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Tarvaris Jackson on possibly joining the Hawks: ‘A good opportunity’

Post by Eric Williams on July 22, 2011 at 11:45 am with 38 Comments »
July 22, 2011 8:12 pm
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

With ESPN’s John Clayton reporting on Thursday that the Seattle Seahawks could be interested in securing the services of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson once free agency begins, Tom Pelissero of ESPN 1500 AM in the Twin Cities caught up with the Alabama State product after his regular workout in Minnesota.

Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune also talked with Jackson about joining Seattle.

And Jackson appeared to be open to the idea of joining his former offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell in Seattle.

“Yeah, it seems like a pretty good opportunity,” Jackson told Pelissero. “I know the offense. That’s a plus.”

The Seahawks offered veteran quarterback Matt Hasselbeck what they consider a fair offer before the lockout began in March, but Hasselbeck chose not accept the deal and to see what better offers he can get on the open market. Once the players agree to a new CBA and free agency begins next week, Seattle’s offer might not still be on the table.

Pelissero reports, citing a source, that the Seahawks have done their due diligence on Jackson, which includes investigating how he handled the situation the past two years, when he was atop the depth chart early in training camp, only to have veteran Brett Favre arrive and take away the job in mid-August.

Rob Rang, senior draft analyst for, believes Jackson could be a good fit for Seattle.

“To me what stands out about him is not only the fact that he has been a pretty solid quarterback in the NFL, but I go back to East-West Shrine game and the ball comes off his hand well,” Rang said. “He does have good accuracy, especially in the short to intermediate level. He has the arm to throw the ball deep, and compared to Hasselbeck that would be an area of improvement. And his mobility would be a significant area of improvement over Hasselbeck.

“He’s a player that I thought played pretty well at Minnesota. I think he’s the most intriguing, younger quarterback that is available, especially considering the price. I really like Kevin Kolb, but when you consider cost, Jackson is going to be more reasonably priced.”

Rang went on to say he’s higher on Jackson’s upside than Whitehurst.

Seahawk fans might not be excited about the prospects of Jackson joining Seattle, but the second round pick by the Vikings in 2006 is seen as decent prospect in the NFL scouting community, who possesses the size and arm strength to be a productive quarterback in the league.

But Jackson, 28, had an uneven performance in Minnesota, He finishing 10-10 as a starter , throwing for 3,984 in a six-year NFL career, posting a 58.7 career completion percentage with 24 touchdowns, 22 interceptions and a 76.6 career passer rating. Jackson has served as a back-up two Favre the past, two seasons, finishing 2010 on injured reserve after injuring a foot in December.

Jackson’s looking for another chance to earn a starting job, and likely would be given the opportunity in Seattle to compete with Charlie Whitehurst if the team does not bring back Hasselbeck.

“If free agency would have started in March like it’s supposed to, it would have been a lot different,” Jackson said. “But being that it is so late, you would like to go somewhere you’re familiar so you have a chance.

“If I go to a new system that I never played in before now, you’re really learning. You’re learning a new offense and just trying to get familiar with the guys. You’re kind of behind the eight-ball. Being that (Seattle will run) the same system, it’s a good opportunity.”

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Hass ma intact move on but I don’t agree with Eric’s assessment. Because Hass didn’t sign the Hawks first and only offer during a very brief window, in not necessarily an indication he’s looking to test the market. Under any conditions it’s highly unlikely he (or nearly any player) accepts the first offer.

    Again, he may be looking to move on and Seattle may be looking to do the same. But based on what we know about their contract negotiations, or what we think we know, it’s unfair to presume we know what each is thinking, IMO.

  2. I called that. Hopefully I’m wrong. He sucks.

  3. Duke I actually agree with you. There’s a lot of poker left to play in this contract negotiation. I seriously doubt matt wants to move his family away (or move away without his family) for the next 2 seasons.

    I’m 100 percent behind a 2 year 12-14 million dollar deal for him, but I’d guess most teams would want his contract to be incentive laden, especially based on his health and consistency concerns.

    I’d be really excited to see how he can perform behind (what I think will be) a good offensive line, and an upper echelon running game, (also my speculation). Maybe hed be on 2005 shape.

    He’s been doing player led workouts with seahawks players, so I think he’ll be back, or at least wants to.

  4. Soggybuc says:

    Eric, I hope you had the foresight to I.P. ban BobbyK from this article for his own protection.

