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Official: Lofa Tatupu, Hawks part ways

Post by Eric Williams on July 31, 2011 at 8:11 am with 84 Comments »
July 31, 2011 11:37 am
Seattle Seahawks linebacker Lofa Tatupu (TNT file photo)

A day after the Seattle Seahawks asked him to take a reduction in pay, veteran linebacker Lofa Tatupu skipped practice to mull over his decision to take the offer or ask for his release.

And the answer appears to be the Tatupu will be moving on, as ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the 28-year-old has asked the team for his release, and the Seahawks will reluctantly comply with his request.

UPDATE: A league source confirmed that the Seahawks and Tatupu have mutually agreed to part ways, which means he was granted his release and is now free to negotiate with any team.

But if true, the move brings to a close an impressive, six-year career with the Seahawks for Tatupu, who made the Pro Bowl his first three years in the league, and helped Seattle reached the Super Bowl in the 2005 season.

Tatupu also was the first Seahawks to lead the team in tackle in four consecutive seasons, from 2005 to 2008.

However, injuries had slowed him of late, with Tatupu playing all 16 games for the first time in three seasons last year. Tatupu also had surgeries on both knees in January.

Tatupu has five years and more than $25 million remaining on his contract, which includes a $4.35 million base salary.

David Hawthorne likely will slide over to middle linebacker, with rookie Malcolm Smith and veteran LeRoy Hill possible candidate to take over for the spot vacated by Hawthorne at outside linebacker.

It appears players got word of Tatupu’s decision late Saturday.

“Lost a soldier tonight. He will be Greatly missed. #thebusiness,” said fullback Michael Robinson via twitter.

“Cold Business,” tweeted rookie linebacker Malcolm Smith.

With Tatupu’s apparent departure, only Marcus Trufant and Hill remain from the 2005 Super Bowl team.

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  1. It was sad watching Tatupu get abused by the Bears last year. I think there was even a play where Cutler outjuked him on a big scramble.

    When undersized, slow players come into the league, they have no room for skill deterioration. When it happens, the end is sudden and swift.

    This move had to be done and the team will be better on the field for it.

  2. Sarcasticus says:

    I know it is blasphemy to say, but I prefer Hawthorne.

    May I suggest the next picture at the top of the page be T-Jack. I see a trend!

  3. jarred767 says:

    Wow, while I can see the reality in this, it still hurts to see another long-time leader leave the team.

    I read the Sando piece a couple days ago regarding how young the average age of the Seahawks is (and all other team’s average ages). Those numbers looked surprisingly low for all teams so I assume it included the entire roster (not just starters). I’d be interested to see a similar analysis once the lineup gets a little more solidified and have it just include the 22 projected starters. I bet we easily put out the youngest starting lineup in the league this year.

    (And who’s gonna step up and lead this team)?

  4. SandpointHawk says:
  5. This is bad. We lose the QB of the offense, then the QB of the defense. I felt we had a pretty good foundation to start really building on this week.

    Put Tarvaris Jackson’s picture up there next, and maybe he’ll get run out of town.

  6. MadSweeney42 says:

    Well s@#t. I think I liked the lockout better than seeing two of my all time favorites walk away. Even with diminished skills and injuries and a relatively short career for Lofa, losing Hass and him and getting nothing back is doubly hard.

  7. MadSweeney42 says:

    Not to mention both Hass and Tatupu were the O and D captains for years.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    With Heater now moving to MLB, it will be interesting to see what happens at Will. My initial feeling is that Wright will be given every chance to earn that spot. I just don’t think Hill is fast enough to play there in Carroll’s scheme. Hawthorne had marginal speed to play the position and he’s faster than HIll. So I think ultimately Hill is still here to push Curry at Sam.

    Eric / Dave – Can you comment who’s been working the weak side the past couple days with Heater in the middle? Thanks.

  9. HawkyHann says:

    Excellent news. Lofa was good 3 years ago. Best of luck.

    $4M more to spend on another free agent. Nick Barnett, Osi, Greenway? There is talent out there and Schneider will find it.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    “I think there was even a play where Cutler outjuked him on a big scramble.” Please, invent more plays that didn’t happen to illustrate how awful Lofa is.

    Now, there were two plays in that game that stood out to me as signs Lofa’s knees were much worse than had been realized or his skill had truly eroded; 1st quarter, second down maybe, the flare to Olsen in the flat that went for 30. Lofa’s man, he trailed badly and had Olsen simply running away from him. The other was 3rd and long from the 9 in the third where Cutler tucked it after rolling right. Lofa took a pretty bad angle and simply didn’t have the wheels to force him OB. Cutler score and Lofa was never within 5 yards of him. No juking or anything resembling a juke.

