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Matt Hasselbeck out in Seattle, Tarvaris Jackson in

Post by Eric Williams on July 26, 2011 at 1:13 pm with 190 Comments »
July 26, 2011 3:53 pm
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck (AP Photo/Ralph Freso).

UPDATE: I’ve confirmed that quarterback Matt Hasselbeck will not return to the Seattle Seahawks in free agency.

I’ve also confirmed that the Seahawks have a deal in place with Minnesota free agent quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, who’s expected to arrive in Seattle tonight.

However, Jackson cannot officially sign with Seattle until Friday.

The Seahawks offered the veteran quarterback a multi-year deal with a year of guaranteed money back in March before the lockout began, something they considered a reasonable offer. But Hasselbeck chose not accept the deal because he wanted a multi-year deal in terms of guaranteed compensation, and chose to see what better offers he could get on the open market.

And once free agency began today, there was a possibility that Seattle’s offer would not still be on the table.

Seattle indeed did not extend an offer sheet to Hasselbeck, choosing to pursue other options at quarterback. And that option is Jackson.

Hasselbeck, 35, completes his 10-year stint in Seattle as the team’s all-time passing leader, with nearly 30,000 yards and three Pro Bowl appearances.

Teams reportedly interested in Hasselbeck’s services on the free agent market include Tennessee, Arizona and San Francisco.

Seahawks fans might not be excited about the prospects of Jackson joining Seattle, but the second round pick by the Vikings in 2006 is seen as decent prospect in the NFL scouting community, who possesses the size and arm strength to be a productive quarterback in the league.

But Jackson, 28, had an uneven performance in Minnesota, He finishing 10-10 as a starter, throwing for 3,984 in a six-year NFL career, posting a 58.7 career completion percentage with 24 touchdowns, 22 interceptions and a 76.6 career passer rating. Jackson has served as a back-up two Favre the past, two seasons, finishing 2010 on injured reserve after injuring a foot in December.

Jackson’s looking for another chance to earn a starting job, and likely would be given the opportunity in Seattle to compete with Charlie Whitehurst if the team does not bring back Hasselbeck.

“If free agency would have started in March like it’s supposed to, it would have been a lot different,” Jackson told reporters in Minnesota last week. “But being that it is so late, you would like to go somewhere you’re familiar so you have a chance.

“If I go to a new system that I never played in before now, you’re really learning. You’re learning a new offense and just trying to get familiar with the guys. You’re kind of behind the eight-ball. Being that (Seattle will run) the same system, it’s a good opportunity.”

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  1. Supposedly the Seahawks have just “acquired” another QB.

    Are they allowed to sign FA’s right now? I thought they had to wait until Friday morning to sign FAs but could trade for players right now? So does that mean they just dealt for a QB?

  2. Danny O Neil says it isn’t Kevin Kolb the Seahawks are in the process of “acquiring.” So, then who? Orton?

  3. grizindabox24 says:


  4. It’s Tavaris Jackson. I assumed that as a FA, he couldn’t sign until Friday morning.

  5. gonefishin69690 says:

    Don’t panic people, read the article

  6. Ewalters7354 says:

    It really trips me out that once a player leaves Seatown they all of a suddenly become a valuable player.I love Matt but he didn’t want to resign with us anyway.He wants to get paid.Oh well…on to a new era.I trust Pete and JS.I wonder whom we just acquired.Hopefully its not T-Jack He is a damn bust.

  7. BobbyK is not happy with this, wherever he is.

  8. fivecardstud says:

    You mean Matt Givemback won’t be playing for the other team in a Seahawks uniform. Great news. Now spend a little and get a decent QB for once.

  9. grizindabox24 says:

    I see it as a low cost/low risk signing.

  10. trout_hound says:

    Hey Matt, thanks for taking a beating for Seattle all those years. Although there were some ups and downs, the string of playoff runs was pretty impressive. You definitely remain my all time favorite Hawk’s QB. Good luck and God bless where ever you are off too. I hope they aren’t in the NFC West.

    Time to change the Insider banner picture. But then again, who is the new face of the franchise? Leon Washington? Lofa? Maybe Earl Thomas?

  11. T Jack….NOOOOOO!!!!

  12. low cost/low risk/performance signing.

  13. mrpohcst says:

    Glad to see him move on. Now if we could do something about the Mariners.

  14. your name says:

    there gonna bring bakc Jim the Great Zorn

  15. Dukeshire says:

    For what it’s worth I keep getting texts from friends in Vegas who are saying Seattle as acquired T Jackson. Apparently it was “confirmermed”the radio. I’m looking for more substantial confirmation. Since they can’t sign UFA until Friday, but he can agree to terms at any time.

  16. your name says:

    Who cares who they get there still gonna suck just like the mariners,

  17. Farewell Hass. Even when you werent being a great QB, you always seemed like a great dude.

    I’m relieved to have gotten T. Jackson. I’m assuming that will put the Kolb rumors to rest. I was always way uneasy about the asking price for him.

  18. Supposedly, Jackson is flying to Seattle today (from Softy) to begin his new reign as the Seahawks starting QB.

  19. WOah. wtf..Favre?

  20. grizindabox24 says:

    cornutt, that shefter stuff is bogus, name not spelled correctly

  21. exeducator says:

    Grab him, Arizona. You can’t do much worse.

  22. O ok, thanks griz. lol. Seems like others have talked about it too, but maybe it’s all bogus.

  23. SeahawkFan12 says:

    This sucks. One of my all-time favorite Seahawks out and Tavaris Jackson and or Farve possibly in. Even if these are rumors, this is sad day.

  24. For Favre’s sake, I’m glad it’s bogus.

  25. grizindabox24 says:

    Why do people keep bringing up Favre’s name?

  26. I actually think he meant vikes and not hawks. Would make more sense.

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    For some reason my thoughts are now strongly focused on next years draft and qb class.

  28. Whitehurst vs Jackson: who can get us a low enough draft pick to get Luck in this years draft.

    Hopefully there’s another tom brady hidden somewhere on this roster, this is a sad sad day.

  29. OCHawkFan says:

    At this point does it matter who’s going to be under center? We have an O-Line with 2 rookies, 1 2nd year player, ? at left gaurd. It’ll be at least a half a season before they’re half way functioning. At least Jackson is mobile and can evade the rush a little better than Hasselbeck.

