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Quick response to Zach Miller signing

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Aug. 2, 2011 at 4:20 pm with 59 Comments »
August 2, 2011 4:20 pm

The Seahawks’ afternoon practice just ended. The big story today was the confirmation that the Hawks had signed tight end Zach Miller (reported to be 5 years and $34 million with $17 million guaranteed).

Immediately we started wondering about the future of incumbent tight end John Carlson, now in his fourth year with the team. Carlson had a good practice, catching a touchdown from Charlie Whitehurst during some late team sessions. But Carlson’s impact on the offense has diminished since his record-setting rookie season.

Line coach Tom Cable made it clear in his comments just a few minutes ago that he is planning to use both Miller and Carlson. “We now have two fantastic tight ends,” Cable said. “They’re going to complement each other the right way.”

Cable said that Miller (66 catches last season) “is a fine, fine player and a better person than he is a player.” He said that Miller and Carlson are “like two peas in a pod.” He touted Miller as a complete player who can block at the point of attack, can be put in motion or split wide and also used as an “H” back.

The beauty of Tuesday’s practice was it will be the last that they have to play without the free agents who have signed. They have tomorrow off, and the free agents can start practicing Thursday, meaning Tarvaris Jackson, Sidney Rice, Robert Gallery, etc., will finally be in uniform.

As for nice plays Tuesday: Kam Chancellor intercepted a high pass from Whitehurst intended for Carlson. Golden Tate made a diving catch on the sidelines against Earl Thomas. Rookie Ricardo Lockette had another nice practice with a crossing completion from Whitehurst. Rookie linebacker Malcolm Smith is getting a lot of chances at the Will linebacker with Hawthorne now at MLB.

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  1. No doubt that Cable wants to run two TE sets. But let’s not forget we still have Morrah and McCoy as receiving TEs. I still wouldn’t put it past this front office to seek a trade for Carlson.

  2. So in Thursday’s practice, as many as 6 out of 11 starters on offense could be players who weren’t on the team last year.
    (Jackson, Rice, Gallery, Miller, Moffitt, Carpenter)

    I’d better print a new roster before I go to the VMAC!

  3. Man, I hope Golden has matured and improved a player, because he is potentially the player on the roster right now, that is the most dangerous when he has a football in his hands. From the limited playtime he got last year, I was almost always sure something big would happen when he caught a pass.

  4. Audible says:

    I can’t wait to see this offense in action next week! My gosh…when is the last time we had weapons like this on offense??? Never!

  5. Audible says:

    I really think we’re seeing an eventual Superbowl team materialize right before our eyes…what a fun thing to watch!

  6. Skavage says:

    Not that I want to lose either of these guys, but I can’t help but wonder if we could do a Carlson/Tate or Carlson/Branch for Asante Samuel and maybe a late round pick?

  7. Dukeshire says:

    That’s something that’s been lost in the excitement of the signing; the idea they like having Carlson and Miller, for at least one season. They can present such difficult matchups with their TEs and receivers. Shoe’s on the other foot league.

  8. Yeah. We have special talent on the offensive side of the ball. It’s unbelievable. Maybe we’ll be able to score points in spite of our QB play. One thing Jackson can do well is throw jump balls to Sidney Rice. But with some of our other guys, he’ll be able to throw jump balls to them, too. It might not actually be hard to play the QB position with this offense. We should be able to run the ball and we should be able to throw jump balls to our tall receivers.

  9. Eric – now that Lofa is gone who is projected as the QB of the defense? Will BMW see as much action in this new offense?

    Carroll said he wanted an explosive offense. Looks like he’ll have one with the recent additions.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Dave – it’s difficult right now I understand, but how would you assess Smith at Will so far?

  11. SandpointHawk says:

    Audible says:I really think we’re seeing an eventual Superbowl team materialize right before our eyes…what a fun thing to watch!

    And sooner than we may think….

  12. “One thing Jackson can do well is throw jump balls to Sidney Rice… It might not actually be hard to play the QB position with this offense”

    Yes. It has become apparent that this is Pete Carroll’s plan.

    Steady now, Bobby, but we just might all be cheering for Tavaris Jackson soon. ;-)

  13. Dukeshire says:

    excile – Eric will confirm or deny this, but the responsibility of checking into and out of blitzes and shifts nearly always comes with the MLB. So, Heater.

  14. bird_spit says:

    I agree, we look like we have the makings of a Offense capable of running the ball for a change.

    Which makes the lose of Tat all the harder. Our D’s biggest problem has been that the Offense couldn’t sustain drives.

  15. Of course I’ll be cheering for him. And with the talent he has around him now, I think anyone as bad as him can look functional.

  16. @Dave Boling: another question from the peanut gallery…

    who do think will start opening week at right guard? (if Moffit isn’t ready?)

