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Confirmed: CB Jennings re-signs with Hawks

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 1, 2011 at 9:23 am with 51 Comments »
August 1, 2011 11:55 am

Peter King of Sports Illustrated is reporting that cornerback Kelly Jennings returned to the Seattle Seahawks on a one-year deal. I know that Jennings was one of the players Seattle reached out to once free agency began, and they were interested in bringing him back. But they probably had to wait and see how the market developed for the 28-year-old corner.

UPDATE: The team confirmed Jennings had agreed to a one-year deal.

Jennings will have some intense competition from Walter Thurmond, Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner if he wants to regain his starting job.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Let me guess; he’ll “earn” a starting spot out of camp only to lose it by the end of September. (Sorry for the snotty tone of this post but my goodness, how many times do we need to see this play out?)

  2. rgbuckl says:

    I can’t believe they’re going to take up a spot on the roster when the 20 CBs they brought in were to replace him… I’m sure we have enough depth out there for nickel and dime packages, not to mention an extra ball-hawking safety with killer potential.

  3. pabuwal says:

    So does this mean they will keep a CB on the roster under 6′ that is incapable of playing press coverage?

  4. chrisj122 says:

    If he does earn a starting spot then fine, and if he is named the starter just to have it taken from him by someone else better then fine. I will take that situation over the situation with the QB position. How does pete continue to promote and talk about competition at every position after giving T.J. the job without any? I understand he’s more familiar with the offense but to name hime a starter before he even comes to practice and really hasn’t started a game since when? Let me say I’m no fan of Charle Whitehurst but if your philosophy is all about competition, why did it just go out the window? Something doesn’t add up for me on this decision. I believe this makes us weeker at the QB position and risk losing creditablity among players.

  5. freedom_X says:

    Last year, I was in the minority here. I never thought Jennings played as badly as most people here thought. To me, his play wasn’t much different than Trufant or Thurmond (definitely thought he was superior to Thurmond, though of course Thurmond has major upside.)

    On the other hand, I thought Trufant was a huge disappointment given his salary and reputation, but so far, he’s still getting paid.

  6. Thurmond looked a little lost sometimes last year. I hope he shows a lot of improvement and eventually beats Jennings out, but I think we will be stuck with Jennings as starter for a bit longer.

  7. chrisj122,

    There are exceptions to every rule. I doubt anyone thinks competition is out the window, Whitehurst and Jackson included. They both know that their job is in constant jeopardy with this coaching staff.

    Jackson has worked in Bevell’s system for four years, has rapport with Rice, and has more experience as a starter. He should be the starter.

    Obviously, Whitehurst has not locked down the starting job yet…that’s on him.

  8. Naming TJack the starter now is actually the smart thing to do. You can’t go into training camp with your QB’s splitting reps. One guy has to get the most work, especially in this shortened training camp and preseason. Do you think Sam Bradford or Drew Brees are getting less than 80% of the snaps during this time?
    Especially with 4 new offensive lineman and a new receiver. I am more and more impressed with Pete & John as they move forward with their vision. If TJ screws up come game time, then it is time to reevaluate. But for now, this was a smart move.

  9. BobbyAyala says:

    With all of the negativity swirling around Tarvaris Jackson, I wanted to take a closer look, and there are indeed reasons for optimism.

    2008 was the last time Jackson saw time as a starter. After a rocky start, he lost his job to Gus Frerotte, but was re-inserted at the tail end of the season and impressed.

    After throwing the game-winning TD in Week 13, Jackson came off the bench again in Week 14, to lead the Vikings to a come-from-behind win by going 11-of-17 for 163 yards, 4 TDs and 0 INTs. He was named the Fed-Ex Player of the Week for the performance. In Week 16, Jackson went 26-of-33 for 266 yards, 2 TDs and O INTs in his last start at the NFL level.

    Now let’s look at Jackson’s 2008 numbers compared to Hasselbeck’s 2010 numbers:

    Jackson 2008 – 9 G, 88-of-149 (59.1), 1,056 yards (7.1 ypa), 9 TD, 2 INT 95.4 QB RATING

    Hasselbeck 2010 – 14 G, 266-of-444 (59.9), 3,001 (6.8 ypa), 12 TD, 17 INT, 73.2 QB RATING

    So, continue to be negative on Jackson if you so choose, but stats don’t lie.

