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Carroll on Tatupu moving on: “We came to an understanding that this is a good thing”

Post by Eric Williams on July 31, 2011 at 5:41 pm with 45 Comments »
July 31, 2011 5:41 pm

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and players talked about linebacker Lofa Tatupu no longer being with the team after this afternoon’s practice.

Carroll again referred to the team asking the veteran linebacker for a pay cut, and his response by asking for his release as a “mutual understanding.”

“I’ve known Lofa since he was a young kid when Mosi brought him to SC years and years ago, and I’ve loved him ever since,” Carroll said. “He’s a great kid, a great guy and an unbelievable competitor. And we came to an understanding that this is a good thing, and so on we go. And we keep moving. And so we wish him the very best, and we’ll see where it goes. And we’ll probably wind up knocking heads together soon.”

Carroll said David Hawthorne will take over for Tatupu at middle linebacker, and Leroy Hill will get an opportunity to earn his job back at outside linebacker with Hawthorne moving inside.

“David Hawthorne’s ready,” Carroll said. “He’s been ready. And when Lofa got hurt a couple years ago, he took over for quite some time, and when he’s had his opportunities when Lofa couldn’t practice or something like that. So he’s ready for this opportunity.

Carroll said after he found out that Tatupu was not coming back, he went to Hawthorne to let him know that this was his chance to step up.

Hawthorne said he was surprised by the move, and appreciative of the mentoring that Tatupu provided him as an undrafted free agent out of TCU.

“We all got to say our goodbyes today and just tell him what he meant to us,” Hawthorne said. “He meant a lot, for me especially because I came in undrafted and he kind of took me under his wing and taught me a lot. So today was a hard day for the linebackers, but we wish him the best.”

Hill said he talked with Tatupu on Saturday as he mulled over his decision. Hill was in a similar situation last year, with the Seahawks asking him to restructure his six-year, $38 million deal he sign two years ago, signing a one-year, $2 million deal last season.

“We talked for a little while last night, or actually earlier in the day,” Hill said. “We actually talked sort of all yesterday off and on. I’ve been through it and it’s tough. It’s a tough decision to make, and he made his decision, and like I said, you just move on.”

Carroll said he’s anxious to get a closer look at how Hill plays once he can take the field on Thursday.

“We’re real interested to see how Leroy Hill does,” Carroll said. “I never really got a chance to see Leroy play in person. He got banged up so quick, so we never really got to look at him. But I’ve looked at a lot of film, and coaches that have coached him in the past and guys that have played with him know that he’s a real good football player.”

Here’s a couple tidbits from practice:

* The Seahawks went shoulder pads, helmets and shorts for the first time in training camp on Sunday, and we saw a couple big hits, including Kam Chancellor unloading on Russell Okung on a run blitz, and undrafted free agent safety Jeron Johnson laying the wood to receiver Chris Carter on a stop route over the middle.

Chancellor has looked pretty good so far taking over for Lawyer Milloy at safety.

* Leon Washington looked good running the ball today, which didn’t go unnoticed by Carroll.

“It’s not even the same guy,” Washington said. “Last year at this time he was limping around, and we were cringing as he was running with the football. He is in full flow, full speed, and he really is excited about it.”

* WR Ricardo Lockette caught a nice deep ball from quarterback Josh Portis, with cornerback Marcus Brown draped on him.

* Last year’s seventh-round draft pick Jameson Konz made a nice catch over the middle during team period.

* Cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner have looked pretty good playing press coverage on the perimeter opposite Marcus Trufant with the first unit.

* Walter Thurmond (sprained ankle) and Mike Williams (leg strain).

Notes from practice
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  1. I hope Thurmond recovers soon. That’s one guy I have been extremely high on to develop into a very good, solid player starting this year.

    I sincerely wish Lofa the best of luck moving forward.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Great to hear about Washington.

    This is the 3rd time Sherman’s name has been mentioned as having a good practice. Very, very nice.

    I think we all know what a hard decision that must have been for Carroll. But if one thing has been made perfectly clear, it’s that the team comes before sentimentality. This is what I want in a coach / FO. We the fans can hold our own memorials so-to-speak (futrib not withstanding), as we’ve had to do twice this week.

    I suppose it depends on how the rookies play at Will, but I’d be a bit surprised if Hill was Carroll’s ideal fit there. If he has the range, then that’s a different story but I’m skeptical. Will be interesting to watch that develop.

