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Whitehurst: ‘I’m confident I can make it happen’

Post by Eric Williams on July 28, 2011 at 12:45 pm with 39 Comments »
July 28, 2011 12:56 pm

The Seahawks had 73 players out on the field today, including six of Seattle’s nine draft picks.

Players the team has reached agreement with include fourth-round pick Kris Durham, fifth-round picks Richard Sherman and Mark Legree, sixth-round pick Byron Maxwell, and seventh-round picks Pep Levingston and Malcolm Smith.

First round pick James Carpenter, third rounder John Moffitt and fourth rounder K.J. Wright have yet to reach an agreement.

The Seahawks practiced for about a 1 hour, 45 minutes in jerseys and shorts, including a team period at the end of practice.

Defensive end Red Bryant worked with the first unit at defensive end and appears ready to go after finishing last season on the injured reserve with a knee issue.

Another player who impressed on Thursday was receiver Isaiah Stanback, who appears to have fully recovered from a torn Achilles tendon suffered during training camp that cut short his 2010 campaign.

But all eyes were on Charlie Whitehurst and how he would handle filling the immense shoes of Matt Hasselbeck. Whitehurst looked comfortable with the unit and threw the ball in his opening reps of training camp.

Quarterback Charlie Whitehurst, along with the rest of the Seahawks, stretch before practice at the Seahawks practice facility in Renton, July 28, 2011. Joe Barrentine/Staff photographer

And Whitehurst said he’s ready for the chance to earn a starting job.

“It’s an opportunity obviously,” Whitehurst said. “It’s one that I’m going to attack and give it everything I’ve got. I want to be the starting quarterback here. I know there’s going to be competition, but I’m confident I can make it happen, and lead this team to a heck of a season.”

Whitehurst said today was his first opportunity to take live reps with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell’s new playbook. He said there’s some crossover from Jeremy Bate’s version of the West Coast offense and Bevell’s version, but there will be some new learning.

“It’s definitely new,” he said. “We’re just diving into the playbook now. But I like some of the things we do. We’re going to try and run the football here. There’s no doubt about it. We will be able to do that, some play action and some drop back – all that stuff. I think we’re going to throw it short, throw it long and do a bunch of stuff.”

Whitehurst said he has been in communication with Hasselbeck, and that he left him a voice mail and Hasselbeck texted him back.

“I just thanked him for being a good leader and a good guy to definitely be under there for a year,” Whitehurst said. “He’s a good guy, and people are going to miss him around here for sure.”

With Carpenter and Moffitt unsigned, Paul Fanaika worked at right guard and Breno Giacomini at right tackle with the first unit, while Mike Gibson filled in at left guard with Robert Gallery still not signed.

Defensively, Jay Alford worked at nose tackle with Colin Cole out and the team still negotiating to try and bring Brandon Mebane back.

And new offensive line coach Tom Cable was very animated working with the offensive line today.

I also had a chance to talk to LeGree, who’s excited about the opportunity to compete for a starting job with Kam Chancellor.

“It’s a dream come true,” LeGree said. “It’s finally hit me now that I’m here in the facility with all these coaches and all of these pros. I feel like a pro now, and I’m not going to let this chance slip by. I’m going to make the most of it.”

Notes from practice
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  1. I know someone posted this idea already and I just heard it again on the radio, but it intrigued me.

    Pick up Carlson next year and draft a 1st round QB for him to tutor (Matt Barkley?). After two years, release Palmer and insert said draft pick. By that time the OL shoud be ridiculous, all are young DB’s will have developed, we’ll still have Rice and Tate, and that give the FO time to do something about the DL. Interesting.

  2. Soggybuc says:

    I’m not sure why really but Mark Legree is becoming one favorites rather quickly

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Atta boy Legree. You and ET…

    Eric, only day 1 of course but who was at 3-tech?


  4. Dukeshire says:

    Soggy – Easy; humble, genuine, hard working (offseason job) and LOADS of talent. Guys like that are so easy (and fun) to root for.

  5. Dukeshire: Kentwan Balmer.

  6. I’m rootin’ for Tate to breakout myself, and Thurmond, was he out there?

  7. IdahoHawk says:

    Is the Carson Palmer situation the same that Barry Sanders was in?

