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Official: Hawks re-sign DT Brandon Mebane

Post by Eric Williams on July 29, 2011 at 3:49 pm with 76 Comments »
July 29, 2011 3:49 pm
Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle Brandon Mebane grabs New England Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel during an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 7, 2008, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider announced this afternoon that the team had re-signed defensive tackle Brandon Mebane.

Terms have not been disclosed. But Schneider confirmed what we had heard earlier – that there was a lot of back and forth in negotiations. But he’s pleased to have Mebane back in the fold.

“Being able to re-sign one of your own guys who was a hot commodity in free agency is huge for us,” Schneider said. “He wanted him to stay here, and we wanted him to stay here.”

I talked briefly with Mebane this afternoon, who confirmed Schneider’s statement that staying in Seattle was his first choice all along.

“Oh yeah,” Mebane said. “This is where I wanted to be. One of the main things was just looking closely at this whole situation, but it was a stressful process.”

Schneider also announced the team had agreed to terms with third-round draft pick offensive guard John Moffitt, which means all nine of Seattle’s draft picks are now signed and ready to participate in training camp.

Schneider talked for about a half hour about all of the free agents who signed contracts with Seattle today. I’ll provide more details a little later.

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  1. Yes! ME-BANE! back in the middle. Branch helping back up Red Bryant at LDE. Leroy Hill back in the fold. Lofa healthy again? I’m feeling good about our front-7 again. Can exhale now.

  2. Coolalvin says:

    Who is projected to start up front at the other Tackle and End position with Mebane and Bryant?

  3. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I feel much better about our chances of taking the NFC west division this year!

  4. @Cool, one would expect Cole will be back at NT once he’s fully recovered his knee scope, and Clemons at back at RDE. I wouldn’t be surprised if Schneider is shopping for one more pass rusher to compete at RDE, though.

  5. @GeorgiaHawk

    ChrisHolmes says we’ll be last in our division, bottom 5 in the league. I tend to agree with you.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    doubter- I still think we can win this division at 6-10. But I hope we do much better. Should be fun to see it unfold, and with a bonus of watching our young players develope.

  7. it’s great Mebane is back, but the secondary and quarterback positions make me sick to my stomach. The only person i trust in the backfield is earl thomas…

  8. Good to see us take care of business on our end – while also signing two free agent starters.

    There’s risk in the QB decision (though I’m on board with it, all things considered), but otherwise, I can’t find fault with a single thing they’ve done this off-season. Feels good for the future of the team.

  9. Mebane! To quote a frequent blogger(named Duke) here:

    “Hell yes. That was a must! Awesome news.” ! LOL!

  10. SeahawkFan12 says:

    YEAH BABY!!!

  11. If Jennings is still a Seahawk ,we`re in deep doodoo. Please release him put us out of misery …….Let the rookies from last year play or go get a top/good secondary player……or sign Milloy to help he`s still good/tough

  12. We didn’t have a 3-round pick this year.Moffit was a 2rd round pick!

  13. RadEon… QB will be something to watch, I agree …. but I’m thinking we’ve been in that position for quite awhile now…. game to game…. not really a change…
    EXCEPT an offensive line with pretty decent potential….

    The DB’s may be a question mark for some, but I’m liking the group pushing for the roster spots…. most especially Browner from the CFL, who’s already got some practice kuddo’s….

    For me, the defensive pass rush hasn’t changed, which is ‘my’ area of concern…

  14. bird_spit says:

    Lets hope Hawks are not done on the D side of the ball. Good to get Mebane in, but he needs a lot of help out there. All we need is Mebane or Red to get injured, and it will look like an emergency scramble all over again. Maybe Leroy is all bulked up for playing DE. LOL!

  15. Pretty cool. In all, we’ve done pretty well so far. Like most, I’m sorry to see Hass go, especially with his ability to read defenses. But ultimately, I think we still have the potential to win the division with Charlie. I wonder if Schneider’s got any other tricks up his sleeve.

  16. SandpointHawk says:

    “I saw that article earlier…but couldn’t identify a reliable source.”

    Looks kinda reliable now wouldn’t you say?

    BANE! is back…. Looking up….

  17. Dukeshire says:

    The concern for the secondary is reasonable, but only in the very short term. Not unlike the o-line, there will be many growing pains simply because they’re so damn young. That’s part of the process. Good corners take time to develop and with all the talent that’s back there, the future beyond the first few games this year, and this season as a whole and into ’12 and beyond, is very bright for them, IMO. It will be so fun to see who develops and which players begin to establish themselves.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that by mid-point of the 2013 season, Seattle will be regarded as having one of the very best secondaries in the NFL.