    Eric, what was Kam doing on the weak side? Or was the TE aligned on that side for this “unload”? (“run blitz” so I presume the left was the closed side, in this case…)

  3. Ewalters7354 says:

    I can’t wait to see Lockette in preseason.Also I really hope Leroy can stay healthy.Bye bye tender knee Lofa.You were a great leader.

  4. If Thurmond gets healthy – and Thurmond, Browner and Sherman can all work together and get better hopefully we won’t be torched all season long.

    I also like the idea of of receivers catching the ball with DB’s drapped all over them!!!

  5. Ewalters7354 says:

    Duke let’s not forget that Hill is a very explosive linebacker.I think when healthy he’s our best overall player.I remember Lofa giving him those props.He can do it all,he just needs to stay healthy.

    I heard Brock was having contract talks so that’s good and I would also love to see Osi in a Hawks uniform.

  6. Ewalters7354 says:

    I bet Lofa goes to the Eagles and join the dream team lol

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Ewalters7354 – My concern isn’t that Hill’s not a very good LB. He is. It’s that in Carroll’s under scheme, the weak-side ‘backer is really required to be a sideline to sideline player. That doesn’t strike me as a strength of Hill’s. IMO, his best position is on the strong side where he can really mix it up and and a more “physical” style is required. When healthy, Hill’s very strong and powerful but not fast. That’s the concern at Will. He needs to be able to chase down ball carriers. I think if there was an open competition between Hill and Curry right now at Sam, Hill wins out. Easily, if I may.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Ewalters7354 – I do agree with that. Philly is a good landing spot for Lofa. COuld you imagine the ovation he’d receive at Qwest, er CenturyLink, for that Thursday night game?

  9. I read a little interview with Walter Thurmond somewhere lately, (I don’t remember if it was the TNT) where Walter said pretty much the same thing about himself as Carroll said about Leon Washington – that last year was the recovery year and he was never near full speed. Now he says he’s at full speed. Its going to be great to see the real Walter Thurmond.

    But he’ll have his hands full in competing with Sherman. I’ve liked Sherman ever since he was at Stanford. I can’t wait to see him jumping and defending passes with that great speed and long reach of his! And Browner is completely new to me, what a gift to have him here. All these DBs are going to be great fun to watch! I can’t wait for the public practices next week!

  10. I’m thinking Marcus Trufant doesn’t want his picture replacing Lofa’s for the Insider banner, given the recent fate of the two most recent players used.

    Philly or Patriots would be a good landing spot for Lofa. Saints as well.

  11. raymaines says:

    Stuff I liked and want to comment on:

    Kam Chancellor unloading on Russell Okung: I’m a little guy that only played HS football, but I know for sure that a smaller guy can indeed “unload” on a bigger person if the leverage and timing is right. I wish I could have watched this little encounter.

    Leon Washington looking good running the ball: Bye bye Justin Forsett?? Despite what I just said, other things being equal bigger is always better and Leon is bigger than Justin.

    Leroy Hill will get an opportunity to earn his job back at outside linebacker: Hill is a great athlete but never seemed to be in the right place at the right time and was always taking the wrong angle to the wrong place. Maybe the last couple of years have shown him he needs to study the playbook and pay attention to the coaches. He could be all pro, he could be out of the league. Let us pray.

    We all wish Lofa the best, and I wish he and the team would both take a deep breath and try, try again.

  12. Ewalters7354 says:

    Duke,lol…that would be something to see.Especially if he has a great game against us lol

    I also understand what you mean about Hill now.So who do you think on our roster can be our Will?Maybe Malcom Smith??

  13. Ewalters7354 says:

    I heard that we are suppose to be signing Ryan Sims.

  14. The situation with Tatupu knees warranted action. His performance had declined and there was another player waiting. Seattle had done him a solid when TR negotiated a new contracted in 08 thru 15 two years before the then current contract expired. Yep he was locked up so he would retire a Seahawk only to be released,,, cut…

    Now the symbolic words of another teams owner

    “Carson signed a contract, he made a commitment,” Brown said on Tuesday. “He gave us his word. We relied on his word and his commitment. We expected him to perform here. If he is going to walk away from his commitment we aren’t going to reward him for doing it.”

    Walking away with a women cadaver ligament in his left knee needing Tommy Johns surgery for his throwing elbow.

    Re: jersey… another here with a Tat, Burleson and Hass. I could remove the Burleson from the 81 and replace with Tat adding an E for Tate. Wonder who will end up 51.

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Richard Sherman so far is making the most of his opportunities!