  17. Duke – easy answer then. When Lofa was out couple year back was it Heater directing the D?

  18. It is typically the MLB role to set the LBs and shift the DL. Everything behind the MLB is typically set by the SS, so in our case, the loss of Lawyer Milloy and Lofa are a double-whammy for this defense. Heater is experienced, but we shouldn’t be surprised if gap control is a problem in the early games.

  19. Maybe my favorite Tacoma News Tribune headline ever was Eric Williams’ article today:

    “Seahawks Newcomer Gallery Hands Out Abuse”

  20. Hass is probably like WTF, gotta feel for him a little, it’s almost funny that he leaves and all of a sudden he’s got like three probowlers for receivers, Rice, Miller, and Williams (possible?).

  21. “but we shouldn’t be surprised if gap control is a problem in the early games.”

    LOL… after the last 3 season’s it would be great if only a problem early!

  22. freedom_X says:

    It appears that Chicago got a 3rd round pick from the Panthers for Greg Olson, with Olson having signed a 4 year extension.

    I would put Carlson’s value roughly in the same range if he signs an extension with the team that trades for him. 3rd-to4th round value. The Browns don’t look like they have any proven producers at TE, and the Holmgren offense cries out for a TE. If I’m trading Carlson, that sounds like my best bet.

    Cleveland is also fairly close to Carlson’s college stomping grounds, if that has any impact on his willingnes to relocate. Of course, Broderick Bunkley refused to go to Cleveland, forcing Philadelphia to trade him to Denver instead…

  23. @excile – lol – Point taken.

    And to think was going to mention that our O line may be pretty uncoordinated this season too. As if that’s not an improvement over last year!

  24. Soggybuc says:

    Wow think about the possibility, 3rd and long we go 2 tight Rice and BMW outside Zach and JC on the line with Leon in the back field, that would scare the heck out of a D.
    And lets not forget while T jack may not be a great passing QB but he sure as hell is a legitimate threat running the ball.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    excile – Correct, Heater was making the calls in ’09. Again, Dave or Eric could speak to this, but I believe that is a significant reason why Lofa worked so closely with him in in the film room, after the torn pec. Not just the nuance of the position (defending the seam in Cover 2, for one…) but all the responsibility that comes with the position; how to make the calls, what keys to look for from the offensive alignment, directing the (basically) 6 players in front of you, etc… He had a terrific mentor in that regard.

  26. Kingpear says:

    First… I wonder what number Miller will be sporting? As 80 would be blasphemy….

    If they plan on keeping Carlson they need to re-structure on the cheap right now. But, I would have to say they are building for the future.

    T-jack may work in this O, but I cannot help but dream about the 2012 draft. Ton of QB talent could be coming out, and with new CBA there is no Bradford sort of cash that needs to be spent.

  27. Skavage says:

    Not to rain on this parade (I like the offensive moves as much as anyone) but unless we bear down and upgrade at CB and the D-line we might end up seeing a lot of games like the Saint playoff game….high scoring!

  28. Pac-12 Trivia:

    Of the 90 players in camp right now, 26 are from the Pac-12.
    6 – USC
    5 – Cal
    3 – UW
    3- Oregon
    2 – Stanford
    2 – Arizona St
    2 – Colorado
    1- Arizona
    1- Oregon St
    1 Washington St
    0 – UCLA
    0 – Utah

  29. All good if we score more points then the opposition

  30. I guess it would be rainin’ game then.

  31. bird_spit says:

    An O that can score on will, almost, can go to the playoffs with out a stout D. Of course, we want more than to go to the playoffs. But what a good start, assuming our picks were good ones.

  32. Correction, make that 27 players from the Pac-12. Zach Miller went to AZ State.

  33. Audible says:

    If nothing else, we’re going to have a blast watching opposing defenses try to stop our multidimensional attack.

  34. Audible says:

    Carroll said anyone who doesn’t understand who both Milller and Carlson fit into this system “doesn’t get it”.

  35. freedom_X says:

    Seattle needs a DE and a CB more, but they can’t force the market. It’s absolutely vital that Seattle avoids overpaying (in $$$ and assets) for this.

    It’s very unlikely Seattle gets the #1 pick next year to draft Luck, assuming he’s still is the clear cut #1 QB. Even if Seattle stinks, there’s going to be competition for that #1 pick. Those are long odds.

    But, there’s always the chance that a team with a good, young QB has a bad season and drafts #1. If that happens, then either the existing QB or the #1 pick is going to be available for trade. If you have what it takes to move up, then your chances are greatly increased.

    In that case Seattle has to have plenty of assets to trade. Not the “take 4 players I want to get rid of and a 5th round pick” type trade, but top notch players and high picks.

    So Seattle has to hang on to their #1 and #2 picks at the very least, and accumulate more high picks (3rd and 4th rounders) to have a potentially good trade package for the #1 overall, if it comes to it.