    If the bring this guy in it will have to be out of desperation. I would rather give Losman the shot than T-jack.

  5. pungentsound says:

    Can he bring Adrian Petersen with him?

  6. Dukeshire says:

    You “actually” agree with me. Lol. I presume that means you didn’t agree with me often. ;)

    T Jack does suck. Not impressed at all.

  7. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I agree that Hass not signing the one and only offer Seattle gave him does not mean he won’t return. I also believe Tavaris Jackson wold be a huge mistake in Seattle. I’d rather go with Whitehurst (oh god I just puked in my mouth).

  8. Go ahead and bring T Jack in to compete with Whitehurst… For the backup position. As long as their bringing players in for Darrell Bevell how ’bout WR Sydney Rice. Hassellbeck has never been afforded the luxury of a true OUTSTANDING WR. Other than Engram – even he dropped a Ram playoff victory pass – Hass has had to endure more dropped passes than any QB in NFL history. Imagine if Stockley doesn’t slip against the Bears and drop that first 1st down. Or, TE Morrah dropping that 25 yard pass shortly after. Hawks D would have stayed off the field and presumably scored some points. Possibly keeping the game close. Stockley dropped another later on. The list goes on and on. Stephens in XL all the way back to the combination of Koren Robinson and D-Jack.

  9. mojjonation says:

    They are grabbing the wrong Viking. Sidney Rice should be the Vik they go after. I’d take Carson Palmer and his inflated salary over Jackson (unless we are playing for draft position). Jackson couldn’t get it done in Minn before Favre, and we won’t be able to do it with his second chance. Kolb’s agent and Philly are asking too much. Whitehurst hasn’t really been given the full chance to prove anything yet. If MH winds up in Tenn mentoring Locker, and the Seahawks have to rely on an unproven Whitehurst or a never proven Losman, I’ll burn all of my Seahawks gear.

  10. williambryan says:

    People seem to like Kolb because he had two really good games. But he has had some stinkers too. Jackson has had more really good games than Kolb and obviously more bad ones too since he has started 20 games. I would have no problem with Jackson coming here. I am hoping Whitehurst gets the job to start this year and we can see what he can do with it.

  11. I am intrigued by Jackson. I even think he can be an upgrade of the QB situation of the Seahawks over the past 5 years.

  12. Hawksince77 says:

    Hilarious – every WR is bad and Hass is good – just need a good WR who won’t drop passes.


  13. Duke: its not that I often disagree with you, its that I think you put a lot of effort into trying to prove people wrong and belittle them.

    You’re not a bad dude, and you know your stuff about the game, but chill a bit, man.

  14. Hawksince77 says:

    All it says is that PC has done his due diligence on Tavaris Jackson, and Jackson linked to the Seahawks because of Bevell. And of course Jackson would be fine with Seattle – he doesn’t have a job! He’d be fine with any team.

    Does anyone have any hard evidence that PC is seriously considering bringing Jackson in, or is it all just rank supposition by the media? Because it doesn’t make any sense to me, based on Jackson’s performance. At least nobody knows how CW will develop – everyone knows how Jackson did – and it ain’t pretty.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    RADEoN – Unless someone takes a shot a me for whatever reason I certainly don’t go out of my way to belittle people. If that’s the perception, I sincerely apologize. I can’t remember how many times I’ve expressed the need for differing opinions and civil, but passionate debate, to keep the blog interesting. Ideally raising the level of conversation and everyone’s knowledge. Again, if that’s perceived as dismissive or rood or whatever, then that’s on me and I’ll check myself a bit better moving forward.

  16. Chill, guys. The Duke is one of the few blog addicts I know who is also a gentleman. That’s a rare combination. ;)

    Tavaris Jackson makes perfect sense in Seattle if they cannot re-sign Hass. I think they will try to keep Hass with a 2-year contract, but there is the possibility that TN or someone outbids us. In that case, TJack could do very well here competing with Whitehurst. That competition would not be for the backup job, it would be for the starter job (to be replaced by whomever we draft in 2012).

    Not sure who would win the camp battle between TJack and Whitehurst, but I wouldn’t count out TJack’s ability to resurrect his career any more than I would count out Whitehurst for never really having one.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    or *rude*. lol

    Stevo – It’s all good, no one’s in a twist or anything. I appreciate the kind words though!