    There are enough of these examples of Lofa not making a play that was available to him without having to make things up.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Smith. Yes, I should have included Smith in the mix at Will.

  12. I think we will see an upgrade in on the field play, because he was not the same player, but the leadership and effort presented by guys Lofa and Matt will be greatly missed, hopefully some of the younger guys will be able to grow and take over as leaders in the locker room, a Mike Williams comes to mind, because if not, I don’t think the team will be able to live up to the potential I honestly think is present.

  13. Soggybuc says:

    Well dammit all and then some. keep in mind that this had to be a very hard decision for Carroll and coach Norton as they were the ones who recruited Lofa to USC and played a big part in him getting into the NFL.

  14. Two thoughts:

    NFL = Not For Long

    If you want loyalty, buy a dog.

    Lofa is a great story, a great teammate and great man with a great heritage who does great things in the community, but you don’t earn $5 million a year for that kind of greatness, you get the dough for what you do on the football field.

    It’s great that an undersized slow guy did as much as Lofa did, but you take an extra level of abuse when you’re small and slow and if Lofa has a red “S” on his chest somewhere I must have missed it.

    It’s also pretty hard for a defense to have 100% cohesion during games when they have to practice without their middle linebacker most of the time.

    My guess is along with the salary cut they told him Heater is going to be the starter. So if Lofa can get a starter’s job somewhere else, more power to him, but if he can’t, I hope he swallows his pride and stays with the Hawks.

  15. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Sad news. As I mentioned in a previous thread, getting younger (as a team) sucks because our favorites get scuttled. Best to you, Lofa, and thank you for your warrior leadership.

    And please don’t put Tavaris on the banner. Why not put a picture of the 12th Man up? You cannot cut The 12th Man.

  16. what’s with carrolls getup in that picture?

  17. Dave Boling says:

    Duke … I hadn’t focused on it, but I saw Malcolm Smith in with the first group on some team sessions. He’ll be an interesting story … an outrageously talented athlete who had to deal with some unusual health issues. We’ll have to take a closer look today … and that will be good because they will go in pads on these one-practice days.

  18. I agree, nice write up on the Lofa scenario Dave….

    This sure changes things for us on the defensive side…. Makes the LB position fall from one of our strengths to creating some questionmarks. Our defense already had some valid questionmarks, this will just generate even more focus ….

  19. fuqutribune says:

    Jeez people, time to stock up on Tampax? What is up with the constant crying over players that were good three years ago? Keeping relics around ruined the M’s, why do we want that with the Hawks. Again, love Tatupu, great player three years ago, but good guys aren’t always the best players, we want the Hawks to win, not sit and watch Fried Green Tomatos with us…Midol up, ladies.

  20. If this is true,Aloha brudda! Mahalo for all the years you in alot of people hearts Always a Seahawk. The Heart & soul of us on the field. I wish you well.

  21. Sad. I don’t care if Lofa’s body is a litte beaten up. He is a warrior, he was the leader of the defense, and he was a mentor and teacher for all the LBs. There is no way the defense will be as good without him.

    This loss will hurt much more than the loss of Hasselbeck.

  22. grizindabox24 says:

    IBGoofy, I do not think that linebacker was/is a strength of the Hawks. They look pretty average to me.

  23. Just think of the money made for 45,000 new Jersey Matt and Lofa combined

  24. Dukeshire says:

    fuqutribune – I feel sorry for you and those who share your view. Few, if any, are questioning this is in the teams best interest. But to have a heart so dead you can’t understand the sentimentality some feel for seeing a player who left it all on the field for the team every time, leaving in this way is far sadder.

  25. chuck_easton says:

    I just hope fuqu doesnt have a pet or kids. The second they stop being cute it’s off to the pound or the orphanage. No room for sentiment or love. Bottom line you’ re not carrying your weight there’s the door.

    Must be real fun around that house at Christmas. Coal for everyone!

  26. Might there be a trade in the air?

  27. grizindabox24 says:

    jibo, why would anyone trade for Lofa? His contract is too much for his production, and it looks like he will be released.

  28. Soggybuc says:

    Chuck and Duke, thanks for your rebukes. better stated than I could.

  29. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Here here, Soggy. I concur on Duke and Chuck’s comments.