  8. gonefishin69690 says:

    “Whitehurst: ‘I’m confident I can make it happen”…….. Lets hope after a few games, we the fans feel the same way!

  9. SeahawkFan12 says:

    MAN it’s great having football back! Thanks for the updates, Eric!

  10. Trublu,
    We would still have to trade for palmer next year. If retires, then comes out of retirement, he will still be under contract with the bengals. He has 4 years and over $50 mil left on his contract, and that contract does not go away if he retires, the bengals currently have rights to him and would have to release or trade him in order for him to play anywhere else, no matter how long he sits out.

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Eric- How are Okungs ankles doing?

  12. chrisj122 says:

    Can we please put all this Palmer talk to rest now? No chance him comes this year or next year period. But it doesn’t change the fact the QB’s we currently have are gap QB’s nothing more and Carroll knows this, thats why they only have two year deals.
    So the question remains when we draft our next franchise QB (probably next draft) who will be the guy to mentor him?

  13. Agreed Chrisj122 – – – all talk of Palmer, and of Hasselbeck too is moot now. We should have the fairest of fair competitions for the starting QB spot this year. I wouldn’t doubt that the two of them split the pre-season games evenly.

    Whoever wins will have the best receiving corps, with the biggest targets, that the Hawks have seen in awhile.

    It has taken me surprisingly little time to get over Matt leaving. I understand why Carroll did it; I’m happy that Hass is still in the league on a decent team, and I’m sure I’ll be checking the boxscores all year to see how he’s doing.

    But, I’m ready to be a believer in either CW or TJ, let’s see what they can do.

  14. seahawk44 says:

    How is everyone going to feel when the Seahawks sign Vince Young?

  15. Obviously CW or TJax is not our future QB’s. They will compete this year for the back-up position of next year. The Hawks can still win this year, but it’s going to be on the RB’s shoulders, and some big plays by are play makers. Picture the last Rams game with more running, thats what we are going to see. These QB’s are not going to be asked to do alot and it might work, but you got to be trippin’ if you feel anyone of them is a future star for this team.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    It’s definitely nice to have an established vet for a young QB to learn from and study and to be taken under the wing. But I think too much is made of that, really. There’s really nothing but anecdotal evidence to suggest having a “mentor” increases a young QBs chances of success. Hasselbeck will certainly help Locker all he can in Tenn. but ultimately it’s up to Locker. IMO, that’s the least of Seattle’s QB concerns, moving forward.

    Between Jackson and CW, who do you all think has the better chance of being extended when their respective comtracts ends?

  17. williambryan says:

    Duke, I think all signs point to Jackson having the best shot to start and stick here (chances of VY coming here not with standing) but I just have a feeling about Whitehurst. He has a confidence about him that I really like and I think he has a good shot at becoming a QB that can take the team to the playoffs. I actually really like Jackson and Whitehurst (and I’ve been carrying the VY to seattle flag as well…) so I personally am excited to watch this battle.

  18. “Obviously CW or TJax is not our future QB’s. ”

    I would say likely true – but not a sure thing. Neither one has played and failed so miserably that they’re an obvious retread (like, say, derek anderson). I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

    You see the Patriots just signed Ochocinco? Along with Haynesworth. Funny, how they’re kind of the more successful version of the old Raiders, reclaiming trouble vets and getting value out of them.

  19. Well, TJax knows the offense, but CW has been here. I think TJax edges him out this year, but CW will probably be the backup next year with TJax getting cut. Ireally don’t see VY coming here.

  20. I think we need to go for Ray Edwards and resign Rheem Brock, and of course Mebane. Also, I don’t think it’s such a bad idea to bring Hill back as well.

  21. Also, this year, whoever starts will probably last until the first blowout (if there is one), then the other will replace him. I think they might ending sharing starts this year.

  22. Soggybuc says:

    Interesting couple names on the cut list in Marcus Stroud and Maake Kemoeatu. if healthy could be options for depth.

  23. Ewalters7354 says:

    Its looking like Brandon Mebane i.s all but gone.He seems to have better options of teams to pick from.I just hope we sign some defensive help.Please cut Trufant.He is overpaid.

