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Morning links: Kolb no sure thing

Post by Eric Williams on July 6, 2011 at 8:03 am with 36 Comments »
July 6, 2011 8:03 am
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb scrambles against the Baltimore Ravens defense during the second half of an NFL football game Sunday, Nov. 23, 2008, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Gail Burton)

Len Pasquarelli of the Sports Xchange wonders if the Seattle Seahawks could be making another mistake in going after Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb.

With reports out there linking Seattle as one of the teams willing to give up a first-round pick for Kolb’s services, and the Seahawks already trading a third round pick in this year’s draft, along with swapping a second round picks in the 2009 draft with San Diego for Charlie Whitehurst, Pasquarelli believes Seattle could be headed down the same path with Kolb.

Pasquarelli: “Given his youth and promise, Kolb might well be worth a first-round choice when the lockout ends and the trade moratorium is lifted. But projecting a quarterback with such a limited body of work is tricky business. And if history is an indication, the Seahawks, of any other team interested, probably can’t be sure the price is right.”

Chris Sprow of provides a nice breakdown of Kevin Kolb’s value. The verdict is that Kolb is not a slam dunk when it comes to projecting his future production. (You must be an ESPN Insider to view the article)

Clare Farnsworth of writes that former Seahawks receiver Steve Largent is unchallenged in his spot on the franchise’s 35th anniversary team. The Hall of Famer played all 14 years in Seattle and finished as the league’s receptions leader.

Steve Wyche and Elliott Harrison debate who was the best linemen in the 2000s – Jonathan Ogden or Walter Jones?

Albert Breer of the NFL Network says league labor negotiations will move back to New York this week, with a deadline for a new CBA needed by the end of the week in order for preseason games not being cancelled.

John Carlson is nowhere to be found on Pat Kirwan’s list of the NFL’s top 25 tight ends. I know Carlson struggled with some consistency issues last season in terms of catching the ball, but he deserves to be on this list.

If you’re looking for some inspiration this morning, check out former NFL head coach Herm Edwards addressing rookie players during the NFLPA rookie symposium last week in this video. Good stuff.

Also, check out this lockout spoof, Field of Dreams style.

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  1. All I gotta say is that if they do trade a #1 for Kolb, he better be the one!

    I so bad want them to have the next good QB- but since I am confident where we are heading I don’t want to see another mistake and have to spend the next 4 years digging out from it.

  2. Kingpear says:

    Hate to disagree with you Eric, but Carlson does not belong on that list.

    Sure, he has more potential than most of the D and E groups, and could even be an “A” or “B” at some point, but it has been a few years. It is time to put up or shut up.

    I have always thought that Cameron Morrah had the potential to be a starter in this league eventually. If the coaching staff was sold on Carlson, why would they bother to sign Baker, draft McCoy, and sign a few FA TEs?

    He has all the physical attributes and skills, but has not put it together yet.

  3. Kingpear says:

    Oh… and if they trade for Kolb…. I’ll send back my jersey and 12th man Flag….
    The depth at QB in 2012 is looking to be phenomenal, and with the rookie cap you will get them way cheaper than what you will pay to extend Kolb.

    IMHO, Kolb is a product of the system, and I don’t think his skill translates into the profile of Carroll’s offense.

  4. They signed Baker so he would handle the dirty work at TE (i.e. blocking) and free up Carlson to more routes. They drafted McCoy with a 6th round pick (not a high pick), as I don’t think anyone was sold on Morrah going into last season. Depth is important at any position and comPete knew the upside of McCoy better than anyone. Eric even wrote last year that Morrah was not impressive in camp (but did blossom a bit later in the season). Finally, especially when Baker got hurt at TE and Robinson got hurt at TE, then we were back to the Carlson the glorified blocker and dirty work guy, as he was the best we had in that role (which isn’t saying much) and Morrah got to do more of the fun stuff like run routes. To average fans who don’t know anything except stat sheets, it looked like Morrah was the better TE than Carlson.

