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Quick hitter after practice

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Aug. 8, 2011 at 6:07 pm with 23 Comments »
August 8, 2011 7:51 pm

Some posters have had questions about Leroy Hill. Actually, he looks in better condition than the last couple seasons. Monday, he had an interception in 7-on-7 and looked very quick in the process. He also made a couple nice run stops in team drills.

The linebackers are an interesting group, especially the new faces. KJ Wright, at 6-4, 246 looks too lanky in the middle, and in the first days of camp was spinning around at times in pass coverage. He’s getting more and more comfortable, and a couple times Monday showed good instinct and technique scraping and filling against the run. Malcolm Smith is another, on the outside, who will be interesting to watch. He’s 6-0, 226, but has jets and really closes ground. His experience at that position in the USC defense has to help. Mike Morgan is another who looks lanky as a SAM linebacker, but also has come up with athletic plays.

Doug Baldwin, who has been one of the impressive young receivers, had two uncharacteristic drops. But he’s the receiver that Tarvaris Jackson pinpointed as someone whose play he’s really noticed.

Despite all the speculation about Marcus Trufant as one of the older Seahawks, he’s having a nice camp. Monday, he covered Sidney Rice stride-for-stride and then denied him the ball on a comeback route.

Among the young defensive lineman, rookie Pep Levingston from LSU has made himself noticed with good penetration in team sessions and good efforts against the O Line in pass protection.

A little vignette that I think is important to report as a reflection of a young player growing into his position. On a short pass to Golden Tate, a defender bulldogged him a little roughly. Defensive end Dexter Davis came over to get a little frisky himself. But tackle Russell Okung would have none of that. He hurried over and needed only a quick shove to put an end to Davis’ involvement. This offense hasn’t had that kind of enforcement for a few years, and Okung clearly is stepping up.

Aaron Curry and Kris Durham did not practice.

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  1. Tompage says:

    Last year Leroy Hill looked a couple Happy Meals over weight last year, but what I saw in practice over the weekend was a lean, mean, Leroy machine. He looks more fit than I have seen in a while. His better fitness level seemed to reflect in his quickness to the ball, he looks like he is ready to regain his form. Malcolm Smith also caught my eye in practice, he is fast, and he plays fast. Smith looks like a prototype cover linebacker.

  2. Everything we’ve seen (minus the ankle issues last year) and heard about Okung has been great. The last time we had an offensive lineman with that type of attitude was Hutch, wouldn’t you say, Mr. Boling?

  3. raymaines says:

    There are those among us who would say Arron Curry hasn’t done anything. Ever. Period. Not for two years. Not practiced, not played, not nothing.

    The ‘Hawks could have had Mark Sanchez or traded down 20 slots and still picked Clay Mathews. 20-20 Hindsight.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    I remember Unger during last year’ camp getting into a few scrapes as well. The fact that it’s also coming from one of the most promising young linemen in the NFL is doubly good.

    Dave, who filled in for Curry at Sam? And has DD been working at Leo with the 1s at all while Clem has been out? Thanks!

  5. Curry’s going to surprise a lot of people this year. He’s too talented to turn into a bust.

  6. Even if he has a good, solid year, is it really worth $60 million over 6 years for a SAM? I have no idea how we signed a guy like Sidney Rice for $41-44 million over 5 years and Curry got 6 years and $60 million when he’s not even 1/100th the player that Rice is. That really shows how screwed up the old rookie salary pay scale was. I’m glad they fixed it.

  7. It also shows how crazy Ruskell was!!!

    pure craziness if you ask me!!1

  8. Love the way Okung plays.

  9. Dave-
    Have you seen any ‘fans’ with a really good tans videotaping SEA’s practices? (With a SD destination airline ticket in their pocket?) Always wondered about that when fans got to watch practices.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    klm – There’s really not much in the way of “game planning” for pre-season games. I hope teams have nothing better to do… lol.

    Tru working on Rice can only help him. Any of the corners that draw that matchup, really. One of the great ancillary benefits of having such a talented player to practice against.