    Emotion should never play into a franchise’s personnel moves. Thankfully, that is the case in Seattle, and hopefully, it should lead to wins in the future.

  10. chrisj122 says:

    To me it seems a little premature to name T.J. the starter or even to name C.W. the starter for that matter. I’d think Carrol would want to run a couple of practices or at least see T.J. throw a couple of passes before naming him the starter. I wasn’t expecting to go the entire preseason without a starter being named but before Carrol can do any evaluation in practice seems a little premature. Last year at this time Pete Carrol wasn’t willing to name Hass the starter, just seems a little odd and maybe I’m just not to excited about either one of these guys.

  11. This guy from the Seattle PI just rips into Carroll and Schneider…definitely worth a read and especially for anyone who can appreciate a much different point of view:

  12. ljarllrajl says:

    This could be a precursor to a Marcus Trufant move.

  13. I don’t see how they can ask Trufant to restructure unless they think he is completely finished, even when healthy. They have no one else to take his spot. They are very thin at this position.

    I saw the Tatupu release coming after they resigned HIll, but I don’t see Trufant even being asked to restructure.

  14. BobbyAyala says:

    Trufant ain’t going nowhere. Pab’s got it right, there’s no one to replace him.

    Lofa had the heater on his heels, and that’s not a good place to be.

  15. ballgame says:

    Audible: Thanks for the link, although to me it just read like a guy who is upset he lost his 2 favorite players. Putting way to much stock into the locker room stuff and not into the on field production.

    As far as the Jenning signing goes. I have I’m glad he is back, not because I want him starting, I hope one of the young guns beat him out, but Jennings while not being a shut down guy by any means is still using a sabormetric baseball term is still better than replacement level, which for a team rebuilding is a good thing.

  16. devisscher says:

    Lofa is visiting Raiders today

  17. Dukeshire says:

    I would disagree they are thin at corner. They are incredibly young and inexperienced but we simply don’t know enough about that group to say they are thin or not just yet. I will agree however that Tru’s not going anywhere this season. But should he play as ineffectively again as he did the majority of last season, it will be a different story altogether.

  18. I thought it was interesting how he described Carroll’s motives for releasing the established leaders on the team.

    Reminds me of Sociology 101 back at University.

  19. Would agree with Steven J Patrick of Seattle PI on most in that article considering Hasselbeck. But we had all seen the Heater outperform Tatupu. I was for trading Lofa last off season if they had found a suitor. Duke and I had the same argument over leadership. I mentioned Thomas not really knowing Milloy would be starting. Speaking of Milloy. He was a fan favorite in New England and refused to renegotiate after making a pro bowl. Milloy was release before the season and Buffalo signed him. The Patriots haven’t missed a beat. Often moving highly sought vets.

    However , there has been one
    And that has been franchise quarterback
    The team leader
    Throw a low rider his way and he’ll turn em all pro (Wes Welker, Branch, resurrection of Moss, you name em)

    Hasselbeck to Djack
    K Robinson
    J Stevens
    B Engram

    None of those guys managed to make it on another team (BE may be an exception).

  20. Why do people keep bringing up Hass’s stats for an argument that he was done. Do people forget about the last time he had any stability on the line or a true #1 receiver. How many times where there was a chance for a first down or big play, only to have the receiver to drop it. When’s the lady time he had a running game? Hass’s is time here is gone, but shot man, what other qb had to deal with as much as Hass did the last couple of years. You got to give him some credit for what he had to work with

  21. Dukeshire says:

    Patrick’s article is interesting. I thoroughly disagree with it, but it is an interesting theory. Two issues I have are 1; It wasn’t just that he was deemed a “rah rah” guy in NY and NE, it’s that the players ultimately didn’t respect him. Or so goes the story. Well, I’m hard pressed to believe there’s even one guy in that building that doesn’t understand he will break you off in a heartbeat. No one is untouchable. It’s either his way or there’s the door. Carroll’s proven himself to be a cold-blooded and calculating leader. Tell me he doesn’t have their attention and respect.