    Even though it looks like I’m defending him tooth and nail, let me be clear that Carlson had too many instances where he needed to make a tough catch and couldn’t get it done. Great players make tough catches more often than not. Carlson is at the point where he’s not making them often enough. If he can make these tough catches more often, then I believe he’ll easily be a top 10 TE in the NFL. Until then, he’s not a top 10 TE. I agree with Eric though, there’s not 25 other TEs in the NFL that I’d take over him.

  5. Pasquarelli says:

    “But projecting a quarterback with such a limited body of work is tricky business. And if history is an indication, the Seahawks, of any other team interested, probably can’t be sure the price is right.”

    I’m sure this genius thinks that drafting a QB in the mid-1st round is an exact science then.

    Andy Reid runs a similar version of the WCO as Bevell is going to do here so I’m still scratching my head at the comment that Kolb wouldn’t be a good fit for comPete.

  6. “Robinson hurt at FB”

  7. I can just hear it now….Klipboard Kolb couldn’t unseat McNabb or beat out Vickey the Dog Slayer…

  8. Dukeshire says:

    I know there’s little to talk about right now, but I’ll be grateful when we’re back to talking actual football and done with all this mind numbing (worthless) speculation.

  9. williambryan says:

    Actually, I’m pretty sure I would take any of those 25 TE’s over Carlson at this point, with maybe the exception of Heap and Gonzales since they are at the end of there careers.

  10. We should talk Favre out of retirement.

  11. fuqutribune says:

    Speaking of mind numbing, Herm Edwards is an obnoxious blowhard. How does Edwards make a point? Why, he just TALKS LOUDER AND LOUDER! Loud doesn’t make you right, loud doesn’t make you interesting, and loud doesn’t cover up that you weren’t a very good coach. Oh, and the cliche’s he fires off like a machine-gunner. Give it a rest, Herm(roid).

  12. I think there’s a huge difference in Kolb developing to the point where the Eagles were comfortable trading away one of the best QBs of the previous decade (McNabb) and then losing his job, in part after an injury (concussion, I believe) to a guy who was almost the MVP of the NFL this past season ( the dog killer) as opposed to a guy (Whitehurst) who couldn’t even beat out BILLY VOLEK!!! for 2nd string duties.

  13. Duke – I’m bored. I want to read your comprehensive July 6 NFL Power Poll complete with Super Bowl predictions! lol

  14. Dukeshire says:

    fuqutribune – Absolutely. He’s like all the other ESPN ex players they hire as experts, the louder they make their point the more depth they con people into believing they have. Schlareth, Hodge, Jackson, Dilfer… They’re all the same.

    BTW, what’s with your monicer? I’m curious, if you feel that way, why are you here? Only wondering…

  15. 5 parts to a team:
    1) passing offense: 29th in ’10
    improve run-offense for better play action, resign Matt or start CW and get a vet backup (TJac, T.Edwards, S.Gradkowski, or?) Maybe CW (and SEA) tanks in ’11 and Barkley becomes draftable in ’12. Could bring Palmer outta retirement to start and mentor him. Make sure the OL gets and stays healthy, get best pass-pro UFA LG among ZBS (see rushing offense). Slot WR UFA 35 yo B.Stokley (43-354-72C%-0TDs) might get replaced with G.Tate (40-230-55C%-0TDs) and bring in UDFA Jeff Maehl (if he’s still available) to compete. Obo (49-494-61%-4TDs) should see more starts/play at flanker and with BMW (110-751-59C%-0TDs) should benefit from an improved run-game. Make sure D.Butler (70-385-51C%-0TDs) is healthy and maybe get MIN’s UFA S.Rice (42-280-40C%-0TDs) to compete. (Rice was alot better in ’09).

    2) rushing offense: 28th in ’10
    Got Cable as OL coach, some rookie road graders for the right side, need a ZBS UFA LG that’s good at run-blocking (Harvey Dahl, Robert Gallery, Justin Blalock, or Daryn Colledge), and a run-blocking UFA FB (Vonta Leach, Le’Ron McClain, or John Kuhn).

    3) passing defense: 29th in ’10
    Secondary: let the kids play. DT: need a 1st & 2nd down 3-tech who can beat one-on-one blocking to pressure the QB (maybe Mebane returns/improves, Antonio Johnson, or S.Rogers?) DE: CAR’s UFA 25 yo Charles Johnson (or NYJ’s V.Gholston???) to replace 33 yo Brock on the left end and to move inside on 3rd down.

