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A few minutes with Michael Robinson

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 7, 2011 at 8:23 am with 20 Comments »
August 7, 2011 10:15 am

He’s a budding talk show host

Seattle’s Michael Robinson returns for his second season as starting fullback for the Seahawks. And the 28-year-old created a buzz throughout the NFL community with his pet project, The Real Robinson Report – a sports talk show that can be found on YouTube.

Robinson graduated with a degree in public relations and sports journalism from Penn State, so he had a desire to figure out what he’ll be doing once his football career comes to a close.

“Definitely with the lockout, it gives you a chance to think about what you would do if football wasn’t around,” Robinson said. “So I wanted to start my own show. I actually started The Rookie Report, when I was a rookie in San Francisco. Then it was The Robinson Report, and when I came here I didn’t bring it with me. And when I had all this free time in the offseason, I said to myself, ‘Why not now? Why not cover this lockout and see what guys are doing during the lockout?’ And it started just blowing up. People just started wanting to be on the show.”

Positive reinforcement

Guests so far on The Real Robinson Report include Minnesota Vikings quarterback Donovan McNabb, Arizona running back Beanie Wells, New York Knicks forward Amare Stoudemire and Edmonton Oilers goalie Nikolai Khabibulin. Robinson said his show takes a positive spin on professional sports.

“No disrespect, but a lot of mainstream media looks for the controversy,” Robinson said. “They are looking to see what athletes are doing wrong. They’re looking for a story. And I always ask the guys, ‘What don’t you want to talk about? We don’t even have to go there.’ And we just talk. They just talk to me and open up.

“And I want to hear more about what their foundation is doing. I want to hear more about what they’re doing in the community. I want to hear more about that kind of stuff, because I feel like we’re always portrayed in a negative light. It’s never big news when a big-time athlete has a camp benefiting the youth. It’s never a big story. That’s not going to get a whole lot of clicks.”

Bulking up, toughening up

Robinson put on 17 pounds during the offseason, checking into training camp at 240 pounds at the request of coach Pete Carroll. So he’s ready for the physical and mental grind that offensive line coach Tom Cable’s version of the zone blocking scheme will demand.

“We’re developing that philosophy of mental toughness,” he said. “Obviously we’re bigger up front, and that makes a difference. I think having Big Rob (Robert Gallery) and bringing that experience, and more toughness, that helps. And you got the animal behind us in Marshawn Lynch, and just let him go. I think the philosophy of the zone scheme really gives him a chance to put his foot in the ground and go where he wants to go.”

A sense of urgency

The Seahawks have little time to waste in order to get ready, due to the compressed time schedule because of the lockout. And because of that, Robinson said that he and his teammates are practicing with a sense of urgency.

“Absolutely, and I think that’s shared among all 32 teams,” he said. “The time is now. We don’t have time out here to waste any reps. It has to be now. And we’re professionals. That’s what we’re paid to do, so we’ve got to do it.”

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  1. I took my three boys to the open practice Saturday…I have a few notes to pass along.

    First the bad: Don’t count on getting autographs like we did in Cheney…only the kids can get them, and they have to win a spinning wheel game in order to qualify…They will however gladly sell you autograph footballs and other gear and not mention you probably won’t get a chance to use it. That’s the bad..

    Now for player reports…

    Player of the day…Baldwin…the dude was all over the place catching everything thrown his way..diving catches, over the shoulder….amazing. He’s really quick and gets great separation. He looks like what we were hoping to get from Branch. If he plays like that in games, he’s going to force the coaches to find a place for him.

    Rice: Ad advertised…scary fast with hands like velcro. Trufant had his hands full on converage…that’s for damn sure. Made one nice breakup…but got scored on twice by Rice.

    MW is frickin huge…caught a lot of passes…really uses his body to shield off the defender.

    Leroy Hill: Seemed sluggish….not all that impressed with him this year.

    T-Jack…..Very quick release and powerful arm….More accurate than CW.

    Whitehurst…strong arm, slower release…missed several targets…obviously not as good in practice as TJ.

    Portis…obviously the #3.

    Leon running the ball and catching with the #1 offense…caught several passes out of the backfield. Explosive.

    Lots of two TE sets…Carlson also played with the #2s.

    Curry was egging on the fans to make more noise…thought that was cool.

    Cable seems to have a terrific rapport with his linemen….much nicer than I expected…patting guys on the back…talking to them individually while stretching…stuff like that.