  18. For those wondering about the defensive side of the ball, and if we plan on doing more in free agency, this is from JS.

    “With Mebane back on board and Branch also on his way, Schneider and Co. have taken important steps to not only upgrade the status quo, but also add enough depth to ensure that an injury or two won’t send them sprawling backward. Schneider also indicated that Seattle isn’t done strengthening its defensive line.”

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I want 1 more corner, 2 more defensive lineman, and a trade for Carson Palmer!

  20. chuck_easton says:

    Carson Palmer is retired. Until he reports to the bengals camp any talk about him is moot.

  21. SandpointHawk says:

    Brown is as nuts as Al Davis… Trade Palmer him while he still has value…

    As for the D Backs please look at where Pete came from…He is a D Back guru who was smart enough to move up the ladder to head coach…he knows what he wants in the D Back area and he has drafted his boys for the future, lets let them play some ball… me I’d still like a stud D End but that’s just me….

  22. SandpointHawk says:

    Oh, yeah, I’d also love to see a real Quarterback, but again that’s just me….

  23. Origun,
    The hawks don’t need to release Jennings, he is a free agent, and so far the hawks haven’t shown interest in resigning him. Considering they have drafted 3 corners in the past 2 drafts, I don’t think he’ll be resigned.

    We actually traded back from the second round into the 3rd, and drafted Moffit in the 3rd. We got an extra 4th out of the trade.

  24. Sandpointhawk,
    I agree, Carroll knows what he wants in his defensive backs. So far they have used late round picks to get guys that just need some time to develop. I love it, because they are trying to maximize their low cost investments. If they can make it work, in a year or two we might have a solid secondary on the cheap. But they will go through some growing pains.

  25. Does anyone else think that PC’s plan is to start Thurmond opposite Marcus?

  26. PEARLJAM23 says:

    I love what the front office is doing. Signing Mebane is huge. WIth the signing of Mebane and Rice (“big name free agents”) shows that players want to be here. They believe in the system.

    I’m not really worried about the QB spot. Competition brings out the best in people. Two backups who have a legit chance at starting. May the best man win and I can’t wait to watch it in the preseason.

    Go Hawks!!

  27. In all fairness, we never knew which Hass would show up last year, or if he would simply get hurt… Pls remember our key game which CW carried us through…. Of course, with the help of PC & coaches…. I say we’re not too far from equal at QB because of the plus side of our offensive line starters and a running game which should develop and give us a plus on the offensive side…. Add Rice, you have a second plus on the offense…. I like this side….
    Special teams? I’m not sure…. We lost a pretty decent FG kicker… This is an area too early to evaluate…. We’ll see soon enough in preseason….
    Defense…. Whew! Getting Mebane back solidifies us a lot, a healthy Bryant adds some nails to that, but we need some pass rush and a lot still has to be resolved in the defensive back and LB area…. at worst, we’re prob equal…
    So, I’d say we’re somewhat improved at this point with an upside that could be huge from the youth and attitude of this coaching staff…
    Tough schedule, but, on paper, I’m thinking we’re competitive… Realistically, can we hope for more?

  28. Soggybuc says:

    just off the top of my head Hawks have in camp Thurmond, Trufant, Maxwell, Sherman, Browner, Lewis, Pinkard, Brown + UDFA’s Hoffman and Parker. thats 10 CB’s. dont look for anymore moves on that front. with Hill coming back i wouldnt look for anything more there either.
    Ends and Tackles very possible. as much as i know you guys would hate it there is still a possibility they keep Balmer as a 3rd line rotational guy and dont count out the Guitar man just yet.

    Oh yea, keeping Mebane was huge not just because he is one of our better players on D but it keeps us from another hole to fill on our weakest roster area.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    Skavage – That may or may not be PC’s plan but it sure as hell is Thurmond’s.

  30. Like Soggy pointed out (and Duke in another unit), we’ve got lots of competition at the DB area…. time will tell how it works out, but the potential there seems big enough to me to put a lot of pressure on Tru…. remember, if we’re results even, we’re likely going younger and cheaper….

  31. Wow!

    Its great to have Mebane back.

    I hope Leroys head is screwed on better this time.

    I am really happy with the Seahawks free agency signings. Really happy.