  30. GriffinNW says:

    John Clayton reporting NY’s Osi would like to come to Seattle via trade. Asking price at least a No. 2? Hmm.


  31. Dukeshire says:

    Boy, would like to have Osi. A second seems fairly reasonable but I hate seeing them trade picks.

  32. I will miss Lofa. What a leader he has been.
    Since I am a woman fan, I guess its OK for me to say that.
    Disgusting caveman post!

  33. Soggybuc says:

    While a 2 is a steep price have we not been pining for some better pass rush? Osi would look damn pretty in Seahawk blue.

  34. grizindabox24 says:

    I would say yes to Osi, with the only downside being that they may need the pick to get into position to draft a QB next year.

  35. The Salary Cap Top 51 Rule begins at 3:01 PT today.

    The question is are we under or over?

    We can still keep Lofa if Trufant or Curry restructures their contracts.

  36. GriffinNW says:

    Bringing in Osi’s talent would be awesome no doubt, but are we really in the position of contending to warrant the trade? A #2 could be REALLY valuable to us next season come draft day, or even using that pick for a different trade that is more beneficial to our future.
    How old is Osi? Giving up a #2 and also taking on his contract (which I don’t know what his contract looks like) is quite a bit.


  37. I am wondering who our new head coach is going to be when Mr Happy as Bobby K would say doesn’t compete in the NFC. Or will Friar John ask him to take a pay cut. We are going to pay Clipboard Jesus 4 mil to sit who has little to nothing to contribute while Lofa a team Captain to take a pay cut. I don’t know what it is about Pete C I just don’t trust him.

  38. grizindabox24 says:

    Osbrey, I do not think it matters what Tru and Curry do, Lofa either takes a paycut or will be gone. And for everyone thinking PC will be gone soon, dream on…I am pretty sure his vision for the future has been discussed with PA and it is understood this is going to be a 3 year process from here.

  39. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think we could have used him in a limited roll this year. That was my hope for this year.
    I know most NFL players have a lot of pride,(and sometimes foolish pride), but I think Tatupu would have been wise to swallow some of it and take a pay cut. After all he did get a second chance here after his DUI.

    I think it’s a little bit of a stretch to compare a player to a kid or a pet, but I can understand the strong sentiment, being that it just happened. I felt that way the first day or two after we learned that Hasselbeck wasn’t going to be here any longer,and it annoyed me too that many on this blog either didn’t want to talk about it and/or made smart remarks at the ones that did.

    I also find it difficult to feel sorry for a player too long. After all they are all living, or have lived their dream with an opportunity to make lots of money.

    If his physical health has degenerated that much then the best thing to do is retire. Especially before he gets another concussion.

  40. williambryan says:

    to prevent a tnt seahawks insider banner curse, maybe just put the seahawks logo up and no more pictures of players…

  41. Dukeshire says:

    Actully, could you put up a picture of Balmer or Curry first?

  42. bayareahawkfan says:

    Sad day, which – like Hass- anyone who’s watched the Hawks for the last two years knew would be coming pretty soon anyway. I’m shocked that it’s happening now, though, and I wish Lofa the best. Much respect for Lofa’s smarts and toughness, and – while in the big picture this decision is one more data point going to prove that we’re in good hands with Schnei-Rol (they’re relentlessly focused on getting better), on a personal level, I think it’s right and normal to mourn the loss of Tats, and think about what we’re losing.

    Great find on that picture, Duke.

  43. Soggybuc says:

    Pete would have never signed with the team if it wasn’t agreed that he would need 4-5 years to get the machine in motion. Paul Allen is a very smart and patient man. he gave Holmgren the time he needed and it paid big dividends in the end.
    Winning the division and the home playoff game was just a nice little bonus for year one of a re tooling franchise.

  44. No way should we trade a #2 for Osi…the dude turns 30 in November! They can keep him.

    What they’re doing with Lofa is really smart…

    We all love him, but he’s not part of our multi-year goal, so they’re clearing room for players who could be long-term starters, while also dumping large contracts to free up money for young FAs.

    Every aging player taking up a roster spot means there is a young player who’s going to be cut.

    Trufant is next.

    Notice a pattern…we don’t have room for:

    Small players (J-force apparently being the exception)
    Aging players
    Injury-prone players
    Underachieving Players (hear that Curry?!)

  45. “to prevent a tnt seahawks insider banner curse, maybe just put the seahawks logo up and no more pictures of players…”

    “Do you want to bring wrath of the football gods onto the entire team”?

