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WR Mike Williams out for Thursday with sprained toe; QB Jackson will start against San Diego

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 9, 2011 at 7:06 pm with 28 Comments »
August 9, 2011 7:08 pm

Pete Carroll said today after practice that starting quarterback Tavaris Jackson will start on Thursday and play a handful of plays against San Diego. However, other free agents like receiver Sidney Rice and offensive guard Robert Gallery will have to be evaluated in terms of conditioning to make sure they are ready.

Also, receiver Mike Williams suffered a sprained toe on Monday and did not finish practice today. Williams likely will not play on Thursday.

“It’s not real serious but it’s enough to bother me,” Carroll said. “It’s a stretch to think he’ll be ready to play. I think we’re probably going to hold him out.”

Carroll said once they determine conditioning levels for all of the players, everyone that is healthy will play.

“We’re going to play everybody that can go,” Carroll said. “We have a schedule for how we’re going to play them, and how many plays and all of that, to varying degrees depending on their conditioning, what we think they can handle and what they need, too.

“It’s an unusual start. This is an unusual first game, with kind of the different levels guys have come to camp, and the time that they have been here. But we’re figuring it out, and we’ll make the most of it.”

Although Jackson will start on Thursday with the rest of the first unit offense, Carroll did not say how long they would play. But other than Jackson playing just a series, I would suspect we might see the rest of the first unit offense and defense for about a quarter on Thursday, longer than traditional one series we generally see from starters in a first preseason game.

“I don’t want to wait a whole other cycle to get the process started,” Carroll said about Jackson starting. “He’ll get out there for just a handful of plays.”

Carroll said part of what has made it harder to determine how much a player will play is the different level of conditioning for each guy, because the team had no offseason program.

Further, even though the Seahawks have had no two-a-day practices with full pads, Carroll said guys are still getting dehydrated, especially the big guys, which is a sign that the players are not where they need to be in terms of conditioning.

“We’ve had a number of guys gas out on us, and it’s basically the big guys,” Carroll said. “And those big guys that didn’t have the offseason program to push them, and the guys around them to kind of maintain the standards of the conditioning, they’ve suffered a little bit in that regard, so we have to be real careful with those guys.”

Defensive end Red Bryant did not practice again today and will not play on Thursday. Carroll again reiterated that Bryant is okay, but they are taking a cautious approach, and the plan is to get him going again on Saturday for the team’s first practice after the San Diego game.

“We feel like we’ll rest him all the way through the game, and these last, three games will be enough to get him back,” Carroll said. “He’s OK. He’s not hurt. He just has a little wear and tear from the first time back at this level.”

Some tidbits from practice

* Leon Washington continues to shine during camp. He made several play in the running and pass game today, showing a quick burst in the opening field and great anticipation of where the hole was going to open up on the zone stretch play.

But Washington’s most impressive play was a pancake block on blitzing rookie linebacker Malcolm Smith in pass protection.

Carroll said Washington will continue to return kicks and punts as they try to get him more involved in the offense.

* Rookie cornerback Byron Maxwell showed up again today, making two interceptions, one at corner and as the Will linebacker in nickel.

“He’s been really special the last, two or three days now,” Carroll said. “It was about three days back when he started making things happen. He looks very competitive. He’s tough. He’s tackled well. He’s got a nose for the football. He’s really bright. He’s really picked things up. He’s right in the mix with the young corners now.”

Maxwell did get admonished by Carroll on Monday for knocking third team quarterback Josh Portis down on a blitz. It’s a no-no to hit the quarterback during practice, and one of the reasons they where a red jersey.

“You kind of don’t want to teach them too fast because you love the aggressiveness and you don’t want to take it out of them,” Carroll said. “So it’s kind of a fine line we walk, but we’re getting there.”

* Rookie receiver Kris Durham (hamstring strain) and defensive lineman Kentwan Balmer (neck stinger) did not practice today and will not play on Thursday. Defensive lineman Ryan Sims has a swollen knee and is day-to-day, so he could play on Thursday.

* Linebacker Aaron Curry and running back Thomas Clayton returned to practice today.

* Center Max Unger looked better in one-on-one pass protection, holding his own against Junior Siavii.

* Practice had a much quicker tempo today, with the offense getting up to the line quickly and going on first sound. They still had several off sides today.

* Rookie undrafted free agent running back Chase Reynolds has taken some vicious blows as the scout team running back, but he’s shown some toughness in getting back up and getting back in the huddle. And he made a couple nice catches out in the flat today.

* Earl Thomas had another interception today.

Notes from practice
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  1. Off sides even when they are going on first the first sound?

    I thought we released Andrews?

  2. seatowntp says:

    I was mowing in the yard for a few hours today and had a thought. Where would the Seahawks be today if Jim Mora was still head coach?

  3. “We’re” still paying that guy $4 million this and next year NOT to coach.

  4. HawkfaninMT says:

    Love hearing about Chase Reynolds! DOnt think he will make it, but I love rooting for him!!

  5. seatowntp says:

    Hey Bobby,
    I like Mora, but I doubt the Seahawks would not be generating this kind of excitement if he were still the coach. I think it might be worth the $4M. I wish someone would pay me $4M not to coach the Seahawks!

  6. Dukeshire says:

    What’s with all the false starts? Still? At some point it goes beyond lack of OTAs and all that. Goodness, enough already.

