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Morning links: Hawks ready for some action

Post by Eric Williams on July 22, 2011 at 7:44 am with 9 Comments »
July 22, 2011 7:44 am

Seattle Seahawks officials are ready for the NFL to give them the green light and dive head first into free agency once the players sign off on the new CBA.

As I write in my story today, a Seahawks’ contingent led by owner Paul Allen and CEO Peter McLoughlin attended the meeting in Atlanta. The team’s group of front office personnel executives will meet with NFL officials during a seminar today in order to explain to them the rules of the new CBA, including the rookie wage scale and free agency.

And general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll stayed in Seattle, ready to get to work once the lockout is lifted. However, that still could be a couple days off, as players did not vote on the deal on Thursday. It appears players still have an issue with some of the smaller things included in the contract that they feel were not negotiated by both parties.

Here’s what soon-to-be Seahawks’ free agent Brandon Mebane had to say:

“I have mixed feelings about it. I’m anxious to get it resolved, but you also have to get it right. It’s like when you buy a car, you have to read over the papers so if you get into a lease agreement, you know what you’re signing.

“But as far as my personal situation, it’s a blessing. I really would like to know where I stand as a free agent and what’s going to happen.”

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortenson, it looks like the players could vote on the agreement today.

Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post provides an excellent breakdown of the new, proposed CBA.

ESPN’s John Clayton backs off of earlier predictions that Matt Hasselbeck will return to Seattle. He also throws another name into the hat as a possibility for Seattle to go after – Minnesota quarterback Tarvaris Jackson. It makes some sense. Jackson knows the system, having played for Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell while in Minnesota. And he’s still young at 28 years old.

Ray Ratto writing for CBS Sports scolds the owners for their power play on Thursday, saying fans aren’t as stupid as they think.

Dave Boling of The News Tribune writes that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has shown good leadership during the four-month-long process of the lockout.

Clare Farnsworth of takes a look back at the franchise’s 1979 team. Steve Largent went to the Pro Bowl and the Seahawks posted a 9-7 record by winning five of the their last six games.

ESPN’s Mike Sando says if he was commissioner for the day he’d level the playing field by eliminating 10 a.m. start times for West Coast teams traveling to the East Coast.

Matt Williamson of Scouts. Inc takes a team-by-team look at free agency issues.

Gil Brandt of provides a list of the top 20 undrafted rookie free agents.

This should make you smile: A photo of Seahawks’ grounds crew lining the field at VMAC in anticipation of training camp starting.

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  1. “Owners want this vote to take place electronically so that Players can quickly agree to the proposed CBA. Players would rather proceed cautiously and know if they recertify too quickly, it can be used against them in the future.

    Further, Players are agitated by what they feel is coercion on the part of Owners dictating the terms of recertification, alleging that this pressure violates federal labor laws.”

    This time line has been floating for weeks. The owners sat down and hammered out the final details of what they could barring that of the players recertifying…

    “Certain issues which remain – workers’ compensation, disability, benefits, personal conduct policy, drug testing – must be collectively bargained. This means that final resolution of these issues cannot occur until the NFLPA recertifies.”

    The players dragging their perspective feet, kicking a can hadn’t gotten it done. Pick up your step…they’ve come to the table as Haynesworth came into the Redskin camp. Unable to perform and extremely overpaid…

    “Additionally, the Players had specifically requested an opt-out clause at the 7-year mark. The Owners’ proposed agreement contained no such provision.”

    This to me is the only issue the players would have. But I wasn’t involved.

    Thank you owners fer “get’r done”

  2. Dukeshire says:

    The owners have had since May ’08 to get this done, I’m not thanking them for anything other than finally offering, what appears to be, their first genuine proposal. Now the players can counter or tweak it and we’ll be closer still. Let’s hope over the weekend an agreement has been put in place.

  3. I belong to a union and these things never get done until the final hour… if at all. Walked a picket line in my day.

    Give or take. And both must set down so the other knows what you want. No way were – the practice, padded, two a day – at the top of the owners agenda.

    Thank you again OWNERS!

    This cannot be finished until the players re-certify – what a joke, only used as a bargaining ploy… teams still using a union rep – as a union.

    And the owners are trying to sneak something in

  4. re: Tavaris Jackson, I’ve thought for some time that Jackson is one of the only FA quarterback options that makes any sense in the event the Seahawks don’t re-sign Hass. I can’t see them overpaying to get Kolb or Palmer. Orton would be a poor fit. On the other hand, Jackson would be a good fit, and Darrell Bevell already knows whether he wants to work with TJack again or not. We’ll know soon.

    I’d much rather have Hass hold down the fort until we get to the 2012 draft for our next QB, but a training camp battle between Whitehurst and Jackson would at least be fun to watch, and there’s no telling who would win that battle.

  5. Jason Whitlock: “There is no reason to roll back the money players earn.”

    Freak’n’ genius… ticket prices!!
    Hasn‘t he seen the price of admission? Owners and players doing a near 50% split of revenue they collect off the fans. Dude is really in touch with reality. Players should hold out for more. Raise those ticket prices to a stadium built by the taxes payers.

    Solution. Rid the NFL of owners and use the GB Packers as a Blue Print.

  6. Whitlock and the players are BS. They’ve misled us, the fans. They’ve had the ability to say this isn’t working all week. Pretending that the NFL is suddenly bullying them is bogus. They know what they’re doing. They’ve got lawyers. They’re not Little Red Riding Hood. They’ve allowed us, the fans, to believe a deal was imminent. We heard NOTHING from them all week, except “we think it’s gonna get done.” They have lawyers working on this. They knew what was going on. They have maneuvered the owners into lifting the lockout. But I feel supremely messed with, and pretty damn soon i’m going to stop caring about them.

  7. Its called a negotiation. What you hear in public is called PR. If you believe the PR, then you don’t understand negotiations.

  8. Exactly. Which is why I don’t believe the players.

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