    What I’m really interested in are the terms of the deal with Jackson. Hopefully only a 1 or 2 yr deal with minimum guaranteed money. He’ll fit in as a half way decent stop gap until we draft a QB next year.

  30. I think whitehurst is going to be the starter this year.

  31. SeahawkFan12 says:

    RADEoN says: “Whitehurst vs Jackson: who can get us a low enough draft pick to get Luck in this years draft.”

    Totally agree. Sad day when the 10-year face of the organization is replaced by Tavaris Jackson. Wow…what a swing of the pendulum.

  32. This ’11 season may see quite a bit of pressure on the QB – with he OL just now beginning to learn their offense, the scheme, and lotsa youth. OAK’s OL was better at run blocking than pass-pro.

    For the ’10 season, CW threw 91 aimed passes and TJax threw 52.
    Under no pressure CW’s NFL passer rating was 73.4 & TJax’s was 75.8.
    Under QB pressure CW’s passer rtg was 43.4 and TJax’s was 44.2.
    When blitzed (including throwing both under pressure and under no pressure) CW’s passer rtg was 48.4 and TJax’s was 32.9.
    CW was blitzed 33% of the time, TJax 44%.

    Tight competition @ QB.

  33. grizindabox24 says:

    My take is that there is really no difference between starting Hass and the Hawks winning 5-6 games and TJax or Charlie and winning 2-3 games. The Hawks were not going to win a lot of games no matter what.

  34. Klm008, that’s a slippery deal, as when you can run the ball effectively, you’re taking a ton of pressure off the qb. Something this team hasn’t seen in forever.

  35. I sure hope we can run the ball effectively this season. We’ve been gonna do that since preseason of ’06. Haven’t done it yet.

  36. You’re 100 percent right.

    Hopefully t-jax tears his acl climbing the stairs at vmac, and they opt to keep hass instead.

  37. I will miss Hasselbeck.

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Go to espn and check out the blog comments on this. Here is one that I thought was funny.

    “Tavaris Jackson just signed! Yes! 0-16 here we come! Andrew Luck, start house hunting in Seattle!”

    Sad but true. Didn’t think a team would ever tank it before the start of the season. I hope Luck is worth it!

  39. Guys, Jackson (and Whiotehurst) are ‘bridge’ quarterbacks. That is, they are intended to get us from Matt to our next franchise QB. The next seahawk franchise QB is in the 2012 or 2013 draft class.

  40. Wow, T. Joke, great, at least we didn’t fall victim in another Whitehearse deal by going after Kolb, but T. Joke, really, I hope Whitehearse does beat him out. Damn, T. Jax sucks against the blitz, doesn’t even see it ever coming, and with our rookie line, I guess it’s going to be run, run, run this year. T. Jax huh, wow.

  41. Well, damn. I get it, but it’s still a bummer.

    It takes a cold-blooded (and I mean that in a good way) objective coach to move one from the best QB a franchise has ever had.

    I wanted to be competitive in our lousy division for another year, and grab a QB in the draft next year. But I get the logic of not wanting to wait.

    I always admired the way Hass led the team; even when his arm and footspeed failed him a bit, he always played tough, and I still think he can read defenses and make plays behind a decent O-line. God knows he took a beating behind ours the past few years.

    This may be a good move for the long-term of the team, but it doesn’t give me a ton of hope for our prospects this coming year. Oh well.

  42. Jackson is a clear upgrade from Whitehurst and probably a lateral move from the current edition of Hasselbeck. If Bevell can succeed where he couldn’t before and improve Jackson’s read and recognition abilities, then the Seahawks might have just gotten a steal. Possibly someone on the caliber of a Vince Young, without the head problems.

    And if not, then the Seahawks are left where they have been for the past 5 years – with a QB position putting up a 75 rating and as a clear need for upgrade.

  43. JS and PC are doing the right thing and taking a long term view in building the team. Having said that, given the shortened training camp period, Tarvar is ahead pf the game because he knows the offence.

  44. Cool, how can anybody be excited to tank it for a year and go after a franchise QB that no one knows will even be any good. Got some real compitiors out there. Get excited for next years draft at the expense of this season is a real retarded way to look at things. It’s discusting and I hope no one really feels that way, it’s insane. Every year a team should be competitive, accepting anything else is wrong. Show some blue pride.

  45. Peace out Hasselbeck, it was a roller coaster of a ride, good luck.

  46. start the ‘suck for luck’ campaign.

  47. MattandCindy says:

    We can wish for the “right handed Michael Vick* to come here and just destroy any and all competition…and then we can wish for a leprechaun to be living in the tank behind the toilet, who gives you $30 million worth of gold AND grants 20 wishes. I’d ask for a Ferrari…and a new QB.

    * denotes what some websites call Tarvaris Jackson. Go ahead and check, and then laugh.

  48. I disagree with this decision.

  49. nonstopjoe says:

    Whoever the Seaturkies sign as QB had better buy lots of life and disability insurance.

  50. beer & whisky consumption will go up this yr for seahawk fans.

  51. SandpointHawk says:

    Hass = Ring of Honor, Thank you Matt

  52. Soggybuc says:

    Canfora is reporting that Leinert is indeed on the Hawks radar for the 3rd QB slot.

  53. Pat Kirwin on sirius is saying we are not done at QB, he says no way we go into next season with Jackson or Whitehurst

  54. williambryan says:

    although he has been inconsistent, I think Jackson’s upside is BIG. watch this.

    I’m still pulling for Whitehurst to get a chance to show what he can do but it is exciting knowing that this season will be a fresh start. I loved Hasselbeck but I think it’s time to move on and am completely on board with Carroll and Schnieder. By not trading for Kolb they have gained my eternal trust.

  55. SandpointHawk says:

    My head is spinning and this is only day 1….

  56. grizindabox24 says:

    Tru, any projected franchise QB can flop, but you have to take chances when a possible one comes along. I also fail to see any great QB option out there, so I am fine with giving TJax a shot.

  57. tommy98466 says:

    What a joke on the fans of Seattle. A new mediocre QB plagued with injuries to start the season. If this guy does not preform after a couple of games watch the fans disappear. Of course the usual excuses will be, “he needs to learn the system”, “Hes not use to the west coast offense”, “it will take time” as the Seahawks collect the outrageous prices to attend a game. I predict a 5 & 11 season this year. Thats five wins and 11 loses. No playoffs. Pathetic.