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Ewalters7354 – Hill may prove to be a fine fit there. We’ll see. But, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Wright there at some point, even though he may project long term as a Sam. He too is strong was solid in coverage at Miss. St. And yeah, Smith who is probably the most familiar with Will in this scheme and is the fastest LB of the bunch. He’s also small, by LB standards.

    The weak-side’s biggest vulnerability is teams running to that side (mainly because the DE – Leo is a smaller player). If the ‘Hawks are serious about Branch at 3-tech, that is a major run stuffing force on that side (Will plays basically right behind the 3-tech) and they could then afford to sacrifice size for speed at Will, and that works in Smith’s favor.

    With Heater moving to MLB, that weak-side ‘backer competition is going to be one hell of a battle and fun to keep an eye on.

  17. There was a salary cap update this winter on the blog about the Seahawks and the thing that stuck out to me was that Trufant is scheduled to make a HUGE amount of change in ’12. They will never pay him that much unless he has 35 interceptions this year. He is definitely going to be asked to restructure or be released next year.

  18. I think it would be funny if Carson showed up just in time for the week 1 game to collect his paycheck and then leave again. That’d be almost a million bucks. I don’t think this is ethical and I wouldn’t think it was funny if he played for any other team in the NFL than the worthless Bengals (or Cowboys, Steelers, or Vikings… I hate these 3 teams the most).

  19. “David Hawthorne did not play any snaps at MLB last season” -Wrong!
    You’re sure right about Hawthorne playing MLB last season, now that I look at it. I’d posted those player participation stats above directly from ProFootballFocus.

    Not sure where PFF was getting their info to report which player was playing on every snap. PFF used to provide a spreadsheet that listed which player was playing at which position for every snap on both offense and defense for each game, but I haven’t seen that this year (yet?) They would highlight any player in any snap that was questionable about which position he was actually playing. Mr Williams posted player participation stats from Brian McIntyre at Mac’s Football Blog after the games last season and I certainly trust them more. Maybe Sando also had player participation stats to check?
    Lofa played every defensive snap at MLB for weeks 1-8, 10-12, 14, 16, & 17.

    In week 9 NYG’s offense played 79 plays, 47 runs and 32 passes
    Lofa played 75 (87.2% of 86 total) defensive snaps at MLB, leaving 11 for Hawthorne.
    Lofa’s 75 snaps were listed as 39 run, 6 pass rush, 30 coverage
    Lofa left the NYG game after B.Jacobs helmet-to-helmet hit. Hawthorne replaced Lofa @ MLB after. Herring played nickel before playing WLB in the base defense when Tatupu left the game.
    Base: 39 (69.6% run) 17 (30.4% pass) 56 (total)
    Nickel: 5 (29.4% run) 12 (70.6% pass) 17 (total)
    Bandit (7-DB): 0 (0% run) 3 (100.0% pass) 3 (total)
    5*3*3: 3 (100.0% run) 0 (0.0% pass) 3 (total)
    Total: 47 (59.5% Run) 32 (40.5% Pass) 79 Total

    In week 13 CAR’s offense played 67 plays, 30 runs and 37 passes every
    Lofa played 57 (82.1% of 67 total) defensive snaps at MLB leaving 10.
    Lofa’s snaps were listed as 31 run, 3 pass rush, 23 coverage(?)
    After 51 snaps, Hawthorne replaced Tatupu @ MLB in base defense then played in dime and “Bandit” defense before giving way to Hawthorne altogether. Hawthorne played all but 7 snaps in dime and the 4 “Bandit’ snaps.
    Base: 19 (44.2% pass) 24 (55.8% run) 43 (total)
    Nickel: 1 (100% pass) 0 (0% run) 1 (total)
    Dime: 13 (76.5% pass) 4 (23.5% run) 17 (total)
    Bandit (7-DB): 3 (75.0% pass) 1 (25.0% run) 4 (total)
    5*3*3: 1 (50.0% pass) 1 (50.0% run) 2 (total)
    Total: 37 (55.2% pass) 30 (44.8% run) 67 Total

    In week 15 (vATL) Lofa played every defensive snap at MLB but 8.
    71 snaps (89.9% of 79 total), 31 run, 3 pass rush, 37 coverage
    Matt McCoy played 3 snaps (kneel-downs) at MLB for Lofa.
    Hawthorne replaced Tatupu at MLB in base defense midway thru 4th qtr, but came back on when SEA was in nickel. Hawthorne’s snaps were limited to base defense.
    Base: 14 (30.4% pass) 32 (69.6% run) 46 (total)
    Nickel: 14 (82.4% pass) 3 (17.6% run) 17 (total)
    3*2*6: 8 (80.0% pass) 2 (20.0% run) 10 (total)
    Total: 36 (49.3% pass) 37 (50.7% run) 73 Total