    I do not want to see high picks shipped off for Umenioyra or Samuel. The foundation is being laid for a team that will be good for 4-5 years. If we don’t have our QB now, everything has to be devoted to getting that QB next season, and all assets need to be preserved to do it.

  36. IdahoHawk says:

    It will be interesting if that number falls the longer pete’s away from college.

  37. HawkfaninMT says:

    To the question about RG if Moffitt isnt ready…

    What about Leonard Davis? Older for sure, but would just be a place holder and mentor to Moffitt… Should be cheap and be had on a 1 year deal I bet

  38. IdahoHawk says:

    so it looks to be four to six possible qb’s drafted in the first 40 pics. What order do they draft.

    1. Andrew luck

  39. Soggybuc says:

    Nice job Pete, you have a team loaded with good west coast talent while still insulting UCLA.

  40. grizindabox24 says:

    Hawkfaninmt, why does Moffitt need a place holder?

  41. bird_spit says:

    I think we win or lose with our young OL. They need to develop together to be ready for a superbowl run in 3 years+.

  42. free_x – looking over the remainder of the DE FA’s… there are none. Believe they’ve already addressed the position at CB.

    Bicycle pedal onto your QB assessment if I might. Cincy will be locking down that first pick, likely. Draft pick amo will be needed to move ahead.

    Ya know, if I were a player i’d moon browns cheap arse, flip him a ____ fer drafting me! At least Detroit can be written off as ___ bad luck? and there outlook is currently good

  43. Brown is the Bengal owner not Cleveland

  44. Soggybuc says:

    Agree, for better or worse its going to be the JJ’s on the right. they will run behind them a bit and roll protections early. going to be running boot legs more than pure pocket plays. just MHO on how they are going to do it to let those kids get their legs under them.
    But then again they did throw Big Russ out there and let him sink or swim, what was it? game 4 when they said here dont worry that Peppers guy is creampuff.
    As far as James carpenter goes, I’m excited because if you can stonewall Big Red twice in one on ones in your VERY FIRST NFL practice. your a player!

  45. Dukeshire says:

    Overall the team’s corners may be young, but it’s curious that people are saying that is a position of need or they need an upgrade there. How does anyone know that? You (those who are saying that) may as well say the same about the o line. Let’s at least wait for a preseason game or two before we presume to know how deep or thin that very young group is or isn’t.

  46. Soggybuc says:

    And while it has been nothing splashy they have quietly added some new pieces to the D-line including giving Jameson Konz a look see at DE.
    If they can some how avoid the injury bug to the unit it should be OK.

    Eric or Dave, How has Brandon Browner been looking in practice?

  47. IBGoofy says:

    Duke, I agree on the CB position also… add to that, not like Browner’s really a rookie…
    Eric or Dave may be able to give us an insight on how he’s looked…

    I have seen a couple of single play comments noting he had done well on coverage…

    Can’t wait to see this team on the field….

  48. IBGoofy says:

    Soggy! Got there before me, good job!

  49. Hawkzilla says:

    Exciting moves! One of the best off seasons ever IMO.

  50. Hawkzilla says:

    Oh and it’s not even over yet!

  51. just saw a post on nfl that osi is coming to seattle? don’t know the details…yet. not a reliable source mind you, but it got me a little fired up.

  52. The only thing that worries me on Browner is that he is a tad slower speed wise.

    Which of our DB’s will cover speed guys? I know we have them but not sure which ones are fast AND have good hips. So just curious.

  53. Soggybuc says:

    I wouldn’t surprise me to see them slow it down now. they are sitting at somewhere around 83 now? cut downs are coming very soon so unless it’s a huge move like say Osi trade we may just stand pat.

  54. Soggybuc says:

    Where did you see that Joreb? only thing i saw was that we are still one of the 6 or so prime spots looking at him and that the giants have backed off from a first to a second pick for him.

    My guess is that Osi is going to cost 18 to 21 mill on a 3 year deal with 12 guaranteed.

  55. and I gotta say that I like the new banner!!!

  56. Soggybuc says:

    “Which of our DB’s will cover speed guys?”
    Thats the beauty of man press. it’s hit the Mutha*%$#@# hard enough to ensure he never gets a clean break on his route.
    In other words. how do you stop a “speed” guy? with a well muscled forearm!

  57. yellaman says:

    Any way hawks can get Osi from the giants- the asking price just went down to a 2 rd pick?

  58. jchawks08 says:

    @Stevos – AGAIN, it’s Tarvaris. If you spell it Tavaris one more time, I’m going to hunt you down and write ‘TARVARIS’ in magic marker on your forehead.
    Also, allow me to pick further. Trivia is a question. Usually multiple choice. Your post about Pac-12 players on the hawks was simply informational only. Nothing trivial about it.

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