  24. williambryan says:

    I just realized that the team will likely start 3 1st round draft picks on the OL, 1 2nd rounder and one 3rd rounder. not bad.

  25. chrisj122 says:

    Please let this season be free of high ankle sprains…..

  26. Texans’ DT Amobi Okoye is apparently in play.

  27. or, how about TEN’s DT Tony Brown? If he can return to ’09 form, he’d be a good add.

    Is it true that AZ traded DRC plus gave a pick to PHI and paid $63m/5 yr and $21m guaranteed for Kevin Kolb?

  28. Dukeshire says:

    TruBlu – Do you mean whoever starts at QB will last until the first blowout? Because I’ve thought about that too, and I wonder… Hass certainly played poorly enough, far enough into the season that one would think a switch to CW, if for no other reason than to see what they have there, would have been warranted. But Carroll didn’t. Only injury benched Hass. That leads me to believe that whoever earns the role of starter for the opener on Sept 11, will hold onto it until such point that when they are benched, they are benched for good (injuries not withstanding). Small sample-size last year, but it doesn’t seem as though Carroll is willing to subject the lockerroom and franchise to a so-called “QB controversy”. Thankfully.

  29. Texans signed CB Jonathan Joseph. At this rate, the top FA CB left will be Kelly Jennings.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    That doesn’t effect Seattle. Carroll’s not spending significant money on free agent corners.

  31. Nmadi is still out there . . .

  32. Soggybuc says:

    Fairly surprised we did not see any movement yet of getting the remaining picks signed. Carpenter I can see waiting to see what perks some slotted near his slot get but there not room for KJ or Moffit to negotiate.

  33. Dukeshire says:

    That doesn’t surprise me as much as how quiet (relatively) the Mebane talks are.

  34. Soggybuc says: reporting that KJ Wright is signed and will be at practice tomorrow.
    hopefully the J twins agents are working overtime tonight so we can get them in tomorrow morning as well.
    If i where Cable i’d handcuff those 2 together for the duration on camp.

    official sight has a nice little video on todays practice, well nice except for the Tony Ventrella part.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    Ventrella’s been around so long… Reminds me of the Kingdome and the old(er) days. lol

  36. Still holding out hope and hearing soon that Brandon will be here and soon.

    If he is mad that they didn’t offer a contract before the lock out – give me a break. He got an qualifying offer and it was only prudent to wait and see what was going to happen with FA rules.

    Heck becuase he waited he is probably going to make more money since nobody has to pony up a draft pick to sign him.

  37. It wouldn’t hurt to give VY a shot at QB, too. He has produced when not self-destructing. Between Carroll and Cable, Seahawks have strong personalities to keep him in line.

  38. CW’s got alot to prove to beat out TJ by the start of regular season, mostly his short-intermediate accuracy.
    ’10 season 91 aimed passes, 57 compl, 507 yds, 2/3 TD/int, 71.1 NFL rtg + 6 throw aways, 1 hit as thrown, 1 batted pass, 4 dropped passes = 65.5 NFL rtg
    no pressure 65.8 C%, 73.4 NFL rtg, 2/3 TD/int & 0 sack; under pressure 34.6 C%, 43.4 NFL rtg, 0/0 TD/int & 5 sacks; when blitzed 38.9 C%, 48.4 NFL rtg, 0/0 TD/int & 2 sacks
    By area of field
    Checkdowns & screens, behind LOS (attempts-completes-yds-TDs/picks-NFL rtg):
    left 7-5-46-0/0-89.0, middle 8-6-21-0/0-77.1, right 4-4-20-0/0-87.5
    short passes (0-9 yds past LOS):
    left 14-9-40-1/0-92.0, middle 20-14-93-0/0-79.8, right 15-11-76-0/1-56.5
    intermediate passes (10-19 yds past LOS):
    left 5-2-47-0/0-74.6, middle 4-2-29-0/1-34.4 right 3-1-16-0/1-12.5
    long passes (20 yds + beyond the LOS):
    left 4-0-0-0/0-39.6, middle NA, right 7-3-119-1/0-129.5

  39. grizindabox24 says:

    Hawks come to contract agreement with DT Alan Branch and DT Junior Siavii

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