    WC (vNO) Lofa played every defensive snap at MLB leaving 14.
    76 snaps (84.4% of 90 total), 23 run, 2 pass rush, 51 coverage
    Tatupu missed last 12 snaps with a concussion. Hawthorne played 37 snaps in base and short-yardage, 1 snap in nickel, and 9 snaps as MLB in “Bandit” in 4th qtr.
    Base: 19 (52.8% pass) 17 (30.4% run) 36 (total)
    Nickel: 21 (80.8% pass) 5 (70.6% run) 26 (total)
    Bandit (7-DB): 20 (100.0% pass) 0 (0.0% run) 20 (total)
    5*3*3: 1 (100.0% pass) 0 (0.0% run) 1 (total)
    Total: 61 (73.5% pass) 22 (26.5% run) 83 Total

    DP (@CHI) Lofa played every defensive snap at MLB leaving 10.
    68 snaps (87.2% of 78 total), 39 run, 6 pass rush, 30 coverage
    Tatupu sat out the final 10 plays of the game. Herring’s snaps were primarily in nickel the 2-LB/6-DB personnel group before stepping in at WLB in base when Tatupu exited the game. Herring came up limping on one play, and was replaced on the field by McCoy. McCoy was the middle linebacker for a 4th-and-3 play late in the 4th quarter. Hawthorne’s snaps were in base and short-yardage defenses.
    Base: 17 (34.0% pass) 33 (66.0% run) 50 (total)
    Nickel: 6 (54.5% pass) 5 (45.5% run) 11 (total)
    Dime: 2 (50.0% pass) 2 (50.0% run) 4 (total)
    3*2*6: 1 (50.0% pass) 1 (50.0% run) 2 (total)
    Bandit: 6 (100.0% pass) 0 (0.0% run) 6 (total)
    5*3*3: 0 (0.0% pass) 4 (100.0% run) 4 (total)
    Total: 32 (41.6% pass) 45 (58.4% run) 77 Total

  20. Ewalters7354 says:

    Duke,thanks bro.This is going to be an exciting preseason.I really can’t wait to see the secondary at work.

    Klm,dude you are something serious with those snaps lmbo

  21. KLM pasting this crap into the blog has limited if any value.

  22. comPete and Bo Duke have done a wonderful job with this roster. I am on their side, as they are definitely earning my respect (something that is hard to do).

    However, as much as I am looking forward to certain position battles, I am guarded in optimism for the 2011 season based on my belief that the QB position is going to hold this team hostage (Duke has heard this word on more than a few texts this past week).

    Living in Minnesota, I have seen too much of Tavaris Jackson (I’m going to “affectionately” re-name him “T-Junk” until I eat crow and he proves me otherwise — which I hope he does, as that will be good for the Seahawks). He’s a guy with great athletic skills and a good arm. He has all the PHYSICAL skills you hope for in a franchise QB. He looks great on paper. He’s going to be a guy who is going to make a few plays that is going to make you all say: “bobbyk is a moron for thinking that this guy sucks.”

    Then he’s going to show you his true colors and prove to you that he doesn’t have “it” to be a good/great NFL QB. And you’re all going to be frustrated. He’s going to overthrow an open target 8-10 yards down the field on a critical 3rd down late in the game to give the other team a chance to win it against our defense (whereas a completed pass would have sealed the game). Or he’s going to miss an easy read and throw into double coverage (which may result in a game changing INT). And if he loses Sidney Rice for any length of time, he’s going to be screwed b/c he’s not going to be able to throw his jump balls that he will come down with to make him look good (and that only a couple of NFL WRs could actually catch — there’s no way any NFL team would be giving this joker a chance to start if it weren’t for Rice doing some of the crazy dirty work for him that’s he’s done… i.e. making catches that make him look good, even though no Seahawk WR, except for maybe BMW in SOME instances, would/could come close to catching the last few years).

    Look. I don’t personally hate “T-Junk.” I would like nothing more than for Jackson and Rice to lead this team to a Super Bowl WIN. Can you guys imagine how much fun I would have with all of my Minnesota friends, mostly who are all Viking fans? My team taking their worthless QB and star WR and WINNING a Super Bow with them? That would be great! But please excuse me for not drinking the “T-Junk” kool-aid.