    Carroll has a great arm, tight spiral, good accuracy…unbelievable that he’s almost 60…plus he’s on the run a lot…up and down the field with the players.

    Cool that they pipe in music….music goes off when they start running plays.

    JForce was tearing it up on the ground…several long runs and two for touch downs. Lynch not nearly as effective…

  2. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Audible, thank you. Great run down and I appreciate the detail.

    I’m loving the rapport and camaraderie amongst the O-line and Cable. They are going to be NASTY this year. Love that our receiving corps is evolving into a force to be reckoned with, too. J-Force is awesome, just hope Lynch can step into the greatness we all know he has.


  3. Dukeshire says:

    Audible – Thanks. Really good!

    I’m interested in see HIll play. The two “fan” reports (Audible and HawksKD) noted he looked sluggish but the “reporter” reports have said he smooth and looks strong. The games will lets us know which it is.

  4. Thanx Aud-
    When there’s 2 TE sets, does Curry always play on the left and Hill on the right, or do they ever switch off? Has Hill done any pass rushing?

    Is M.Robinson blocking well at FB?

    This SD game coming up. . . SD was bad at KO coverage last season and might be yet. Has anybody noticed LW doing any returns in STs practices? How does he look?

  5. Audible – would you say Jackson looked “accurate” as in good, or just more accurate than Whitehurst (which doesn’t seem to take much)? Thanks for the report.

  6. I don’t know if I remember seeing a FB with worse hands than Robinson. Anyone else remember some of those passes that hit him in the hands last year that bounced off? I like him, mainly as a STer, I just hope they don’t even try to throw him anything, even as easy as a screen.

  7. Soggybuc says:

    Hill was never a speedster so maybe it is just the fact that the D overall is speedier than in years past making him look slow.

    Love the real rob report hope to see him keep the show rolling during the season with lots of hawk talk.

  8. Soggybuc says:

    Bobby I think Pete asking him to into camp heavier than he played at last year speaks volumes on how he will be used this year.

  9. I know. It’s pretty obvious. I was just making fun of his “hands.” He wasn’t thrown to much last year either, it’s just funny the way he “caught” the ball when thrown to.

  10. Echoing the thanks for the info Audible – love that we get so much firsthand observations these days.

    Really seems like Cable was the key off-season signing in many ways. Are we finally going to have a decent O-line? It feels like forever ago that it wasn’t a glaring weakness.

  11. I know some of us have said this before, but don’t expect offensive line miracles in the first month of the season. While the coaching and talent is finally in place, we are still starting a couple of rookies and nobody on this line has experience playing next to the other person. Just think of that after the first couple of games of the year when people are so perplexed as to why our line isn’t playing at a high level. It’s going to come, I have no doubt about it. Hope for it from the get-go, just don’t expect it from the get-go. If it’s November and we’re not playing at a high level on the line, then that’s another story.

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think that we can win a few games and stay in the NFC west hunt until our o-line gells

    Check out our new free agent additions.

  13. I haven’t really commented much on the Zach Miller signing (love it, by the way), but as Sando said last week, it was more of a luxury signing.

    This is meant to be 100% compliment to our front office, b/c they saw a great player and went after him and was totally against the Ruskell laws of free agent signing (he is young and can claim to be among the best at his position, whereas Ruskell would take older guys and pay them like they were the best, even though they were getting older and declining and never were among the best to begin with).

    Getting back to the “luxury” thing; we have an owner who will pay the cost. Most teams wouldn’t go out and get a guy like this because it wasn’t totally necessary (our TEs were okay) and it might cost too much from the bottom line to warrant such a quality signing.

    Props to Paul Allen!!! I love having him for our owner!!! If you work for him and can’t get the job done, you’re a loser (see Ruskell, Tim). Some teams can legitimately claim to have cheap owners who care more about the end of the year profits over the quality of their product and I’m so glad we’ve got a guy willing to do what it takes for us!!!

  14. BobbyK, I agree 100%.

    The way Allen and Leiweke handled the transition and hiring of Carroll and Schneider, and what we’ve seen since demonstrates an organization determined to do it right and build a winner.

    I just learned something interesting the other day. I had thought the new CBA set a “spending floor” as well as a spending cap. But the truth is the spending floor doesn’t kick in for two more year. So once again we see teams like Buffalo and Cincinnati underspending and failing to field the best team they can. Meanwhile the Seahawks may stay just a little under the cap in order to have room to maneuver for a deal that may present itself, and plan ahead for managing the cap next year.