    2; The Seahawks have been on a downward spiral since ’05. One could argue that Hass and Lofa weren’t part of the problem, that is was others (and I would likely be in that camp) significant changes are needed. The two most important players were aging, often injured and quite frankly, not playing at a competitive level on a consistent basis (understand, Matt and Lofa are two of my all-time favorite players. Hell, I named my golden retriever Lola Tatupu as a homage.) This had to happen and not because of any subconscious paranoia Carroll has about being undermined by older players, but because it was in the best interest of the Seahawks future. I can’t imagine what a personally wrenching decision it was for him to part ways with Lofa.

    In any case, that’s how I see it.

  22. ryanryan says:

    I’m thinking that there are 3 reasons they haven’t/won’t approached Tru to reduce his salary:

    1. They do not have his successor in place like they had for Tatupu.
    2. There is not a free agent that they could go get TODAY that is better.
    3. Every team in our division would gladly pick him up once released.

    How happy would the Cardinals be to steal Trufant from us to pair with Peterson now that they have given up DRC to get Kolb.

    There is no telling how hard the Seahawks pushed for any of the other free agents that have been signed by other teams yet were unable to sign.

    Right now, it makes sense for the team to overpay him until he gets beat out by two of our youngsters. When healthy he is at least a solid #2, which is better than ANYONE else on our roster.

    Jennings is insurance in case NONE of our young kids steps up and has improved enough from last year (or injury). Jennings can cover you like white on rice, but its like he has his hands tied behind his back until the catch is made – sadly, that too is better than anyone else on our roster has shown.

    I’ve been wrong before.

  23. orbeavhawk says:

    OFF Subject Eric [hope you see this] any chance we might go after Dennis Dixon?

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “GeorgiaHawk – Did I miss that about fewer KR for Washington? Where did you see that?”

    Dukeshire- I was referring to the rule change this year, moving the kick off spot from the 30 to the 35.
    I guess they did that to decrease injuries, however I find it odd that they would want to increase the games from 16 to 18 if they were so concerned with that.

    Now if Washington is looking as impressive like the reports are telling us, then it looks like his touches will most likely increase in the backfield.

    I’m just glad we have him!

  25. orbeavhawk,

    Why would we want him?

  26. BobbyAyala says:

    “Why do people keep bringing up Hass’s stats for an argument that he was done. Do people forget about the last time he had any stability on the line or a true #1 receiver. ”

    Do they have stability on the line now? They’re starting two rookies and two second-year guys (Unger missed all last season).

    The real question is, Why do people keep insisting that this would be a great team if only Matt Hasselbeck was the quarterback?

    He was 7-9 last year. 7-9. He hasn’t played a healthy season in four years. The guy had one good game a year ago. One.

    Matt didn’t throw 17 interceptions last year because he was always on his back.

    Last season, Hasselbeck was sacked 29 times and his QB rating was 72.3.

    In 2004, Hasselbeck was sacked 30 times and his QB rating was 83.1.

    In 2007, Hasselbeck was sacked 34 times and his QB rating was 91.4.

    People get old.

    Their skills deteriorate.

    The problem is fans equate so much sucess and good feelings with certain athletes, they have trouble letting go emotionally.

    The fact is, Matt Hasselbeck is an aging QB and, if brought back, he would’ve been surrounded by the second youngest team in football.

    The era is over, and it needed to be over. Football is about philosiphy and motivation, and Carroll needed to say, OK, that was then, this is now, and we have to start over as soon as possible in order to get where we want to go as quickly as possible.

    Matt being around next year maybe gets you 8-8, and maybe, MAYBE another trip to the postseason.

    But Matt also wanted two years guaranteed, so not only is he here this year, but next as well.

    Carroll and Schneider don’t have the time to waste on mediocrity.

    If you suck this season, OK, you get a decent pick and take Matt Barkley.

    If TJACK or CDUB pops, holy cow, now you’re really sitting pretty, because you can still go out and get Matt Barkley, or Landry Fields, or Nick Foles, and groom him while TJACK and SDUB gain a rep. Then you’re talking about having a Brees/Rivers, or Vick/Kolb situation, and you can get a first-rounder and maybe a pro bowl athlete from some sucker ass org like the AZ Cards.

    Matt’s done. Move on.

  27. Duke – already on the roster, Hawthorne presumably is a better player. Money may not have been the primary issue.

    Carrol to Lofa: Hawthorne will be the Hawks starting ILB. You can stick around for the league minimum or find another suitor.

