal issues as well?

    So it’s all about the judgement of Carroll and Schneider that’s the difference – the difference between the Patriots and the Bengals when it comes to bringing in misfits. Which will it end up being?

  29. CDN_C_Hawk says:

    Not the sharpest pencil in the box, you can see that from getting caught cheating on an exam, but, I think we are all guilty of stupidity at that age and can’t think of how it effects us 5 years down the road. Remember at 22, …5 years , was like an eternity, a quarter of your life. Now that he is getting big $$$, I think he’ll be just fine.

  30. You know watching Portis play IS surprising that he is fresh out of college. After the first practice I watched I looked him up and was a but surprised that he didn’t have quite a few years of NFL experience.

    I didn’t say anything because i still believe he will be just camp fodder even after this new hype has presented.

    Portis is a camp QB. His mechanics are surprisingly very consistent. I say surprising because the level of consistency is what you would expect from someone who’s been around a while. He shows poise in the pocket during scrimmage rush where you would expect a rookie to panic. Something that our previous third stringers would do. A la mike feel and Charlie frye. Well find out his poise with some tougher competition on Monday.

    Until then Portis is a solid camp QB until proven otherwise. Definitely interested in seeing him play but I think the jump from his college level competiion to decent prospects in the NFL will show where his talent level is really at.

  31. Brandon Marshall! He has the personality of Obama preaching employment deficit disorder.

    And Portis doesn’t hold a candle to Burress. How many ya know would shoot themselves in the thigh – against lawyers advice not take a 2 month jail term plea bargain – turn around and plead guilty to a three year prison sentence.

    Burress is married to a lawyer. She must be a real be otch to give that kind of advice. Imagine if she was an agent: “Take as much as they’ll give, honey”!

    Believe football knowledge was far greater in the corner of the QB so he exited stage left.

  32. IB – I apologize for the “dumbest” comment but, seriously, I really have said over and over again that QBs come with different expectations than any other position. If Marshall would have been as good at his position last year as a QB, I would have wanted no part of him (if his talent, indeed, were as a QB we were looking to get and that we severely need). Since he was a WR, I thought it was worth the risk (provided it didn’t cost too much in compensation). I said that plenty of times.

  33. Dukeshire says:

    At least this time tomorrow we’ll be able to talk about whether or not he’s a dumb-ass on the field. We know he’s one off the field.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    Here’s a pretty cool read from Farnsworth on my boy, er, the ‘Hawks RG, Moffitt.

  35. Lookin forward to tomorrow also!!!!

    So, so many things to look for in player expectations….

    Thumbs up going into the game….. Should be lotsa fun…..

    (even how the playcalling goes…. which should reflect some changes)

  36. Carroll is a defensive???? Jug r not!! lol
    Now, add recent QB’s, is an offensive?
    a) idiot
    b) moron
    c) daft
    d) all
    e) heads or tails

  37. Dukeshire says:

    Um…. what?

  38. seatowntp says:

    I know we have good depth at WR, but I would have offered Steve Smith (formerly NYG and now Eagles) a two year deal! I am cognizant that microfracture knee surgery in December and it is a long rehab. . . but put him on the PUP and in the second half of the season or next year he can ball!

  39. Soggybuc says:

    It’s a hell of a lot easier to sit in judgement than it is to seek understanding. was what happened absolute stupidity? you bet it was! was it so over the top that he should have been tossed under the jail? not really, or the prosecutor would have done just that. that article is a little bereft of detail.

    Is what he did of a greater or equal magnitude of stupid/criminal than :
    Larry Allen driving around in a van full of weed?
    Plaxico walking around a night club with a gun in his trousers WITH THE SAFETY OFF!!!?
    Hamlin getting all Gansta out side a Seattle night club?
    Tank Johnson and a gun collection that would make paranoid militia member proud?
    That guy from the Raiders who thought “hey a drunken crack binge on the eve of the super bowl is a swell idea”?
    Eugene Robinson, again on the eve of a superbowl?