    My last request would be to sign Ray Edwards…..

  32. Dang!

    I just read that Ray Edwards signed with Atlanta earlier today.

    Oh well…..

  33. gonefishin69690 says:

    Well, like what I see so far. LET’S PLAY SOME FOOTBALL!

  34. Took the time to see what we had for DB’s. Looks like we’re good at CB. Maybe sign a couple safeties and we should be good.

    May the best backs win!

    In no particular order, vets, draft picks and undrafted free agents.

    Let’s hope we get a few diamonds in the rough with all the CB’s we have in camp.


    Marcus Trufant
    Kennard Cox
    Roy Lewis
    Richard Sherman
    Byron Maxwell
    Jesse Hoffman
    Ron Parker
    Marcus Brown
    Brandon Browner
    Josh Pinkard
    Richard Sherman
    Walter Thurmond

    Kelly Jennings


    Earl Thomas
    Kam Chancellor
    Mark LeGree
    Jeron Johnson
    Rickey Thenarse

    Jordan Babineaux
    Lawyer Milloy

  35. @blocis

    Yeah, but Cullen Jenkins is still available, and JS said he is still looking to beef up the D line. Can we get him?

  36. I want OAK’s UFA TE Zack Miller here in SEA.

  37. ‘I want OAK’s UFA TE Zack Miller here in SEA.”

    We’ve already got 6 TE’s on the roster, but why not? Pete’s all about competition to find the best.

  38. Last season SEA’s DBs gave up nearly 250 passing yds/game, 6th worst in the NFL. With Babs, Milloy and Jennings maybe gone, we’ve got a young but much less experienced defensive backfield. Hopefully it doesn’t get into too many bad habits, like biting on play action, etc. Maybe it gets better soon, hope so – but more QB pressure wouldn’t hurt. Can Clemons repeat his performance? What about Brock?

    Even though the DL played the run well to start the season, by the end of the season the average rushing yards per game was up over 115 yds/game. Lotsa teams got themselves some really good DLers. Didn’t we get a DE in the 7th to backup Red? I hope we can land a pressure-causing 3-tech in the ’12 draft.

  39. Yes, I know we need injury backup for our OL, but the biggest add at this point for me is a big time pass rusher… any thoughts?

  40. HawkfaninMT says:

    Show me Abrayu Franklin, Cullen Jenkins, or Amobi Okoye and I will be jumping up and down about this DL!!

  41. Amobi Okoye isn’t that good

  42. Dukeshire says:

    My feeling is that for all intents and purposes, who they have now is who they’ll go with in ’11. No more “significant” additions. At nearly every position, if there’s not a rookie or very young player behind a vet, there’s a young or inexperienced player at the front. Across the board, they have to know what those players are capable of and how they fit into the “program” as Carroll calls it, before they know how to proceed. At least that’s my general sense of it.

  43. RadEon… second Kuddos to you today from me….!

    Great pic of Hass, but sure hope he knows we all still respect and wish him well…. He’ll always be classy & special in Seattle’s eyes….

    (bummer though, HE & family get’s to hear that awesome country music
    first hand!!!! Jeesch!!! Awesome!) ;-)

  44. williambryan says:

    RADEoN, true, and the video with paul silvi of king5 is really sad. I have been wanting to move on from hasselbeck for awhile (for performance reasons) but man, he really is an amazing person and we were so lucky to have him. and he was obviously such a big part of the greatness of the 2003 to 2006 Hawks teams that I will always look back on as my favorite time being a seahawks fan. The people associated with those teams were so special (Holmgren, Hasselbeck, Alexander, Jones, Hutchinson, Tobeck, Jackson, Engram, Strong, Wallace, etc.) Even though i’m extremely excited about the team now and it’s prospects for a championship soon, I think the Holmgren years will always be my favorite.

  45. lol where was the first kudos?

    also, this video is a definite good way to spend 13 minutes:

  46. when he says about the bears game “we coulda won that game, we should’ve won that game, we sleepwalked through the first half of that game”, I got a shot of excitement about this upcoming season, then I forgot he didn’t play for SEA anymore.

    I seriously feel like I’m grieving right now :(

  47. Duke…. gotta agree, but this group is sure tough to follow, the “follow”, it just never seems to end! LOL!
    But… like you suggest, I’m not expecting big time going forward…. Gotta guess PC & JS want to see what they have, as we do….
    Looks like fun…. could be bad, but THAT isn’t MY expectation…..