  58. grizindabox24 says:

    Agreement in place for skins to send McNabb to Vikings

  59. My head hurts, can we try trading for a QB that’s not Kolb?

  60. chrisj122 says:

    I feel like my dog just died.

  61. grizindabox24 says:

    I still want to know what they expected the Hawks to do at the QB position? The available options were not going to get the Hawks to the playoffs.

  62. Well, can we at least get a a couple of big time players that will make me forget about this travisty

  63. Ohhh a highlight video of Jackson, THAT means he can play, NOT. He’s had plenty of opportunities to play including 12 games in 2007 where he threw 12 INT’s with just 9 TD’s and had a rating of 70.8. Sorry the guy is in average backup at best.

    I have no problem failing to resign Hasselbeck IF they had a better option. Neither Jackson nor Whitehurst are that option.

  64. chrisj122 says:

    I think the words “we want the ball and were going to score” should be engraved somewhere in Quest Field.

  65. Are we going to look like Az or SF of last year now, with a carosel of back ups being thrown in and out depending on what the fans are chanting for?

  66. “we want a quarterbck and we’re goin’ to win”

  67. That highlight video showed Jackson’s great athleticism but it also showed his biggest weakness – his lack of read and recognition while in the pocket. He showed no read and recognition on those plays. And if he hasn’t developed it for the upcoming season, this will go badly.

    Leinart is interesting and I was pumping that move last year. I think he has pretty good read and recognition but I don’t understand why they didn’t just kick the tires last year.

  68. TruBlu, that sounds about right. I keep hearing on the radio that they are going to focus on the running game and defense to win games and rely less and less on the passing game. Yeah, THAT will work!

  69. dirtydan54 says:

    I’m beginning to think there are politicians wworking in the front office of the Seahawks.

  70. Jackson better have come cheap. Last year we cut players who did not perform I can see Jackson released at some point. Maybe he will be used to inspire Leinart and then be cut. LIke Quagmirer Jackson looks great every day but Sunday.

  71. jonathan says:

    This sucks. It took seven years to recover from cutting Dave Kreig years to early. At least Carroll & all will be unemployed in January. Hello 2-14. Hope he goes to SF so he can crush them in week one. Crap!

  72. jonathan says:

    Jackson for the minimum wouldn’t have made this roster last year. This is a money move all the way. Wonder how Whitehurst will hold up when he has to play 3 consecutive games for the first time in 5 years. Utter disaster.

  73. I hope he goes to San Fran because my homie is a niners fan and has always talked shit about Hass. That would be funny as hell, but I don’t think it would be awesome as a fan, I’d hate to see Hass come back to Quest in another uniform. However, unfortunately for him, I don’t see him having much success down there. I think he’s the type of player that has to build a report with his team, and even though he shows great leadership, I don’t think he can do that down there (or anywhere) in such a short amount of time. His best chance for success was here, his next I think would Minn, but it looks like they settled on McNabb.

  74. How can it be a money move when Seattle is $39 million under the cap? Under the new rules they have to have a payroll of at least 90% of the cap. So they have a lot more money they have to spend.

  75. Well I guess it’s time to bring in some big names then.

  76. ’10 NFL QB Ratings: # throws No Pressure / Under Pressure / When Blitzed
    MH 497 80.3 / 67.7 / 81.0
    CW 91 73.4 / 43.4 / 48.4
    TJ 52 75.8 / 44.2 / 32.9

    ’09 NFL QB Ratings: # throws No Pressure / Under Pressure / When Blitzed
    MH 456 80.6 / 53.3 / 57.1
    CW 0
    TJ 20 121.5 / 93.1 / 110.4

    ’08 NFL QB Ratings: # throws No Pressure / Under Pressure / When Blitzed
    MH 226 99.9 / 64.1 / 104.6
    CW 0
    TJ 167 101.0 / 53.9 / 66.5

    TJax doesn’t seem like a clear upgrade, more like an OK backup.

  77. How are these stats even meaningful? Jackson has thrown 72 COMBINED passes the past 2 seasons. That sample size is too small to be meaningful.

  78. jonathan says:

    I didn’t say it was a good money move, they just spent too much QB money on clipboard j.

  79. As much as I like and respect Hass, giving him a two year guaranteed situation, at his salary range, is clearly not in a rebuilding teams’ best interests…..
    Not prudent by any scale…

  80. Mebane, Osi, Davin, Johnathen, Sidney, Holmes, Cromartie, Edwards (both), Charles Johnson, Gallery, Malcom Flloyd, Deuce Lutui anybody? Get this awfull T. Jax taste out of my mouth.

  81. chuck_easton says:


    Supposedly it’s a money move because Seattle had offered Matt a good contract that even included a second year. Matt didn’t like that only the 1st year was guaranteed so he was reported to have Seattle as his last choice.

    Seattle didn’t want to get caught with Matt choosing to leave and there being nobody else out there so they pulled the trigger on Jackson and told Matt the deal was off the table.

    So, we can assume Jackson will be cheeper than 7 million a season. He’d better be.

    We can also assume Matt only wants to go somewhere where he’s guaranteed to be the starter for at least 2-3 more years.

    Seattle and now Minnesota (they just made a trade for McNabb) are out for Matt. He’s running out of choices. Arizona, and Tennesee are still out there.

    It’s been reported that Tenn is prepared to pay Matt a boatload of money.

    This is where I normally complain about the player being greedy and just going for the cash, but I can’t in this case. Matt has been a class act. This is definitely his last contract. He needs to get as much as he can before he retires.

  82. Yeah, why can’t his prior coach Bevell, Carroll, Schneider, and our entire scouting org be as smart as you guys! lmao

  83. grizindabox24 says:

    Pabs, everyone wants to complain, but seriously, it is not like the Hawks passed on Drew Brees. So the Hawks win 6 games with Hass or 3 with the TJax/Charlie tandem, big deal. The Hawks are a team in transition and not really that good.

  84. Those stats show how much experience T. Joke has and when blitzed doesn’t understand whats going on. What do you think will happen to him this year, look at how many passes Matt had to throw when he was blitzed. Now if you put two and two together, what do you think a D will do against Jackson?