    So the players aren’t going to vote today. Hopefully they’ll work with the owners on their counter proposal so the next “approval” vote we hear about is actually one that is agreed upon by both sides. Hopefully this weekend…

  18. “Hilarious – every WR is bad and Hass is good – just need a good WR who won’t drop passes.
    Sure…. “

    Please clarify (gent enough?)

    I’m guessing that you think 3 time pro bowl QB, Hasselbeck, sucks. The one that as starting Hawk QB has reached the playoffs 6 of 9 years.

    Or, the offensive line is so porous in pass block Hass hasn’t had a chance not to mention the lack of a run game. They were so bad in 2007 Holmgren threw the teams success on his shoulders and went on to advance in the playoffs.

    So which WR is it that Hass has had the pleasure of throwing the ball that empowers u?
    Houshmanzadeh? Flamed out as a Raven
    Branch? Never eclipsed a 1,000 yards in a season
    Burlson? Fantastic return man that couldn’t stick as a Lion

    Outstanding was meant to mean the caliber of Reggie Wayne, Greg Jennings, Andre Johnson, Moss, Rice, Owens…

  19. Hawksince77, I guess that’s a way to look at it, but I’m still sticking with the thought that he’s had awful wide receivers his whole career.

    Realistically, who was his best receiver since he’s been in Seattle? I can think of Engram, who was a sure-handed player, but he’s by no means a #1 wide receiver. Awesome guy in the flat, but he’s not a deep threat.

    Mike Williams? Another #2
    Darrell Jackson? #2
    Houshmandzadeh? Was a great #2 alongside chad johnson, soiled himself when he was forced into a #1 spot.
    Burleson? #2

    Then we can go down the list. Keary Colbert, Koren Robinson, Deon Butler (jury is still out), Golden Tate (same as Butler), DJ Hackett, Courtney Taylor, Ben Obomana (who I’m looking forward to watching progress more nowadays).

    I would like to see a Randy Moss caliber player line up as a #1, BMW as #2, and a battle for #3.

    That would be so nasty.

  20. Hawksince77 says:

    I don’t THINK Hasselbeck sucks. I KNOW he sucks:

    “Hasselbeck has the NFL’s lowest passer rating since 2008 among the 19 quarterbacks with at least 35 regular-season starts during that time, according to Pro Football Reference. Hasselbeck’s rating during that time is 71.4, more than 10 points lower than Carson Palmer’s rating, which ranks 18th among the 19 quarterbacks.”

  21. Hawksince77 says:

    You can blame his WRs and O-line all day long, and it won’t change the drastic loss of ability we have seen in Matt over the past 3 years.

  22. Hawksince77 says:

    One last quick fact: Deion Branch had his best year as a pro since leaving New England as soon as he was traded back to them.

    There was nothing wrong with Deion a good QB couldn’t fix.

  23. Hawksince77 says:

    Hasselbeck has always had mediocre physical talent with above average ability to play the game, and benefited greatly from Holmgren’s offense, a super offensive line, and a tremendous running game, back when he was a pro-bowler.

    After Holmgren left, he was lost, his declining physical talent became obvious, exhaserbated by less talent around him (o-line, WRs) something he could never transcend, unlike top QBs elsewhere (look how many times Rodgers was sacked last year – some ridiculous number through the first 9 games or so).

  24. Hawksince77 says:

    One last thought before I call it a night (late here in the East coast).

    I really don’t mind if they re-sign Hasselbeck and he starts the 2011 season, as that seems to me the best option for putting the Seahawks in a perfect position come next April to draft a truly great QB.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t know that Hass has had awful receivers throughout his career. He obviously hasn’t played with any that were / are HOF caliber, but nor has he played in an offense that was designed to feature any one receiver, at least under Holmgren. They spread it all over the field then. But there’s not doubt the pool of what talent was there as gotten thinner since ’05 (along with the entire offense in general) and that’s what makes that passer rating stat a bit misleading. Granted, he hasn’t played well, even when healthy, the majority of the past 3 years. But has there been a team with less surrounding talent on offense the past 3 seasons than Seattle? Injuries, poor drafts and short-sided front office leadership (until ’10) crippled a once great offense. Hass bears a portion of the responsibility for that awful production, but there’s far more to the story that simply his play.