    4) rushing defense: 17th in ’10
    make sure Red & Colin get healthy, re-sign Mebane and Siavii, replace Balmer.

    5) special teams: 3rd in ’10
    (up from 15th in ’09) gotta re-sign O.Mare & M.Robinson, & J.Ryan’s gotta get a little more air under his punts.

  16. Liked Herm’s “One thing” rule – especially the “Mr T starter kit” remark about those guys wearing too much gold in the locker room. :-D

  17. The writer has a point. U am REALLY tired, so I am be forgetting someone, but in all Seahwaks history I can think of 4 decent Hawks QB’s & only 4:
    1. Krieg
    2. Hasselbeck
    3. Moon
    4. Zorn (kinda sorta)

  18. You forgot Jeff Kemp!!!

    I don’t know if I have ever genuinely hated a Seahawk more than Jeff Kemp at one point in his career.

    We needed a TD to win the game. It was 4th down. We are in the opponents red zone (I don’t remember the yard line exactly, but I think it was something like the 5-10 yard line). There were only seconds left. What does Jeff “I am a Moron” Kemp do? He clearly throws the ball out of the end zone. Harold Charmichael couldn’t even have come close to his stupid throw away. I doubt Manute Bol on stilts could have come close to it either.

    That was 100 times worse than Seneca Wallace against the Chiefs a few years ago when he threw a 4th and 15 pass to an aged/slow Mack Strong in the flat with a couple of guys around him to basically end the game. It’s not like he was under extreme pressure either. He was just stupid.

    The third one for me was Ken Hamlin some years back when he made an INT in our red zone close to the sidelines and his momentum took him out of bounds. He celebrated like crazy. The only problem? It was 4th down and he cost us about 40 yards of field position by making that catch (but he’s obviously too stupid to understand situational football — no wonder someone wanted to hit him in the head with an iron pole — I wanted to hit him with one after that play).

    Since we’re bored… does anyone have any “stupid” stories like this? Can anyone think of a dumber play in Seahawks history even moreso than one of the three that I have in my top 3? It has to be play on the field or else Ruskell and his transitional stuff would definitely make the list.

  19. You can’t count stuff that counted against us either (like the Super Bowl or Vinny in the Meadowlands). It has to be purely simple stupidity on the part of a Seahawks player. That leaves out the 93 Bates’ fade routes on 4th and 1 last year (well, maybe not that many… but you get the point).

  20. Dukeshire says:

    Not that many? At LEAST that many! lol.

    Do Ray Roberts’ 400 false start penalties count?

  21. 400 false starts don’t count, but 500 holding calls do. lol

  22. piperfeltcher says:

    First Seahawks game I ever went to was against the Raiders and Kemp started at QB for us. Hawks led 17-0 at the half and ended up going into OT tied at 20. Hawks had the ball deep in there own end and Kemp threw a pass out into the flats and Lott intrecepted it for the Raiders win. It was Kemp’s 5th interception in the game and he was released before we even got back to our hotel. So ya I personally also never was a big Kemp fan.

  23. I vaguely remember that. I don’t think I watched that game (before the days of Direct TV and me being able to watch all the games) but I think I remember something about it (b/c I hated Kemp so bad, as I already mentioned). And, really, I never would have hated him that bad even if he would have simply just thrown the ball in the air and it was intercepted. Sure, it’s bad for his stat line, but it would have at least given us a chance, whereas the throw away gave us a zero percent chance.

  24. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Geez…Len Pasquarelli, Pat Kirwan and Gil Brandt: The Bermuda Triangle of Common Sense. What a trifecta of tools. How do these idiots keep their jobs? Oh wait, there’s a lockout and need ‘fresh’ content to keep their web traffic flowing.

    Bradt’s latest masterpiece ponders the notion of Favre returnign to play for Seattle (amongst others):

  25. Soggybuc says:

    NOT! that will happen in any sort of sane universe. but if the Hawks went after Favre i’ll have to be come a Whiners fan!