    Now I can understand why Lofa exited BUT Hasselbeck? You avoided that situation in this current post all together. I know it gets repetitive writing the same thing over and over but I may have missed your take. And in this instance you were only explaining one side of the two headed monster / add Carroll

  28. Bobby Ayala – Matt isn’t done. He signed a 21M 3 year deal in Tenn. Grab your bag of popcorn and hope you don’t sound to stupid

  29. Soggybuc says:

    While the decision to name TJ starter does seem to be counter to the practice what you preach idealism. it tells me that Pete will be the first one to turn on his “philosophy” when it comes to what will win football games.
    Whether it works or not will be determined on the field but it appears like the “Suck for Luck” mentality will not be allowed anywhere near the VMAC. I like that.

    ‘Jennings can cover you like white on rice, but its like he has his hands tied behind his back until the catch is made ”

    Well put and funny to boot.

    While i didn’t name my dog after Lofa I did name a World of Warcraft character after him, and of course it was a Warrior.

  30. BobbyAyala says:

    Numbers don’t lie, E.

    Emotions do.

  31. my prediction is that Jennings will be cut before camp is over and we will spend the money on a good CB who gets cut from another team.

  32. A lot of people thought last year was a rebuilding year. It wasn’t. It was a more of patch and get that 7-9 division title year. They did it with some youth but a lot of aging, underperforming veterans.

    This year is truly the rebuilding year with youth across the board. Hopefully the record doesn’t end up looking like a rebuilding year type of record.

  33. Soggybuc says:

    looks like the Hawks picked up Ryan Simms from the Bucs, doesnt seem like a great signing so has to be for depth on the D line

  34. Emotion. I heard that when beating the Hawks in XL

    You just witnessed the hawks advance against the prior SB victor

    Sure there were holes. Plug em. The team was coming around at the right time. Just as the Giants had to beat the ULTIMATE PATRIOTS. 17-0 and Manning escapes a sack, throwing a head case reception to a ??? TE.

    Bagging groceries, Warner turns the hapless Rams into the “greatest show on turf”.

    I listen to these blow hards and year end , out , like this year, Philly is a dream team. For there info… the head with a wing ain’t never won a championship.

    Hasselbeck was the best option in my opinion. Looking to a future draft? In your analysis or whatever. Should the hawks still end 8-8 they doubtful will have a shot at those front runner QB’s.

    Besides, there is never a sure thing.

  35. The nice thing about signing guys like Sims is we don’t have to marry ‘em. If they turn out to be fat and ugly, we can send ‘em packing. Remember some of the moves last year? A player might be signed and cut before the ink was dry.

  36. beating = betting oops

  37. devisscher says:

    Remind me why we got rid of Josh Wilson?

  38. SandpointHawk says:

    Veteran free agent tight end Zach Miller is visiting the Seattle Seahawks today, according to a league source with knowledge of the situation.

    There had been reports that he was likely to rejoin the Raiders, but that hasn’t happened yet.

    Now, he’s exploring his options.

  39. Audible says:


    I’d love to sign Zach Miller…the dude is a very good receiving tight end as well as an excellent blocker. There were a lot of us hoping we would draft him a few years ago.

  40. Audible says:

    After a little checking, Miller has only missed two games and he’s only 25…about the same age as Rice…what a really nice addition he would be.

  41. IBGoofy says:

    Has anyone here (on the blog) been to the Hawks practices live????

    What has been your perception of CW at this point? Accurate? Loose?
    Pressing? Comfortable?

    Obviously he needs to get his snaps in now, as TJ will take most of them from Thursday thru the next week…. getting used to the starters and their speeds….

    Also, any observations on Portis (#13)? He sure has size and (i’m told) is pretty assertive in the learning process….

    Early, I know, but a lot of times , players can stick out…. They should as they have the QB jerseys….

  42. “A lot of people thought last year was a rebuilding year. It wasn’t. It was a more of patch and get that 7-9 division title year. They did it with some youth but a lot of aging, underperforming veterans.

    This year is truly the rebuilding year with youth across the board. Hopefully the record doesn’t end up looking like a rebuilding year type of record.”

    Right – I agree with all of that. And, as you note, a rebuild doesn’t necessarily mean a 2-14 record, esp when you’re in a weak division like ours. But I’d agree that getting rid of Hass is the real signal. And it’s time – you do have to figure the key new pieces of the team.