  85. Thanks chuck, I didn’t know they didn’t offer a 2nd guaranteed year. I kept hearing that Matt was offering Seattle a “hometown discount”, and he probably did. But I can understand him wanting to have at least 2 years guaranteed and to be the starter for more than just 1 season.

  86. ballgame says:

    Are people forgetting how bad Matt played the last 3 years? I love Matt and wish him well, but I’m glad he isn’t coming back.

  87. HawkfaninMT says:

    So who is the next pick up?

    People keep saying the Hawks have 39M actually they got anoth 5.25M by announcing they will cut Andrews, so theyreally have 44M… They got money to spend, so who is the next pick up?!?

    Some names Id like to see talking to the Hawks:
    LG Gallery
    LG Blalock
    LG Clabo (Played RT the last few years but was a G)
    WR Sidney Rice
    WR Roy Williams
    FB Vonta Leach
    CB Antonio Cromartie
    DT Brandon Mebane
    DT Abrayo Franklin
    DT Cullen Jenkins
    DT/DE Alan Branch

    Still need a pass rushing DE and I am not a huge fan of Edwards, but I guess Edwards

  88. Right, it’s hard to find a franchise QB. The vast majority of today’s teams found their QB in the 1st round of the draft, something both Carroll and Ruskell decided to avoid the past several years.

  89. chrisj122 says:

    Basically the Seahawks just moved out its starting QB for the decade, the face of the franchise for 2 over paid back up QB’s.

    Game Plan:
    Option A: Give ball to Lynch, let him find a hole or run everyone over.
    Option B: repeat option A

  90. The difference between 6 and 3 wins is pretty big to me, especially when I’m watching the game. Who knows, maybe 6 wins, wins the division.

  91. PFT reporting we r out of the Kolb bidding. Very good news.

  92. grizindabox24 says:

    Tru, even with Matt, not sure the Hawks are better than the Rams, Niners, or Cards

  93. BrianHawk says:

    Thanks for 10 great years Hasselbeck, the best Seahawks QB ever on and off the field.

    I’m okay with the decision, but definitely will be missing #8.

  94. ballgame says:

    The year before Farve got to the Vikes, Jackson played well. Then Farve comes and Jackson gets no reps in Practice and the gameplan is for what Farve does best, so when he has to play he struggles just like every other QB coming in off the bench. Having the full week to prepare makes a big difference in the QB’s play

  95. For all you people running for cover because the sky is falling. You can look at the numbers all you want but they tell us very minimally what were getting. Tavaris Jackson was never given a true opportunity to develop. He hit his stride about the same time your average rookie would. Then was put on ice right away. He is partially developed in the same exact scheme that was brought here to Seattle. In the short offseason that we will have, it is advantageous for Seattle to hit the ground running instead of learning. Tjack allows us to do that even though as a prospect he is still raw. He handled the Favre Fiasco like a true professional as i would gather that is how he will handle the competition here.

    A quote that pulled me out from the cover you are all seeking:
    “As an observant Vikings fan, I want to tell you Seahawks fans that your team made a good choice by picking up Tarvaris. The jump-pass BS happened only a few times and that was early in his career. They always say to give a player 3 years to prove himself and in his third year, Tarvaris threw 9 TDS to 2 picks down the stretch and won 3 of 4 games to get the Vikes into the playoffs. The last 2 years he’s obviously sat when Favre was brought in to help strike a fervor to get Zygi Wilf a new stadium. Even in the 9 quarters he played this last year, he did well in 7 of them (easily won game against Buffalo when Favre was hurt on the first series and put 8 points on the board in a hurry to get Minnesota back in contention against New England). Enjoy the time and money the Vikings put into the development of Tarvaris and look at is as some partial revenge for the stealing of Hutchinson a few years back with the poison pill debacle.”

  96. jonathan says:

    They don’t have to be good, they just have to win the division! Remember 7 wins is all it takes. They were going to go 2-6 in the first half of the season anyway with this schedule. The problem is now there is no hope of them stumbling into the playofs again until they get a real QB, and you know the Bills or Bengals will be awful enough to undercut them for the #1 pick in 2012 (Luck) no matter how bad the Seahawks schlep through this year. Arrgh.

  97. Plan B, hope SF and AZ end up with garbage QB’s again and that the Rams can’t overcome the begining of schedule and throw in the towell.

  98. HawkfaninMT says:

    Edit: Add Davin Joseph to that list if they think he can move from RG to LG successfully

  99. On that note, thank you hass for everything you have done for our franchise. You are still my all time favorite hawk.

  100. Dukeshire says:

    I’m curious how much of a drop in play the dooms-day crowd anticipates at QB from last season to this? There wouldn’t really seem to be a large enough fall possible, over the course of the full season, to drop another 5 games or so. As much as I like Hass, he was one of the poorest performing QBs statistically last season. Looking just at that, the 2 win predictions for ’11 don’t make much sence to me.

  101. jonathan says:

    I only say the sky is falling because it is.

  102. grizindabox24 says:

    Jonathon, I am fairly certain that 7 wins will not win the NFC West.

  103. Duke, I agree with this statement. Jackson is at a minimum, a 75 QB rating passer in this system. That’s what we had with Hasselbeck.

    And who knows, if he’s improved his read and recognition abilities, maybe they found someone who can manage a rating in the highs 80s.

  104. SeahawkFan12 says:

    You have got to be sh!tting me. First we don’t re-sign Matt, then we sign Tavaris Jackson AND MATT LEINART?!?!?! Call this Black Tuesday. I’m off to get drunk…

  105. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    have to agree Duke, doom and gloom and we havent even statred training camp.

  106. grizindabox24 says:

    I will say that I am not excited in TJax/Charlie/Leinart, but I do not see the outcome of the season being that much different than if Hass was the QB

  107. I was pumping that Matt Leinart signing last year. I have no idea who wins this 3 headed QB derby, but my guess is it is Leinart. His read and recognition ability was far better than Jackson.

  108. To all the people who say it’s the same with Hass or with Jackson I would say then why not keep Hass? At least you have someone with a lot of experience and someone who can mentor a new QB from college. If you’re going to get rid of Hass then at least the new QB should be an UPGRADE, not the same or worse than what we already had.

  109. SandpointHawk says:

    Let me add just Fu@k,Fu@k, Fu@k and Damn it hell also….