  26. You can bring up the last 3 years, and even 4 (counting to the 07 season where they went 10-6 and couldn’t run the ball), and it seems they lost a piece to the puzzle each season.

    Started with Hutch, then Jones, then Strong, Alexander, then Kerney wore out, then they traded JP (who i’d rather see there than Aaron Curry, or LeRoy Hurt), it was like the offense was constantly getting shoved off the field.

    It’s likely hass lost some of his prowess, but I don’t think it’s ridiculous to think there’s more than a season or two left in his body.

  27. Hawksince77 says:


    I think Hass can still play, and still be successful in the right place. I just don’t think Seattle is that place. A young o-line, young WRs, a new offense – these things don’t add up for the guy. It’s going to take someone younger, with better legs and a better arm, to have any chance for the Seahawks in 2011, IMO.

    He was in the right place at the right time with Holmgren, Jones, Hutch, Alexander. That time is past. He can’t do it in a new offense with inexperienced WRs (remember how long we used to think it took a WR to truly develop in a Holmgren offense?)

    Hass’s best friend last year was Stokley – just like it was Engram a couple of years ago. His range is limited, both in the pocket and down the field, making it easy for the defense.

    Maybe Tennessee would be a good fit, perhaps Minnisota, what with the 2 best RBs in the league to hand the ball off to.

    I wish him the best – he gave us the best seasons in Seahawk history (him and Holmgren). But it’s time to turn the page.

  28. 77 – you have this place hoping on a Fri night.
    Hass guided the Hawks through the playoffs with a QB rating of 113 vs. the Saints and 94.3 vs. Bears. Not sure if you ever played the position or pitched in baseball but dropped passes and errors can deflate your gitty up beyond explanation. There is no way to come back from a 4th and 8 or extra pitches thrown.

    Branch was nothing more than a quagmire, the same witnessed in San Fran with Djack

    Nicely stated Duke

    Packers president Mark Murphy: ‘We’ve put our pens down’
    By Doug Farrar

    “the directions to that happy place remain a point of contention.” Mark Murphy

    LOL… needle Deidiot

    WELL,,, we are a union but for all intents and purposes,,, we’re not!

    Player,, u’r a short stack riding a bicycle. Pull up u’r trousers and ride like a man.

  29. Hello folks it’s been a long while..
    For those of you that know me I do not come out of hiding simply to stir the hornets nest. With all the recent speculation of QB movement I thought I must share.

    Saw Hasselbeck at the chelan rodeo today. His son was wearing a Vikings cap.

    Although this means nothing of being signed sealed and delivered. As a major player in the FA game Matt would seem more to lose than gain from a simple “matt jest” of this sort.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    Welcome back. How fun was that, by the way? Chelan in summer is so good.

    Hard to know what to make of that; maybe Bevell gave it to him. Maybe his son likes Purple. Regardless, that would be an odd sight.

  31. Interesting scoop, HawksSD! But I doubt the kid’s cap means anything. Its not as if Hass has been talking with the Vikings.

    77; “I think Hass can still play, and still be successful in the right place. I just don’t think Seattle is that place.”

    That’s really interesting after saying you think he’s been crap for 3 years that he can still be successful somewhere else (?) I don’t disagree that his skills have weakened with each injury, they have, but I’m inclined to think that the only place Matt is likely to be successful at this point IS in Seattle.

    I’m pretty sure that was Matt slicing and dicing the NFL-champion Saints defense last January. And I’m pretty sure he was playing for the Seahawks at the time. Strange things do happen.

  32. bigmike04 says:

    If Hawks are going after QB than go after a QB that is legit as Tarvis Jackson is not a legit QB: Front office & Coaches rave that he has the talent, so was Ryan Leaf & well he was bust. I think in my opinion that if you are going after QB than go after veteran who actuality wasn’t bench in favor of old man farve, thought he who I would consider.

    Marc Bulger: Better than Clip Board Charlie, knows NFC west but down side is he more of backup & is on down side of his QB playing days.

    Brady Quinn: Young QB who is better than clip board Charlie.

    Trent Edwards: Decent QB that would be able to last full season until Seahawks go get Andrew Luck..

    Bruce Gradkowski: Has better yr last yr with Oakland, thought makes for capable starter.

    Kellen Clemens: Not a hometown guy but played at Oregon, can make for capable starter.