  48. Our young TEs haven’t performed that well. The old guy Chris Baker was a decent pass-blocker but couldn’t run-block in our scheme last season (and wasn’t much as a receiver). Of 107 TEs that played last season, Baker ranked 74th in run-blocking, 3rd in pass-pro, and 92nd in receiving. Morrah ranked 23 in run-blocking, 6th in pass-pro, and 79th in receiving. Carlson ranked 83rd in run-blocking, 83rd in pass-pro, and 106th in receiving. Miller ranked 12th in both run-blocking and receiving, and ranked 76th in pass-pro. Miller is familiar with Cable’s run-blocking scheme and is a better receiver. Hopefully, with better OL pass-pro our TEs can get out into patterns more anyway.

  49. Someone should set up an official Seahawks Insider Facebook group.

  50. klm008: i seriously see cameron morrah as the next big thing in pass catching tight ends… just a hunch.

  51. SeahawkFan12 says:

    CONGRATULATIONS John S and Pete Carroll on an awesome first week of the 2011-2012 NFL season. Thank you for a job well done.

  52. Sure wish Carlson would start playing better.

  53. Dukeshire says:

    RADEoN – Thank you for posting that Hass interview. Bitter-sweet.

    This has been such an action packed week, like another mentioned, I haven’t had time to “mourn”, as it were, Hass leaving. I know there is a sizable faction here who don’t / didn’t care for him. But personally, he’s one of my all-time favorites. Good QB. Great guy. He’ll me missed.

  54. Thanks for sharing that video, RADEoN. Matt Hasselbeck is all class. I feel as sad as I did when Steve Largent retired or Dave Krieg went to KC. Some players are just easy to root for — and he’s one of them.

  55. It’s sad that some QBs like Trent Dilfer get Super Bowl rings without being that good, while a far better player, Hass, doesn’t get one. Of course, neither did Dan Marino.

  56. Seahawks:

    The Idiotic stuff in order worst to not as bad:

    1. Letting Olindo Mare go ti save something like 4 mil when the Hawks had the most cap room in the entire NFL
    2. Letting Matt Hasselbeck go without having a decent replacement (though apparently Tennessee overpaid)
    3. Letting Brandon Stokely go again for small $’s
    4. Signing Tavaris Jackson to fairly big $’s

    The Good stuff from best to meh……..
    1. Likely finishing last so we can draft a QB in 2012.
    2. Resigning Brendan Mebane
    3. Signing Robert Gallery (if his health holds up)
    4. Signing Sidney Rice (if his health holds up)
    5. Signing an unknown body to kick the football.

  57. Duke says…

    “My feeling is that for all intents and purposes, who they have now is who they’ll go with in ’11. No more “significant” additions.”

    Did you not see what JS said. He said he’s still going to try and beef up the D line, after signing Mebane. Do you think he just said that to say it? Which is why I think he wants a guy like Jenkins, which is the best D line guy available in free agency. I for one hope we land him?

  58. moo, not a good analysis at all. If those players health holds up? Do you realize that any player at ANY time can get injured and put their health in jeopardy?


  59. Soggybuc says:

    Actually Moo they signed a veteran kicker along with the kid from Auburn. the money Olindo got was not smart money and Tavaris at 4 million is not that outta range.
    Kim008 (and everyone else) Why are we all forgetting about Browner. OK so it was the CFL but he was a solid shut down corner and perennial all-pro in that league.
    He may be a “rookie” from an NFL standpoint but he he’s a rookie with a ton of game experience in a pass happy league.

  60. Moo – Seattle had the most cap room but also had the most open positions. you can’t go to camp with like 40 guys

  61. moo….Brandon Stokely is still a free agent, he backed out of the Washington offer. Not saying they’re going to resign him, but he’s still available if they choose to.

    I could comment on the rest you mentioned, but what a waste of time that would be.

  62. xcman…we actually had the second most cap room, but I’m with you.

  63. Dukeshire says:

    doubter – I saw it. Time will tell but after re signing Mebane it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. We’ll see…

  64. Dukeshire says:

    Not sure how many caught this, but this is a great move for the Rams.

  65. Duke, so you think the FO is good with what we have on the D line? I know you’re a veteran here, so I appreciate your view. Just sayin’ JS was sayin’ they plan on trying to beef up the D line some more. I truly like Jenkins, remember him well in the the Super Bowl.