  110. Man, can we get some news about some other FA’s instead of back up QB’s coming in, damn.

  111. Out of 85 players who played the QB position in the NFL for at least 1 snap in ’10, looking at reg season and post season games combined Matt ranked:
    Overall QB performance: 19th
    Passing performance: 19th
    Run performance: 16th
    Penalties: 7th.

    It may be Matt’s best chance for a successful closeout of his career by going elsewhere. TR, Hutch and injuries (thanx EJ Henderson) wrecked his opportunities here. God bless you and your continued career success Matt and beat every team you face (‘cept SEA). Thanx for the memories!

  112. grizindabox24 says:

    KGE, I think it comes down to possible upside and a team that is in transition.

  113. OCHawkFan says:

    Hey, I’m excited! This is exactly what I expected when Carrol got the job. Getting younger talent, more competition, may the best man win. Watching the QB competition at camp is going to be awesome. All 3 of these guys has some degree of talent and potential. Besides, Carrol has stated numerous times he doesnt expect to have a QB who wins games. He wants to run the ball and sustain long drives.

    Now, lets sign a LG and a DT! Should be a fun season.

  114. Rex Grossman is still out there. . .

  115. grizindabox24 says:

    The Hawks also did offer Hass a deal and he turned it down.

  116. griz, I don’t see much upside with Jackson, I just don’t. I’m all for getting fresh young talent, but talent is the operative word. All I can say is that maybe a change of scenery is what Jackson needs and I hope my negative opinion about their QB situation is proved wrong.

  117. chuck_easton says:

    Hey, if Matt can get a contract where he’s guaranteed to be the starter, or at least get starter’s money for 2 more years, more power to him.

    Now take a step back from the ledge. Would you be comfortable with Seattle re-signing Matt if you found out it was for 14+ million guaranteed and that no matter who we might find in the draft next year Matt is guaranteed to be the starter through 2013?

    I wish Matt the best but I don’t see the Seahawks making the next step to being younger, and stronger 3 years from now with him under center.

  118. chrisj122 says:

    Now we have replaced Matt with 3 over paid career back up quarterbacks. This year will be unbearable to watch.

  119. grizindabox24 says:

    I am not sure if Hass is much better than a backup type talent anymore. And KGE, I am pretty sure Hass has no upside, I do not know if TJax has upside.

  120. chuck_easton says:

    Define ‘overpaid’.

    Whitehurst 4 million
    Jackson ???
    Leinart ???

    Even if they give all three a one year 4 million contract that’s still less than the guaranteed money Matt was asking for.

  121. Chuck – I would be shocked if Tenn’s offer to Hasselbeck is more than what he got from Seattle. They will have too much tied up in Locker.

    Leinart is 2-0 against the Seahawks in his career with home wins in 2006 and 2007.

  122. Good points HawksKD… add to that how classy Favre is… !!!

    What a GREAT team guy! ……koff, koff, koff……..

    (if ya get my point…. )

  123. williambryan says:

    jonathan is right about the bengals and other horrible teams undercutting us for luck, but with the new rookie wage scale, hopefully Schneider can work some magic and make a easy trade for luck (similar to the trade of Eli Manning for Rivers a few years back) by easy I mean that we will probably be around the 5th pick in the draft.

  124. chuck_easton says:


    It was reported on ESPN that Tennessee is offering him a HUGE (their caps, not mine) contract.

    I guess we wait to see just how HUGE it really turns out to be.

    Now if it for less than what Seattle had originally offered and Matt passed up the Seattle offer to take his chances out there, then that’s on him.

    The only thing we know was that Seattle is supposed to have offered a multi year contract with 7 million guaranteed for 2011.

  125. I’m a big fan of Matt, but Chuck is right, a rebuilding team like ours can’t spend all its money on a QB who is at the end of his career.

    I’ll be interested to compare the $ difference between what we sign Tavaris Jackson for, and what Hass will sign for. As long as those dollars go to a young free agent who will still be on the team helping us win three years from now, then I’ll be happy.

    I honestly believe that Hass, Jackson, Whitehurst, Leinart and whomever else was considered are all considered stop-gap QBs by our front office. The QB of the future isn’t available yet, so let’s spend the money building the rest of our team!

  126. Actually, with Hass not coming back, two top picks on our OL, this season is already shaping up as very, very interesting…… Be competitive and I’ll be happy….

  127. Leinart showed a lot of promise his first year under Dennis Green and then it all went south when Whisenhunt took over. But then again, Leniart had one of the greats in front of him, so it’s hard to judge.

  128. Leinart To Big Mike Williams. Jackson cut by Sept.

  129. I think the third QB of the three Vets on the roster gets cut by the beginning of the season.

  130. Dukeshire says:

    Pab – I agree with that. I’d be surprised if the carried 3 vets on the 53.

  131. Dukeshire says:

    I’m curious how bad his attitude was or perceived to be in the building, to get his outright release in favor of Derek Anderson? I guess we’ll find out.

  132. chuck_easton says:

    I think your right. I can’t see them keeping all three.

    So if they get two for 8 or so million or they keep Matt for 7 million and Clipboard for 4 million (11 million) then they have saved money at the QB position.

    I don’t see any of the three being better than Matt would have been, but even if one of the three is on par we have saved money and we have set things up for that potential Franchise QB next season.

  133. ballgame says:

    @pabuwal: I think you are right. With the new 46 role I can see the 3rd Qb being a practice squad guy so they can carry an extra position player on the the active gameday roster.

  134. This reminds me just a bit of 2006. Tim Ruskell paid a 30-year old Shawn Alexander $62 Million, and it turned out to be maybe the worst decision of his tenure as GM. Alexander was done, and the Seahawks paid dearly. Yet, most fans were screaming that Alexander simply had to be re-signed.

    If Ruskell had the guts to let Alexander walk away and draft a younger RB, fans would have screamed, but the Seahawks might have become a better team with a younger RB.

    The more I think abou this, the more I’m glad to see that Schneider and Carroll know how to stick to the principles and won’t spend more than they thought their aging QB was worth.

  135. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo – Schneider was in the camp that jettisoned Favre from Green Bay. He’s not afraid of difficult decisions.

  136. That’s true, Duke. Considering Schneider’s record, I guess Aaron Curry had better not get comfortable.

  137. August 11 can’t come fast enough. I am anxious to evaluate all 3 QBs and see how they progress through the preseason. Both Leinart and Jackson haven’t seen meaningful game action in years. I am hoping they have progressed enough mentally since then that this year could see some upside from preseason QB expectations, for the first time since 2003.