    Read more:

  43. I wonder what the numbers would have been if Matt had Adrian Peterson to hand off to and Sidney Rice to throw jump balls to?

    I wonder what Jackson would have had for stats last year with NO running game and bad WRs?

    Come on, bobbya, you have to take that into consideration instead of throwing “stats don’t lie” stuff out there. You’re better than that.

    I understand your argument though.

    The only thing I can think of is that we’re building a better team and by getting Jackson to play QB (instead of resigning the guy comPete said was their #1 off-season priority) we’re going to ensure a much higher draft pick in ’12 to actually get our franchise QB.

  44. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I never thought that Jennings was that bad. Is he a starter? Probably not. But he’s good in nickle, and dime, packages. Plus he is a veteran that can fit in good enough when Tru or Thurmand inevitably get hurt. Moreover, it is only a one year contract that probably cost next to nothing at all.

  45. Duke I usually agree with you but I am off alittle on this one.

    I feel I am probably about half way between you and the writer. Where I think his point gains momentum is the fact that Curry and Tru have not been asked to take pay cuts AND they are not big leaders on the team (vocal at least)
    Tatupu does make sense because Hawthorne was there to replace him. But there is no one in place to take his spot. I still totally don’t believe that either

    to your point 1. I think Carroll has there attention but I am not sure he has their respect yet. I actually think that he may have lost a little of that this off season.

    Where Patrick is totally on the spot (IMO) is that I don’t think he values others leadership enough.

    I don’t think coaches or players become “leaders” in a season. I think it will cost us in some way this year, maybe just a little, but some none the less. Respect is earned not demanded (at least if you want any long term success) This does concern me.

  46. IBGoofy says:

    Actually, I see the Hass situation as more realistic…. We could be sitting here as late as today trying to negotiate that second year, or guaranteed money, etc.
    Not knowing where we’re going this year….I believe the break had to come and now was the best time…. Hass not being signed during the impasse period put unknown’s all over the place….

    The defense is still a project under construction…. PC’s formal comment: “And we came to an understanding that this is a good thing,” just doesn’t sound ok to me.. can’t prove anything, but even though his replacement is right there…. It
    just begs for a better explanation….

  47. Hass wanted to break the bank? Signed with Tenn for a reasonable amount. But wasn’t it made known they had rescinded any offer?

    In other words, yer out

  48. freedom_X says:

    I think it’s been established that Curry cannot be asked to take a pay cut. Something about it not being allowed for a rookie in the 3rd year of his deal. That explains why this never happens.

    Trufant may be the next shoe to fall if they look solid at CB, or can pick up another veteran. Or, Carroll may evaluate Trufant differently and think he’s worth keeping. That’s his call after all.

    One factor making this a bigger surprise (Tatupu) is the short offseason. In a normal offseason, this would have played out over a month or more. The drama would have been less.

    I think the same dedication and drive that made Tatupu successful, gives him the pride that’s hard to swallow in terms of taking a pay cut. He might end up signing for the same as the amount Seattle wanted him to cut down to, but it’ll be easier to take from another team vs. his original one. Weird, but I can see how he’d feel that way.

  49. monmornQB says:

    Jennings? How many times do I have to watch a HS quality db give up passes to wide open receivers?

  50. JoeinKirkland says:

    Jennings’ coverage skills are quite good (he is frequently in position to make a play) but his ball skills are horrible (even though he is in position, he can’t make the play). If he hasn’t learned ball skills by now, I doubt he is ever going to.

  51. nighthawk2 says:

    So let me see if I understand this, Josh Wilson, who was traded to the Ravens and became a starter there, didn’t fit into whatever the Carroll/Bradley scheme was last year; but Kelly Jennings did. Now, after getting zero interest around the league, Kelly Smurf signs a one year deal year.

    If Jennings is anything more than a dime package back, the secondary is in deep trouble. Then again, it wouldn’t really surprise me; because if they’re not going to make the effort to bring in a good quarterback like Kyle Orton and instead settle for a turkey like Tarvarvis Jackson, and then make him the starter, nothing should surprise us.

    But then the Jackson thing may show a method to Carroll’s apparent madness; tanking the season. If he starts 16 games, or even the majority, we’re are a lock to have the worst record in the league and the 1st pick overall. “With the first pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford”. And our QB problem is solved for a decade.

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