    I was happy when we traded a #1 for Branch. I was happy when we signed Mike Wahle. I’ve been wrong on plenty of things before and I hope I’m wrong about our current QB position. I’m sure as heck NOT rooting against Jackson, I’m just being realistic based on years of observations watching the Vikings (the team I’ve seen the most, besides the Seahawks). I know he’s young and can improve, and I hope he does, but sometimes you can see a young kid and tell that he’s going to “get there.” I haven’t seen the “get there” potential with “T-Junk” that I’d like to see from my favorite teams starting QB. I hope for the best, but expect the worse.

    Dear “T-Junk” — please prove me wrong… You have a better line than any Seahawk QB has had in a half decade and better WRs than I can remember… I love our three RBs and TEs to boot. You have no excuses (except for experience from Moffpender).

  23. Dukeshire says:

    That is interesting and let’s hope it true. Not that he has BPD, but that the “light bulb” has come on for him. Forget football, he’s got his life to consider. (I’m still very glad Seattle passed on him. Especially since they got Rice and for no picks.)

  24. TomPage-
    Sorry, that was a response to a post on a previous thread. Will try not to clutter the blog page with O/T posts. They weren’t actually pasted though.

    What do you think of the chances of SEA beating SF in their home opener with TJ under center? Gore apparently ended his holdout, Crabtree should be healthy by then and A.Smith actually had better stats than Hasselbeck over the last coupla years, and better than TJ. SF lost Spikes and Clements, maybe Franklin, but their DL, LBs and DBs don’t look all that bad. I’m wondering if Harbaugh will effect A.Smith like Norv Turner did. Wonder how much Harbaugh had to do with Luck’s development?

    If we lose our home opener vs AZ I’ll likely switch immediately to the “Lose for Luck” crowd.

  25. Is PC a good QB teacher?Like Holmgren was?

  26. “(I’m still very glad Seattle passed on him. Especially since they got Rice and for no picks.) ”

    That’s a good point – forgot that we did go pretty hard after him.

    Our receivers look good on paper; let’s see what Jackson does when he is handed the reins.

  27. Getting Rice, who is better than BM, IMO, was a coup. I love it.

    jibo – I don’t think it’s fair to expect comPete to be as good of a QB teacher as Holmgren; just as it’s not fair for Holmgren to be as good of a defensive coach as comPete. Each has their strengths. It’s just unfortunate for us in the here and now that it seems to me, IMO, that Bo Duke and comPete fail to understand or evaluate the QB position well enough (which IMO is the most important position in all of sports and the main reason why the Seattle Seahawks are going to get screwed over this year even though the two of them have done a damn good job in improving the overall talent level on this team).

    klm – I don’t think much of T-Junk. I don’t think he can go into SF in the opener and win (even if Sidney Rice makes a few of his patented miracle catches for Jackson that he usually does to help bail him out from looking so bad). I know it’s a team effort, but I really have no confidence in our QB position, even with the greatly improved supporting cast over last season. I hope I’m wrong…

  28. wabubba67 says:

    Cleveland (Holmgren) would be another very soft landing place for Tatupu…hope he plays well and gets a chance to compete again in the playoffs soon.

    Much respect to Carrol for doing what had to be a tough thing personally for him…get the feeling that all of the players on the roster now understand that you have to perform and be on the field in order to be rewarded with the green (not so much in Hill’s case, but he tends to like a different type of green)?

  29. Will Carroll and/or Schneider be asked to give money back when it’s determined that they screwed up on the QB position half-way through the season?

    Just curious.

    If you f-up in the front office (especially with respect to the QB position), shouldn’t you have to give money back (like Lofa on the field)?

    Or are there different rules for different people?

  30. freedom_X says:

    If they screw up enough, they get fired. Like Tim Ruskell.

  31. freedom_X says:

    Seattle signed Ryan Sims. Interesting. Hard to believe that guy would have much to offer. What, will they look at Jimmy Kennedy next?

  32. devisscher says:

    Jennings resigns, 1 year deal

  33. BobbyK, I like the analysis, seriously.

    Does anyone remember when Josh McDaniels was doing player moves and trading all this stuff and pissing players off etc, and we all thought he was crazy, and broncos fans had insight as to why this man was building this team up so well, and he knew what he was doing, and they were legit, and everything he was doing was phenomenal?

    Well, now WE like what JS/PC are doing, and people think WE’RE the idiots.