  138. Dukeshire says:

    I’ll say this, should be a hell of a battle for #1. Whether it’s actually good play during that battle is another story. But damn right; the 11th can’t get here fast enough.

  139. SandpointHawk says:

    Journeymen Quarterback Co-op….not impressed….

  140. afishburne says:

    This is a solid, pragmatic move, on many levels. Seattle is building. Worst-case, they’ve got three, young quality “physical tools” guys to stoke an exciting QB competition this year and maybe even get luck and hit the long-term jackpot with one of them. Continuing that thought, Seattle is building the right way, from the Lines-out. The plan may well be to avoid putting a long-term starter in place until the Lines are solid, and the running game is established. Alternatively, Seattle could well still be in the hunt for a bigger name free agent QB, like Kolb — the QB situation could look completely different in a week, than it does today. Seattle could be hedging its bets in this unpredictable, free agent frenzy. Again, a pragmatic move, albeit a sad moment for those of who associate Hasselbeck with the era that finally ushered in consistent success for the organization, and put it on the map… a great leader, QB, and person who should retire a Seahawk with great celebration when it’s all over.

  141. I look at the ultimate upside for Matt Leinart as a Matt Ryan type of guy. Given a decent running game, WRs and OL, he can be a QB that takes a team to the playoffs for the next decade. But he might not ever be a QB that can simply carry a team on its back despite surrounding talent, like the elite QBs are.

  142. Well, since there are now zero preseason QB expectations, I’d guess it’s gotta get better. . .

  143. I think Kolb is the same type of QB that I just described in Leinart.

  144. Dukeshire says:

    You give him a lot more credit than I. Ryan is developing into one of the elite QB in the league. A genuine franchise guy. I simply don’t see any chance Leinart has that in him. Or perhaps you are undervaluing Ryan’s talent. Either way…

  145. Duke-
    I don’t think Ryan would have had anywhere near the success he’s had without the surrounding cast (that’s not true with all QBs) and I think his abilities have maxed out. I know you disagree, because we have discussed this before.

    I would have been happy to place a Leinart to Seattle bet with you this year, but I figured if Carroll didn’t do it last year, then he wasn’t going to do it this year. I was certain Carroll was going to bring aboard Leinart last year because I thought it made complete sense. I recall most fans didn’t want to see it last year and I would guess that’s true this year.

  146. “The more I think abou this, the more I’m glad to see that Schneider and Carroll know how to stick to the principles and won’t spend more than they thought their aging QB was worth. ”

    QB is a bit different than a RB – but it’s still a valid point. You want to cut ties with a guy a year too early, rather than a year too late where you can.

    I suppose this is sitautional – if we were a better all-around team, maybe you do pay a bit more for the experienced QB. Re-build has to formally start sometime, and cutting ties with Hass really drives that home.

    I do think our offense will really struggle this year though. Hope the rookie O-lineman both pan out, we’re going to need them.

    And in the QB battle – – I have zero idea who I’m rooting for to come out on top, I’ve got no real feel for any of them. Leinart played well against us in one game I recall, but otherwise seemed very slow afoot, and w/out a strong arm, but god knows, the guy must be desperate for a shot at getting on the field.

  147. Leinart is very slow and does not have a great arm. Jackson is the complete opposite.

  148. Dukeshire says:


    You and I saw the Leinart situation the same way.

    Unless we’re talking about the great QBs in the games’ history, they all are reliant on surrounding talent to max out their ability. Ryan is clearly not in that category. But in the modern game, below Brady and Manning (see great QBs in the games’ history) he’s everything one could possibly ask for when they draft a QB.

  149. Duke – I thought you weren’t a fan of Leinart coming to town last year and did not expect it. But I can be wrong, it was a year ago.

    I am listening to Hugh MIllen on the radio. His main argument against these QBs is that they made certain mistakes early in their career (Jackson’s 2nd and 3rd years and Leinart’s 2nd year), therefore they must be bad QBs because these mistakes can never be corrected.

    I think Millen must be the saddest man of them all today.

  150. TtownMatt says:

    Matt leaving hurts, where he lands could sting more.

  151. gonefishin69690 says:

    Well, we do know one thing for sure judging by the draft. PC and company will be working on the running game this year, and who knows? Let the battle of the backup QB’s begin and maybe now that they are out of the shadows of the likes of Favre, Hasselbeck, and Warner, one of them might actually step up and surprise all of us! Then again, I thought the same thing about the Mariners this year.

  152. Hugh Millen is very angry and he basically wants the Seahawks to fail this year. He and Hasselbeck must be best friends or something.

  153. I think SEA is gonna be Nebraska this season. Our stout defensive backfield may score nearly as much as our conservative run-based offense. Ground Pete. Then next season we get a 1st round franchise QB who plays offense like Mark Sanchez did in his 1st year (only better at passing). Should be interest next coupla years.

  154. chrisj122 says:

    The only positive thing about this is we are not going after Kolb and giving up a precious 1st round draft pick and possibly a 3rd round pick.

  155. freedom_X says:

    The problem I have with Leinart is that he doesn’t seem to have any leadership qualities, especially as a pro. Jackson is well respected by his teammates as a worker and a person who do what it takes. Leinart? Far from it. If Seattle brings him in, Leinart had better have turned over a Mike Williams type leaf.

  156. chrisj122 says:

    Let me add the other positive thing about this: Atleast we are talking about actuall football news instead of wondering if there would be season at all. When was the last time we had this much activity on the bloq.?

  157. edstang45 says:

    Good Luck Matt, he no longer is the answer here, although I love the guy!
    Ok Cw lets see what ya got, but I am totally dumfounded by Jackson, better be cheap as he will always be a backup…..Been a long while since we heard from Carrol, I guess we just gotta see his plan unfold!! Next years draft is next years draft, being in the NFC west it’s possible to fall into the championship again so don’t hold your breathe for Mr. Luck……can you say dispair!!

  158. 1. Not going for Kolb makes me happy.
    2. Thinkin; about what’s going through Hugh Millen’s dome makes me even happier.
    3. Hass leavin’ however is still a bummer.

  159. chrisj122 says:

    I bet old Pete is all jacked up about right now. Lol…..