  66. Doubter, glad to see we have a newbie flamer this year, welcome!!

  67. Soggybuc, who is the veteran kicker? I have not heard that one yet, glad they did so.

  68. I sincerely doubt Jenkins will be signed here.

  69. ChrisHolmes says:

    @GeorgiaHawk I love most of the moves PC and JS have made and I’ll be rooting as hard as any Seahawk fan on here for this team this year, but the truth of the matter is that this is a QB driven league and we have the worst QB situation in our division.

    I think 6-10 is optimistic at best. I think we’ll have a top 5 draft pick.

  70. With the exception of a once-in-a-lifetime Peyton Manning, there are few if any individual players that can carry a whole team. Every player was a rookie at some time, give these new players a chance to grow into their positions. Stop looking for magical solutions and support the guys we have.

  71. GeorgiaHawk says:

    @ChrisHolmes- True this is a QB driven league, However we can arguably say that there is just a handful of top flight QBs in this league, so where does that leave the rest of the teams that don’t have a top flight QB?

    That’s why I see us having a good chance to take the weak NFC west. And I think the FO will just not sit on there hands with Whitehurst and T Jack if they don’t produce.
    I said many times that Hass was our best option to win this year, however that doesn’t mean we can’t compete in the weak NFC west without him.
    Sure there is always going to be a worst case scenario, and having such a young team with little time to gell, and a tough schedule doesn’t help, however compared to the talent level,size,and speed, this team is so much better than in the last few years.

  72. GeorgiaHawk says:

    @akmac63-Your right! Sometimes QBs just get too much credit for the success of the team.
    For all the time Peyton Manning has been in this league he has just one Superbowl ring, and he may not have gotten that if it wasn’t for the great play of Bob Sanders in the playoffs that year. You can arguably say that sanders carried the Colts to a Superbowl that year.

    Same with Favre! He was in the league a long time. He has one Superbowl ring, and , you could arguably say that Desmond Howard, or Reggie White had more impact in that Superbowl win then he did.

  73. Dukeshire says:

    doubter – I’m not arguing against signing d linemen. It’s that I don’t envision it happening this year, after all they’ve done across the board, despite what Schneider has said.

  74. Signed and Re-signed Kickers and their teams:
    Adam Vinatieri Re-signed 15 IND > IND 8.9
    Matt Bryant Re-signed 9 ATL > ATL 8.5
    Dave Rayner Re-signed 4 DET > DET 6.5
    David Akers Signed 12 PHI > SF 5.9
    Olindo Mare Signed 15 SEA > CAR 2.5
    Phil Dawson Re-signed 12 CLE > CLE -0.5
    Connor Barth Re-signed 3 TB > TB -1.1
    Mason Crosby Re-signed 4 GB > GB -7.7
    Shaun Suisham Re-signed 5 PIT > PIT -7.7
    Swayze Waters Signed UFA> PIT
    Ryan Longwell Re-signed 14 MIN > MIN -8.9
    Nick Folk Re-signed 4 NYJ > NYJ -10.8
    Garrett Hartley Re-signed NO > NO 2.0

  75. ’11 Free Agent Kickers Remaining
    FGs: [ 1-19 / % / 20-29 / % / 30-39 / % / 40-49 / % / 50 plus / % / Total / % ]

    Matt Prater RFA 3 DEN (2nd round tender)
    Ratings: [9.6 OA/4.2 KOs/5.4 FG&EP]
    KOs: [ No.57 / 18 TB / 66.4 Avg. Dist. / 5.4 Max. HT / 23.9 Avg. Start / 61.4 % Ret.]
    FGs: [ 1-1 / 100 / 2-2 / 100 / 7-7 / 100 / 2-3 / 66.7 / 2-3 / 66.7 / 14-16 / 87.5 ]

    Rhys Lloyd UFA 4 CAR
    Ratings: [6.9 OA/6.9 KOs/0 FG&EP]
    KOs: [No.53 / 11 TB / 67.2 Avg. Dist. / 4.47 Max. HT / 24.5 Avg. Start / 73.6 % Ret.]
    FGs: [ 0-0 / - / 0-0 / - / 0-0 / - / 0-0 / - / 0-0 / - / 0-0 / - ]

    Joe Nedney UFA 16 SF Cut/Retired
    Ratings: [3.7 OA/2 KOs/1.7 FG&EP]
    KOs: [No.37 / 4 TB / 65.9 Avg. Dist. / 4.3 Max. HT / 24.9 Avg. Start / 89.2 % Ret.]
    FGs: [ 0-0 / - / 6-6 / 100 / 2-2 / 100 / 1-2 / 50 / 2-3 / 66.7 / 11-13 / 84.6 ]