  26. Pasquarelli: “Given his youth and promise, Kolb might well be worth a first-round choice when the lockout ends and the trade moratorium is lifted. But projecting a quarterback with such a limited body of work is tricky business. And if history is an indication, the Seahawks, of any other team interested, probably can’t be sure the price is right.”

    Translation — Pasquarelli is a Moron.

    1. Kolb may be worth a #1.
    2. But Kolb might not be worth a #1.

    Translation #2 — Calling Pasquarelli a Moron is actually a compiment. For example, Pasquarelli might be a moron, but he might not be, too.

  27. DFloydd says:

    Since no football action to talk about like Duke said: just speculations and what-if scenarios. So I will go with some personal thoughts. Forgive me if make no sense. Sacked on pain meds from cancer surgery yesterday!! No fun. Anyway, KLM008 you are a madman with all the statistics you throw up. I may understand only some of it but I am impressed and learn alot about football from all of you dudes. (I know, i have said before) so it’s kinda cool to be able to actually talk about football with my sports obsessed friends and actually sound like i know more than what a touchdown, pass and punt are!! believe me I am a football lunatic but never played much growing up (tall but too skinny and awkward and no athletic talent so i became a musician instead! anything to get the ladies, know what I am saying?) so this blog is by far the best for anyone who wants a little more knowledge as you all are very informed. so for personal curiosity I have a some questions/comments for a few of you gents: feel free to answer or not. I won’t be offended. i am just bored outta my gourd….

    Duke: What do you do for a living?

    BobbyK: You may have been asked or mentioned it before and I missed it but how on this earth are you a Seahwaks fan in Minnesota? can’t be easy. you grow up here or live in NW previously?

    KLM008: same question as Duke. Occupation?

    fuqutribune: very clever screen title. i dig it. haha…if for no other reason than it is quite original

    TruBlu: are you truly Blue? ha, just kiddin’ around…

    AaronCurryISABUST: Where are you dude? used be sick of your incessant Curry ramblings and now kinda missing the whole rants regarding Curry. not that i disagree with you. just love your passion for how much he has sucked for the amount of money we pay the big dummy….i’ve spent the last few months rewatching the games and his play more often than not totally sucked big balls!!! for being a number 4 pick he should at some point be a game changer like a Polamalu or Reed or Brady or whoever. The guy just hasn’t shown up yet. I don’t expect an entire season of domination but after 2 years he should at least take over a game or two and show some promise and as of yet nothing. he just runs around like a dog chasing his tail. he used to disrupt the QB in college but seems the NFL linemen own his sorry ass. and forget his tackling angles on run coverage and yet he has the nerve to bitch about it on twitter last year. i mean c’mon dude at some point you gotta realize it’s you not everyone else. i mean they show him the same game tape we see, don’t they? ….i say when football resumes give that clown 5 games to get it together and if he doesn’t then cut him…no benching, just cut him… but i digress.

    Thanks for all the learnin’ ya’ll have put on me since I been reading this new fangled thangy they call the electronic mail/news. HA!

    Who’s ready for some damn Football? I for one sure am tired of waiting for the millionaires and billionaires to work out their money issues so us “hundred-aires” can pay some more outrageous prices for tickets, beer and food…. but hey, it’s worth it to me for the experience… all part of being a FANatic, right?? and tell me there is a better place to watch and exciting game than in the 12th man stands. it truly is an unreal experience. wouldn’t trade NFL football for the world. so get it done NFL! sheesh!!

  28. Didn’t have a favorite team in the early/mid 80s… was watching a Seahawks game (home vs. Pittsburgh)… they were down big… made an impressive/fun comeback that fell just short… I loved the uniform/logo… boom and some of the players like Easley, Largent, and Warner. A fan for life!!!

  29. Nah, I’m just a trublu player, but actually I am a little blue because I hate baseball and I’m tired of hearing about it, that and seeing Herm the Werm Edwards every other minute on ESPN sucks.

  30. DFloydd –
    Sorry to hear about the cancer – hope the surgery and meds got you on the mend. I’m an architect and things have started to pick up a little, so I haven’t been posting so much lately.