  160. chuck_easton says:

    Well Matt won’t be going to SF. They just re-signed Alex Smith to a one year 5 million contract.

    If he is to stay in the West Arizona is his only landing spot

  161. Hate to say – but right now, the Rams are really poised to take control of this division the next few years, no?

  162. If we don’t win the division this year ( don’t care the record) then this is a failure.

    They have said we are NOT rebuilding – we are getting better trying to win. This moves does not signal getting better – it is status quo at best. SOOO if we don’t win the divsion then the are clearly not getting better.

    You never once saw Charlie here trying to lead anyone during the lock out but Matt wasn’t even on the team and was here leading practices. Oh and he has a playbook so it could be interesting to see if he ends up in Arizona

    If we also – ignore Mebane and not talk to or resign them I will very quickly begin to question if these guys really know what they are doing with this team.

  163. Troygrad_2011 says:

    I’m done with the NFL, does anyone really play for the game? NO!

  164. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – I wasn’t (and didn’t think Carroll would sign him). You said (to paraphrase) that if Carroll didn’t bring him in last year when he was released, he wouldn’t this year. I agree with that, and prior to today, saw it the same way.

  165. oh, ok – got it.

  166. Soggybuc says:

    Xc of course Pete is going to say its about winning now no matter much they know they are a couple more drafts away from making real runs at it. have you ever heard a coach say “well these guys are barely talented and i’d be suprised to win one this year”
    I said 2013 the day he was hired and im sticking to it. today was just one more step in the process. albeit a sad and emotional one and make no mistake this is in no way the long term roster at QB.

  167. bayareahawkfan says:

    This day was coming at some point (the readiness, as the man said, was all), but it’s still a sad day nonetheless.

    And re:Millen’s man-love for Matt, young Hass was a ball boy for the Patriots when Millen was a backup QB there, and Matt’s dad was playing TE, so I think Hugh takes an understandable sort of fatherly pride in Matt and his career. Cut the man a little slack.

  168. bayareahawkfan says:

    I can only imagine BobbyK’s feelings upon hearing about T-Jack- I’m not feeling too great about it either. But this is exciting and encouraging:

    Seahawks Pursuing Rice

  169. jonathan says:

    Charlie, Tavaris, and Leinart? May I present the Three Stooges.

  170. I really hope this contract is only 1 year of guaranteed $’s. We now have 2 high paid back up QB’s & no starter. Unless Jackson is really cheap, keeping Matt for 2 years would have made the most sense & draft a stud in 2012 after we end up with a losing record, OR guarantee a last place finish by having Whitehurst start & again draft that stud in 2012.

    As it is, watch Kolb in up in Arizona, Matt in SF & the Hawks in last place. We didn’t need Jaclkon for that outcome.

  171. chuck_easton says:

    PFT is reporting Jackson’s deal is 2 years at 4 million a year. Identical to Charlies

  172. I don’t know why this is such a DISASTER for some of you? I appreciate what Matt did here as much as anyone else but, I don’t have a problem with them moving on at this point. I see this as a win-win for the Seahawks, although it may be a painful win this year for fans. Either Jackson or Whitehurst step up this year and assert themselves as our quarterback of the future, not sold that either will, or we have a high 1st rounder next year to pick our quarterback. You never know this early on but, next year’s quarterback class is supposed to be very strong and should give us some options.

    As for those of you that think we could keep Matt and be competitive while still drafting our quarterback of the future in the 2012 draft, Moo and Xcman, I would posit something to you. We are in a bad division and if we are reasonably competitive then we could easily win our division again, which leaves us with another draft pick of 21 or higher! That would severely limit the talent pool at quarterback that would be available to us in the 2012 draft. Top flight quarterback prospects don’t fall past 20 unless they have major question marks. And yes I understand that they are all question marks to some degree. You can’t always have your cake and eat it too. It is very hard to stay good while rebuilding. You have to take some lumps. We as fans have to face that. As nice as the playoffs were last year, it probably set the team back in the long term. We already spent the 08 and 09 seasons being bad and failing to see the truth that we needed to rebuild. I don’t want to waste more seasons being marginally competitive while ignoring the long term success of the team. The point, IMO, to become a super bowl contender!! Not to be a mediocre team that can compete for a weak division but has no realistic chance to win it all.

  173. Chuck, I think Whitehurst is getting 5 mil this year but that is the same difference.

    Moo, stud quarterbacks don’t fall out of the top 10. What is the point in them guaranteeing Matt 8 plus million a year the next two years if they are going to be that bad. Use the money on other needs if we are playing for a high draft pick. If Matt leads them to another 7-9 record or better, unlikely with our schedule, then we will not be in the top ten to get that “STUD QUARTERBACK.” I think your argument is a fans’ fantasy and has serious logical flaws. Not trying to be rude, just my sincere opinion.

  174. chuck_easton says:


    Whitehurst only gets 5 million if he’s the starter

  175. Sorry, but it’s no slamdunk that Jackson is the starter. His contract is 2yrs/$8M. He still has to compete against Whiteurst.

  176. Ok Chuck, I didn’t realize. So he gets 4 mil if he is back-up and 5 if he is the starter? It’s going to be an interesting competition I think. They both have impressive physical tools. I’m sure Jackson must know the offense a lot better but, Charlie has the 1 year of experience with our personnel. I will be hoping that Jackson is the one that steps up because, I think that he has more talent and a higher ceiling than Charlie. My gut feeling is that we will be in the Matt Barkley/Landry Jones sweepstakes in the 2012, I am assuming that we will not have the worst record in the league and be able to draft Luck.

  177. bigmike04 says:

    So the 2 QB that has been reported on signing are Pete Carroll Man crush in Matt Leinhart & I can barley hold Farve Jockstrap Tarvis Jackson.. What moron is running this team? Matt Hasselback is better than those 2 combine, their reason why Tarvis Jackson wasn’t welcome back to Minnesota is that, he didn’t show potential as starter that why they brought in Farve.

    Seahawks were better off bring in Farve & his declining skills than bring in two charlie whitehurst..