  46. You can bet that while Lofa was mulling his decision, his agent made sure he’d get a better contract offer elsewhere. He won’t be out of work long.

    Thank you, Lofa. We’ll miss you. Before you came along, MLB was a tough position for the Seahawks to fill.

  47. grizindabox24 says:

    Schefter reports it is official, Lofa will be released

  48. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “No way should we trade a #2 for Osi…the dude turns 30 in November! They can keep him”.- Agree! Agree! Agree!

  49. jawpeace says:

    Lofa has not played that well the last few seasons. But in his mind he is giving everything he has and deserves the money. While the team management is looking at production, not heart. His production does not equal the dolllars.
    Even the honest posters see he has lost a step. Well when you are already on the small size and not too fast loosing a step equals not being in the right place to make a play.
    Hawks will miss his leadership but a new leader can rise up and replace him, however Lofa can’t replace his knees.
    Thanks for the years of service to the Hawks and good luck else where.
    How about a new young player in the pic like Okung or ET, future maybe present probowlers.
    BTW I did think that was a cool pic of Lofa!

  50. fuqutribune says:

    Duke – “A heart so dead”? Really? Get over yourself.

    I liked him, but this isn’t about crying over broken players, and he is no good as a player, and moving towards winning again. My heart is not dead, I am not calling for his hanging, I am sure he and his millions will be just fine somewhere. He is smart, he is young, and he is rich, so get over it because he will.

    Oh, and by the way, he is a football player to me and the rest of us, when we pretend that we know these guys, we prove to be amazingly ignorant. We only know what he and the writers have sold us. I prefer to keep my “dead heart” focused on the real world and look at football as entertainment.

  51. grizindabox24 says:

    I think the Osi talk is hogwash anyway, I do not see PC trading anything significant because he is looking to get younger and he cherishes draft picks.

  52. JoeinKirkland says:

    I grew up a 49ers fan and one of the keys to their success was they would rather give up a player a year too early than hold onto a player a year too long. Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, Roger Craig,…etc, were released and played at least one more year for someone else.

    Lofa’s skills had clearly deteriorated. There were games where he was invisible, which should never be the case for a run-stuffing MLB.

    I wish him good luck and say thank you for what he has done in the past for us.

  53. Dukeshire says:

    fuqutribune – If you were calling for him to be hanged, that would make you a sociopath.

    No one here, that I’ve read, is pretending to know him. Certainly not me. What people are saying is that as unsurprising as this is and that it’s in the better interest of the team, they are sad to see his time here come to an end in this way. And while you are presenting yourself as passionless regarding the team and their players, most fans are not. People identify (rightly or wrongly) with players that are overachievers and put the team ahead of their own physical well being as Lofa’s done for 6 seasons. There is an emotional connection to that and one that most Seahawk fans share. It’s the reason he’s a fan favorite. So when people express their disappointment the team made a strictly business decision (again in the teams’ better interest, as I’ve said 3 times now), it stings because we like him. It has nothing to do with feeling sorry for him as a person necessarily. It’s about feeling sorry for ourselves that we’re losing someone we care about, whether we know him or not, for all he’s given us. So when someone like you says to “stop crying” or “get the tampax” or some such, it’s as equally reveling about you as it is the ones “crying”.

    If someone genuinely doesn’t understand that or doesn’t feel any emotional connection to certain players or the team of whatever, yes, I feel sorry for them. IMO, it’s a huge part of what makes this all so fun.

  54. SeahawkFan12 says:

    …yeah, and if you’ve been following the Seahawks since the beginning, you’d be hard pressed to find a tougher offseason than this as far as number of iconic players departing in the same year–let alone week!

  55. Last season Lofa played 1250 snaps @ MLB, more than any other MLB/ILB in the NFL. In ’09 Lofa played 213 snaps, 923 snaps in ’08. David Hawthorne did not play any snaps at MLB last season, Matt McCoy played 4 snaps there. In ’09, Hawthorne played 891 snaps @ MLB, and also didn’t play any snaps there in ’08 (Herring played 2 snaps and DD Lewis played 198).

    In ’10 Lofa’s overall performance ranked 107th of 116 MLBs & ILBs (all who played at least 1 snap). In ’09 Lofa’s overall performance ranked 36th of 117, 28th of 101 in ’08.

    FA MLB Stephen Tulloch (TEN): Overall performance ranked 16th in ’10, 23rd in ’09, and 17th in ’08.