    Get well soon, and GO HAWKS!!!

  31. chuck_easton says:

    klm008, an architect? So, do you ever work north of the border? My house is officially 100 years old this year and is in desperate need of a total re-model or even replacement! :)

    I’ve also always wondered what Duke does for a living. Somehow I’ve got this picture in my mind that he’s a Prof at Portland State or something like that.

    Since there’s no football to talk about we can start our own version of ‘what’s my line?’

    Mine is easy. I’ve been a lawyer for several years. Before that I was a police officer with SFPD for 5 years. Before that I was a computer geek (first degree) for 9 years.

    My better half (and the one that has all the brains and control of the family) has informed me that it is time to grow up and hold down a real job for several decades so this is now officially it until retirement in 17 years. I’m under orders that if I consider one more career change I can also consider a residence change to be part of the deal. Darn, there goes my secret desire to join the circus as a clown.

  32. chuck-

    If the ‘border’ is the US/Canada one, then no, unless you count Alaska. I used to live on a century farm growing up near Canby, OR. Square nails. First thing we did was change out all the knob and tube wiring and fuse boxes for new, then insulated, new well, new septic system and plumbing, new windows and doors, added bathrooms, remodeled the kitchen, living and master suite, added a hanger, resided and reroofed. Kinda like that Tom Hanks “Money Pit” movie, except us kids supplied much of the labor. That can be a real stress on any relationship unless the better half can live with visqueen walls and a table saw for a dining table.

    To me it sounds like you’ve had a goodly share of real jobs. If you can’t do the circus clown one, would she go for a rodeo clown?

  33. Dukeshire says:

    DFloyd – Here’s to a speedy recovery!

    Well let’s see, I graduated from Sonoma St with an American History degree that’s come in far handier for bar debates than any actual career. After college I wrote for The Rocket (if any old school Seattle people remember that) for about 5 years. I grew up in a pretty avid golfing family and eventually decided I wanted to get involved with that for a living and up until a couple years ago I was PGA club professional. Right now I work for Nike Golf and am getting closer and closer to squirreling enough money away to quit working all together. Lol.

    Anyway, that’s the easy version.

  34. nice Duke. I used to love the Rocket when I lived in Seattle.Only street mag to find where all the good club shows were happening back in the early 90s. quite an array of professions and backgrounds and yet we are all diehard ‘hawks fans and football in general i presume. I attended Art Insitute for Music and yes, that degree is about just as good for bar debates with other musicians. HA!!
    sorry to get personal with the “C” word thing. was pretty whacked on meds. still am as a matter of fact.
    there is only so much daytime television a guy can put up with. “You are NOT the father”- Maury…..
    sounds like it was caught early and i will make a full recovery. all i can say is if any of you gentlemen are between 15 and 54 then get your regular doctor check-ups if you don’t already. i felt healthy as a pre-draft rookie last week and just had a routine physical and POW!! was hit with that mess.
    .all i can say is care for your balls fellas, your footballs, baseballs, basketballs and your own two.. that is my Springer’s final thought……and thanks for answering my curiosities. kinda neat to read about everyone.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. Back away from the day-time television… Glad to hear they got it early, that’s the key to knocking that sh@t out. Similar situation with my mom a few years back (only kidney); she went in for routine physical and they saw something suspicious with her blood count… She’s been 100% since. From everything I understand, if you wait until you’re actually feeling sick, that’s when you fight the real uphill battle. Anyway, try some NFL Network or American Chopper marathon instead of Springer, lol.

  36. DFloydd says:

    Yes, I think i have seen every show on NFL network this week. some cool stuff. i like seeing the old games. defnitely dig the American Chopper shows. I just really like the daytime TV commercials. They are always catered to senior citizens (life alert), injury lawyers (“have you been injured in a car accident?”) and of course the useless psuedo-college commercials (DeVry, ITT, Everest etc.) haha…..I have DVR’d a ton of sports, music and comedy shows/movies for the upcoming week so hopefully i can avoid the springer’s and povich’s of the daytime world. nothing worse than falling asleep midmorning and waking up to a soap opera!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

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