    Very happy to read Maxwell is beginning to make an impact. And it’s interesting they are using him at Will in Nickel. Can’t wait for Thursday to see ‘em all out there (or most…).

  7. Looks like The Rocket had another good day.

    From Danny O’Neil: Receiver Ricardo Lockette continues to make plays on the regular during practice. Lockette is a burner, no doubt. He was timed running 40 yards in 4.37 seconds last year at the scouting combine, tied for fastest among of any receiver there. He’s thicker than I expected, too, and what was most significant about a red-zone catch Monday was the way he sold his route, getting the cornerback moving back and creating the opening for Lockette to run a square in. Lockette and Doug Baldwin are two undrafted rookies to keep an eye on Thursday in San Diego. (More at )

    We’re hearing more about Lockette and Baldwin than about Durham. If even one of the two turns into a reliable deep threat, it will open up things for the running and short passing game. Kudos to JS for finding these guys.

  8. I remember hearing the same glowing reports about Jordan Kent and Courtney Taylor, too.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Here’s another supplement to Eric’s practice report.

  10. OCHawkFan says:

    BobbyK: I was thinking the same thing about Lockette and Baldwin vs. Kent and Taylor. It seemed every year we’d hear glowing reports about their athleticism and potential and nothing ever came of it.
    Durham, on the other hand, strikes me as the real deal. From watching his youtube videos, I like his route running, hands and build. He seems to be a genuine football player vs just an athlete. Cant wait to see him develop this year.

  11. GriffinNW says:

    Let’s hope BMW’s toe isn’t a big deal.
    Remember when they said Unger’s wasn’t that bad, and he found himself on the season ending DL? I do.

  12. Good point, BobbyK. I’m actually skeptical about any guy who didn’t put up numbers in college. But Baldwin did — and at Stanford. So I think he’s a better prospect than Kent and Taylor. Lockette, on the other hand, could be the second coming of Michael Bates (who turned out to be a great KR, but mediocre WR).

    We do need to take these practice reports with a grain of salt. Undrafted free agents who look good in training camp very rarely turn into something special. But we all keep dreaming of the next John Randle, Kurt Warner — or one of these other guys:

  13. Dave Krieg, Joe Nash, Rufus Porter, Jim Zorn, Eugene Robinson … any other good/great undrafted Seahawks?

  14. Norm Johnson, Mike Tice and Mack Strong are some others.

  15. seatowntp says:

    I read an article from Lockette the Rocket’s hometown newspaper a couple of weeks ago (maybe some of you saw it too?) and I believe it reported that at least eight teams attempted to sign Rocket. I understand that he possesses the speed, but he must have shown something.

  16. freedom_X says:

    I think wide receivers tend to look good early in camp. They aren’t seeing complex defenses, things are sloppier, and athletic ability can shine. They can improvise a bit like sandlot football.

    Once they start having to run proper routes and read coverages, and get the timing down, then suddenly that explosiveness dimishes when they start trying to keep track of all the mental things they need to. And in the real games, the defenders will chuck and hit them and push them out of their routes.

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    No excuses for some lineman to come in fat and out of shape! Just look at what Washington has done with his time off. I can’t stand it when players show up to camp out of shape!

  18. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Mike Williams is really starting to bum me out. He can’t stay healthy. I wonder how many games he’ll miss this year.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Canfan – David Hawthorne is turning into one.

  20. What was said is true that once the season begins Wr’s start getting “schooled” on NFL defenses. When we hear about how good they are in camp we have little knowledge of who they were running the route on and what the defense they were in, etc..
    When I was lucky enough to have been “on the fence” in Cheney for so many years I began to take notice of who was beating who and used it as an indicator as to the future of new prospects.
    One such example was Urban beating Springs deep on several occasions. I took that to mean either Jereme was fast enough and good enough or Springs was slowing down. Turns out it was a bit of both. Shortly after Springs was gone and went into “NFL descent” while Urban stayed around here and then bounced around a few teams ending up now in KC listed on their depth chart as a starter across from Bowe. (expect Breaston to over take him)
    Sometimes it’s a bit of luck that falls your way as well. Say BMW goes down with an “Unger toe”, someone gets a roster spot who might have not had his chance and then they use it to springboard into the league.

  21. Definitely need to take the training camp WR talk with a grain of salt – Tate was the training camp standout last year, but had minimal impact in the regular season.

    I know he was absent for a few days, but I haven’t heard anything (zip) about Obomanu.

  22. SeahawkFan12 says:

    BMW will be fine; don’t sweat the “minor” dings at this point in camp. Remember that we’re dealing with an abbreviated preseason…I’d rather have him healthy for when it counts than to see him play a meaningless game against San Diego.

  23. For each Rufus Porter, Joe Nash, etc. how many hundreds of UFA never amounted to anything? While there’s a chance these guys could be good, I’m going to play the odds and assume they won’t even make the team. I think I still feel burned by the failed WRs of 2008 and don’t want to take the bait.

    It’s great that multiple teams wanted to sign a player, but where were all of those teams while an entire seven rounds of the draft happened?

  24. Fricking frack. I put < brackets around a "sad trombone" there. Way to go html.

  25. The draft used to be 10 or more rounds long, so it much harder to go undrafted back then. NFL teams must have really thought little of Krieg and Nash.

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