  34. We’ll know more down the road, that’s for sure.

    And the Schneider/Carroll “give money back” thing was mainly a joke.

  35. yeah, but its a valid point. the fans pay top dollar for merchandise and tickets, just to be let down week after week because they wanna be frugal.

  36. Excuse Me!

    Did you just say Josh McDaniels moves were phenomenal!

    Is that what you just said or did I read that WRONG? HA HA Cause …

    McDaniels is the blithering idiot who traded his 1st round pick to the Seahawks for our 2nd and drafted CB Alphonso Smith. He saw very limited action as a rookie. Denver traded him to Detroit for practice squad tight end, Dan Gronkowski. Seattle used the pick for FS Earl Thomas.

  37. I think he was saying that McDaniels looked good in his first couple of months and people thought he was doing a good/great job. Heck, they were something like 4-0 or 6-0 and he was on the cover of some magazines for being so smart. Then his true colors emerged and it was apparent that he was destroying the team, not making it better (so he got fired).

  38. chuck_easton says:

    With the noted exception of landing a top flight QB the moves PC and Schneider have made have been with the specific intent to do one important thing.

    Every move has been part of the plan to make this team younger,bigger, faster, and stronger.

    There where no franchise QBs available at #23 or beyond in this years draft. I’m happy that the pick was used to shore up a glaring weekness on the OL.

    As much as I loved Lofa I don’t think his body can hold up much longer. Better to part ways one year too early than one year too late. And even then the team didn’t cut him, they just asked him to take a pay cut to match his diminishing play and potential for continuing injury. It was Lofa that asked for his release.

    If anyone thinks this team is not better talent wise now than they were in 2009 they aren’t paying attention.

    Also we have gone from one of the oldest rosters in the NFL to one of the youngest.

  39. Ewalters7354 says:

    Why in the hell did we resign Kelly Jennings?? Smh…

  40. chuck_easton says:

    Jennings was signed to a one year deal at not much money. He is being given a chance to come to camp and try and earn a spot. The contract amount and duration indicates he isn’t being brought in and handed a starting job.

  41. mojjonation says:

    I think I had to be one of the first people to go out and get a Lofa jersey when he was signed and given a number. There will be no name or number changing frmo me.

    If LT goes to either Philly or Cleveland, there is no way he plays an entire season. Two games against the Giants, Cowboys, and ‘Skins will beat even the best player up. Toss in that half of the Eagles home games will be in snow, along with the away Giants and Skins game if they are late enough in the season. Cleveland. What can you say. Two games against the Ravens and Steelers. Two more teams who play half of their home games in the snow. Again, no way LT makes it thru a season playing with either one of those groups.

    The signing of T-Wack had to be some kind of sympathy card to the Viks for us getting Rice. That guy had all the tools to succeed in Minnesota and he couldn’t do it. AP in the backfield. Monster defense. He couldn’t get it done. I think I’d rather see Charie “Touchdown Jesus” Whitehurst under center. With our OC coming from Minnesota, I’m thinking T-Wack starting is a done deal. But I really hope not.

    ESPN reported yesterday that 601 moves had been made since the lockout was lifted. It’s ridiculous. This is a feeding frenzy. Everyone will just have to wait for the dust to settle and the season to begin.

  42. I was for trading Lofa a year ago when he may have had some value. But with the Hill injury LB’s would have been left thin. We’ll see how the ‘pistol’ trade works out. They used the pick for LB K.J. Wright?

    Schneider has done well trading. Tapp for Clemons fleeced Philly. White busted but Washington hasn’t even reached his upside. So many moves makes it hard to recall details of all the draft day trades.

    I guess it is a matter of opinion on QB. It would have required multiple picks to move up for top prospect. I like Ponder but he went off the board far to early. Dalton wasn’t on my radar but I was for keeping Hass around and doing as they did. Build the o line and land a DT. We’ll see how Paea or Austin develop. TR jumped ahead for Paea the same way he had done for Tatupu. Bet Schneider was left setting Pie Eyed having both Austin and Paea so close. Trading Seahawk 2nd for Detroit 3rd and 4th Hawks selected guard Moffitt and wide receiver Durham.

    With free agent DT Alan Branch maybe Mebane will again collapse the pocket. Surprised they haven’t resigned Brock or another pass rusher.

  43. nighthawk2 says:

    I’ve never been as enamored with Tatupu as most Seahawks fans, so this doesn’t bother me at all. I’m surprised that Hill is still here with his legal history, but if he can play, fine by me.

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