  11. Soggybuc says:

    Remember that Curry’s contract was more a product of the ever escalating first round slotting process than it was of Ruskell being an idiot. one reason i’m happy for the rookie wage scale. can you just imagine what Newton would have gotten with out that? think Bradfords contract plus 25 -30 million and not the reasonable 22 million he got ( not thats reasonable for what is essentially a new hire in the real world scope of things)

    Bobby I would argue that Big Walt had that attitude and then some, only difference was that there was no defender in the league dumb enough to take on that challenge. even Ray Lewis probably referred to him as Mr. Jones or Walter, Sir!

  12. Eric posted damn near everything i wanted to…

    Im afraid i stirred the hornets nest saying Leroy looked sluggish my first practice (although i did note that i wasn’t paying attention to defense). He does look pretty good out there.

    I began watching LB’s coverage drills. Malcolm Smith was EASILY the best in coverage. I watched him with a microscope with everyone singing his praises and he is as good as advertised. He’s got superb burst after flipping his hips and the acceleration with closing just improves. He’s got a real knack for finding the ball. Very impressive. It will be a different story when the pads go on and a play evolves however. Interested to see how he holds. Really disappointed that i didn’t get a chance to see curry.

    Alan Branch has a great motor and is relentless. Mebane has got to be a probowler in waiting. When the trenches line up and the game is moving. Eric is absolutely right. Mebane lives in the back field. Pep levingston has some unusually quick feet for a big man, and again to agree with Eric, Raheem Brock hasn’t lost a step.

    #25 Sherman – I believe, caught my eye this practice he was lined up mostly at RCB and was glued to whoever henwas covering breaking up quite a few passes. He has some size like browner but is much quicker.

    Trufant had a TREMENDOUS day. The guy was glued to whoever he was covering. Reaching over the back fighting for the ball getting great position on out top guys even Sidney.

    Earl Thomas – the only part i have to disagree on is 29 in the slot was struggling big time. Golden and Baldwin were working Thomas inside and out. But moving back to safety 29 was at home making plays including intercepting a very poorly placed TJack pass.

    Offense coming in next post…..

    (btw apologies i didn’t make sat practice as promised and had tones schedule for today)

  13. HawksKD, appreciate the practice reports. I envy you — wish I could go to them. Looking forward to your offense post.

  14. Didn’t watch much offense today but here is what i noticed.

    First off Mike Williams looks exceptionally fast today. He had some wheels under him today and looked very good catching some deep balls.

    I was disappointed with lockette my first practice but saw what everyone else did this practice he was fast and plays well on deep balls.

    Tate played very well and I put an extra eye on him. His routes looks clean and his cuts are crisp. His timing over the middle is where he improved most. He burned thomas often with well timed stutter steps, turn and catch.

    Obomanu looks to be a lock. Not sure why he was wearing a red jersey because he was involvled in full contact. He looked fast and was targeted often.

    I predict leon to have his coming out year. He is heavily involved he is fast and decisive about his lanes and he is making some big gains. Marshawn also looks a bit quicker.

    Carpenter was having a pretty tough time off speed rushers. At one point carp wrapped his arm round the rusher and grabbed the back of his jersey to contain him prompting cable to pull
    him off to the side for some one on one direction. Okung at one point even offered him a few pointers. During the speed rush drills carp was overwhelmed and visibly frustrated. He definitely looks much more comfortable dropping his hips and driving his man on his heels.

    I know i was asked to watch Moffitt. It was still really hard to observe him. I will tell you that he ran with the ones for almost the whole day and looked to be doing OK.

    Gallery and Okung are going to be a tandem to reckon with. They work very smoothly with eachother and off eachother. I don’t wanna say walt and hutchlike but let’s hope they both stay healthy.

    QB thoughts coming next post..

  15. Thanks, HawksKD. If Rice is the No. 1 WR and BMW is No. 2, I wonder how you’d rank the others. My guess:

    3. Tate
    4. Obo
    5. Durham
    6. Baldwin
    7. Lockette (practice squad?).

    Butler on PUP.