    Thought I know people talk about Carlson Palmer but let be real, the guy should whine like a big baby about his contract & just man up & go play, Geesh you make more money than alot of people in a yr & you are only playing for 5-6 months.

    Kevin Kolb: Lot of people are hype on him, thought with Eagles asking prices, I do wonder if anyone going to do it..

  33. Hawksince77 says:


    Allow me to clarify. Hasselbeck has been one of the worst 3 starting QBs in the NFL over the past 2 years. By every measurement, by every standard. Take a league-wide poll – Hass will come out near the bottom. Analyze the various players and the situations they are in – Hass will come out near the bottom.

    If a ‘good’ QB played with the same surrounding talent over the past 2 years, he would do better, look better, from one play to another, from one series to another, even if he didn’t take the same team to the SB. Why? Because he would be better at playing the position, and make more of the opportunities on the field. The team would fare better, and the fans would appreciate it.

    Having said all that, if everything is really good around him (top offensive line, great running game, excellent defense) Matt can still be an effective QB. He’s smart, experienced, and knows defenses. He also might be a great mentor (I don’t know that we have seen any evidence of this, but it is certainly possible) making him a better team-mate of Ponder’s or Locker’s (who in Seattle would he mentor?)

  34. Duke –
    I would think the cap says more than not reflecting on it.

    Minnesota is a damn near perfect landing spot for Matt. There is a system in place for matt to excel. Given previous history they have the allotted money and mindset to bring in an established veteran.

    I really don’t know what to think about tarvaris Jackson coming in. I would almost like to see Charlie play as the ginuwine #1 starter

  35. Dukeshire says:

    Well, at least it wasn’t a Cardinal hat. lol

  36. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I love and respect Matt and want the best for him. In my humble opinion, I believe Seattle is the best option for Matt, and Matt the best option for Seattle at this point. If he goes to Minnesota, Tennessee or elsewhere, I will always respect the guy and be grateful for what he’s done in and for Seattle. I just pray that if he does leave Seattle, he does not end up with another NFC West team.

  37. TJax 6-2/228, good runner for a QB (still gets sacked)/below avg passer.

    ’06 TJax MIN rookie started 2 games lost both, 58 C%, 2/4 TD/int, 4.1 adj yd/att, sacked 8 times, 62.5 NFL QB rtg.
    TJax had a passing DYAR of -238, DVOA of -52.7%, Hasselbeck’s DYAR was 23, DVOA -10.2.
    MIN’s WRs: T.Taylor 48th, M.Robinson 67th, T.Williamson 81st, B.McMullen (57th)
    SEA’s WRs: D.Hackett 14th, D.Jackson 19th, D.Branch 81st, B.Engram (55th), N.Burelson (67th)
    MIN’s OL ranked 22nd in pass-pro per Football Outsiders, SEA’s OL ranked 26th

    ’07 TJax started 12 games went 8-4, 58.2 C%, 9/12 TD/int, 5.3 adj yd/att, sacked 19 times, 70.8 NFL QB rtg.
    A.Peterson & S.Rice were rookies, TJax DYAR was 105, DVOA -5.8%, Hasselbeck’s DYAR was 938, DVOA 12.8
    MIN’s WRs: B.Wade 38th, S.Rice 49th, R.Ferguson 74th, T.Williamson (74th), A.Allison (75th)
    SEA’s WRs: B.Engram 10th, N.Burleson 46th, D.Branch 50th, D.Hackett (49th), B.Obomanu (75th)
    MIN’s OL ranked 28th in pass-pro, SEA’s OL ranked 19th

    ’08 TJax started 5 games went 2-3, 59.1 C%, 9/2 TD/int, 7.7 adj yd/att, sacked 14 times, 95.4 NFL QB rtg.
    TJax DYAR was 105, DVOA -5.8%, Hasselbeck’s DYAR was 938, DVOA 12.8, Kolb’s DYAR -139, DVOA -75.7%
    Out of 80 QBs in ’08, TJax’s overall performance ranked 24th, Hasselbeck ranked 27th, CW DNP, and Kolb ranked 69th.
    MIN’s WRs: B.Berrian 25th, S.Rice 44th, R.Ferguson 50th, A.Allison 108th, B.Wade 136th
    SEA’s WRs: D.Branch 30th, N.Burleson 50th, M.Bumpus 54th, L.Payne 103rd, J.Kent 142nd, K.Robinson 163rd, K.Colbert 166th, B.McMullen 144th, B.Engram 169th, C.Taylor 169th
    PHI’s WRs: J.Avant 37th, H.Baskett 88th, K.Curtis 97th, G.Lewis 125th, R.Brown 136th, D.Jackson 154th
    MIN’s OL ranked 28th in pass-pro, SEA’s OL ranked 22nd, PHI’s ranked 6th
    SEA’s ’08 offense was ranked 32nd in pass-blkg, PHI’s was 7th, MIN’s was 20th (ProFootballFocus)
    SEA’s ’08 pass-offense was ranked 25th, PHI’s was 14th, and MIN’s was 20th.