    FA MLB Nick Barnett (GB): Overall performance ranked 76th in ’10, 3rd in ’09, and 44th in ’08.

  56. Soggybuc says:

    We might not “know” Lofa, but I can say for certain I “know ” he is a hell of a better person than fuqu will ever be.

  57. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Jeez people, time to stock up on Tampax? What is up with the constant crying over players that were good three years ago? Keeping relics around ruined the M’s, why do we want that with the Hawks. Again, love Tatupu, great player three years ago, but good guys aren’t always the best players, we want the Hawks to win, not sit and watch Fried Green Tomatos with us…Midol up, ladies.”

    You want to know why Dukeshire and others came back strong at you on your post up above?
    Perhaps it had to do with your abusive way of making your point?
    And perhaps it has something to do with your sexest remarks?
    Or it could have been just your overall disrespect for this blog and it’s bloggers?

    I say it’s all of the above!
    Not only have you offended any women on this blog or reading this blog with your ignorant juvenile post, you managed to offend just about everyone else with your lack of respect.
    Just like there is no place for racist remarks on this blog! There is no place for cowardly sexist remarks on this blog!
    If you find the time to get out of your cave and re-read your post a few times then perhaps you can then take this opportunity to step up and be a real man and apologise to all the ladies and gentleman that you have chosen to offend today.

  58. Seahawkgo says:

    Best of luck Lofa. It’s sad day for me. How can I wear your 51 jersey to the game this season?

  59. Dukeshire says:

    klm – “David Hawthorne did not play any snaps at MLB last season”

    This is simply wrong. He filled in for Lofa at MLB in the Giants, Carolina and Atlanta games when Lofa came out. And those are three off the top of my head. I can look into it further, but I’d guess Heater took close to 20 snaps at Mike in ’10.

  60. Ewalters7354 says:

    I personally believe Pete would love to have Osi this team.People an be too technical about the age factor.Guys are getting cut because they are not able to contribute like needed.Why do you think Pete ended the QB competition?Because Charlie showed he isn’t the answer.Doesn’t Sven show flashes of being great.Osi is a great player that is durable and age doesn’t play a factor.Look at Milloy.Pete wants players.

  61. Ewalters7354 says:

    Duke,he also came on for Lofa for the playoff game vs the Saints

  62. grizindabox24 says:

    Ewalters, hence PC telling Lawyer that he was not in the Hawks plans currently because they are looking to get younger

  63. Soggybuc says:

    LOL Kim008 i love you i really do. but i keep imagining you in a windowless room with only a computer and chair, walls covered floor to ceiling with print outs of graphs, charts and lists rocking back and forth like the rain man muttering ” Yeah, 893 snaps, 54.2% stopage ratio, yeah 893 snaps, 54.2% stopage ratio”

    Keep it coming man because i do truly appreciate your love of number crunching. it great info. that and it’s way more work than i’m willing to do

  64. Dukeshire says:

    Ewalters7354 – Right you are.

    Soggy – lol, agreed. Whether his numbers are accurate or not, I don’t have the patience to assemble anything like that, at all. The effort is admirable.

  65. Good luck and thanks for 100%

  66. I think the picture in the News tribunes Seahawk banner is the kiss of death. First Matt and now Lofa.

  67. LB Corps: Curry-Heater-Hill ??

    Sounds like a group without a leader to me. Will Curry continue to develop without Lofa to help set him up for the next play? All of Hill’s great games came playing next to Lofa. I can’t see this LB corp scaring anyone without Tatupu running the show.

    I’m just disgusted by this move. Plain disgusted. I don’t know what to think our our FO right now.

  68. “I don’t know what to think our our FO right now. ”

    They are hard-core pragmatists. Which, ultimately, is the smart way to be. Lofa still has the ability to contribute, but not at the level justifying his salary for the position. So they offered a re-structure, he declined, and they moved on. The NFL is totally merciless – but this was the right move. Very N.E. Patriots.

    But, like others on here – it’s a good time to remember the good moments. I remember most what a great rookie Lofa was, came in, immediately became the brains of the unit; I remember him always tapping D-lineman on the hips to shift them over to the right gaps. He used to get into the backfield a ton, and was very good in space too – but I think the injuries took those qualities away. He’s only 28, but it feels like an old 28.

    Great player for us, esp those first few years. But it’s the right move by Carroll/Schneider, these guys are going to make us very good eventually.

  69. williambryan says:

    Audible, just saw your response to my banner curse post. Hilarious! lol

  70. nidhighe says:

    His leadership will be missed. It was painful watching him play last year. His instincts were still there, but he just couldn’t make the tackle or get to where he needed to be on the field.