    Our management isn’t afraid to spend money, isn’t afraid to cut popular players, and isn’t afraid to hire the best coaches and let them do it their way. Makes me even more proud to be a 12th Man these days.

  15. Audible says:

    Current was lined up on the right side. One play in particular he looked totally lost…one step up in run support, one step back is pass coverage…then just looked around and stood there.

    He is clearly the best athlete among our linebackers, though…not even a close 2nd…fearsome during drills.

    Speaking of drills…I saw new type of tackling drill….the players start out underneath a short canopy, which forces them to stay low.

    I think Balmer’s days are numbered…seems to be shunned by teammates…most of the players our in groups of two or more…Balmer was standing alone, like the fat smelly kid, for most of practice.

    Hill looks really soft and fleshy compared to the other linebackers…maybe he’s gained weight and that’s why he appears slow. The linebackers coach has no problem making players repeat drills. Wright was not explosive enough on one play.

    Earl Thomas had a nice pick off of Whitehurst, which he took to the house in front of cheering fans.

    Carpenter and Miller both had to do laps because of false starts…Carpenter looks like the Little Engine That Could…”I think I can, I think I can”…the dude is a beast.

    Browner has the skinninest chicken legs I have ever seen on a man or woman…his calves are smaller than Whitehurst’s forearms.

    Whitehurst doesn’t seem to have the confident body language of a #1. He seems to me to carry himself like a back up….Jackson, on the other hand, really does seem to have a swagger….

    Unger had an errant snap in the shotgun…then caused a couple of false starts…to the great displeasure of the coaches.

    Another interesting drill….The defense practices making interceptions…they’re in coverage and have to break to the ball and make the pick…

    Hill dropped one that was right in his hands…got some razzing for that…

    Most of the players ignore the fans…Colin Cole, maybe because he is sidelined, had fun joking around with fans.

    Practice ends when Carroll wants it to end…It was scheduled for two hours…went 2 1/2 on Saturday.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Audible – Thanks! More good stuff. We can only hope you’re right about Blamer.

  17. Audible says:

    No problem…wish I could go to more practices. A note on Butler…he was more interested in socializing and distracting other players than in watching practice…like a guy who doesn’t realize Baldwin is about to take his roster spot.

  18. raymaines says:

    I’ve never seen any of these guys live, but the stuff I read about Deon Butler and to a lesser degree Golden Tate makes me root against them.

  19. I wonder how much Hill will rush this year.

    When he was “healthy” before he seemed to have success getting to the QB and rushing a throw and getting a hit in. I REALLY worry because I can’t remember a single season where Hill played in 16 games – he may have but I sure don’t remember it.

    I think we are thin at LB and Hill’s history has be worried

    As far as Butler goes I think his best option is PUP list but I do think his days are numbered here. Not enough size to make it with what Carroll likes. I could be wrong but I don’t think so.

  20. I am excited about the versitility of our groups on offense.

    We can hammer them with Lynch –
    Dazzle them with JForce
    and totally different look with Leon

    I can only imagine what a creative offensive mind might do with that group. You can put any 2 together or run anyone of them behind a FB ( not a fan of Robinson as a player – and please don’t ever throw him the ball!!)


    We can Go fast
    We can go Big
    We can go possession set

    I think it will be Rice, Williams, Obo, Tate and ??? but whoever it is will be WAY better than the days of old when the guys we were HOPING would step up didn’t.
    I don’t think Butler hangs around and they may try and put a guy or 2 on the practice squad.
    with this line up I think you will see Obo and Tate and whatever rookie makes the squad, seeing some ST time and actually contributing. in coverage or returns.


    I love the idea of Miller, Carlson and Morrah on this team. Again, they all can catch and Carlson and Miller can really block. I think both should see a lot of time and balls coming at them.

    Hopefully this year we won’t see any STUPID goal line – line ups this year.

    from inside the 10 we should absolutely scare people by the end of the season. HUGE OL. Beast runner, and 9 different guys who could kill you lined up at any position on the field! Look at all the guys who we could score from inside the 10 in multiple ways

    In no particular order:
    Rice, Lynch, Williams, Miller, Carlson, Obo, JForce, Washington, Morrah.
    Obviously they won’t all be on the field at the same time but you get the picture.
    They could use the same formations with different groupings – yada-yada –

    At least it is something to be happy about

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