  16. HawksKD says:

    Folks we have two very very different quarterbacks.

    When it comes to short and intermediate throws Charlie is the model of consistency. Perfect ball placement everytime outside the hash marks. on deep balls Charlie is consistant at underthrowing down the sideline. He forces his recievers to slow down in order to stay under the ball.

    T jacks ball placement on short and intermediate is erratic. On point, then high, then low. His deep ball on the otherhand is beautiful. He hits his reciever fully in stride and drops it right in their bread basket.

    Both QBs however pass often and well up the middle using their TE and slot guys heavily. TJack looked much better throiwing darts In the middle than he did during his first practice. The balls werent traveling as high but still kept the same velocity.

    During scrimmage is where the difference truly showed in their deficiencies.

    Charlie was methodical poised and conservative….very conservative. The majority of his throws were dump offs and flares as the offense stalled and didn’t move much down field (see st. Louis game).

    Tavaris – Who also showed some poise was more apt to drop deeper and shift to either side before throwing (i believe this is where the height factor comes into play between the two). Tavaris was much more bold with his passing firing deep and also the sidelines more often. Quite a few passes that were smothered on the outside by truf or Sherman were forced and should have never been thrown. However he would throw with some heat to the outside shoulder away from the safety allowing the wr to either make the VERY grab or giving the sideline some fodder. He would also do the same throwing deep passing to wideouta that were very well covered allowing THEM to make a play at the ball. Very risky.
    T jack had an excellent scramble up the middle showcasing his speed at one point, and again i want to reiterate the smoothness of his throws and feet on roll outs.

    So folks…. Pick your poison.

    And whoever is talking about releasing Charlie it isn’t going to happen.

  17. HawksKD says:

    Canfan – from what I’ve seen i think Baldwin is making a very strong case for himself. He works wonderfully at slot and has a great knack for finding soft spots in zones. Baldwin is playing from behind though because they have quite a bit invested in Tate and Tate has shown some great improvement.

    This are my keepers.
    1. Rice
    2. BMW
    3. Obo

  18. HawksKD says:

    Canfan – from what I’ve seen i think Baldwin is making a very strong case for himself. He works wonderfully at slot and has a great knack for finding soft spots in zones. Baldwin is playing from behind though because they have quite a bit invested in Tate and Tate has shown some great improvement.

    This are my keepers.
    1. Rice
    2. BMW
    3. Obo
    4. Tate
    5. Baldwin
    6. Lockette

  19. HawksKD says:

    Canfan – from what I’ve seen i think Baldwin is making a very strong case for himself. He works wonderfully at slot and has a great knack for finding soft spots in zones. Baldwin is playing from behind though because they have quite a bit invested in Tate and Tate has shown some great improvement.

    These are my keepers.
    1. Rice
    2. BMW
    3. Obo
    4. Tate
    5. Baldwin
    6. Lockette/Durham

  20. HawksKD says:

    Great thanks old ass iPhone

  21. IBGoofy says:

    HawksKD: Ya got a very interested QB watcher here…. I can’t help but keep Portis in my thoughts….. After several reporter plus comments, then PC’s….. and I have a past college buddy that believes Josh is our 2012 franchise QB , minus a year’s upgrade/experience……

    He’s really got me hyped…. Eric says he’s ‘raw’… That fits…. From PC’s comments, I believe we will see him thurs…. Wouldn’t that be the ‘frosting on the cake’ for this yr’s class of additions…. If he even challenges?

    It’s clear there’s excitement in this yr’s team….. Me included…. So many upgrades….. so much potential…. For me, the potential isn’t 100% on the field, I really believe the coaching in support of PC from the sidelines will be at least a step up from last year…. Big difference….

  22. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks for the reports HawksKD!

  23. Great report, HawksKD! Thanks again.

    Your observations about QB are particularly interesting. I wonder who’s more likely to throw INTs, CW or TJ? TJ may be more exciting to watch. With the WRs on the roster, it would be nice to see a quick-strike offense.

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