    ’09 TJax didn’t start, played 8 games, 66.7 C%, 1/0 TD/int, 10.5 adj yd/att, not sacked, 113.4 NFL QB rtg.
    TJax DYAR was 105, DVOA -5.8%, Hasselbeck’s DYAR was 938, DVOA 12.8, Kolb’s DYAR 180, DVOA 16.0%
    Out of 81 QBs in ’09, TJax’s overall performance ranked 41st, Hasselbeck ranked 22nd, CW DNP, and Kolb ranked 58th.
    SEA’s WRs: N.Burleson 40th, B.Obomanu 66th, TJ Housh 123rd, D.Butler 163rd, D.Branch 178th
    PHI’s WRs: J.Avant 40th, J.Maclin 47th, D.Jackson 56th, H.Baskett 100th, R.Brown 122nd, K.Curtis 141st
    MIN’s WRs: S.Rice 1st, P.Harvin 12th, G.Lewis 75th, J.Johnson 90th, D.Reynaud 93rd, B.Berrian 103rd
    SEA’s OL ranked 21st in pass-pro, PHI’s ranked 20th, MIN’s OL ranked 14th
    SEA’s ’09 offense was ranked 8th in pass-blkg, PHI’s was 7th, MIN’s was 4th
    SEA’s ’09 pass-offense was ranked 26th, PHI’s was 16th, and MIN’s was 2nd.

    ’10 TJax started 1 game lost it, 58.6 C%, 3/4 TD/int, 3.8 adj yd/att, sacked 6 times, 63.9 NFL QB rtg.
    TJax DYAR was -84, DVOA -31.0%, Hasselbeck’s DYAR 32, DVOA -10.1%, CW’s DYAR -95, DVOA -26.0%, Kolb’s DYAR 97, DVOA -3.3%
    Out of 85 QBs in ’10, TJax’s overall QB performance ranked 50th, Hasselbeck ranked 25th, CW tied for 53rd, and Kolb tied for 70th.
    SEA’s WR Rks: M.Williams 15th, B.Stokely 20th, B.Obomanu 31st, R.Martin 46th, G.Tate 76th, D.Butler 157th
    PHI’s WRs: J.Maclin 89th, C.Hall 96th, J.Avant 120th, R.Cooper 144th, D.Jackson 189th
    MIN’s WRs: P.Harvin 5th, S.Rice 54th, H.Baskett 137th, R.Moss 141st, G.Camarillo 147th, G.Lewis 174th, B.Berrian 197th
    SEA’s OL ranked 14th in pass-pro, PHI’s ranked 28th, MIN’s OL ranked 20th
    SEA’s ’10 offense was top ranked in pass-blkg, PHI’s was 21st, MIN’s was 15th
    SEA’s ’10 pass-offense was tied with KC’s at 19th, PHI’s was 27th, and MIN’s was 30th.

    Football Outsiders QB Overall Rankings, All Games, All Snaps:
    ’10 QB ranks (of 85): C.Palmer 13th, Hasselbeck 19th, K.Orten 23rd, VY 32nd, D.McNabb 33rd,T.Jax 50th, CW 53rd, T.Edwards 69th, K.Kolb 70th
    ’09 QB ranks (of 81): C.Palmer 13th, D.McNabb 14th, VY 18th, K.Orten 21st, Hasselbeck 22nd, T.Edwards 26th, T.Jax 42nd, M.Bulger 54th, K.Kolb 59th, M.Leinart 61st
    ’08 QB ranks (of 80): D.McNabb 8th, T.Edwards 13th, Hasselbeck 26th, T.Jax 28th, K.Orten 29th, M.Bulger 41st, K.Kolb 69th, M.Leinart 70th, C.Palmer 70th, VY 75th

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