  71. jonathan says:

    See now when they hired Jim Mora I thought “That’s a really awful decision”. Then they passed on Holmgren to right the ship after Mora flamed out. Next they staggered their way thru last season, validated only by their presence in the worst division in sports. Now Matt & Lofa in the same week? I’m really beginning to hate these guys. I know Paul Allen has no patience for losing (see PDX GM’s), perhaps he can look at this disaster brewing here at home at cut his losses now. Fire everyone who has made a decision in this organization since December 2009. Now!

  72. I expect Tru will be next…

  73. BobbyAyala says:

    Damn, there goes my Lofa jersey…

    Sad day. Short Seahawks career. Shoulda taken the pay cut “team guy.”

  74. “Damn, there goes my Lofa jersey…”

    Yeah, I bought my kid two jerseys over the past few years, #8 and #51.

    Last year, I got him #29, seems like at least he’ll be around for awhile .. ..

  75. MadSweeney42 says:

    I realize Seattle is nearly Siberia but I watched NFLN for over an hour and a half this morning while cleaning while reading all the reaction here to Lofa’s release and not a whisper of it. Not on the ticker, not in any Live Breaking News segments, not on any bullet points. I’ve had it on for over an hour and a half just now while firing off work emails and the same, not a whiff other than a small bullet point about him on the sidebar. They’ve talked more about Chris Spencer than Lofa. For a guy that was one of the best LBs in the game his first 3 years and was the D captain from his first snap in the league, I can’t believe there’s been NOTHING! There’s a Carroll interview about to happen live, but even in the prelude to the interview, there’s nothing about Lofa. Unreal!

  76. MadSweeney42 says:

    Aaaaaaaannddddd no mention of Tatupu.

  77. I understand the moves but I don’t like them per se.

    I do worry aout leadership, some guys have it and in reality most don’t! If no one provides leadership on the team we won’t be as good as we could.

    Here is to hoping someone steps up so that we can at least be competitive. I have seen some real improvements but some other places where we have gone imo

  78. Backwards ( to finish the last post).

    I do wish this could have happened before h
    herring signed somewhere else. Having him around would make me feel a little more comfortable with the transition

  79. ChrisHolmes says:

    So, are we considering a Banner Curse now?

    Hurts to see Lofa go. Not as bad as seeing Hasselbeck go, but bad.

    Gotta hope PC has a plan that pans out in a couple years. Definitely rebuilding.

    I like that we’re getting younger though. And I’d rather cut a guy a year early than a year late. It works for the Patriots… PC is showing me that he definitely learned from his times in the NFL before. He’s definitely doing things differently now.

  80. Thanks Lofa. Take care of yourself and heal up good.
    Chill out folks, the man was at least given a choice. Coach Carroll has a long history of putting the young guys in to prove themselves on the field. Rebuilding is never a painless procedure.

  81. Loved and love Lofa. They must have been prepared for him to walk; so they’ve thought about this and they have other plans already. They asked him to take a pay cut as a way to keep him on at the value they accorded him. At this point, we don’t know what that was, but they must not have seen him as the starter. By now, it should be clear that Pete has a vision. He wants people who are going to get the job done. Period. The team’s moving on. They had a place and a role for Lofa, but understandably that was hard for Lofa to swallow. Where ever you go, Lofa, you go with our love.

  82. fivecardstud says:

    Alexander went the same way. Tatupu was a great football player but he just got too old and beat up to cut the mustard. This is a professional football team not a hang out. either you perform or your gone. He was a great guy and a great Seahawk and I wish him the best.

  83. letsworkitout says:

    Yah, 28 is way washed up. lol. That is what said by those of the team he is leaving. Hawks are screwed, period.

    Qb’s suck.
    Line is in flux. Counting on rookies? Really?
    Wr’s are fine if, IF Rice is fine. IF not, then more of last year.
    RB’s…seem ok.
    TE’s, is this again a season where Carlson breaks out?

    Def Line is better with Mebane resigned. One injury from trouble again on the line.
    LB…not any better than last year, taking Tatupu doesn’t make you better. Think about it.

    CB…hooray Jennings is still here. lol

    Hawks had worse case scenario last year. Team that was in transition making the playoffs and then exiting (we all knew they weren’t going deep last year) and losing out on better draft options.

    Minimum 4 seasons from being competitive barring lotto draft picks and/or perfect FA signings.

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