    At least the kid stood up and faced his music. I’ll wait and see if he learned his lesson and keeps his nose clean. everyone deserves an oopps and a second chance

  40. Soggybuc says:

    Oh i forgot to add to the stupid category:

    Allowing Jeff Reed anywhere near someplace that alcohol and cameras will both be present.

  41. Soggybuc, he certainly does deserve a second chance. But that doesn’t change the fact that he committed a dumb crime and quite recently. It’s going to take a few years (or TDs!) for everyone to forget about that. It’s a lot easier to root for Justin Forsett than Jerramy Stevens. At least for me, it is.

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    At least Portis is not a Ruthlessraper!

  43. ChrisHolmes says:

    You have to be two things in the NFL to make it as a quarterback: (1) Accurate and (2) Smart. I’m not liking what I’m hearing about Portis….

    When will NFL scouts and coaches figure out that pure athletic ability doesn’t cut it at QB in the NFL? That’s a college thing.

    I hate seeing PC and JS go this route with the QB, the most important position on the field. It feels like they’re giving up. Like they’re saying, “Well, there’s only a couple Tom Brady’s to go around, so let’s run a system that can get by with junk at the QB position”.

    Sure, it works – once in a while. Baltimore won a SB with Dilfer. But it’s not a consistent winning formula.

    And for the Brandon Marshall haters: the guy has Borderline Personality Disorder. I’ve lived with one of these people. You should feel sorry for him and everyone he cares about. It’s an impossible condition to live with..

  44. When talking about Portis, it’s not the crime that bothers me, it’s the fact about how stupid he is. Sure people make mistakes, like partying or fighting or getting mixed up with the wrong crowd, but this dude st8 applied for a rewards card with his real name after using a stolen credit card. I mean you can give a kid (23? not exactly a kid anymore) a second chance, but how do you give him a second chance on intelligence? On another note, I don’t really care about this dude, T Jax or Whitehurst will be our back-ups next year, we’ll most likely trade up and grab one of the top three QBs coming out next year, and then grab another undrafted free agent as our third stringer next year and the world keeps turning.

  45. Palerydr says:

    I didn’t click on the link but I am concerned about his decision making from all the posts I’ve read. I’ve met and played with some really great athlete’s who were well…. of avg intelligence to be kind. I feel you need above avg intelligence at the QB position in the NFL. I was listening to Brock Huard and he was asked what’s the toughest thing for a QB to remember. He broke it down as inside the red zone which is why so many QB’s wear an arm band due to the length of the verbage. He also pointed out lining up against the nickel package because their are so many looks that can end up in a blitz.

    Things I want to watch for tonight

  46. ejkimber says:

    I find it really hard to feel sorry for Brandon Marshall. No excuses for hitting a woman. If he cant control that and it is a condition, he should be locked up

  47. 9 1/2 hrs to kick off, goin’ be sportin’ my Hill jersey (almost gave it to goodwill last year). Hope he comes back to form with some of those thunder hits and stays healthy. Anyways, time can’t move fast enough. This going to be great finally being able to watch these Hawks in action since I can’t make to any of the practices. Go Blue, well I guess they’ll be white today. Go Hawks.

  48. jarred767 says:

    It’s obvious we’re all crVing football right now. I can’t believe how much debate there is over a third string rookie qb who wasn’t even drafted. We took an absolute flier on the guy and all probabilities point to the fact that he may never see the field for any meaningful playing time. If he does surprise to the upside, then great – another diamond in the rough. But like someone else posted earlier, in a few years we’ll all be saying “who?”

  49. raymaines says:

    jarred767 says: “I can’t believe how much debate there is over a third string rookie qb who wasn’t even drafted.”

    We do this every single year. There’s a little chatter about the #2 guy, but most of the conversation is about the third team QB.

    In a couple of weeks some decent QB will be let go when the cut downs begin and the SeaHawks will pick that guy up, cut Portis, and we’ll all howl. Mr. Portis will never be heard from again and we’ll go through it all again in 2012 with some other no name.

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