    Steven Hauschka UFA DEN
    Ratings: [2.9 OA/1.6 KOs/1.3 FG&EP]
    KOs: [No.20 / 2 TB / 64.1 Avg. Dist. / 4.2 Max. HT / 26.5 Avg. Start / 85 % Ret.]
    FGs: [ 0-0 / - / 1-1 / 100 / 3-3 / 100 / 2-3 / 66.7 / 0-0 / - / 6-7 / 85.7 ]

    John Kasay UFA 21 CAR Cut
    Ratings: [1.2 OA/-1.9 KOs/3.1 FG&EP]
    KOs: [No.4 / 0 TB / 57 Avg. Dist. / 3.7 Max. HT / 25.3 Avg. Start / 100 % Ret.]
    FGs: [ 0-0 / - / 8-8 / 100 / 1-1 / 100 / 11-14 / 78.6 / 1-1 / 100 / 21-24 / 87.5 ]

    Kris Brown UFA 13 DAL Cut
    Ratings: [-0.7 OA/-0.2 KOs/-0.5 FG&EP]
    KOs: [No.17 / 1 TB / 55.2 Avg. Dist. / 4.3 Max. HT / 24.7 Avg. Start / 76.5 % Ret.]
    FGs: [ 0-0 / - / 1-1 / 100 / 3-3 / 100 / 0-0 / - / 0-1 / 0 / 4-5 / 80 ]

    Shane Andrus 2 UFA SF
    Ratings: [-2.4 OA/-2.5 KOs/0.1 FG&EP]
    KOs: [No.7 / 0 TB / 60 Avg. Dist. / 4.1 Max. HT / 29.6 Avg. Start / 100 % Ret.]
    FGs: [ 0-0 / - / 1-1 / 100 / 1-2 / 50 / 0-1 / 0 / 0-0 / - / 2-4 / 50 ]

    Shayne Graham UFA 10 NYG/NE
    NY Ratings: [-2.6 OA/-2.6 KOs/0 FG&EP]
    KOs: [No.5 / 1 TB / 60.2 Avg. Dist. / 3.9 Max. HT / 32.6 Avg. Start / 80 % Ret.]
    FGs: [ 0-0 / - / 0-0 / - / 0-0 / - / 0-0 / - / 0-0 / - / 0-0 / - ]
    NE Ratings: [-7.4 OA/-8.7 KOs/1.3 FG&EP]
    KOs: [No.57 / 2 TB / 61.7 Avg. Dist. / 4.3 Max. HT / 29.2 Avg. Start / 96.5 % Ret.]
    FGs: [ 1-1 / 100 / 5-5 / 100 / 5-5 / 100 / 1-1 / 100 / 0-0 / - / 12-12 / 100 ]

    Aaron Pettrey 2 UFA CIN
    Ratings: [-4.9 OA/-2.5 KOs/-2.4 FG&EP]
    KOs: [No.9 / 1 TB / 61.1 Avg. Dist. / 4.7 Max. HT / 31.8 Avg. Start / 88.9 % Ret.]
    FGs: [ 1-1 / 100 / 1-2 / 50 / 0-0 / - / 0-1 / 0 / 0-0 / - / 2-4 / 50 ]

    Jeff Reed UFA 9 SF
    Ratings: [-5.1 OA / -6.1 KOs / 1 FG&EP]
    KOs: [No.26 / 1 TB / 59.6 Avg. Dist. / 4.2 Max. HT / 33.6 Avg. Start / 96.2 % Ret.]
    FGs: [ 0-0 / - / 3-3 / 100 / 3-4 / 75 / 3-3 / 100 / 0-0 / - / 9-10 / 90 ]

    Clint Stitser UFA 1 CIN Cut
    Ratings: [-8.7 OA / -7.9 KOs / -0.8 FG&EP]
    KOs: [No.23 / 0 TB / 58.7 Avg. Dist. / 4.1 Max. HT / 30.3 Avg. Start / 95.7 % Ret.]
    FGs: [ 0-0 / - / 4-5 / 80 / 2-2 / 100 / 1-1 / 100 / 0-0 / - / 7-8 / 87.5 ]

    Brett Swensen UFA 2 IND Cut

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