  178. bigmike04 says:

    Thought here was the 2011 NFL QB free agents that seahawks had better chance on getting a better starter than Whitehurst/Jackson/Leinart.
    Todd Collins (CHI)
    Caleb Hanie (CHI) – Restricted
    Trent Edwards (JAC)
    Brodie Croyle (KC)
    Tyler Thigpen (MIA)
    Tarvaris Jackson (MIN)
    Patrick Ramsey (MIN)
    Jim Sorgi (NYG)
    Kellen Clemens (NYJ)
    Charlie Frye (OAK)
    Bruce Gradkowski (OAK)
    Dennis Dixon (PIT) – Restricted
    Billy Volek (SD)
    Troy Smith (SF)
    J.P. Losman (SEA)
    Matt Moore
    Drew Stanton
    Marc Bulger
    Rex Grossman

    Out that list who would you have taken?

  179. At the very least there will be competition for starting QB. It should be interesting. Lots of potential on the O-line, too. Have patience with the rebuilding, it takes time to fix what was ignored for years.

  180. I’m not sure what “moron” is running the Seahawks bigmike but, I am sure that a MORON wrote your post. How does comPete have a “man crush” on Leinart? He could’ve brought him in last year and didn’t and he hasn’t signed with us yet. If he does it is probably to be the THIRD quarterback. Name me one team with a GREAT third quarterback! But hey, why let facts get in the way of your argument. See John and Pete are actually looking at the LONG TERM QUALITY of the team. Maybe you’re too myopic to understand that?

    Why would we bring in Brett Favre? Or any other old quarterback? If you have actually been watching the Seahawks the past few years you would realize we are not super bowl contenders. We are not the Vikings of 2009. There is NO point in playing an old quarterback. Although I think your opinion of Jackson and Whitehurst is probably too low, I am far from sold that either will be a good starting quarterback. But this way we at least take a chance on a relatively young quarterback and if they both suck then we have a high draft pick in 2012 to draft that top flight quarterback prospect. And thanks to the new CBA we won’t have to pay them an arm and a leg before they prove themselves.

    Lastly, your list of free agent quarterbacks that were better than Jackson and Whitehurst is freakin hilarious. There wasn’t ONE guy on that list that wasn’t old, terrible, or both. Step away from the bong before you post next time dude.

  181. I forgot to answer your last question bigmike. Out of that list I would definitely take Jackson. I think he has the most talent of any of them. Not to mention the fact that he already knows Bevell’s offense which is important on a team learning a new system and with no off-season to learn it. The rest are just a bunch of scrubs basically. The only one of them that has any real success to speak of, more so than Whitehurst or Jackson, is Bulger and he is too old and broken down to be of any use to the Seahawks in their current situation.

  182. pretty much a zero with the viks just right for the seaslugs

  183. chuck_easton says:


    Matt has agreed to sign with Tenn. It is a multiple year deal. No word on how many years or for how much.

  184. bigmike04 says:

    To natedog

    You want to critize my post go ahead, thought my post is better than reading your awful post, just go a head & keep hating.. Thought Jackson suck as QB as he could barley lead a team with Adrian Peterson on it so they had to bring in Farve & Jackson could barley hold Farve jockstrap, Tarvis Jackson may have all the talent so did JaMarcus Russell.. In my opionion I think John & Pete made the wrong move by letting Matt go as you will watch that Titians will have better yr than Seahawks.

  185. TJax is likely Bevel’s ’11 QB because of familiarity with scheme and S.Rice. He also has more starts than CW and better stats:
    ’10 – 52 aimed passes, 34 compl, 341 yds, 3/4 TD/int, 71.1 NFL rtg, + 6 throw aways, 1 dropped pass, = 63.9 NFL rtg
    no pressure 62.5 C%, 75.8 NFL rtg, 2/2 TD/int & 0 sack; under pressure 50.0 C%, 44.2 NFL rtg, 1/2 TD/int & 6 sacks; when blitzed 48.0 C%, 32.9 NFL rtg, 0/2 TD/int & 4 sacks
    Checkdowns & screens:
    left 1-1-1-0/0-79.2, middle 5-3-11-0/0-64.6, right 1-1-1-1/0-118.8
    short passes
    left 10-6-34-0/2-26.7, middle 10-9-96-0/0-106.7, right 8-6-41-0/0-85.9
    intermediate passes
    left 1-1-16-0/0-118.8, middle 5-2-35-0/1-25.0, right 7-3-31-1/0-95.8
    long passes
    left NA, middle 1-0-0-0/1-0.0, right 3-2-77-1/0-149.3

    ’09 – 20 aimed passes, 14 compl, 201 yds, 1/0 TD/int, 119.0 NFL rtg + 1 hit as thrown, 2 dropped passes = 113.4 NFL rtg
    no pressure 66.7 C%, 121.5 NFL rtg, 1/0 TD/int & 0 sack; under pressure 66.7 C%, 93.1 NFL rtg, 0/0 TD/int & 0 sacks; when blitzed 75.0 C%, 110.4 NFL rtg, 0/0 TD/int & 0 sacks
    Checkdowns & screens:
    left NA, middle 1-1-0-0/0-79.2, right NA
    short passes
    left 2-2-20-0/0-108.3, middle 6-3-50-0/0-78.5, right 5-5-88-1/0-158.3
    intermediate passes
    left 2-1-16-0/0-77.1, middle 3-2-27-0/0-95.1, right 1-0-0-0/0-39.6
    long passes
    left NA, middle NA, right NA

    ’08 – 167 aimed passes, 103 compl, 1221 yds, 9/3 TD/int, 94.4 NFL rtg + 7 thrown away, 6 hit as thrown, 2 batted passes, 2 spikes, 8 dropped = 85.9 NFL rtg
    no pressure 64.0 C%, 101.0 NFL rtg, 8/2 TD/int & 0 sack; under pressure 39.0 C%, 53.9 NFL rtg, 1/1 TD/int & 15 sacks; when blitzed 46.3 C%, 66.5 NFL rtg, 0/0 TD/int & 8 sacks
    Checkdowns & screens:
    left 2-2-21-0/0-110.4 middle 15-14-85-1/0-112.5, right 5-5-9-0/0-79.2
    short passes
    left 7-3-9-0/0-50.3, middle 53-37-377-2/1-94.6, right 24-15-123-1/1-72.0
    intermediate passes
    left 5-2-43-0/0-71.3, middle 21-15-255-2/0-143.9, right 14-5-73-0/1-23.8
    long passes
    left 5-1-54-1/0-111.7, middle 5-1-31-0/0-52.9, right 11-3-141-2/0-118.8

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